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This-Is-A-Brand-New-800Mhz-(In-Some-Countries,-Peo276 This-Is-A-Brand-New-800Mhz-(In-Some-Countries,-Peo276 Document Transcript

  • This is a brand new 800MHz (in some countries, people also call it 850MHz) cell phone signal booster kit, which can work in USA, and all other 800MHz network in the world. 2000 square meters coverage area. Powerful enough to work for several indoor ceiling antennas.antenna
  • ESPOW Electronics has just released a new version of the ESPOWcell phone repeater The new ESPOW amplifier takes after its twobig brothers, the ESPOW and sports two new control knobs foradjusting the gain on both the 800MHz and 1900Mhz frequenciesThis is a nice improvement and will help the new DB Pro amplifier tobe more easily setup in tight places The new ESPOW amplifier hasbeen put antenna into the ESPOW These two kits are designed tobe cost effective systems to boost and improve cell phone signals insmall homes and buildings with 1 or 2 rooms Both these kits areavailable at the following locations Installation and Working: Theinstallation procedure for cell phone boosters may vary according tothe product
  • The typical steps involved may consist of the following: 1 Identifythe most suitable location with the strongest signals, to install theexternal antenna You can do this by looking at the signal strengthindicator on your mobile phone handset 2 Use the mountingbrackets and to vertically install the antenna, at least three feet awayfrom metallic objects like air conditioning units and pipes 3 Take thecoaxial cable and attach it to the base of the signal antenna
  • 4 By using an optional window entry kit, you can run the other endof the coaxial cable through your window and attach it to the baseunit which is kept indoors 5 Ensure that the base's antenna isat a 90 degree angle to the base unit Connect the power supply tothe base unit You will need to adjust the distance between the twoantennas to eliminate any error indications Further Reading: VerizonWireless: Verizon makes use of both the 800 and 1900 MHzfrequency band in their cellular network
  • To find the correct repeater for you, we provide some advice bellow800 MHz repeater Kits for Verizon Voice Coverage 1900 MHzrepeater Kits for Texas, Florida and Verizon EVDO serviceDualband Repeater Kits for both Voice and EVDO Data AT&T:AT&T's complex network infrastructure utilizes both 800 and1900 MHz frequencies Therefore, the most simple solution is to optfor a dual band cellular repeater, which will always work with theAT&T Network
  • In most cases, AT&T uses the 800 MHz band for voice servicesAT&T generally uses the 1900 MHz frequency band for itsHSDPA/UMTS broadband data service (for both cell phones andbroadband data cards) Alltel: Alltel utilizes both 800 and 1900 MHzsignals within its cellular network In many states (Arkansas, NewMexico, Colorado, Nevada, Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Texas,North Dakota, Utah, Nebraska, Wyoming), Alltel uses 800 MHzfrequency signals only In other states, Alltel utilizes both 800 and1900 MHz frequency bands in different areas The same applies totheir EVDO broadband data service
  • If you require a cellular repeater for one of these states werecommend you for a dual band repeater kit US Cellular: USCellular makes use of both 800 and 1900 MHz frequency signalsTherefore, in order to select a suitable repeater to improve the signalfor the US Cellular network, you need to ascertain the frequency USCellular employs in your area 800 MHz Coverage: California:Eureka Indiana: Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Des Moines,Water Lou Maryland: Coverage Pending Missouri: St Joseph,Columbia North Carolina: Asheville, Wilmington, JacksonvilleOregon: Medford Pennsylvania: Coverage Pending Tennessee:Knoxville Virginia: Roanoke, Charlottesville, Lynchburg Washington:Yakima, Richland West Virginia: Hagerstown, CumberlandWisconsin: Sheboygan, Green Bay, Janesville, Racine, Kenosha,Madison, Milwaukee, Appleton Espow cell phone signal boosteris agood choice cell phone repeater,cell phone signal booster,cellphone booster
  • antenna