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Surveon Megapixel Cameras - Professional Features & Functions
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Surveon Megapixel Cameras - Professional Features & Functions


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Surveon Megapixel Cameras - Professional Features & Functions …

Surveon Megapixel Cameras - Professional Features & Functions

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Surveon Camera Professional Features Sales & Marketing Division Surveon Technology
  • 2. Complete Megapixel Solutions Professional Features Overview Features Models Specialty P – IRIS Control CAM2311P M Auto - Focus CAM3371, CAM4371 M iSCSI Recording All (by project) H Low Shuttle CAM2311,CAM2331,CAM2331P,CAM3361 CAM3371,CAM4361,CAM4371 M Advanced HLC H De-Fog Off line Recording All Models with SD Slot M ON Screen Focus CAM2331, CAM2311P M Special Shuttle Speed, 1/150, 1/180, 1/210 CAM2331,CAM2441,CAM2511A,CAM2511,CAM44 71V,CAM4471M,CAM4571,CAM3461,CAM4461,C AM3471V,CAM3471M,CAM3571,CAM7511 M Advanced Gama/Croma Adjustment ROI New 3M & 5 M Line H H.264 SVC New 3M & 5M Line H Dynamic FPS CAM2321, CAM2301 (Move to All models by Q2) M High Frame Rate 2M 60 FPS, 3M 30 FPS, 5M 15 FPS M-H
  • 3. Complete Megapixel Solutions 3  A Better Way to Control the IRIS and Focus  Proposed by AXIS and have spec in for many projects  Major Supplier: AXIS and Vivotek P-IRIS Control Better IRIS – Focus Control by P-IRIS From AXIS Surveon P – IRIS Mode
  • 4. 4  Megapixel IP Camera is hard to do the right focus  Easy to lose focus by vibration, temperature change etc.  Reduce the effort on installation and maintenance  Competitor’s on “Manual Focus” or “Back end Focus” Surveon One touch - Auto Focus Solutions Reduce the installation effortAlways clear image
  • 5. 5  Proposed by BOSCH with Direct Recording Mechanism  NVR indepency, camera direct record to iSCSI Storage  Few Supplier with iSCSI direct recording iSCSI – Direct Recording Bosch iSCSI Solutions Architecture From bosch website
  • 6. 6  Wide Area ultra light Image Quality  Combine the slow shuttle + Auto Gain Control  Competitor’s AXIS’s Light Finder  Ideal solutions for: Mining, Harbor, wide range surveillances Low Shuttle Control – Up to 4S zU3NzQ4.html t/icon_youtube.png
  • 7. 7 Advanced HLC Features Surveon HLC Traditional BLC Region 4 Independent Region Whole Video Solutions Focus on specify region Pull up the whole picture brightness level
  • 8. 8  Record to camera SD card during network failure  Automatic resend the video to NVR  Automatic bandwidth control for resending video Full Integrated with Surveon VMS Megapixel Camera Megapixel RAID NVR Off Line Recording Intense broken network unstable
  • 9. 9  To show the OSD on Focus Value 0 - 100  Direct output through the BNC composite out  Easy Focus for Box Cameras On Screen Focus Support CAM2311, CAM2331 Focus Value: 95% Composite AV Monitor
  • 10. 10  For City Surveillance Vehicle Monitoring  Different shuttle for the ideal fit  Support standard shuttle + 1/150, 1/180, 1/210S  Duo Profile Support Special Shuttle Speed Control Day Mode: Max 1/1000 Night Mode: Max 1/180 or 1/150
  • 11. 11 ROI – Video Cropping 30 FPS, 6Mbps 15 FPS, 4Mbps 3 FPS, 128Kbos Reduce the bandwidth and save storage New 2M/5M Series
  • 12. 12 Advanced SVC – T H.264 Compression Stream 3: 10 FPS Local Client CMS Client TV-Wall SVC: All Layers Efficiency Bandwidth Mgt New 2M/5M Series
  • 13. 13  Dynamic Change the Frame Rate by Event  Bandwidth and Storage Efficiency Dynamic FPS & Bit Rate Control Standard No Motion: 10 FPS, 2Mbps Motion Detection: 25 FPS, 6Mbps
  • 14. 14  Gama Adjustment to tune the prefer Image  Low Level Image Quality Control Gama Adjustment
  • 15. Complete Megapixel Solutions  A Better Way to Control the IRIS and Focus  Proposed by AXIS and have spec in for many projects  Major Supplier: AXIS and Vivotek Gama Adjustment
  • 16. Complete Megapixel Solutions Chroma Suppress for better image quality  Chroma Suppress Value Control  Increase the higher level Chroma Supress Value for better image quality in Day mode
  • 17. Complete Megapixel Solutions 17 New Generation 2M & 3Megapixel Series CAM3471 Full HD IP66 Bullet CAM2441 Full HD Box CAM4471 Full HD Vandal Proof Dome ROI, H.264 SVC, HDR, Auto Focus • 2M@ 60 FPS, 3M @ 30 FPS, 5M @ 14.5 FPS • Advanced ISP Features • High Dynamic Range, ROI, Auto Focus June, 2013
  • 18. Question & Answers
  • 19. Complete Megapixel Solutions 19  DO to Control the External IR LED  Automatic turn on and off for Day / Night Switch  Ideal Solutions for Street Monitoring Day / Night DO Control On / OFF base on Camera Day / Night Profile
  • 20. Complete Megapixel Solutions Lens Shadding  The light go through the lens may cause the shading surround the image.  Enable Lens Shading Compensation to improve this case.
  • 21. Complete Megapixel Solutions Back-End Focus  CAM3365 / CAM4360 /CAM4365  One push focus : Set by Surveon factory.  Near/Far: Adjust by scenario  Focus setting won’t be keep in EEPROM
  • 22. Complete Megapixel Solutions Auto Focus  CAM3371 / CAM4371  One push focus : Based on environment to auto change focus.  Near/Far: Adjust by scenario
  • 23. Complete Megapixel Solutions How to setup offline record feature  Offline record to SD card, online send video to Surveon NVR server.  Insert qualify SD card.  Check on Enable Recording  Check on Passive download option  Click OK button.
  • 24. Complete Megapixel Solutions How to setup offline record feature  Offline record to SD card, online send video to FTP server.  Go to Event Alert Action  Input Surveon NVR Server IP address  Click OK button  Check Surveon NVR server log and playback