Migrating to SharePoint 2010 for Public Sites: An Insiders Look at Milestones


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Slide Deck from our latest webcast: "Migrating to SP2010 for Public Sites: An Insider’s Look at the Milestones"
Rebecca Headrick and Cathy Hodson from AANA join Senior Search Consultant, Josh Noble, to discuss the requirement gathering, platform selection, and project milestones involved in AANA’s public migration from Ektron CMS 400.NET to SharePoint 2010 with Ontolica Search & Preview.

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Migrating to SharePoint 2010 for Public Sites: An Insiders Look at Milestones

  1. 1. Migrating to SP2010 for Public Sites:An Insider’s Look at the Milestones
  2. 2. Agenda• The Problem• Selecting Microsoft SharePoint• General SharePoint Deployment Milestones• Search Evaluation & Design• Search Project Milestones
  3. 3. The Problem• Website wasn’t included in the original Membership and Financial system overhauls.• New systems could work with Ektron 400.NET but interfaces would be noticeably outdated.• Configuration challenges, unnecessary strain on IT, and generally irrelevant search results.• Rigid folder structures resulted in slow information retrieval.
  4. 4. Selecting Microsoft SharePoint• Integration with Membership and Financial systems.• One system for internal content management system and public website.• Flexible visual and functional design.• Site columns and views to alleviate strain during content reorganization.• Support for future data structure and optimization improvements.• Stronger out of the box search but with limitations.
  5. 5. General Project Steps• Content Cleanup and Audit• Finalizing Taxonomy and Navigation for new site• Design and build new website• Author training• High-priority content migration• Launch: December 4, 2011
  6. 6. Search EvaluationProvide intuitive public SharePoint searchnavigation and visualization while simplifyingthe backend administration.• Simple configuration by non-technical • Web page and document previews on content editors all content• Custom relevancy and sorting • Complete access with tablets and• Visual, audience targeted, and timed smartphones best bets • Decreased reliance on IT for organic• Custom advanced search lookups relevancy improvements and UX• Automated query suggestions and customizations related queries
  7. 7. Ektron 400.NET Search UI
  8. 8. The Search User Experience Enter QueryTake Action Refine Search Results Identify Targeted Content
  9. 9. Search Center Overview
  10. 10. inDocument Search
  11. 11. Full Page Preview
  12. 12. Simplified Configuration
  13. 13. Search Project Steps• Requirement Gathering (initial & future)• Taxonomy & Metadata Design• Guided Installation• Search Center UI Design & Training• Search Center UI Finalization• Staging and Production Deployment• Content Maturity & Continuous Review
  14. 14. Search Enhancement Outcomes • Website query and navigation time drastically decreased. • Simple and intuitive search page customizations with decreased demand on IT service resources. • Robust authentication and browser support with low overhead allows users to quickly view content without local programs. • In-document search enables users to preview content with search query highlights and relevant page suggestions. • Improved accuracy of results and navigation options.
  15. 15. Ontolica Suite for SharePoint & FASTEnterprise Search Library Preview • Create • Preview • Search FAST Management • Identify • Action • Analyze • Configure • CustomizeSearch Preview • Manage Aggregate • Preview • Collect • Identify • Refine • Compare • Interact
  16. 16. Q/A & Contact DetailsJosh Noble Don WoodDirector of Sales, Americas & Oceania SharePoint Web Developer, AANAAuthor: Pro SharePoint 2010 Search jno@surfray.com dwood@aana.comCathryn Hodson Rebecca HeadrickWeb Editor, AANA Application Development Manager, AANA chodson@aana.com rheadrick@aana.com