Powerful PPC Tactics that get you Leads


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This presentation gives you instant access to 10 PPC tactics that are rarely used, but highly effective.

10 Proven PPC Tactics & Tips Guaranteed to:
+Drive quality buyers to your website
+Understand how PPC drives your other sales channels
+Use changes in local weather to produce more leads
+Beat competitors in Google Search
+Save time and generate more sales

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  • These are important, but also the most obvious tactics to employ.Today we will not talk about any of these…
  • Keyword research can be a difficult task and the same data sources are used by all your competitors. One unique keyword research asset that is frequently underutilized is your phone calls! 
  • Powerful PPC Tactics that get you Leads

    1. 1. Powerful PPC Tactics that Get You Leads January 22nd Webinar
    2. 2. Common Question: What else can I be doing to drive better performance?
    3. 3. Uncommon PPC Strategies & Tactics 90% of PPC presentations & content focus on the SAME AdWords optimization points:  Keyword Expansion & Management  Match Types  Optimized Ad Copy  Bid Management  Quality Scores  Negative Keywords  Landing Page Optimization Looking Beyond the Basics
    4. 4. TACTIC #1 Attribution Modeling
    5. 5. Attribution Model Definition A marketing attribution model is a strategy used to quantify the influence each marketing impression or touchpoint has on a consumer’s decision to make a purchase or lead conversion. Previously a tool only available to Premium Analytics subscribers (at $150k per year), Google made basic attribution tool available for free in February 2013.
    6. 6. Last Interaction Model In a Last Interaction model, 100% of the credit for a lead or sale is attributed to the last visit prior to conversion. All standard reports in Google Analytics use a Last Interaction model (the least useful of all models). Paid Search Social Media Organic Search
    7. 7. First Interaction Model In a First Interaction model, 100% of the credit for a lead is attributed to the 1st visit that originated the potential customer’s contact with your brand. Paid Search Social Media Organic Search
    8. 8. Linear Model In a Linearmodel, each traffic and/or marketing channel is given equal credit for the conversion. Paid Search Social Media Organic Search
    9. 9. GA Report: Model Comparison Tool
    10. 10. Sample Model Comparison Total PPC Leads (Last Interaction)54 Total PPC Leads (First Interaction)87 Using this example, the leads generated by PPC visits based on 1st Interaction show a 61% increase vs. the Last Interaction model. *Without this information, this client didn’t have visibility into true impact and ROI for their PPC efforts. Armed with this new outlook on performance, the PPC marketing budget was increased.
    11. 11. TACTIC #2 Weather Triggered Advertising
    12. 12. Benefits of Weather Targeting  Ad creative and/or targeting based on weather conditions are proven to drive improved user engagement and stronger ROI numbers.  According to The Weather Channel, weather triggered ads deliver:  127% higher CTR than other creative  117% higher purchase consideration
    13. 13. Case Study: Roofing Contractor The Story: By monitoring weather and adjusting budgets +keyword bids during periods of heavy rain, hail or snow – Surefire Social client was able to capture short-term spikes in searches related to roof repairs, roof leaks, emergency roofing services, etc. During weather-related traffic spikes, key performance metrics improved significantly across the board including:  An increase in leads of 258%  A decrease in Cost Per Lead of 53% Takeaway: By changing PPC campaign settings and strategy during brief intervals of weather related opportunities, client gained dozens of new customers at a significantly reduced Cost Per Acquisition.
    14. 14. Weather Advertising: Quick Launch Steps Start Capturing short-term weather driven opportunities with the following plan: 1. Set up a Weather dashboard to monitor storms and inclement weather using any weather news service. 2. Add creative to capture storm name and/or real-time weather conditions in the area (Pause all other ads) 3. Increase bids on adgroups and keywords impacted by weather conditions. Test bidding for top ad positions. 4. Increase budget and monitor to ensure your Daily Impression share is maximized and ads are serving the full day.
    15. 15. TACTIC #3 Measuring Phone Call Conversions
    16. 16. Phone Calls Make a Comeback Google says 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call! MOBILE WEB INFLUENCE One of the byproducts of the mobile explosion is an increase in the number of phone calls businesses receive. Put simply, more and more ad headline clicks are becoming “click to call” actions. And the trend is moving to desktop and tablet users too as advertisers tap into the trend.
    17. 17. Typical Online/Offline Conversions
    18. 18. Integrated Call Tracking & Analytics Sophisticated Call Tracking is now affordable and relatively easy to implement for any business. Capabilities are continuously expanding so you always know who is calling and how they found you!  Dynamic numbers can track calls back to a PPC campaign, or even specific ads and keywords.  Phone call data can be integrated with Google Analytics.  Phone calls can be recorded and played back
    19. 19. Case Study: Window Replacement Specialist Problem: Analyzing campaign results over several months, client found that their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) in the paid search channel had been rising. Based on online form submissions, monthly leads were declining, driving a diminishing return on investment. Solution: Afterimplementing basic phone tracking by adding a separate PPC number to their landing page, client discovered that phone calls were generating 67% of their current leads. The expanded data collection capabilities to measure PPC phone calls provided client with two key results:  A 215% increase in monthly leads.  A 68% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition.
    20. 20. Call Tracking: Quick Launch Steps Call Tracking can be implemented in 3 separate stages, with each stage measuring call data at a more granular level:  Stage 1: Add unique tracking numbers to all dedicated PPC Landing Pages.  Stage 2: Implement Dynamic Number Replacement to track PPC calls regardless of landing page and/or number of repeat visits to site.  Stage 3: Implement Dynamic Session tracking to assign a unique number to each user session. This capability enables granular level data to track calls back to a specific ad or keyword.
    21. 21. TACTIC #4 Phone-Based Keyword Research
    22. 22. Inbound Call Monitoring/Interaction Mining Record and Listen to inbound calls: Prospects and customers use the same words over the phone that they use in online searches for your services. *Typical keyword research tools often can’t make intelligent connections between different keyword phrases.
    23. 23. TACTIC #5 Targeting Local Customers Everywhere
    24. 24. National Ads for Local Advertisers FACT Prospects in your service area are frequently searching for local based services while out of the area – whether traveling, at work, or on vacation. SOLUTION Create a national targeted campaign using Exact Match keywords with geo-modifiers. EXAMPLE Prospect is on his way home from a summer vacation and is looking for estimates on replacing his roof when arriving home. He searches on “roofing company restonva” while on the beach in Florida.
    25. 25. TACTIC #6 Bid Modifiers
    26. 26. Enhanced Campaigns: Bid Modifiers Bid modifiers (a/k/a Bid Adjustments) are one of the most powerful and useful new features launched with Enhanced Campaigns in July 2013. Bid Modifiers allow advertisers a simple way to alter your base keyword bid using 4 additional factors: 1. 2. 3. 4. Geographic Location Day Time Device Type
    27. 27. Location-Based Modifiers
    28. 28. Day/Time Modifiers
    29. 29. TACTIC #7 Device Segmentation
    30. 30. The Enchanced Campaigns Headache In addition to several great new features, Enhanced Campaigns also caused an uproar in the paid search world. The controversial “device unification” changes created a new ad platform which effectively killed the ability to run separate Desktop and Mobile campaigns. However, there is a workaround….
    31. 31. Device Segmentation Now Setting up separate mobile campaigns can still be done using the following strategy: 1. Create campaign and set the mobile Bid Adjustment to negative 100% in order to completely opt out of smartphone traffic. 2. Copy the campaign (adding "Mobile" to name), and set all bids much lower - around 25% of desktop bids. 3. Set the Bid Adjustment for the mobile campaign up to a maximum boost of 300% based on conversion data. 4. Set mobile preference on all ads.
    32. 32. TACTIC #8 Provide Opportunities for Soft Conversions
    33. 33. Capture Upper Funnel Leads Some traffic may be early in the buying process, but there is an opportunity to convert interested users into email subscribers and/or social media followers. These Soft Leadsare people willing to provide their email address (or other personal information) in exchange for useful content. These valuable “upper funnel” leads are interested; but not ready to make a purchase just yet. Nurturing these leads over time will build a sales pipeline and generate new customers.
    34. 34. Soft Conversions: Quick Launch Steps Add soft Call-To-Action touts to high traffic producing pages or global page templates to encourage users to: 1. Subscribe to newsletters or email lists 2. Download Whitepapers, Ebooks or PDF Guides. 3. Enter to win prizes with simple sweepstakes or contests 4. Download a mobile app
    35. 35. TACTIC #9 AdWords Shared Library
    36. 36. Shared Library Benefits The Shared Library feature allows advertisers to save time and drive better results by sharing key assets and settings across several campaigns:  Text Ads  Audiences  Bid Strategies  Budgets  Negative Keywords  Exclusions
    37. 37. Shared Budget Example Creating a Shared Budget allows you to capture daily/weekly shifts in traffic, lead flow and demand for specific products based on news, weather events and other external factors.
    38. 38. TACTIC #10 Remarketing!
    39. 39. Once Upon a Time…. Remarketing was complex. Individual tags had to be created for each target audience or segment and advertisers had to hire a designer to develop display or rich media ads. Not anymore! Today remarketing on Google is as easy as 1-2-3 and everybody should be doing it.
    40. 40. Why Remarketing? • It Works!!! Numerous case studies have reported up to a 300- 400% Conversion Rate Lift on remarketing visits. • Avg CPC rates are much lower on display network vs search ads (target a qualified search audience at display advertising prices) • Previous site visitors are the most interested and engaged audience you can target. • Create customized lists and target special offers for specific products or services.
    41. 41. Simple Remarketing Setup With this simple setup, you can have a remarketing campaign running in a few days : 1. Update your Google Analytics tag to support display advertising. 2. Set up remarketing audiences in AdWords for anything you can measure in GA: all site visitors, visitors to specific pages, funnel abandons, etc. 3. Create remarketing text ads (same as search ads) 4. Set up a Frequency Cap to limit the impressions per visitor.
    42. 42. Talk to Us Chris Marentis is the Founder and CEO of Surefire Social. With over 25 years of experience leading traditional and interactive marketing businesses, Chris is a leader in helping businesses use new technology to enable dramatic growth. Need help or want to find out more? Come see us to get your FREE Online Visibility Checkup now at www.surefiresocial.com or call 888-804-8685
    43. 43. Who is Surefire Social? Surefire Social delivers personal, comprehensive strategies for effective local Internet marketing. www.surefiresocial.com To learn more about our PPC Services, visit us @http://www.surefiresocial.com/marketing-solutions/