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  • 10%- to 8% traffic to visitors
  • Surefire gp 043013

    1. 1. Generating LeadsthroughSEO and Social MediaSpring 2013
    2. 2. I. Who is searching for my services & how do I find them?II. Understanding what ‗SEO‘ really meansIII. The social graph: how social media, review sites,infographics, & mobile-optimization tie togetherIV. Making YOUR website a local lead generatorWhat We Will Cover…
    3. 3. Common Questions EveryoneAsks
    4. 4. Common Questions EveryoneAsks
    5. 5. Common Questions EveryoneAsks
    6. 6. Internet Marketing is all AboutSearch & Discovery• Big Internet changes came in 2007 and are constantly evolving• Over 80% of your prospective customers go online to search orbuy• Search & discovery now includes social media, mapping,directories & other distributed content including:• Articles, bookmarks & video…―We‘re alwaysexperimenting with newways to make the socialexperience more organic.We think this provides abetter sharing experiencefor pages and profilesalike,‖-a Google spokesperson, January2013
    7. 7. Understanding ―Signals‖ on the Web• Establishing links throughout the web is crucial for successful SEO• Links to your sub-pages are key – not just your home page• Social Media platforms provide a great way to break out of the webinar-and-whitepaper cycle to distribute relevant content, such as articles, links& short comments that appeal to the interest of your target audience―Yes, we do use[tweeted links andRTs] as a signal. It isused as a signal in ourorganic and newsrankings ...‖-Google
    8. 8. …We are at Another Major Turning Point1898- 2012AwarenessInterestDesireAction Engagement Sharing Connectivity Endorsement2013Value of Lead PostTransaction
    9. 9. The Emerging Social WebChanges Everything• Past 10 years were about content links• Social web means people are becoming links What does this mean to for you?…The world has changed• The game is no longer about justgetting leads• The lead is just the beginning of themonetization opportunity• You have to rely on the actions ofclients to drive your business• Opportunity to further the value of thelead with post transaction activity• Need to facilitate engagement,sharing, connectivity & endorsements• Every person interaction is a way tocreate a signal
    10. 10. Searchmetrics Inc. StudySEO Relies on Social Media
    11. 11. The Proof is Overwhelming According to survey results released in March of 2013,98% of small businesses said they use some forms ofwireless technologies in their operations. 66% of small businesses polled indicated that they couldnot survive—or it would be a major challenge to survive—without social wireless technologies.
    12. 12. What is the ‗Social Graph‘?"U.S. small businesses seeincredible value and opportunityin digital marketing and areclearly increasing theirpresence as a way to gainaccess to new customers,"-Cathy Martine, AT&Ts executivevice president of small businesssolutionsEric Schmidt, the executive chairmanof Google, said ―[he] regrets coming tothe social media revolution late duringhis ten years as the companys CEO.‖- March 2013
    13. 13. Gaining an Advantage Over Your Competition“When everyone has access to the same tools, then having a tool isn’tmuch of an advantage.”– Seth Godin, ―America‘s Greatest Marketer‖• Tough to scale Internet marketing tasks• Small businesses don‘t have the time, need hands-on & careful personalattention• Hire a company that has real experience & is completely transparent in theiractivitiesProperlyStructuredWebsiteOn /OffPageLocal SEOSocialMedia &Web 2.0Pay PerClickConvertLeads &DominateSearchThink of it this way: content creation is like running. The first time youdo it, you might kind of stink. But you got out and did it, which is betterthan not doing it at all.
    14. 14. Call ToActionConversionFocusedFormsSimple/Easy toUseLayoutProperlyStructuredWebsiteDown-loadableContentAbility toShare toSocialMediaSitesSo, What Do You Need on a ProperlyStructured Website?
    15. 15. On-Page Optimization• # Targeted Keywords &Optimized Pages• Search-friendly Design: buildyour site so that it is easy forsearch engines to pullkeywords• Page titles & Meta tags• BloggingOn /OffPageLocal SEO
    16. 16. Off-Page Optimization• Establish links all over the web onsites with high PageRank value,pointing to your site• Plant articles on blogs, articledirectories, social bookmarkingsites, & more (content silos)• Press releases & videos• Social media links• Quality back-linksOn /OffPageLocal SEO
    17. 17. Social Media OptimizationSocialMedia &Web 2.0• Search termsrelated to socialnetworking sitesdominated theresults,accounting for6.03% of the top50 searches, up44% YOY• Think of thequestions leads &customers askyou every day, &turn that into apiece of contentin which youanswer thecommon question
    18. 18. Facebook is a Powerful ToolSocialMedia &Web 2.0 With over 1 billion users, Facebook is overtaking Google and Yahoo intotal time spent on the Internet Localeze and comScore study resultsindicate: 91% of individuals who use socialmedia for local searches chooseFacebook to find local businessinformation Referral traffic to local businesswebsites from Facebook is muchhigher than online directoriesAccording to a 2012 study, people spent an average of over 6.75 hoursper month on facebook
    19. 19. How to Use Facebook toMagnify Your ContentSocialMedia &Web 2.0Like otherbusinessesPostyour contentJoinorganizations
    20. 20. Keep Your Eyes on Facebook New product: Graph Search sets up a Facebook versus Googlescenario that is important for business owners to understand ―Graph Search won‘t just change the way we use Facebook… whenyou have a question to answer, you don‘t just have to Google it. Nowyou can Facebook it.‖ - Mark ZuckerbergSocialMedia &Web 2.0
    21. 21. The Most Effective Referral DriverSocialMedia &Web 2.0
    22. 22. Optimizing Your PersonalLinkedIn Profile Will help you reach leads & other businesses/business networks!• Create one for yourself personally to make personal connections• Join groups that willhelp yourself &your companySocialMedia &Web 2.0
    23. 23. Represent Your Brand toBuild & Maintain Authority Treat the page as a representation to clients and otherbusinesses of your company Actively pursue endorsements, recommendationsSocialMedia &Web 2.0
    24. 24. Showcase Your Strengths toDrive Those ReferralsSocialMedia &Web 2.0Othercompaniesnotice!Clickable content forlanding pages Products & Services Page
    25. 25. Google‘s Most ValuableSocial Component, Authorship A program that allows you tolink your personal Google+profile to any content you andyour employees create Useful for companies that owna regularly updated websitesuch as a blog By utilizing Google Authorshipyou are ensuring that thecontent you create gainsvisibility in both GoogleAuthorship and Google+, allwhile ranking your companyhigher in search results andincreasing click-through rates toyour site.Images are a great way to build reputation andyour linksLong tail keywords add to SEOrankingsSocialMedia
    26. 26. An Image Worth A Thousand Stats Affect local search: 60% ofconsumers are more likely toconsider or contact a business thathas an image next to the searchresult Affect social media: Facebookposts with images have moreengagement than any other type People like data visualization andcan more easily interpret a chart orstat than a paragraph of text They are a great source of freecontent for your blogSocialMedia &Web 2.0
    27. 27. • Online directories boost your SEO, increase youronline presence & encourage reviews• Google algorithms look for their own services:• Google Profile, Google+, Google+ Local, Google Authorship,Panoramio, Google Reader, YouTube• Listing accuracy, recency & high quality back-links• hCard data updated across 350+ key directories• Google+, Yelp, Angies List, YPDirectory Listing & Google OptimizationSocialMedia &Web 2.0
    28. 28. The Right PPC StrategyPay PerClickSource: SEO21
    29. 29. What to DoPay PerClick
    30. 30. What Not to DoPay PerClick
    31. 31. Email Marketing Ties it All TogetherBenefits:• Best ROI of ANY Internet marketingcampaign• Cost effective• Great lead generator• Increases branding• Soft sell• Drip effectNurturing!Nurture your list witheNewsletters & other content in order tokeep you & your clients happy.Content can be: info for new productrollouts, special offers, PR releases oflocal team sponsorships or charityevents!!
    32. 32. Marketing Today is a Giant Math EquationAssumptions:Monthly SearchesSite visitors/mo. @8 %Qualified leads/mo@5%Sales/month @20%• Lifetime Value percustomer• $ per month• $ per leadAppointments at 70%
    33. 33. How to Get to Your Revenue Target?• Properly budget for InternetMarketing• Integrated implementation• Process and workflow• Create content
    34. 34. What We Can Offer:• High-performance web design• Laser focused search engine marketing• Lead driving PPC campaigns• Built for you eNewsletters• Google Magnet• Personalized expert guidance
    35. 35. Actionable Next Steps1. Get a visibility analysis done on your web presence2. Re-evaluate your keyword strategies & do the research!3. Optimize your site structure to capture leads & integrate your keywordstrategy4. Get listed in the right online directories & claim your business now!1. Use social media to engage customers – post regularly & grow yourfollowing; publish reviews, photos and videos2. Leverage your database to both leads & existing clients
    36. 36. Who is Surefire Social?Surefire Social delivers personal, comprehensive strategiesfor effective local Internet +SurefireSocial
    37. 37. Talk to UsChris Marentis is the Founder and CEO of SurefireSocial. With over 25 years of experience leadingtraditional and interactive marketing businesses,Chris is a leader in helping businesses use newtechnology to enable dramatic growth.Need help or want to find out more?Come see us to get your FREE online visibilityreport now at www.surefiresocial.comor call 888-804-8685