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  • 10%- to 8% traffic to visitors
  • Surefire gp

    1. 1. Generating Leads throughSEO and Social Media Winter 2013
    2. 2. AgendaI. Who is searching for my services and how do I find them?II. Understanding what “SEO” really meansIII. The social graph: How LinkedIn, Facebook, review sites and mobile tie togetherIV. Making YOUR website a local lead generator
    3. 3. Common Questions Everyone Asks
    4. 4. Common Questions Everyone Asks
    5. 5. Common Questions Everyone Asks
    6. 6. Internet Marketing is all About Search & Discovery• Big Internet changes came in 2007 and are constantly evolving• Search and discovery now includes social media, mapping, directories and other distributed content including articles, bookmarks and video…• “We’re always experimenting with new ways to make the social experience more organic. We think this provides a better sharing experience for pages and profiles alike,” a Google spokesperson said. 1/2/13
    7. 7. Understanding “Signals” on the Web “Yes, we do use [tweeted links and RTs] as a signal. It is used as a signal in our organic and news rankings ...” - Google• Establishing links throughout the web is crucial for successful SEO• Links to your sub-pages are key – not just your home page• Social Media platforms provide a great way to break out of the webinar- and-whitepaper cycle to distribute relevant content, such as articles, links, and short comments that appeal to the interest of your target audience.
    8. 8. …We are at Another Major Turning Point 1898- 2012AwarenessInterest Value of Lead Post TransactionDesire  EngagementAction  Sharing 2013  Connectivity  Endorsement
    9. 9. The Social Web Changes Everything• Past 10 years were about content links• Social web means people are becoming links• Google + is a glimpse at the future…and it is happening NOW!• Google + in just one word is TRUST• Search engines are focused on “providing the best answer”• What does this mean to smb’s?… the world has changed• The game is no longer about just getting leads• The lead is just the beginning of the monetization opportunity• You have to rely on the actions of clients to drive visibility• Opportunity to further the value of the lead with post transaction activity• Need to facilitate engagement, sharing, connectivity and endorsements• Every person interaction is a way to create a signal
    10. 10. Searchmetrics Inc. Study
    11. 11. What is the “Social Graph”? “People share, read and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust.” -Malorie Lucich, Facebook Spokesperson, Feb. 2011
    12. 12. Gaining an Advantage Over Your Competition Convert Properly On /Off Social Pay Per Leads & Structured Page Media & Click Dominate Website Local SEO Web 2.0 Search “When everyone has access to the same tools, then having a tool isn’t much of an advantage.” – Seth Godin, “America’s Greatest Marketer”• Tough to scale Internet marketing tasks• Small Businesses don’t have the time, need hands-on and careful personal attention• Hire a company that has real experience and is completely transparent in their activities
    13. 13. So, What Do You Need on a Properly Properly Structured Website Structured Website? Call To Action ConversionSimple/Easy to Use Layout Focused
    14. 14. On /Off Page On-Page Optimization Local SEO• # Targeted Keywords and Optimized Pages• Search-friendly Design: build your site so that it is easy for search engines to pull keywords• Page titles and Meta tags• Blogging
    15. 15. On /Off Page Off-Page OptimizationLocal SEO • Establish links all over the web on sites with high PageRank value, pointing to your site • Plant articles on blogs, article directories, social bookmarking sites, and more (content silos) • Press releases and videos • Social media links • Quality back-links
    16. 16. Social Media & Social Media Optimization Web 2.0 Source: MP 2012 Search terms related to social networking sites dominated the results, accounting for 6.03% of the top 50 searches, up 44% YOY. Post content and grow followers consistently
    17. 17. Social Media & Facebook is a Powerful Tool Web 2.0 Source: MP 2012• In 2012, common search terms for Facebook accounted for combined 5.84% of all searches among the top 50 terms, an increase of 27% YOY.
    18. 18. How to Use Facebook to SocialMedia &Web 2.0 Magnify Your Content
    19. 19. SocialMedia & Directory Listing & Google OptimizationWeb 2.0• Online directories boost your SEO, increase your online presence, and encourage reviews• Google algorithms look for their own services and: • Google Profile, Google+, Google+ Local, Google Authorship, Panoramio, Google Reader, YouTube • Listing accuracy, recency & high quality back-links• hCard data updated across 350+ key directories • Google+, Yelp, Angies List, YP
    20. 20. Pay Per Click The Right PPC Strategy Source: SEO21
    21. 21. Pay Per Click What to Do
    22. 22. Pay Per Click What not to Do
    23. 23. Another Tool, Nurturing Your Database Use eNewsletters to Stay in Front of Your Leads and Existing Clients:• Increase your lead flow• Increase your revenue• Low-cost communication• Turn shoppers into buyers with the drip campaign effect
    24. 24. Marketing Today is a Giant Math Equation Assumptions: Monthly Searches Site visitors/mo. @8 % Qualified leads/mo @5% Appointments at 70%• Lifetime Value per customer Sales/month @• $ per month 20%• $ per lead
    25. 25. How to Get to Your Revenue Target?• Properly budget for Internet Marketing• Integrated implementation• Process and workflow• Create content
    26. 26. What We Can Offer:• High-performance web design• Laser focused search engine marketing• Lead driving PPC campaigns• Built for you eNewsletters• Google Magnet• Personalized expert guidance
    27. 27. Actionable Next Steps1. Get a visibility analysis done on your web presence2. Re-evaluate your keyword strategies and do the research!3. Optimize your site structure to capture leads and integrate your keyword strategy4. Get listed in the right online directories and claim your business now!1. Use social media to engage customers – post regularly and grow your following; publish reviews, photos and videos2. Leverage your database to both leads and existing clients
    28. 28. Who is Surefire Social?Surefire Social delivers personal, comprehensive strategies for effective local Internet marketing. +SurefireSocial
    29. 29. Talk to UsChris Marentis is the Founder and CEO of SurefireSocial. With over 25 years of experience leadingtraditional and interactive marketingbusinesses, Chris is a leader in helping businessesuse new technology to enable dramatic growth.Need help or want to find out more?Come see us to get your FREE online visibilityreport now at www.surefiresocial.comor call 888-804-8685