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Vsphere4 100325065654-phpapp01

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Vsphere4 100325065654-phpapp01

  1. 1. VMware vSphere 4 0 4.0Reg HallSnr. Partner Systems EngineerUK Northreg@vmware.comreg@vmware com
  2. 2. Virtualization Overview Virtualization Hypervisor abstracts traditional physical machine resources and runs workloads as virtual machines (VMs) VMs each run applications and guest OSesS-2 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Virtualization Overview Hypervisor Partitions computing resources of a server for multiple VMs Hypervisors alone lack coordination for higher availability and efficiency VMware vSphere VMware vSphere goes beyond basic host partitioning by aggregating infrastructure resources into a giant virtual computer Serves as a dynamic OS for a private internal cloud in your datacenterS-3 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Cloud Computing IT as a Service Abstract complexity in the enterprise datacenter Achieve economies of scale Renew focus on application services Availability Security S it Scalability M t Management Cloud OS Enterprise CloudS-4 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. VMware s VMware’s Vision for Cloud Computing Pay As You Go Leverage external clouds as needed Ubiquity Choice in external cloud providers Private Cloud App Management Loads Management Cloud OS Cloud OS Federation and Choice Internal External Cloud Standards CloudS-5 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. VMware vSphere™ – The Industry’s First Cloud Operating System vSphere Industry s Firewall Clustering Anti-virus Anti virus Dynamic R D i Resource Data Protection Intrusion Prevention Sizing Intrusion Detection Application Availability Services Security Scalability vSphere 4.0 vCompute p vStorage g vNetwork Infrastructure Services Storage Hardware Assist Management M Enhanced Live & Replication Network Migration Management Storage Virtual Compatibility AppliancesS-6
  7. 7. VMware vSphere™ 4.0 Delivers vSphereS-7
  8. 8. VMware vSphere™ 4.0 Delivers vSphereS-8
  9. 9. Infrastructure Services Deliver CapEx and OpEx Savings p p g Highest consolidation ratios in the industry Most efficient use of hardware resources Low operational overheadS-9
  10. 10. vComputeS-10
  11. 11. vCompute vStorage vNetwork Optimization for the Highest Consolidation Ratios Virtual Machines VM Scale Up 8-way vSMP and 255 GB of Virtual hardware scale out RAM per VM APP APP APP APP APP OS OS OS OS OS 64 cores and 512 GB of ESX Hardware Scale Up physical RAM Hardware Assist Lowest CPU overhead Purpose Built Scheduler CPU Hardware Assist Maximum memory efficiency Page Sharing Ballooning Memory VMXNET3 Wirespeed network access VMDirectPath I/O Networking Greater than 200k iops per Storage stack optimization secondd VMDirectPath I/O Lower than 20 microsecond Storage latencyS-11
  12. 12. vCompute vStorage vNetwork Run the Most Business Critical Applications 95% of ESX 3.5 ESX 4.0 applications CPU 1 to 2 CPUs 4 VCPUs 8 VCPUs % of Applications s Memory M < 4 GB at peak t k 64 GB per VM 255 GB per VM Network < 300 KB/s 9 Gb/s 40 Gb/s IOPS < 100 at peak 100,000 200,000+ Application’s Performance RequirementsS-12
  13. 13. vCompute vStorage vNetwork ESX/ESXi Advanced Memory Management Transparent Page Sharing VMs Identical Id ti l memory pages collapsed ll d ESX/ESXi Host Automatic per ESX/ESXi host Ballooning B ll i VM Guest OS Balloon driver via VMware Tools deflated in underutilized VMs to free VMware RAM Tools up physical memory for other VMs Swap to Disk Definition VM RAM Swap file per running VM Limit Shared RAM No free RAM results in swap Used as a last resort for graceful Reservation RAM degradation exclusive .vswp to VMS-13 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. vCompute vStorage vNetwork Migrating VMs VMs Move from one host to another Powered on VM requires VMotion VM Files in Datastores Move from one datastore to another Option for changing disk format (thick vs. thin) Powered on VM requires Storage VMotionS-14 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. vCompute vStorage vNetwork VMotion VMotion Live migration of VMs from one host to another with zero downtime Used by other vSphere Features Fault Tolerance Storage VMotion DRS and DPMS-15 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. vCompute vStorage vNetwork VMotion Requirements Hosts have access to shared storage Hosts have supported CPUs Same vendor and similar instruction sets Optional Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) for newer hosts Gigabit VMkernel network b t Gi bit VMk l t k between h t hosts VM not tied to host Not connected to host device Not connected to host internal-only vSwitch Not using VMDirect Path for network or storage deviceS-16 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. vCompute vStorage vNetwork Power Optimization DPM consolidates workloads onto fewer servers when the cluster needs fewer resources Places unneeded servers in standby mode APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS Brings servers back online as workload needs increase VMware vSphere™ ESX supports Intel Speed Step/AMD Power now for individual host power optimization DPM brings DPM powers off p servers when server back Minimizes power consumption online when requirements while guaranteeing service levels load increases are lower No disruption or downtime to virtual machinesS-17
  18. 18. vCompute vStorage vNetwork Distributed Power Management DPM Power savings Consolidate VMs onto fewer hosts Power off unnecessary hosts P ff h Power on hosts using Wake-on-LAN, IPMI, or iLO as needed Automation levels Automatic – hosts powered off and on as needed Manual – recommendations only Off Thresholds – conservative to aggressive ggS-18 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. vCompute vStorage vNetwork Additional 20% Reduction in Power Costs with DPM… Assumptions: 50 out of 100 servers can be powered down for 8 hrs/day on weekdays and 16 hrs/day on weekends. Total power consumption per server ( operating power + cooling power) = 1130.625 watts/hr Cost of energy = $ 0.0813 per kWH (source: Energy Information Administration)S-19
  20. 20. vCompute vStorage vNetwork VMware DPM Expanded Support DPM consolidates workloads to reduce power consumption Cuts power and cooling costs Automates management of energy efficiency pp p Supports three wake protocols: Resource Pool Intelligent platform management interface (IPMI) Integrated Lights Out (iLO) Lights-Out Wake-On-LAN (WOL) Power Optimized Configure and test wake on Standby Host Server every host in clusterS-20
  21. 21. vStorageS-21
  22. 22. vStorage APIs for Data Protection VCB/vStorage API Centralized, off-host VM backups Third-party backup vendors to leverage Full, incremental, and differential backups File-level backup and restore Windows and Linux VMsS-22 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  23. 23. vStorage APIs for Data Protection Physical Server or VM Backup Application (Windows or Li (Wi d Linux) vStorage APIs for Data Protection Backup Centralized Proxy Data Mover Server Se e Mount Snapshots SAN StorageS-23
  24. 24. Features in vStorage APIs for Data Protection Includes All VCB features Also supports: All storage architectures for backup and restore, LAN and SAN g p Full, incremental, and differential file-level backup options File-level backup and restore p Windows and Linux guests Snapshots and Volume Shadow-Copy Service Quiescing y gS-24
  25. 25. vCompute vStorage vNetwork vStorage Thin Provisioning APP APP APP Virtual machine disks OS OS OS consume only the amount of ESX physical space in use Virtual machine sees full Thick 20GB Thin 40GB Thin 100GB logical disk size at all times Virtual 20GB Disks 20GB Full reporting and p g 40GB alerting on allocation and consumption 100GB Significantly improve storage Datastore utilization Eliminate need to over- provision irt al pro ision virtual disks 60GB 20GB Reduce storage costs by up to 50%S-25
  26. 26. vCompute vStorage vNetwork Thin Disk Provisioning Operations A thin-disk option is C ea e e Create New Virtual ua available hen o a ailable when you: Machine Wizard Create a virtual machine Clone to a template Clone a virtual machine Migrate virtual machine storage (Storage VMotion) Clone and Migrate Virtual Machine WizardsS-26
  27. 27. vNetworkS-27
  28. 28. Key VMware vSphere Features Distributed Switch Aggregated datacenter-level virtual networking (vs. per-host) Simplified management Network statistics follow VMs APP APP APP APP APP APP APP APP APP OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS vSwitch vSwitch vSwitch vNetwork Distributed Switch VMware vSphere VM S hS-28 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  29. 29. Standard Switch Architecture Network configuration at N t k fi ti t the host level Service ConsolevNICs VMotion Port VM Port Group VMotion Port VM Port Group COS PortPort GroupsvSwitches Virtual Physical Physical NICs Physical Switches ESXi Host 1 ESX Host 2S-29
  30. 30. Distributed Switch ArchitectureDistributedPort GP t Groups VMotion Virtual Machines Service Console vCenter C t Distributed Server Switch (Control Plane) Service Console Hidden vSwitches (IO plane) Virtual Physical ESXi Host 1 ESX Host 2S-30
  31. 31. VMware vSphere™ 4.0 Delivers vSphereS-31
  32. 32. Application Services Provide Built in Service Level ControlsS-32
  33. 33. AvailabilityS-33
  34. 34. Availability Security Scalability High Availability High Availability (HA) Protects VMs and automatically restarts VMs in the event of Host failure VM failure (l f il (loss of h f heartbeat) b )S-34 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  35. 35. Availability Security Scalability HA Clusters Automatic VM Restart Failover triggers Host failure (isolated from cluster) VM failure (l f il (loss of VM f VMware Tools h T l heartbeat) b ) Failover responses Restart VM on new host if sufficient resources available Restart priority specified per VM Requirements Hosts in cluster have access to shared storage and network DNS resolution for hostsS-35 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  36. 36. Availability Security Scalability HA Clusters Admission Control Policies Host failures tolerated (number) Percentage of cluster resources reserved as failover capacity Specify a failover hostS-36 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  37. 37. Availability Security Scalability DRS Clusters Load Balancing of VMs Intelligence I t lli Initial placement when powering on VM Which VMs to migrate and to where Automation levels Fully automated – VM placement and migration Migration thresholds – conservative to aggressive Partially automated – VM placement only, migration recommendation M l d ti l Manual – recommendations only Rules Affinity and Anti-affinity (keep VMs together or apart if same host) Anti affinityS-37 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  38. 38. Availability Security Scalability DRS Ensures Capacity on Demand Shrink and grow of applications based on demand and priority APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS Dynamic and responsive VMware vSphere™ load balancingS-38
  39. 39. Availability Security Scalability New DRS Management Pages Recommendations page Refresh Edit cluster recommendations properties Faults page Apply a subset of Apply all selected recommendations recommendations Faults view displays issues that prevented DRS from providing or applying recommendations. Customize the History tab Actions taken based on display recommendationsS-39
  40. 40. Availability Security Scalability VMware Fault Tolerance Single identical VMs running in lockstep on separate hosts Zero downtime, zero data APP APP APP loss failover for all virtual OS OS OS machines in case of VMware vSphere™ hardware failures Zero downtime, zero data loss No complex clustering or specialized hardware required Single common mechanism for all applications and OS-esS-40
  41. 41. Availability Security Scalability Transforming Availability Service Levels ce ardware Failure Toleranc Continuous VMware FT T Automated Restart F with VMware HA Unprotected Ha 0% 10% 100% Application CoverageS-41
  42. 42. Availability Security Scalability Reducing the Cost of Downtime with VMware FT VMware Fault Tolerance (FT) prevents revenue loss from mission-critical, high-revenue high revenue generating applications outages Simplicity of configuration and reduced time & effort compared to hardware- based solutions adds even more savings For a 10 physical server, 150 VM environment, assume ~10% of VMs are protected by FT (15 VMs). 2 host failures in the cluster per year Lost revenue per minute of high-revenue apps can range from year. $2000-15000 per minute depending on type of transactions being processed.S-42
  43. 43. Availability Security Scalability Enable Fault Tolerance with a Single Click Primary Virtual Machine > Summary Tab After you turn on Fault Tolerance, the Status tab on the primary p y virtual machine shows Fault Tolerance information.S-43
  44. 44. Availability Security Scalability How VMware FT Works Primary y Secondaryy Virtual Machine Virtual Machine VMkernel VMM VMM VMkernel Log Update? Log Read? Record L R d Logs Log Buffer Log Buffer Heartbeat? Read/Write Read Single Copy of Disks on Shared StorageS-44
  45. 45. Availability Security Scalability vCenter Data Recovery 1. Backup Agent-less, disk-based backup ViVirtualCenter VirtualCenter t lC t and recovery of your VMs 1. Schedule backups via VC VM or file level restore 2. Snapshots taken 3. Data de-duped and stored de duped Incremental backups and data p de-dupe to save disk space De-duplicated Storage Quick, simple and complete data protection for your VMs t ti f VM 2. Restore VirtualCenter VirtualCenter X Centralized Management through VirtualCenter Cost Effective Storage 1. VM goes down Management 2. Select VM images/files to recover Built on VCB/vStorage API 3. Restore…VM running in seconds X S-45Copyright © 2005 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  46. 46. Availability Security ScalabilityVMware Data Recovery VMware’s Backup/Recovery Solution based on APIs for Data Protection Agentless disk-based backup and recovery De-duplication and incremental backups to save disk space p p 46
  47. 47. Availability Security Scalability VMware Data Recovery Key Components vCenter Plug-in > With vSphere Client plug-in, allows configuration and management of backup/recovery appliance > Wizard driven backup and restore job creation vCenter Server Data > Storage of backup configuration in vCenter Server Recovery database and awareness of HA/VMotion/DRS Virtual Machines Backup and Recovery Appliance > OVF appliance > Leverages vStorage APIs for Data Protection to VMware VM are ESX/ESXi discover, discover manage backup and restore Servers VMware ESX/ESXi > Provides VSS support > Ch Change block tracking f bl k t ki functionality allows b k ti lit ll backups t b to be more efficient Storage Storage > Any VMFS storage: DAS, iSCSI or Fibre Channel DAS storage plus NFS and CIFS shares as target > All backed up virtual machines are stored on disk in a deduplicated datastoreS-47
  48. 48. Availability Security Scalability Storage VMotion in vSphere 4 Storage VMotion Relocate running VM from one datastore to another datastore with zero downtime Relocate across diff R l t different storage types t t t Change VM disk format (thick or thin) Enhancements Can administer via vSphere Client Supports NFS, Fibre Channel, and iSCSI No longer requires 2 x memory Supports moving VMDKs from thick to thin formats Limitation Virtual machine cannot include snapshotsS-48
  49. 49. Availability Security Scalability Storage VMotion in vSphere 4 4. Invoke fast suspend/resume on virtual machine 4 3. “Pre-copy” virtual machine’s disk 2. Enable changed block tracking on and swap file from source to the virtual machine’s disk destination 2 5 3 1 Source Destination5. Remove source home and disks of 1. Copy virtual machine files except virtual machine disks to new datastoreS-49
  50. 50. SecurityS-50
  51. 51. Availability Security Scalability VMware VMsafe API that enables protection of VMs by inspection of virtual components in conjunction with hypervisor Isolation of protection engine from malware Broad ranging coverage of virtual machine CPU, memory, storage and network Application Operating System Protection Engine VMware vSphere™S-51
  52. 52. Availability Security Scalability VMware vShield Zones Self-learning, self-configuring firewall Service APP APP APP APP APP APP OS OS OS OS OS OS VMotion and network- APP APP APP APP APP APP configuration aware trust zones OS OS OS OS OS OS Dynamic firewall policy using application protocol awareness Dynamic security capacity D i i i VMware vSphere™ using infrastructure vServices Security policies auto-adapt auto adapt to network reconfiguration or upgradesS-52
  53. 53. Availability Security Scalability Key VMware vSphere Features vShield Zones Monitor and enforce network traffic within and between hosts Maintain trust and network segmentation of users and sensitive data Integrated with vCenter interface gS-53 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  54. 54. Availability Security Scalability vShield Zones Capabilities Bridge, firewall, or isolate VM zones based on familiar VI containers Monitor allowed and disallowed activity by application-based protocols One-click flow-to-firewall blocks precise network traffic Benefits Well-defined security posture within virtual environment Monitoring and assured policies, even through Vmotion and VM lifecycle events Simple zone-based rules reduces policy errorsS-54
  55. 55. Availability Security Scalability VMware vShield Zones Architecture vShield Host Gateway vShield Manager Virtual N Vi l Network M i i k Monitoring Centralized M i i C li d Monitoring Virtual Network Firewall Centralized Policy Assignment Transparently Managed p y g Web-based interface VMware VMware vShield vShield vShield vShield C t vCenter Manager VMware ESX VMware ESX VMware ESXS-55
  56. 56. ScalabilityS-56
  57. 57. Availability Security Scalability Host Scalability Enhanced performance andApp AA AA App App App App App App AppApp AppApp App higher consolidation ratesOS OS OS OS OS OS 192 256 VMs OS OS OS OS OS OS VMs 64-bit VMkernel 512GB host memory memor 64 logical CPUs 256 virtual machines per host 64 32 Cores 512GB 256 GB Cores 57
  58. 58. Availability Security ScalabilityVirtual Machine Scalability Dynamic scale-up supports much larger workloads 8-Way Virtual SMP 256GB RAM Virtual Machine HardwareApp 256 GB Version 7App pp OS New virtual devicesOS VMDirectPath I/O 8 CPUs Hot plug support 58
  59. 59. Availability Security Scalability Scale Up Applications for Assured QoS Scalable virtual machines Hot add of APP CPU Memory OS 255 GB 64 GB Hot add and remove Storage devices g Network devices Hot Extend virtual disks Zero downtime scale out of virtual machines CPUs 8CPUs CPU 4 CPUS-59
  60. 60. Availability Security Scalability Hot Add Hot Add Virtual Devices Hot add CPU Memory Hot add or remove Storage devices Network devicesS-60 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  61. 61. Availability Security Scalability Hot Add for Memory and CPU Virtual Machine > Edit Settings > Options Tab > Memory/CPU Hotplug You must enable Memory and CPU Hot Add so that the options are available on the Hardware tab.S-61
  62. 62. Availability Security Scalability Hot Adding and Removing PCI Devices Virtual Machine > Edit Settings > Hardware Tab > Add You can hot-add/remove: Network cards SCSI adapters Sound So nd cards SCSI disks and CDROMs USB EHCI controller VMCI PCI passthrough devicesS-62
  63. 63. Availability Security Scalability Hot Extending VMDKs Virtual Machine > Edit Settings > Hardware T b H d TabS-63
  64. 64. vCenterS-64
  65. 65. Update Manager Release and Patch Management Hosts H t Releases and patches VMs/Virtual Appliances Virtual hardware version VMware Tools Third-party updates Guest OS A li ti Applications Components UM D Download S i l d Service UM Update ServiceS-65 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  66. 66. Update Manager Release and Patch Management Steps Create baseline Scan for compliance Remediate Hosts Upgrade support starting with ESX 3 and ESXi 3 5 h t U d t t ti ith 3.x d 3.5 hosts Hosts placed into maintenance mode Works in conjunction with DRS to prevent VM downtime VMs/Virtual Appliances VMs can be running or p g powered off/suspended p VM snapshot can be taken prior to remediationS-66 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  67. 67. Host Profiles Cluster Simplified setup and change management f ESX hosts for h Easy detection of Reference non compliance non-compliance with Host standard configurations Automated remediationS-67
  68. 68. Basic Workflow to Implement Host Profiles Host Profile 2 Memory Reservation Storage Scan Networking g Date and Time Attach 4 Firewall 3 Security Services Users and User Groups p Security 5 Remediate1 Reference Host Cluster 68
  69. 69. Host Profiles Configuration Policies Memory reservation Storage Network Date and time Firewall Security Services User/user group Enforcement Compliance check p RemediationS-69 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  70. 70. vCenter Server – Linked Mode Standard VI Client can vCenter Linked Mode access iinventory across multiple vCenters Replicated licenses & roles View and search across combined inventory of vCenter vCenter vCenter a group of VC Servers Server vCenter Server vCenter Server vCenter Server Server Server Shared roles and license configurations ESXi ESX ESX ESXi ESXi ESXi ESXS-70
  71. 71. vCenter Server - Linked Mode Standard S h S d d vSphere Cli Client can access inventory across multiple vCenters View and search across combined inventory of a group of vCenter ServersS-71
  72. 72. vCenter Server Linked Mode Architecture vSphere Client vCenter Tomcat vCenter Tomcat vCenter Tomcat Server Web Service Server Web Service Server Web Service ADAM Instance ADAM Instance ADAM Instance vCenter Server Instance vCenter Server Instance vCenter Server Instance Connection information Certificates and thumbprints Licensing information User rolesS-72
  73. 73. Automation with vCenter Orchestrator Workflow engine for orchestrating virtualization h t ti i t li ti Automate manual, repeatable steps by drag and drop interface without scripting Centralize workflow vCenter Orchestrator management for a p ocesses a age e t o all processes associated with the environment Administer and control large environments easily Provide custom workflows for complex environmentsS-73
  74. 74. Guided Consolidation Service Physical Computer Analysis Discover physical Windows machines Analyze workloads Physical to Virtual (P2V) Process Discover Analyze ConvertS-74 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  75. 75. vCenter Converter Import Machine… Convert physical machines to VMware virtual machines Convert virtual machine formats Resize virtual disks and volumes Use Cases Server consolidation VM mobility across VMware products Restore VCB full VM backupS-75 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  76. 76. vApp – Self Describing Applications Enable Automated SLA ManagementS-76
  77. 77. vApp Overview vApps are multi-tier application services that you can manage as a single inventory item. i l i t it Provides for single-step management g vApp Eliminates complex setup App Server App Server Database and configuration VM VM VM OVF Descriptor Resource Pool Distributed Virtualization Layer …S-77
  78. 78. VMware vSphere™ 4.0 Delivers vSphereS-78
  79. 79. Coffee BreakS-79 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  80. 80. VMware vSphere™: Most Comprehensive OS Support vSphere : VMware vSphere™ MS Hyper-V Windows NT 4 0 Wi d 4.0 SLES8 Windows 2000 Ubuntu 7.04 Win Server 2008 (up to 4P vSMP) Windows Server Solaris 10 for x86 Win Server 2003 SP2 (up to 2P 2003 NetWare 6 56.5 vSMP) Windows Server NetWare 6.0 Win Server 2000 SP4 (1P only) 2008 NetWare 6.1 SLES10 (1P only) Windows Vista Debian Windows Vista SP1 Windows XP CentOS Windows XP Pro SP2/SP3 RHEL5 FreeBSD RHEL4 Asianux RHEL3 SCO OpenServer RHEL2.1 SCO Unixware SLES10 .. SLES9 vSphere = most guest OSS-80
  81. 81. VMware vSphere™ 4.0 Delivers the Lowest Cost Per Application p pp VMware costs 13% less AND has more functionality!S-81
  82. 82. VMware vSphere: Maximum ChoiceS-82 New capability in VMware vSphere Note: Many improvements were also made to existing VI3 capabilities
  83. 83. VMware vSphere: Most EfficientS-83 New capability in VMware vSphere Note: Many improvements were also made to existing VI3 capabilities
  84. 84. VMware vSphere: Uncompromised ControlS-84 New capability in VMware vSphere Note: Many improvements were also made to existing VI3 capabilities
  85. 85. vSphere EditionsS-85
  86. 86. VMware vSphere Editions Standard Advanced Enterprise Enterprise Plus • vCenter Agent • vCenter Agent • vCenter Agent • vCenter Agent • VCB/vStorage API • VCB/vStorage API • VCB/vStorage API • VCB/vStorage API • Update Manager • Update Manager • Update Manager • Update Manager • High Availability • High Availability • High Availability • High Availability • Thin Provisioning • Thin Provisioning • Thin Provisioning • Thin Provisioning • 4-way vSMP • 4-way vSMP • 4-way vSMP • 8-way vSMP • 6 cores per CPU • 12 cores per CPU • 6 cores per CPU • 12 cores per CPU • 256GB RAM/Host • 256GB RAM/Host • 256GB RAM/Host • No RAM/Host Limit Basic consolidation • VM ti VMotion • VMotion • VM ti VMotion • Hot Add Virtual • Hot Add Virtual • Hot Add Virtual Devices Devices Devices • Fault Tolerance • Fault Tolerance • Fault Tolerance • Data Recovery • Data Recovery • Data Recovery • vShield Zones • vShield Zones • vShield Zones Mission-critical • Storage VMotion • Storage VMotion Production • DRS and DPM • DRS and DPM Large-scale management • Distributed Switch*vCenter Server licensed separately • Host Profiles*Unlicensed 60-day evaluation mode equivalent to Enterprise PlusS-86 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  87. 87. VMware vSphere Editions ESXi Single Essentials Essentials Plus • 4-way vSMP • 4-way vSMP • 4-way vSMP • 6 cores per CPU • 6 cores per CPU • 6 cores per CPU • 256GB RAM/Host • 256GB RAM/Host • 256GB RAM/Host • Thin Provisioning • Thin Provisioning • Thin Provisioning • Free License • Update Manager • Update Manager • vCenter Agent • vCenter Agent • vCenter Server for • vCenter Server for Essentials to manage Essentials to manage 3 ESX/ESXi Hosts 3 ESX/ESXI Hosts • High Availability • Data Recovery Small businessS-87 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  88. 88. VMware vCenter Server Editions For Essentials Foundation Standard • 3 ESX/ESXi host limit • 3 ESX/ESXi host limit • No ESX/ESXi host limit Included in Essentials • Linked Mode and Essentials Plus • Orchestrator At least 1 instance required for vSphere Editions vCenter Server is required for most vSphere featuresS-88 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  89. 89. 60 Day 60-Day Evaluation Period Expiration Implications Component Attempted Action After Evaluation Period Power On Not Permitted Reset Not Permitted Create/Delete Permitted VM Suspend/Resume Permitted Configure VM with vSphere Client Permitted Continue Operations on Existing Hosts Permitted Power On/Off Permitted Configure ESX/ESXi Host with vSphere Client Permitted ESX/ESXi Host Restart VMs Automatically per VMware HA Not Permitted Add or Remove License Keys PermittedS-89 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  90. 90. Reg Hall SNR. Partner Systems Engineer - VMware bigreg@vmware.comS-90
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