Ealing Borough Case Study: Employee Feedback


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Ealing Borough Case Study: Employee Feedback

  1. 1. Employee Feedback Case Study Boosting employee feedback with online surveys Ealing Council provides services to the 342,000 residents of London’s third largest borough. More than 3,500 employees of the council provide services ranging from housing and schools to parking and recycling. SurveyMonkey Enterprise helps Ealing survey its employees regularly to make sure their feedback is incorporated into decisions about the council’s services. At a Glance Situation • Surveying employees using paper surveys is slow and inefficient • Survey response rates need improvement to allow for better understanding of staff well-being Survey Results • Response rate for social worker survey nearly doubles from 31% to 57% • Automated follow-up messages to non-respondents help increase response rates to all surveys Smarter Decisions • Borough solicits nominations for annual employee awards more efficiently via SurveyMonkey, ensuring feedback across departments • Higher response rates help department managers better understand needs and concerns of employees “Understanding how our employees feel about their jobs, and discovering what they need to perform better, has a direct impact on our ability to provide the best services to Ealing residents. SurveyMonkey Enterprise helps us unlock these insights from our workforce and gives us the information we need to operate as efficiently as possible.” – Rajiv Ahlawat, Research and Consultation Manager, London Borough of Ealing Visit surveymonkey.com/enterprise today
  2. 2. Ealing’s employees work in the council’s numerous office buildings, and some also spend a good deal of time in the field—for example, visiting recipients of social services benefits or ensuring local businesses comply with safety standards. With a busy workforce scattered across the large borough, human resources and social care teams need fast, accurate ways to gather feedback from staff to keep borough services running smoothly and to maintain employee satisfaction. “The findings from our surveys, including opinions from the people who work day to day with our residents, inform decisions that the council makes,” explains Rajiv Ahlawat, Research and Consultation Manager for Ealing. “But helping each department track down these employee insights, and understand and share the results, was a challenge when our surveys were conducted on paper and email. We needed to find a user-friendly way to do online surveys so we could get more responses from employees.” Using SurveyMonkey Enterprise, Ahlawat and his colleagues can easily discover how employees do their jobs, and their satisfaction with their positions. “We recently completed a very successful survey of our social work team, gauging satisfaction with their jobs,” Ahlawat says. “When we conducted the same survey in 2010, we had a 31% response rate. By using SurveyMonkey for our 2014 survey, we got a 57% response rate. With almost twice as many responses, we get a much clearer picture of how well the social work service is working.” Visit surveymonkey.com/enterprise today How do surveys help recognize employees? We give out annual awards to our employees, and we want to make sure we solicit feedback from every department in the borough so we don’t miss the opportunity to honor good people. We use SurveyMonkey to ask employees to nominate their colleagues for awards for their performance and contribution in various categories. It’s a very efficient way to get submissions. – Rajiv Ahlawat, Research and Consultation Manager, London Borough of Ealing Ahlawat and his colleagues in other departments like the easy administrative features of SurveyMonkey Enterprise, as well as its ability to help drive more responses. “We like the email collector, which we use to send our surveys to employees,” says Ahlawat. “SurveyMonkey can only send emails to people who haven’t yet responded, which helps us do a better job on follow-ups and also encourages more responses. And it’s easy to use—we can train people on how to do surveys in just a couple of hours.” Learn more about how SurveyMonkey Enterprise can help your entire team make smarter decisions. Visit surveymonkey.com/enterprise today.