L U C K Y W O R L D Ver[1]. 2006 All About Lucky Ali


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L U C K Y W O R L D Ver[1]. 2006 All About Lucky Ali

  1. 1. L C YA I U K L BY KAPIL CHANDAK Welcome To Lucky world
  4. 4. Videos to complement Lucky Ali songs have always been refreshing and O SANAMimpressive. His videos have been shot all over the world. All his videoshave been directed by eithe Mahesh Mathai or Aditya Basu BhattaCharya. DEKHA HAI AISE BHI NAHIN RAKHATA DIL TERE MERE SATH KITNI HASEEN ZINDAGI Lucky Says "Why I Choose Exotic Locales Is TU KAUN HAI Because It Makes Good Video Sense. You Enjoy Seeing New Places." ANJAANI RAHOON MEIN click here for detail for video cds of lucky ali Lucky world Menu X
  5. 5. There Are 2 Video CDs Available In The Market As Far As I Know[1] GET LUCKYIt’s Containing 8 Video Songs. ReleasedBy Sony Music. M.R.P.125rs.1. Aa Bhi Jaa (Sur)2. Dekha Hai Aise Bhi (Sifar)3. Jaane Kya Dhoondhta Hai (Sur)4. Tere Mere Sath (Aks)5. Nahin Rakhta Dil (Sifar)6. Tu Kaun Hai (Aks)7. Kitni Haseen Zindgi (Aks)8. O Sanam (Sunoh) [2] LUCKY ALI & ADNAN SAMI It’s Containing 5 Video Songs Including ‘Anjaani Raahon Mein’. Released By Venus Music. M.R.P. 65rs. 1. Aa Bhi Jaa (Sur) 2. O Sanam (Sunoh) 3. Jaane Kya Dhoondhta (Sur) 4. Anjaani Rahoon Mein (Meri Jaan Hindustaan) 5. Tu Dil Ki Khushi (Sur) 6. 4 other songs of adnan sami. Lucky world Menu X
  6. 6. O SanamThis Was The Ever Video To Be Shot For A Lucky Ali Song. This Video Was Shot Am ongOne Of The Seven Wonders Of The Universe. The Great Pyram ids Of Egypt. The VideoWas Directed By Mahesh Mathai. The Video Features Lucky Ali As A Man Trying ToDiscover His Roots. The Lady In Lead Or The Lady In Blue Burkah Is Actually Lucky AlisFirst Wife Masoom This Video Stayed On The Mtv M a. usic Charts For Around 60Consecutive Weeks.MORELucky Seem Gorgeous This Tim You Can See Eye-Catching Seen In This Video. Just s e.Cam Pyram el, ids (One Of Seven Wonders), Desert, Castle All Make You Inspired ByThese Things. It‘s Lyrics Just Heart Touching You Can‘t Hold You To Sing If Once YouListen It.The Story About A Key. In This Album Lucky Ali Has Two Birth In New Birth Lucky Is ATraveler And Explorer And In Old Birth Lucky Was King Of Egypt.Lucky Does Love Som eone. Her (His Beloved)Father Has Done Som ething Illegal SoLucky Ali Puts Him Behind The Bar Lucky Ali‘s Beloved Steals The Key To The Jail LaterLucky Ali Com To Know About It. According To His Rules He Has To Kill Her And He esKills His Love With H Own Hands. is X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: this the only video that has lucky and his wife masooma togather.
  7. 7. Dekha Hai Aise BhiThis was the first video from his second album sifar. This video was also directed byMahesh Mathai. This video was shot on the legendry Route 66 of the Am ericanhighway in Arizona. The video features Lucky as a traveler searching for his inner selfand asking questions about his existence.MOREIn This Song Lucky Ali Is A Nomadic Person. He Is Messenger Of Love He Leaves For TheSearch Of Love As He Wants Love In This World (Pyaar Ko Hi Manate Chaley Jana) ButMost Thing Is That Lucky Always Want To Travel ( Aarzoo Bhi Arz Hai Badhatey Jana).Lucky Takes Bus, Walks On, To Go The Place Where He Is Staying.On The Way He Meets, Looks Som Guys. Lucky Is Just Walking And Looking Everything eWhat Is Happing Under The Sun (Dekha Hai Aise Bhi Kisi Ko Aise Hi). Lucky Shows HisPhylosiphy And View About Life. Just Wants To Spare Love Every Where (Dil KeJharokho Mein Ab Bhi Mohabbat Ke Saaye Hai Reh Jaye Jo Baad Mein Ham are WohPaaye Hai). X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: lucky‘s favourite album is sifar
  8. 8. Nahin Rakhta Dil MeinThis was the second video from Sifar. This video was also directed by Mahesh Mathaifor Highlight Film This video features Lucky Ali a circus artist telling us about his s.aspirations, experiences and hopes.MOREThis is ultimate story of life. Lucky is a joker whose job is m aking people laugh (baharoke ghere se laya m ein dil saja kar ek aisi sohbbat hai m eri). He loves a girl she is alsocircus artist. Her owner tortures her. Lucky gets dejected when he sees som eone is sad.Lucky always tries to m ake people laugh. One day she is crying due to her owner. Luckycom to her and gives her a flower and m es akes her smile. Suddenly their owner com esand forces her to clim on swing rope. Lucky refuses her but she has to clim unwillingly b band falls down, gets dead. After som days new artist com in place of her but She is e esnot good like circus owner. He wonders why people live in such a way.(rastey na badley na badley jahan phir kyon badley kadam hai yahan) X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: nahin rakhta dil mein‘s whole video is shot in circus.
  9. 9. Tere Mere SathThis is the first video to be shot form his latest album Aks. This video has been shot am ongthe residential parts of Havana the capital of South Am erican country Cuba. This is thefirst tim ever Lucky Ali has been seen dancing in his videos. About his dancing skills Lucky esays"I am not very good dancer. While dancing I feel as if I am a chicken whose feet have been tied and is struggling for freedom."About Cuba, Lucky says,"It is a beautiful place with nice people. One keeps going to the United States or the UK, so I thought why not Cuba. It was a pleasant experience."MOREIn this video lucky is looking for a girl while driving his glorious long red and white car. Andalso dancing in street seem too cool, wearing sky blue short shirt and short trouser also shas goggles hanging in white T-shirt. He starts to dance and the people also start to followhim and quickly he has big num ber of dancer following him Finally he m . eets the this girl. X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: tere mere sath is the first video in which lucky danced.
  10. 10. Kitni Haseen ZindagiThis is the second video from the album Aks. This video has been shot m ostly indoorsand on outskirts of Mum bai. This is the first Lucky Ali video not to be directed byMahesh Mathai. This one was directed by Aditya Basu Bhattacharya. Adi is the sam eguy with whom Lucky will be acting in a m ovie. This video features Lucky Ali andsuperm odel Malaika Arora Khan (Mtv V.J.) as childhood friends separated in due courseof time.MOREThis is beautiful video that tells how two childhood friends try to stay in contact witheach other after long separation. Lucky ali and m alaika is friend but they are detached.Lucky sees her m ovie and rem bers her. Malaika gets his photograph thorough m em ail.Lucky also sends her em ail. Malaika also tries to find him on net and watching his videoon Television. X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: kitni haseen zindgi‘ director is making movie avtaar with lucky ali & sofia haque
  11. 11. Tu Kaun HaiSong from the album Aks was the them song of the m e ovie Bhopal Express whichwas directorial debut of Mahesh Mathai. The song features Lucky Ali sing ing clad inBlack over coat. The video includes the pictures from the movie in the background.Later lucky included this in his third album Aks. LUCKY ALERT: lukcy says why always mahesh mathai X Menu Lucky world shots his video coz only he does show the feelings that lucky wants in his video & he gets the right sense.
  12. 12. Anjaani Rahoon MeinThis song is not from his regular album This song was included in the album Meri s.Jaan Hindustan. This album was produced to celebrate 50 years of Indianindependence. The video was directed by Mani Shankar. The video features lucky as ayoung guy living in the countryside and trying to discover new m eaning of life and moveon. About the video Lucky says "The video of Anjaani Raahon Mein was a beautiful story in itself. It was done straight from the heart. It is very special to me."MOREThis video is really heart touching. It has m any fram that you want to set as wallpaper eson desktop. It‘s story about young guy who is looking for his roots. He is staying beyondthe sea for earning m oney. He is living abroad but still he has m ories of his emm otherland. One day he starts for his village. On the way he m eets several guys, folksand joy. He travels in train, boat, and cart. And m akes new friends and m akes themlaugh. He reaches his village where his lovers and friends have been waiting for him He.loves kids and plays with his friends. Now he is living happily there. X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: lucky ali‘s most favourite video song is anjaani rahoon mein.
  13. 13. O SANAM Here Som ething Is Interesting.N ow Yo u SUNOH Can Play Lucky’s So ngs On G uitar E asily.I Found O ut AFew G uitar ANJAANI RAHON MEIN Chords Of L ucky’s Songs And Still Trying To MAIN HOON PYAAR KA… Get M re. oJUB HUM CHHOTE HOTE TERE MERE KITNI HASEEN ZINDGI AAP PAR ARZ HAIBADLON KI GEHRAAEE NAHIN RAKHTA DIL MEIN SANDESH Here Some Chords Are Not Completed NA TUM JANO NA HUM If You Want To Improve These And Know About YE RASTE YE MASTI More Chords Please Mail Me At [kapilmail1982@yahoo.co.in] Lucky world Menu X
  16. 16. Sunoh !!Grateful to the almighty, to my parents, my teachers and to all those people who haveencouraged this effort, to my loving wife who stood by me during the blues... to my brotherMackie who added cheer, to Ghealuuuu Akki my childhood friend. To Nirja Shah another childhofriend who helpped me make the breakthrough. To my friends in W atford, Nads, Anis & Nitin daby day, my friends in the valley of Kashmir, to the people of Egypt, to all at Highlight, especiallyMahesh Mathai and Srila. Acknowledgments - Sunoh ( By Lucky ASunoh is Hindi for Listen . It seems Lucky wanted everyone to listen to him..Sunoh was released in Jun 1996 with BMG CRESCENDO. Sunoh was the first ever album to bereleased by Lucky Ali. It sold over Four million copies worldwide. This was way to beyond theexpectations of Lucky himself. And you know what? The hit single O Sanam from Sunoh stayefor over 60 weeks consecutively on Music charts of MTV Asia. Sunoh can be referred as history ithe making as it was Sunoh which introduced Indian music fans to such a wonderful and talentesinger. Sunoh established him as an icon in the Indian music scene. The album was a phenomensuccess. ………….. 1 PAGE MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKYhafiz withdo you know sunitha (who sung khuda ALERT: lucky) is also big fan of lucky ali
  17. 17. Sunoh has Music by Lucky Ali, It was performed by Lucky Ali and Mike McCleary (did you knewthat mike is his brother in law). The lyrics of the album were written by Aslam (a childhoodfriend of Lucky Ali with whom he used to clean and later sell carpets).You will be amazed to know that, Lucky Ali was rejected by a lot of music companies, for hisfirst album. No one was ready to take risk and release the album. He didnt had enough moneyto make the album. So he decided to do it himself. He went to his friend M ahesh M athai andtold him to produce the video. He didnt even paid Mahesh for the video. He recorded all thesongs himself with help from his brother in law M ike M cLeary. After he completed the album,he returned to New Zealand, unaware of the success of the album.O Sanam, the first track from Sunoh was shot between the great pyramids of Egypt. Do youknow that the actress in lead is actually Lucky Alis First wife Masoom The video was shot by a.M ahesh Mathai (Luckys childhood friend).Sunoh also won a host of awards. The awards which Lucky won after Sunoh included Best Indian Artist at the Billboard awards 1997 Best Pop Male Artist at the Screen annual awards 1996 And the Viewers Choice award at channel [V] annual awards 1997. X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: this is faboules thing that luckyali never get any training of music like other singers.
  18. 18. Sifar !!BismillahTo the almighty Creator I remain thankful for everything I have and everything I dont. I understand that Iam in a situation that Ive in before. Which is Sifar and so. I remain comfortably nowhere. Acknowledgements - Sifar (Lucky Ali)Sifar is Urdu for Zero. Sifar says Every journey is a new beginning. Sifar says Its the oldest-knownunit in the history of hum comm an unication.It also saysContaining nothing, it encircles everything. Without a beginning, without an end.It stretches from emptiness to infinity and back again. The word Sifar encompasses all these meaningsand more. It is into the heart of this paradox that Lucky Ali seeks to venture on his new musical odyssey.And every song on this album is another step on his journey.. ………….. 1 PAGE MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: when sifar relesed sony music sent ten million copies all over world
  19. 19. Sifar was released in May 1998 with Sony Music and it went on to sell over ten million copies worldwide.Sifar is second album of Lucky Ali after Sunoh.All tracks of this album have been composed by Lucky Ali. The album has been produced by Mike McLeary.Lyrics have been written yet again by Syed Aslam.Dekha Hai Aise Bhi was the first video to be shot from this album. It was shot on legendry route 66 on theAmerican highway. Lucky Ali has been portrayed as an searching traveler in the video. This video has beendirected Mahesh Mathai.Nahin Rakhta Dil Main was the second video from the album. This one was shot indoors. The videofeatures Lucky Ali as an clown talking his way through his aspirations. Again this video has been directed byMahesh Mathai. X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: lucky used to sing ―kunwara baap‖ & ―bhoot bangla‖ from the mehmood films
  20. 20. Aks !!"To my friends in the valley of Kashmir, Cuba, My friends in England, Holland and New Zealand.".The artist Acknowledges that fact that his success and acceptance is temporary in nature as is his own existence and that there are far more important issues in life to be dealt with in life than show business. Acknowledgements - Aks (Lucky Ali)Aks means reflection . According to People behind Aks, Aks is Looking Back Looking Ahead.. ………….. 1 PAGE MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT:lucky says ―I discover music. I don‘t believe I create anything,I searched & found
  21. 21. Aks was released in October 2000 with Sony Music. After the phenomenal success of previoustwo albums, expectations from Lucky Ali were Sky High and he stood upon all those expectations.He has come out with an excellent job and this one is a must buy for all. This album has beenreleased after a very long gap of about two years. when asked for the reasons behind, Luckyreplied I think its nice to give space to your work. I like space in everything includingm m y usic and m life.. yAll tracks of this album have been written and composed by Lucky Ali himself and a whole lot ofother people. Aks is being referred as The common mans music.About Aks Lucky tells You either evolve or de-volve. Ive developed a particular style, thealbum is very me. It took m eight months to m e ake it. The instrumentation, the lyricstheyre an extension of m personality. Aks was an idea I had in mind for m y onths..Tere M ere Saath was the first video to be shot from this album. It was shot among theresidential parts of Havana, Cuba. This video was directed by M ahesh M athai for Highlightfilm s.Kitni Haseen Zindagi was the second video. This one was shot on outskirts of Mumbai. This wasthe first ever lucky Ali video not to have been directed by Mahesh M athai. This one was directedby Aditya Basu Bhattacharya with whom Lucky will be working in the movie Avtaar. This videofeatured famous Model and V.J. M alaika Arora Khan as Luckys childhood friend X Menu Lucky worldLUCKY ALERT:Anjaani rahoon..stayedseveral weeks1 position & also remained in top ten for 14 weeks in
  22. 22. Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai !!It is about love and relationships. I would describe it as something that isnt profound, and yet is. It has a romantic appeal to it. Theres also some angst, but it has been dealt with in a positive way. Lucky says about – Kabhi aisa lagta haiKabhi aisa lagta hai means sometimes I feel like in hindi.. Kabhi aisa lagta hai was released in june 2004 this time with T-Series. Kabhi aisa lagta hai is the latest offering to the music world by Lucky Ali . The rest of the album draws from different influences— A R Rahman, M M Kreem, Brazilian band Beija Fleur‘s carnival spirit and the thumping African music. ………….. 2 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT:lucky alidirector too. also going to become a a singer-composer-actor is
  23. 23. All tracks of this album have been composed by Lucky Ali except one (Ek palmein hai – Asif ali). But this time the lyrics are not written by Aslam,Mehboob, Sandesh and other his guy. Sameer wrote all songs.About Kabhi aisa lagta hai Lucky tells. Does his latest album, Kabhi AisaLagta Hai, have the Sufiana feel of his earlier albums? ―Yes. But it is notplanned. You may get the feel of Sufi music in my songs because I am aGod-fearing person. Whatever I do, I always think of pleasing God with mywork,‖ he explains.Kabhi Aisa Hai Lagta Hai was the first video to be shot from this album.This video was directed by M ahesh M athai At Brazil. It was shot mostly inplain. (his fans know that lucky is also licensed pilot and flying plain is hisrecent passion) Perhaps he‘s mentally mountainous the skies, like he was inM ahesh M athai‘s music video of Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai. But the song thatrecord company T-Series has on the airwaves is another version, directed byRahul L Sud.―Other directors (he says about Rahul L Sud) come in to create somethingmore in tune with a markets needs and I respect that, but I would alwaysprefer the careful work that M ahesh puts into the videos.‖ ………….. 1 PAGE MORE TO GO LUCKY ALERT: ―tu kaun hai‖ wrote by piyush pandey he isX Menu Lucky world the same guy who has made several famous tv advertisements and also made popular ad. Series of coco cola with aamir khan
  24. 24. Teri Yaad Jub Aati Hai, lucky says ―this m usic album is special to him asthe lyrics of the second song - Teri yaad jab aati hai - cam straight from the eheart in m em ory of his brother Mackie who passed away last year.‖―There were som differences in opinion between the music com e pany andm I don‘t agree with the item numbers they put out,‘‘ he shrugs. Is that e.why he isn‘t in the second video, Jab Teri Yaad Aati hai? N reply. This song ois dedicated to his brother, M acky, who passed away a year back. ‗‗I don‘teven see the point in having a video— the words are enough,‘‘―I dont know Rah Sood. I have never m him but I wish him all the best. et ,As for M ahesh M athai, I think we work well as a team W. hen a com panyreleases another video, I like to think of it as a marketing strategy alone.M aheshs work has always been layered. It is a question of art versuscom erce in a way, because som of the earlier videos are well done but m elost on a particular audience.‖Jabse M Tum ili se this video also made by m ahesh m athai. In this videolucky com again with his great style. ―I like to think that the video esdirectors who work with m are always given the freedom to express ethem selves through their work, with m m y usic.‖ LUCKY ALERT: his friend akki who helped his great song X Menu Lucky world ―tere mere sath‖ he is childhood friend actual name is akmal. ―my mom used to call him lucky ka akki‖ he says.0
  25. 25. 1Lucky Ali started off his career in great fashions with smash hitsingle ―O Sanam‖. This track from the album Sunoh made him anovernight star. This was the track which brought him overnightstardom. O Sanam from Sunoh filmed amidst the pyramids ofEgypt. The album Sunoh sold over 4,00,000 Record copies andcatapulted Lucky Ali to fame.The album won him several awards, including Best Pop Male Vocalistat the 1996 Screen Awards, the Channel [V] Viewers‘ Choice Award(1997) and stayed on the MTV Asia Charts for 60 weeks. Luckys second album, Sifar (zero) was released by Sony musicin 1998. The album is a journey into the human soul, and starts fromthe beginning. Each song speaks of discovery. Lucky maintains hissoulful ballad style, and the canvas of the album is large and varied.lucky stepped into the Bollywood Music in a film Kaho Na Pyar Hai witha bang. The 2 songs [Na tum jano na hum, Ek pal] which he renderedfor the film was simply the master piece. He clean sweeps all theawards for the best singer of 2000 (including Filmfare and Zee CineAwards and so on). ………….. 2 PAGES MORE TO GO Lucky world Menu X
  26. 26. 2 His third album Aks (reflection) was also released by Sony Musicin 2000, it was an another step into his musical journey, but this timewith a touch of happiness and joy, as what he feels these days after atremendous success of his songs from the film Kaho Na Pyar Hai. AndNow Lucky has sung for A.R. Rehman in the film ‗Boys‘, song is Secretof success (in Tamil) and in ‗Yuva‘, he sang Khuda Hafiz. Lucky alsosang a few chart-busted songs for bollywood. Also sung 5 soulfulsongs for ‗Sur‘ including Aa bhi jaa that won him best singer award forthe 2002 Lucky Ali has also done few films these are Sanjay GuptasKaante, Tanuja Chandras Sur. He will be seen in Bobby Khans KiyaMain Ab Bhi Tumse Pyar Karta Hoon and Aditya BhattacharayasAvtaar. So all his fans will see him in new style and look in BollywoodMovies.He has four big hit solo albums [Sunoh, Sifar, Aks, Kabhi Aisa LagataHai] and two another superb albums like Meri jaan Hindsutaan whichhas Anjaani Rahom Mein and second another album GoriTeri Aakhen which has three great songs of lucky. ………….. 1 PAGE MORE TO GO Lucky world Menu X
  27. 27. 3His latest album ―Kabhi Aisa Lagata Hai‖ that came in June04 seems another great hit. This time lucky has done different than hisprevious album. This album has 8 tracks. Music is again tuneful. Alsohe is working on his new album Ikxui (Concentration in urdu). Solets wish him good luck with his movies and albums. And the most amazing thing about him remains that he is theonly indipop artist who does all the stuff for his songs. He not onlysings the songs but also composes them, arranges music for them( but of course with some help from others ). He is the only singer tohave won the coveted Filmfare Award for the best Singer Male with his first song [Na tum Jano Na hum From Kaho Na Pyaar Hai]ever in an Bollywood movie.He was never looked upon by the Indian Music Industry as the FamedSon who was looking for a little bit of success on account of hisfathers deeds. He has his own separate identity. We know Lucky Alias the great Indian singer Lucky Ali, not as son of the great Indiancomedian Mehmood Ali Khan. Lucky world Menu X
  28. 28. 1Its written all over his lived-in face.This light-eyed singer emergedsuccessfully from the shadow of his fam ous com edian fatherMehm ood, A Septem ber child, born on the 19 of the month Lucky wasactually nam Maqsood Mehm ed ood Ali by Dad Mehm ood.He used to breed race horses, and also sold carpets in a friend‘sshow room He then w . orked in an oil rig in Pondicherry. Then Sunohhappened, w hile Lucky w still contem as plating a full-tim career. e"Im not a trained singer, but I love singing," said the singer-actor-com poser. This is fabulous thing that Lucky never get any training likeother singers. It‘s wonder that how does he sings so w so hum ell ble sosoft. Really it sounds great.Unlike other music stars, Lucky is unassuming and God fearing. He ishappily settled in New Zealand w ith his lovely w inaya and three ifeadorable children. Tasm and Tahafuz and Sarah. He loves open iaspaces, blue sky, and is inspired by the splendour of nature. He loveshorses, and relates very m uch to their easy-going attitude. ………….. 6 PAGES MORE TO GOX Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: he workedhad an actor in successful. khoj on doordarshan2001 as been most bharat ek
  29. 29. 2The guy obviously loves the outdoors and even more to soil his handsin the thick of things that‘s why in his video album he shows him self asa traveler just like messenger of love who are looking for peace andlove. Also shows his views and philosophy about life and wants tospare peace and love all over the world. He always sings soulful dittiesthat touch the heart and being positive about life in whole song. Helikes Travelling. He has traveled Egypt to Brazil. And his video is filmedin Egypt, Brazil, and Cuba…He does believe in god actually he is god fearing. His favorite song is‗TUM HI SE‘From Sunoh. In this song A thanks giving num ber to the God, Sun,Moon, Stars, Flowers, Water Falls etc. ―Donon jahan ka tu hai ujalaraba tune hai hum paala‖. Lucky actually sounds grateful to the koalmighty and praise him.He loves simplicity His first love music - Farming, Horse-breeding.He is also licensed pilot and flying aeroplane his recent passion. ………….. 5 PAGES MORE TO GOX Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: shyam benegal bharat ek khoj. as a director for his great serial got national award
  30. 30. 3When he was just 13 his second Mom presented him a guitar and webelieve thats how it all began - His Music, but not on a happy note.Guess what his very first com position was called ?It was a 3-chord lam ent Nobody Loves Me !Lucky had a particularly unhappy childhood as his parents divorcedwhen he was just a toddler and he was packed off to a Catholicboarding school in Mussoorie at the tender age of two-and-a-half yearsold !Lucky switched schools from Mussoorie to Bombay to Bangalore(where he moved in with his family) and finally left India for theStates.As he wryly rem arked – The concept of hom and fam was not for m I had to leave ... e ily e. ………….. 4 PAGES MORE TO GOX Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: luckycomposed by two superb songs in tamil also that are ali has sung a.r. rahman.
  31. 31. 4Lucky just walked into music, as he confided - You have to do ityourself. You cant expect things to just fall into your lap. Dosom ething to the best of your ability. If it feels right in your heart, itm ust be good. I felt that if m usic is divine why wouldnt there be am arket for it. So how does he qualify his m usic ? My m usic is Everybodys Music. Idont belong to any particular genre. But I dont understand what popm usic actually is. There should be no categories. Everybody shouldexpress him self or herself in a way they feel best. I am doing whatm akes m feel good. ePerhaps that is what kept him afloat, this feel good m usic when hislife was im ploding.He has a freshness about him his voice, his m , elody and his m usic. Hehad very rare com bination of genuine com position of m usic andm eaningful lyrics. One can listen to all the ten songs of his any albumat any given tim This is very unusual in Indipop scene where artists e.try to m ake their m ark just with a single song. ………….. 3 PAGES MORE TO GOX Menu Lucky worldLUCKY ALERT: indiansong is owall rahulZaheer too. lucky ali his favourite chaina sanam. dravid loves
  32. 32. 5About his kind of music, Lucky says, "My songs are an extension ofm personality. It is m y usic that everyone listens to. Everyoneunderstands m m y usic since it is sim ple and thats the reason why itworked. The m ent I start doing difficult things for people to omswallow, it will be the end to m m y usic and m career. I com out with y ewhat I can understand and if I dont, I keep m m y outh shut. My songsreflect the various relationships that I have gone through over theyears, the im pressions that people I m in the course of m travels et yleft on m and generally, life itself,‖ eAbout the simplicity, he says, " Its the melody that is important tom Music is not just about learning notes or playing an instrum e. ent.One has to understand m usic from within and then reach out. I dontlike too many instruments, so I consciously try to keep it simple.""I discover m usic. I dont believe I create anything; I only discoverthings. I discovered m form. It m have been there all along. But I y aysearched for it and found it; I discovered that I could express m yself init.‖ ………….. 2 PAGES MORE TO GOX Menu Lucky world LUCKYmiss when youre on tour ―lucky ali‖ he what do you ALERT:irfan pathan was asked (cricketer) said
  33. 33. 6―I have never had a collection of m usic. There are no particularm usicians I listen to. The last thing I bought, for instance, was som eBrazilian m usic. When I visit a new place, I try and soak up the feel ofit through its local m usic. I always like the local sound of a place.W all know very well that it is very hard to be creative and even eharder when you dont have anybody to guide you through or help youout. What do you think about Lucky Ali? What amount of efforts doyou think he must have put in his album Hum s? ungous.He had a brief lather with films which was natural being the son ofhis famous father and actress mother, nephew of legendary actressand poetess Meena Kum and Grandson of Indias first arichoreographer !At 42, life has come full circle touched by dizzying success thoughbelated and just m arried for the second tim His new bride is nam e. edInaya. His First wife was m asoom a. ………….. 1 PAGE MORE TO GOX Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT:he also performed in of friednship‖ ―we are prepared to extend a hand pakistan 2001
  34. 34. 7About his future, Lucky says - Futures are built on experiences ofthe past. What is im portant to m is the now, because dwelling in the epast or thinking about the future is as futile as the other. If the nowis uncom plicated , the future will take care of itself. In the farm of Lucky Ali the birds are just enjoying the luxury ofsinging on a farm that has coconut, orange, m ango, chikoo, lychee,and pom egranate trees. And when they want a change, they can justhop over to the organically grown paddy or ragi fields on the farm .Because, when Lucky Ali is not strum ing his guitar or m m aking m usic,or indulging in his recent passion for flying planes, he is anagriculturist. "A m aali in lungi, actually," says Lucky Ali, born MaqsoodMehm ood Ali.Our children Taawwuz and Tasm iyah to attend this school; right nowthey go to a school closer to our farm ―I also wanted to m , ake sure m ychildren had access to that level of com unication. We like watching mregular fam stuff. I watch the news, while m children prefer the ily yDiscovery channel or Anim Planet‖ says this son of veteran actor alMehm ood. Three of Luckys siblings live in the US, while one brotherstays on the farm "We keep in touch regularly. Thats what m . akes afam ily." The birds on the farm try but they cant drown the voice thatsays: "We have so m uch beauty around us in this city and thiscountry, we need to enjoy it m ore, preserve it better..." LUCKY ALERT:mahesh mathai (who shot his mostly all ALERTX Menu Lucky world video) is his childhood friend & syed aslam (who wrote
  35. 35. 1 It was September 19, 1958 when first wife of veteran Indian actor Mehmood better known for his com roles, gave birth to second of his eight children. Since M ood ic ehmstarting gaining popularity at the box office at around the sam tim M e e, ehmood called hisson with the blue eyes Lucky. He thought to have considered Lucky to have brought luck to him Though his relatives knew himbetter as M . aqsood Ali Khan.E though his father was very rich ,famous and successful personality, Childhood of ven Lucky Ali was not very happy as one would have imagined. His parents got divorced when he was very young. This left himshattered. ………….. 11 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: do you know he is very fond of seafood and vegetarian food
  36. 36. 2 His early years.........E years of education were spent at Moussouries Bishop Cotton Boys School. He arlywas sent there when he was only two and a half years old. You will be am azed to knowthat he was a m ber of School Boxing teamwhen he was at Bishop Cotton. em H m e oved from M oussourie pretty early. He then went on to study atThe Bom bay Scottish School in Mum for an year, St. Josephs High School in baiBanglore before finally flying off to U.S.A.After he reached U.S., he found out that he was a born traveler. He says "The conceptof hom and fam was not for m I had to leave...". There he indulged him e ily e. self inH orse Breeding and farm ing. He used to like that experience and he even says "I trainedas a horsem in Am an erica. It was sheer physical labor and it made m feel good. To m e akea living from hard work".He returned to Indian in 1981 to take command of his fathers estate which was not invery good condition. H did things his way, when he wanted them to do. When asked ehow m uch long it took him to break in the music scene, he replied "It did not take melong to break into the m usic scene once I had decided thats what I wanted to do". ………….. 10 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: he says I have six brothers and two sisters and all of them are good cooks
  37. 37. 3Lucky Ali was associated with Marijuana for eight long years. Remembering thosedays, he says "Smoking was m of an act of rebellion than of recreation or escape". ore The struggle for existence.....Mehmood Ali Khan, apart frombeing an excellent actor as we all know, was a verygood father. Lucky Alis relationship with his father were quite confusing for Lucky. Hesays that his father is proud of him He continues by saying that he loves his father very .much and he tries to understand his father to the best of his abilities. Som etim it is esdifficult, sometim it is very rewarding. Luckys drug problemapparently led his father es,to produce a m ovie titled Dushm Duniya K . The actor in lead role was Lucky an aAlis younger brother. The story of the movie is about a young lad, who palls prey todrugs and goes on ram page. And eventually he goes on to kill him self. The screen namefor the actor in lead is coincidentally Lucky . This lets us to believe that probably thescript was inspired by the life of Lucky Ali. Can you guess who wrote the script for themovie???? It was M ehmood who wrote the script for the m ovie. Oh! by the way, LuckyAli sang a song called Nasha in the movie. ………….. 9 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKYand kulfi.he also likesdesserts are gulab jamun ALERT: his favorite aamras.
  38. 38. 4Lucky Ali had a very strong family background in the Indian cinema, with his fatherbeing one of the m successful com ost edians of all tim his aunt M es, eena K ari being umveteran actress. Lucky was brought am ong poetry, m usic and m ovies. As otherBollywood fam ilies, it was expected of Lucky Ali also to get into acting field and carryon the fam tradition. Lucky even started acting at an early age. He started his career as ilyan child artist starring in a com m ic ovie called H are Tum um hare . The co-actors orshould we say, the actors in lead role included the likes of Sanjeev K ar and Rakhee. umLucky Ali played the role of their son. Lucky Ali was even launched on the silver screen as an actor in thelead role. His first m ovie was called Y H Zindagi . Unfortunately the m ehi ai ovie wasnot a very big hit at the box office. H has worked with directors like Shyam Benegal. In fact he has ebeen associated with Shyam Benegal for four years in early eighties in differentcapacities. He played the role of Erasm in the m o ovie Trikaal directed by Benegal. H has also worked on the television series directed by Benegal. eThis series was called Bharat Ek K hoj . He played the role of King Ashokas brother Tissa . H has also acted in fam television serial Zara Hatke . Lucky e ousAli tried his luck out with num of producers but he was not very successful. ber ………….. 8 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY is completelyfavourite beverage is water and he ALERT: his teetotaler.
  39. 39. 5H was actually never fond of acting. Lucky remarks, "The films I wanted to do did not eearn m any m e oney. It was a hard life and I desperately needed to earn. I wanted to getm arried. You cannot do that on art film and my heart bled every tim I thought of doing s ea commercial m ovie. I kept asking myself: Can you do that, m Can you do that an?convincingly? The money was tem pting but I knew it was beyond me. So, finally, oneday I stopped this battle with myself and decided to m on." He said " Acting is hard ovework. You incorporate the characters personality into your own. In my experience, it hasbeen the directors prerogative to decide what part suits who, anyway, you live andbreathe the character for a long tim after the work experience, which is tough because eeveryone keeps wondering whats wrong with you. In the Indian commercial filmsceneyou probably get desensitized because the systemdoes not want you to think its gearedtowards the unthinkable.". All the Lucky Ali fans need not be disappointed. Once agin he hasdecided to give a shot and he will be seen in a role starring opposite Sofia Haque theM V.J. The m TV ovie is called Avtaar . The movie is being directed by Aditya BasuBhattacharya . Aditya is the sam guy who has directed Luckys video K Haseen e itniZindagi . Now Aditya and Lucky Ali are childhood friends. The movie revolves aroundfew N.R.I.s of course being played by Lucky Ali and Sofia Haque, settled in som eEuropean city and their life. ………….. 7 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: lucky favourite colours are blue and white
  40. 40. 6Sofia Haque says "Avtaar is an Aditya Bhattacharya filmwhich is set in London and isabout reincarnation. Lucky plays his real-life self in the filmand this is one project I amreally exited about.". Lucky has done the m ovie is called Sur . The movie is directed by Tanuja Chandra . The movie is about a music teacher, played by Lucky Ali who feelsthreatened by the brilliance of one of his girl students (Gauri K arnik), despite thedevotion of that girl towards him His another m . ovie „K aante’ Lucky played a role ofrobber in this movie with Amitabh Bachchan and this is his favourite m ovie so far.After trying his hands on the silver screen, Lucky decided to move around the worldand find him self the best destined for him He moved on to Pondicherry where he .worked on an oilring for one whole year. He even cleaned tanks there. When askedabout his experience at Pondicherry, he says " I was there for a full year and I enjoyed itvery much. It was like excising without having to go to the gym But, after som . etim I e.realized that my am bitions in life were different from those of guys out there who wantedto be crane operators after 14 years!. So I quickly got out.". After that Lucky Ali left for Banglore where he ran a carpet cleaning business with his childhood friend Aslamwho later wrote lyrics for his album s ………….. 6 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: he has two wives (masooma and inaya) three kids ( tasmiya, tahfuz, sarah)
  41. 41. 7 Who do you think is lucky?? Ali or us??Lucky Ali stepped in the music scene purely by an accident. He started with the music when his secondmother who was American gifted him a guitar on his thirteenth birthday. Since then he hasnt looked back.His first composition was Nobody Loves Me . About his music, he says "I am not a trained musician. Iplay by the ear, by my instincts. And Ive always been singing. Its been a serious hobby with me. And Icompose my own music.". The real thing happened in 1989. Lucky Ali was then cleaning carpets (formaking a living). "I met Aslam at a jamaat. He wanted to write songs for me, so we got together andeverything happened. We vibed well.". About his music he says "My music happens to me when I leastexpected it. Im untrained and the style is free.". Everything seems to have fallen in place. Coincidentally atthe same time he married and his brother in lawMike McLeary (who is his composer, arranger andmanager) was an engineer at the Trident. Lucky played him O Sanam and Sunoh . He clicked. After hegot his album in place, he was not able to convince even a single music company to to publish hisalbum!!!!. Lucky says "Probably the hardest part for first timers is identifying the label that wants what youhave to give without wanting your blood, sweat and tears.". Finally BMG CRESCENDO agreed to releasethe album. His first video was directed by Mahesh Mathai , for Highlight Films, his childhood friend. ………….. 5 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: he placenever collectionnewmusic, likes local sound of had when he visit of place
  42. 42. 8H admires music played by other people too. He particularly likes people like Madan eM ohan , the Burm Fam , Supertram , K Crim an ily p ing son , Elton John , CatStevens etc. Am ong the Indian music personalities, he adm ires KK, Ustad SultanKhan , Daler M ehendi , Shaan and Sukhbir . About the fierce competition in the Indian Music Industry Lucky says"Com petition? I have not com to com e pete with anybody. I have just com to do my stuff eand get out. I dont want to hurt or harmanyone. I have their good will and they havehave my good will.". W asked what inspires his creativity and his songs, the artist hensaid "I think what inspires m is sim e plicity, life, creation among a few. Also people,parents, all things that are norm to life inspire m al e.". ………….. 4 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: As a child he always craved for open spaces and happiness.
  43. 43. 9He has won several awards till 2003. Some of themworth mentioning here areBest Indian Artist at the Billboard awards 1997 Best Pop Male Artist at the Screen annual awards 1996 Viewers Choice award at channel [V] annual awards 1997. Best Singer Male for the year 2000 for “ Na Tum Jano Na Hum” from “ Kaho Na Pyaar Hai”. Best Singer Male for the year 2002 for “Aa Bhi Ja” from “Sur the melody of life”. and many more....... ………….. 3 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKYcamebackhe has livedisus & newzealand, is‖ always ALERT: coz home where my heart ―I
  44. 44. 10WhenLucky Ali is not signing, he is an Onion farmer in New Zealand andhas stake in three software companies in Pune, Banglore and Hyderabd.Lucky Ali is a family man. His first wife is called Masooma . He has three children,two from his first wife. a Son Taawwuz and a daughter Tasm iyah . Lucky Ali hasrecently married second tim with a Parsi girl. The Lucky lady is called Inaya . He ehas got a baby Sarah from his second wife "Its something I was waiting for.". He andhis fam are very close to god. They even follow the purda systemwhich is not very ilycommon now a days.Lucky Ali has strong belief in God. When asked about his relationship with god, Hespeaks very elaborately. When asked whether he is religious, Lucky said "I believe in thedoing of anything that is contrary to the will of creator, for m I understand faith." When ehe was asked does his being of a staunch Muslim get in the way of his music, he replied"For m music is not a Nasha, rather a gift given to me by creator, the Ulema are divided eon this issue and although there were quite a few fatwas for and against I decided I didntwant to be confused and I do music in order to generate a feeling of communication,friendship, peace etc.". ………….. 2 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: hisalbum sunoh is ―tum he se‖ from his very first favorite song
  45. 45. 11 W his mother died in 1993, he was completely shattered. He even went on to say, hen "For m everything died when my mother died.” e Know the m behind Sunoh, Sifar, Aks and Kabhi aisa lagta hai anLucky Ali apart from music takes interest in nature and traveling. He enjoys sports likeswimm and hiking. And you can call himborn traveler. He says "The mom I get a ing entchance to travel, I amout. Thats the only tim I can probably get to be one with whatever eis around us. And you can find nature in anything. You dont have to go a hill station.People squatting on Mumbai roads is also natural.". And now his recent passion is flyingplain. He is also licensed pilot.He is one man who is always on for some search. He is The only thing constant innature is change type of guy. Today he has well over 46 years of experience. He hasbeen an Oil Ringer , Carpet Cleaner , Horse Breeder , Software Professional , Traveler what not but he still feels that he has not achieved his destiny. He says "not tillI die would I have fulfilled anything.".Lucky has no trappings of stardom “Because I don‟t let m success go to m head. I am ? y yalways aware of the truth that no m atter how big a star you are, one day you have to gosix feet under the ground,” he replies ………….. 1 PAGE MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: mein‖ from videojaan hindustaan ―anjaani rahoon his favorite meri song is
  46. 46. 12He is very laid back kinda man and take life as it comes. He has never involved himself in planning for future.When asked what do you have in store for future after Sunoh, He replied "Cant say. Not because I dont want tobut because I Dont know.". He goes on to say "I cant plan. Each day bring its own glories, own sorrows and Itake things as they come. I dont know how long I will have this talent. At the end of the day, whatever I mighthave reached, I com back hom go to sleep and the next day, its back to square one. One has to start the day e e,all over again. All I know is who I am All I know is that I will never journey away from myself. I have no .illusions about life. I hope, Inshallah, that once this phase is over, I amable to m onto som ove ething else.Som ething nice and productive. Even now music is jus a serious, passionate hobby, not my career.". He talksabout his future "Futures are built on experiences of the past. What is im portant to me is now , becausedwelling in the past or thinking about the future is as furtile as the other. If the now is uncomplicated. Thefuture will take care of itself.". His dream He explains "I want to learn to do Kiart , that is the recitation of s??,the Koran . Thats my dream .".hen asked if he was to tell his fans just one thing, what would it be? He said "This what I would tell my son -Keep is sim and work hard.". ple X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: song ―maut‖,lucky sung in movie ―kaante‖ is also written and composed by luckyl
  47. 47. ―O Sanam‖. This track from the album Sunoh made him an overnight star. The album won him several awards, including Best Pop Male Vocalist at the 1996 Screen Awards, The Channel [V] Viewers‘ Choice Award (1997) and stayed on the MTV Asia Charts for 60 weeks. This is unbeatable record. Lucky stepped into the Bollywood Music in a film ―Kaho Na Pyar Hai‖ with a bang. The 2 songs he sung with very humble and soft voice[Na Tum Jano Na Hum, Ek Pal], which he rendered for the film, were simply the master piece. He clean sweeps all the awards for the best singer of 2000 (including Filmfare and Zee Cine Awards and so on). He is the only singer to have won the coveted Filmfare Award for the best Singer Male with his first song (Na tum Jano Na hum )ever in a history of Bollywood movie. In 2002 he comes in his debut film ―Sur the melody of life‖ in leading role. In Sur he also sung 5 soulful songs and got award for best singer of 2002 for ―AA bhi ja‖ including Sansui viewer‘s choice award and others awards LUCKY ALERT: The movie dollar dreams featuredX Menu Lucky world the songs mausamfrom the movie. from Sifar. The video include shots n teri yaadein
  48. 48. Did You Know That 1.Lucky Ali was born on September the 19th 1958 .His birth name was Maqsood Mehmood Ali .The great Indian comedian Mehmood is Lucky Alis father.He was a member of the school Boxing Team when he was in Bishop Cottons Boys School.He had learnt professional training in Horse Breeding and Farming when he was in U.S.Lucky Loves farming more than singing n actingLucky‘s favourite video is Anjaani Rahon Mein .He is a strong believer in Extra terrestrial life . He claims he has even seen UFOs .He loves Traveling more than anything else.His favourite director is Shyam Benegal .His favourite song is Tum Hi Se .His favourite album is Sifar (but he loves his all songs) ………….. 3 PAGES MORE TO GO Lucky world Menu X
  49. 49. 2Lucky‘s recent passion is Flying Plain and he is a Licensed Pilot. He owns avaition technology andturbine services(atts) which has head quarters in bangalore.The legendry Bollywood actress Meena Kumari was his aunt.His favourite colour Are Blue and White that‘s why this page has got these colour.He started his acting career as a child artist in the movie H are Tumhare co starring with the umlikes of Sanjeev Kum and Rakhee . arHis first movie as an actor in lead role was Yehi H Zindagi . The movie was not very successful aiat the box office.He was associated with Shyam Benegal for four years in early eighties.He worked in the television series Bharat Ek Khoj as an actor.He also acted in the famous television series Zara Hatke .He has even worked on an Oil Ring in Pondicherry.He ran a Carpet Cleaning business with his friend Aslam who later went on to write lyrics forhis songs.He started with Music when his second mother gifted him a Guitar when he was 13 . ………….. 2 PAGES MORE TO GO Lucky world Menu X
  50. 50. 3He hasnt had any kind of professional Training in Music.He was rejected by a number of music companies for the great album Sunoh.Currently apart from Music, he indulges himself in Onio F n arming in NewZealand and Traveling .His first wife is called Masoom . S a he was the lady in the lead role in thevideo O Sanam .The real nam o M e f asoom is M a eaghan . His first wife Masoom is aChristen and she is from Egypt .His second wife is called Inay . The real nam of Inaaya is A a e nahita.Luckys Birthday is on 19th September , his first wife (Masoom birthday a) this on 18 Septem er and his father, Mehm b ood‘s birthday is on 29thSeptem ber .He has Three lovely children. An elder boy called T aaw wuz and younger girlcalled Tasm iyah and his third baby is Sarah . First two are from his firstwife Masoom and Sarah is from his second wife Inaya. a ………….. 1 PAGE MORE TO GO Lucky world Menu X
  51. 51. 4He san the fam g ous songs Ek Pal K Jeen a a a nd Na Tum Jan Na H o um because his father asked him to do so.All his music videos (except for Kitn H i aseen Zind agi which was directe by d Adity Basu B a hattacharya ) have been directed by M esh M ah athai . Hischildhood frien d.Lucky recorded his first song a Th So t e und Studio st. Annes Courtsoho,London. Lucky world Menu X
  52. 52. This Is Kapil Chandak Since 16th April1982, Have Enjoyed 22 Years. I AmDoing M.Com., Living At Beautiful, Peaceful City… Pinkcity…WellKnown As Jaipur [Rajasthan].I Am Die-Hard Fan Of Lucky Ali. This File Is Dedicated To Lucky Ali. I‟veBeen Loving Him Since Sunoh Released. I Have No Words To Make YouUnderstand What Is He For Me. I Find My Philosophy My Views AboutLife Very Close To His Songs. Lucky‟s Songs Make Me Enthusiastic AlsoBeing Positive About Life. My Most Favourite Song Is Anjaani RahoonMein But I Love All His Songs That Are Very Special For Me. I AmGetting Inspiration From These Songs. I Can‟t Hold My Self To Sing ThemWhen I Listen Those. God May Bless Lucky Ali. I Wonder How He SingsSo Humble So Soft And Has Got Unique Voice, Really Great, Every SongsHas Tremendous Music That You Can‟t Forget It. Each Song GivesDifferent Feeling That Touches Your Heart. Lucky Ali‟s Songs Make MyEvery Day. I Salute Him.I Always Wanted To Make This B‟coz I Know His Fan Always Want ToKnow More About Him. Now You Can Save It On Your Pc And Get YourFriend Know About It. It Has Lyrics Of His All Songs And InformationAbout The Lyricist, Musician, Singer. It Has Lucky‟s Introduction, AndBiography And Knowledge About Awards That He Got For His FabulousStuff And Something About MORE... Lucky world HOME Menu X
  53. 53. Here Is The ComGet Com plete Playlist Of Lucky Ali‘s Songs, As far As I know plete Your Collection. . 1(1994) DUSHMAN DUNIYA KA01) Nasha Nasha Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Anu Malik Lyrics: Ravindra Jain(1996) SUNOH Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam02) O Sanam Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam03) Sunoh Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Arif Dhelvi04) Pyar Ka M usafir Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam05) Aap Par Arz Hai Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam06) Milegi Milegi Manzil Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam07) Tum Hi Se Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam08) Yeh Zam een Hai,Aasm an Hai Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam09) Jab Hum Chhote The10) Kya Mausam Hai Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam11) Yeh Mum bai Nagariya Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam(1997) MERI JAAN HINDUSTAAN12) Anjaani Rahon Mein Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam(1998) SIFAR13) Teri Yaadein Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam14) Mil Jaan Se Kabhi15) Dekha Hai Aise Bhi Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam16) Dil Aise Na Sam jhana Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam17) Nahi Rakhta Dil Mein Kuch Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam18) Tum Ho W ohi Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam19) Jheel Pe Jaise Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam20) Mausam Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam21) Badalon K Gehraaee i Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam22) Suntey Hi R ehtey Hain Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam .... 2 PAGES MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: ―nasha nasha‖ from dushman duniya ka, film produced & written by mehmood
  54. 54. (1999) KAHO NAA PYAR HAI 223) Na Tum Jano Na Hum Singer: Lucky Ali & Ramya Music: Rajesh Roshan Lyrics: Ibrahim Ashq24) Ek Pal Ka Jeena Singer: Lucky Ali M usic: Rajesh Roshan Lyrics: Vijay Akela(2000) AKS25) Tere Mere Saath Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam, Mehboob, Amol, Akki, Tanvir, Sandesh, etc.26) Kaisi Tanhai Hai Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam, Ali27) Kitni Haseen Zindagi Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Tanvir Shah, Arshii28) Behti Nadi Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Sandesh Mehboob29) Mehboob Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Mehboob30) Aks Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam, Sandesh Mehboob31) Pyaar Ki Duniya Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: P.K. Mishra32) Tu Kaun Hai Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Piyush Pandey33) Ek Na Ek Din Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam, Aijaz34) Sandesh Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Sandesh(2001) GORI TERI AANKHEN35) Gori Teri Aankhen Singer: Lucky Ali & Kavita Krishanmurti Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics:Syed Aslam36) Duniya Choom egi Tere KadamSinger: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam37) Chali Chali Man Chali Singer: Lucky Ali & Binjo M usic: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed AslamSUR (2002)38) Aa Bhi Ja Aa Bhi Ja Singer: Lucky Ali & Sunidhi Chauhan Music: M.M. Kreem Lyrics: Nida Faazli39) Jaane Kya Dhoondta Hai Singer: Lucky Ali Music: M.M. Kreem Lyrics: Nida Faazli40) Aao Tum Ek Nayee Baat he Singer: Lucky Ali M usic: M.M. Kreem Lyrics: Nida Faazli41) Tu Dil Ki Khushi Singer: Lucky Ali & Sunidhi Chauhan Music: M.M. Kreem Lyrics: Nida Faazli42) Khoya Hai Tune Jo Ae Dil Singer: Lucky Ali M usic: M.M. Kreem Lyrics: Nida Faazli .... 1 PAGE MORE TO GO X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: ―gori teriitaankhen‖be releasedfor film, due to some reason couldn‘t was sung
  55. 55. 3(2002) KAANTE43) Maut Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Lucky Ali(2003) LOVE AT TIME SQUARE44) Sote Sote Singer: Lucky Ali & Sapna Mukherji Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam45) Yeh Raste Yeh Masti Singer: Lucky Ali & Kavita Krishnamurthy Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam46) Aisa Ho Koi Singer: Kavita Krishnamurthy M usic: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Syed Aslam(2003) BOYS47) Saregame(Secret of Success) Singer: Lucky Ali & Vsundhara & Blaaze Music: A.R. Rehman Lyrics: Vaali(2003) CHUPKE SE48) Kehte Kehte Singer: Lucky Ali & Asha Bhonsle Music: Vishal Bhardwaj Lyrics: Gulzar(2004) AAYITH EZHUTHU49) Hey Goodbye Nanda Singer: Lucky Ali & Sunitha Sarthy & Shankar Mahadevan Music: A.R. Rehman Lyrics: Vairamuthu(2004) YUVA50) Khuda Hafiz Singer: Lucky Ali & Sunitha Sarthy & Karthik Music: A.R. Rahman Lyrics: Mehboob X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: do you know sunitha (who sung khuda hafiz with lucky) is also big fan of lucky ali
  56. 56. 4(2004) SYE51) Appudappudu Singer: Lucky Ali & Sumangali Music: Keeravani M M Lyrics: Keeravani M M(2004) KABHI AISA LAGTA HAI52) Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Sameer53) Jabse Mile Tumse Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Sameer54) Ek Pal Mein Hai Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Asif Ali Lyrics: Sameer55) Kabhi Aisa.. Instrumental Instrumental Music: Lucky Ali56) Thappa Thappi Chuppa ChuppiSinger: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Mohd. Aslam57) Ye Dil Deewana Hai Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Sameer58) Tanhaai Mein Basi Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Sameer59) Teri Yaad Jab Aati Hai Singer: Lucky Ali Music: Lucky Ali Lyrics: Sameer(2005) KASAK60) Jaana Hai Jaana Hai Singer: Lucky Ali Music: M.M. Kreem Lyrics: Sameer61) Yeh Zindagi Singer: Lucky Ali & Sunidhi Chouhan Music: M.M. Kreem Lyrics: Sameer62) Chandni Hai Khoyee Khoyee Singer: Lucky Ali & Anuradha Paudwal Music: M.M. Kreem Lyrics: Sameer(2005) THE FILM63) Hum Bade Huye Singer: Lucky Ali & Khalid Sowyama Music: Samidha Khalid. Lyrics: Samidha Khalid X Menu Lucky world LUCKY ALERT: he does believe in god that‘s why is his favourite song is ―tum he se‖ [sunoh]
  57. 57. O SANAM from SUNOH Shaam Sawere Teri Yaadein Aati Hain, Aa Ke Dil Ko Mere Yun Tarpati Hain O Sanam Mohabbat Ki Kasam ... Mil Ke Bichhurana Toh Dastoor Ho Gaya, Yaadoein Mein Teri Mazboor Ho Gaya, O Sanam Teri Yaadoein Ki Kasam ... Sam jhe Zam ana Ki Dil Hai Khilona, Jana Hai Ab Kya Hai Dil Ka Lagana, Nazaro Se Ab Na Hum kon Girana, Mar Bhi Gaye Toh Bhool Na Jana. Aakhoein Mein Basi Ho Par Door Ho Kahin, Dil Ke Kareeb Ho Ye Mujhako Hai Yanki, O Sanam Tere Pyaar Ki Kasam ...X Menu Lucky world EZEE : dstoor=tradition/routine, mazboor=compelled
  58. 58. SUNOH from SUNOHRooswai Mein Wafaai Karke Karlo Intahaai AbSunlo Sunlo Janlo Eise Ab,Sunlo Sunlo Janlo Eise Ab, Sunoh SunohSunlo Sunlo Janlo Eise Ab, Sunoh SunohMohabbat Zam ane Mein Masoom Hoti Hai Sub, Sunoh SunohJano Eise, Pehchano Eise, Insaan Hai Hum Ab Mano Eise,Duniya Duniya Jhoothi Duniya Lay Aayee Gawahi Ab, Sunoh SunohYe Tera Mera, Mera Tera Lay Aayee Judai Ab, Sunoh SunohJaano Eisey Pehchano Isay, Insaan Hai Hum Ab Mano Eise,Hai Ri Mohabbat Tu Reh Gai Anjaani, Ye Diwani Jawaani Tujhe NahinPehchani,Tuney Jug Ko Dhaya, Sub Ko Tuney Sam jhaya,Sub Ne Ki Manm ani, Tujhe Nahin Pehchani,Pal Do Pal Ki Duniya Saari, Ae Musafir Chalta Jaa,Chaltey C haltey Raahon Mein Tu Pyaar Mohabbat Bantey JaaAayega Kal Khushiyon Wala,Teri Haqiqat Tu Jane,Dhooein Mein Sub Anjaane,Mitti Mein Sub Mil Jayega,Sifr Pyaar Reh JayegaAa...... Sunoh Sunoh....Aa......Sunoh Sunoh...Aa.......Sunoh Sunoh....X Menu Lucky world EZEE : rooswai=dishonor/shame, intehaai=limit/extreme/(here)do stop
  59. 59. MAIN HOON PYAAR KA MUSAFIR from SUNOH Main Hoon Pyaar Ka Musafir, Dil Khush Hai Aaj Mera, Jahan Mile Mohabbat Wahin Mera Basera, Mujhko Mile Safar Mein Kuchh Dhoop Kuchh Sawera, Ye Arzoo Hain Paoo Kuchh Chhav Kuchh Sawera, Manzile Meri Door Hai Kahin, Lagata Nahin Dil Mera Yanha, Mujhe Jane Do Wahan.....Hum m m m m m m ... Jahan Hota Ho Sawera, Khile G Mile Dil Tera, ul Na Ho G um Na Dar Kisi Ka Aur Saathi Hoga Mera, Aisi Hi Khushi Mile Har Kahin, Sam bhale Kadam Mere Jahan, Mujhe Jane Do Wahan.....Hum m m m m m m ... Mujhko Toh Ye Yakin Hai, Manzil Meri Kareeb Hai, Jo Dhoondhe Mera Dil, Aas Paas Yahin Kahin Hai, Chahte Meri Puri Ho Gayee, Mil Gaya Mujhe Woh Aasiya, Mujhe Jane Do Wahan.....Hum m m m m m m ...X Menu Lucky world EZEE : basera=habitation, arzoo=desire, gul=flower, aasiya=residence
  60. 60. AAP PAR ARZ HAI from SUNOH Aap Par Arz Hai Laakhon Karodon Arbon Salaam , Aap Na Hote To Yeh D Jaane Kisko D il, eta Dua, Aap Ki Inayatein, Aap Ki Hidayatein, Aap Ki Yeh Bande Nawazi, Aap Ka Woh Sharm ilapan, Lehratey Jaaon, Muskatey Jaoon, Dil Ko Main Apne Sam jhatey Jaoon, Aap Par Arz Hai Laakhon Karodon Arbon Salaam , Shaam Savere Na Aao Nazar, Kudrat Ki Dhoondhon Main Aisi Dagar, Kis Ko Sunaaoon Mein Haal E Jigar, Tadpa Hoon Main To Saari Um ar, Chalta Hi Jaoon, Ruk Nahin Paoon, Dil Ko Main Apne Behlaatey Jaoon, Aap Par Arz Hai Laakhon Karodon Arbon Salaam , Aap Na Hote To Yeh D Jaane Kisko D il, eta Dua... EZEE : dua=good wishes, inayatein=givings/generosityX Menu Lucky world hidayatein=advises, bande nawazi=to do respect & be kind to some one, kudrat=god, dagar=path/way
  61. 61. MILEGI MILEGI MANZIL from SUNOH Milegi Milegi Manzil Chalke Kahin Door, Aaye Hai Chale Jane Ko, Aaye Hai Chale Jaayenge Door..Mazboor, Milegi Milegi... Kaisi Hai Ye Duniya Pyaar Ka Naam Nisaan Nahin, Nadaan Duniya Wale Dekho Yahan Pe Koi Im aan Nahin, Akele Dhoondhte, Sawera Sawera, Sawera Sawera Aayega Chalke Do Kadam , Faasle Ghat Jayege, Honsale Bhadh Jayege Chalke Do Kadam , Milegi Milegi... Chaltey Duniya Wale Saare Rah Magar Anjaan Kahin, Main Hoon Deewana Meri Deewangee Mein Naam Sahi, Akele Dhoondh Ne, Mohabbat Mohabbat, Mohabbat Mohabbat Milegi Chalke Kahin Door, Saathi Se Mil Jaayenge, Bahare Phir Khil Jaayenge, Chalke Do Kadam Milegi Milegi... EZEE : namo nisaan=existence, nadaan =nitwit/fool,X Menu Lucky world imaan=honor, faasle=distances, honsle=courage, deewangee=craziness
  62. 62. TUM HI SE from SUNOH Raat Chaandni C haai Hui Hai Cham Raha Hai Tara, ak Thandi Thandi Yeh Purvai Socho Kisne Banaya, Tum Hi Ho Pehley Tum Hi Ho Aakhir, Tum Hi Se Saara Jahaan Tum Hi Se Maa Baap, Tum Hi Se Bachpan Tum Hi Se Sam aa, Paed, Parinde, Paani Ka Jharna, Tum Cham Ka Mehekna, se an Neele Peele Phoolon Mein Bhavron Ka Hai Yahi Gungunaana, Tum Hi Se Shabnam Tum Hi Se Khushboo, Tum Hi Se Hai Yeh Bahaar, Tum Hi Se Jhonke Mast Hawaa Ke Tum Hi Se Fiza Hum m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m Dono Jahaan Ka Tu Hai Ujaala Rab, Tune Hai Hum Paala ko Tera Hai Ambar, Teri Hai Dharti Tera Hai Yeh Jag Saara Tum Hi Se Badal Tum Hi Se Saawan Tum Hi Se Hai Yeh Ghata Tum Hi Se Bijli Tum Hi Se Toofan Tum Hi Se Khum aar Hum m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m EZEE : purvai=wind from east, parinde =birds,X Menu Lucky world chaman= garden, shabnam=dew, rub=god, fiza=pleasant atmosphere,
  63. 63. YEH ZMEEN H N AI, AASMA H I from SUNOH N AYeh Jawani Jawani Us Pe Aayi Pareshaani,Apni Mat Mari, Mat Mari, Har Taraf Na Aamdani,Yeh Zam een Hai, Aasm an Hai Aur Beech M ein Hain Hum,Mare Mare Hai Re Hai Re Mare Mare Hai Re Hai ,Na Jaanoo Kya Maanoo Kis Kis Ko Pehchanoo,Yeh Bhi Jaanoo, W oh B Jaanoo Ab Mein Na Kisi Ko Manoo, hiYeh Zam een Hai, Aasm an Hai Aur Beech Mein Hain Hum,Mare Mare Hai Re Hai Re Mare Mare Hai Re Hai,Bhatak Rahe Hein, Ki Manzil Hai Kahin,Dhoond Rahe Hain, Ek Nayi Zindagi,Sab Ko Mile, Sab Mile, Aur Ho Na Kam ee,Yeh Bekaraari, Karaari, Yeh Bekaari,Yeh Tanhai, Hai Aayee Us Pe Aayee Yeh Judai,Yeh Zam een Hai, Aasm an Hai Aur Beech Mein Hain Hum,Mare Mare Hai Re Hai Re Mare Mare Hai Re Hai,Kis Se Mile Hum Koi A , pna Nahin Hain Fariyaadein,Toh Kya Kare Koi, Ab Seh Seh Kar Gham Piye Jaate Hain,Yeh Zam aana, Zam aana, Naa Pehchaana,Ab Kya Jataana, Pachtaana Sab Hai Bhool Jaana,Yeh Zam een Hai, Aasman Hai Aur Beech M ein Hain Hum,Mare Mare Hai Re Hai Re Mare Mare Hai Re Hai...X Menu Lucky world EZEE : mat=wit, fariyaadein=request/demand, jataana= show, Pachhtaana=feel sorry,
  64. 64. JUB HUM CHOTE HOTE THE from SUNOHJab Hum C hote Hote TheSocha Tha Ki Yeh Aisa Hoga Ye Zam ana Kyon Aisa Hai, Meri Jaan..Ab Hum Bade Ho GayeDekha Hai Ki Yeh Aisa Hai Ye Zam ana Kyon Aisa Hai,Meri Jaan..Raste Hain Wahin Hai To Pyar Ki Kam i,Main Jo Dhoondhta Hoon Mile Kahan,Yahan To Ek Bahana – Zam ana,Sab Ko K uch Na Kuch Karke Dikhana,Gulshano Ki Kam Hai - Kam Hai, Zindagi Kanton Se Bani Hai, i iNafratein Bhi Hai Yaheen Aur Pyar Ki Kami,Rahi Dhoonde Kya Tu Ab Yahan,Badale Mausam Badaley Hum ,Jaane Ab Anjaane Ho Gaye Jaan Kar Hum Ho Gaye Anjaan,Josh Zayada Hosh Kum Hairan Hai Pareshan Hai,Sab Qayam Nahin To Yeh Kya Hai Meri Jaan, atYe Zam een Yeh Asm aan Phir Milenge Do Jahan,Banega Phir Se Naya Ashiyana,Im tihan Ki Ghadi Hai Sahi Hai,Jaise Yeh Din Raat Se Judi Hai, Jisne Jana Usine Pehchana,Sada Yeh Dil Ki Usine Suni Hai,Raste Khule Yaheen, Hai Nayee Yeh Zindagi,Rahi Chal Diya Hai Tu Ab Kahan… EZEE : bahana=excuse, gulshno=like gardens,X Menu Lucky world joosh=zeal, hosh=sensibility, qauamat=end of earth, imtihan=examination, ghadi=time
  65. 65. KYA MAUSAM HAI from SUNOHKya Mausam Hai Phoolon Kaliyon Mein Gul Hain,Neele Aasm an Ke O Panchi Ley Saath M ujhe,Is Jeevan Mein, Mushkil Aati Jaati Hai,Pal Do Pal Ke Liye, Hans Key Tu Jeele Yaar Mere,Prem Ki Boli Bolo Dil Se Naata Jodo,Dastoor Hai Jahaan Ka Insaan Hai Kahan Ka,Hardam K hushi Bante Ja,Kudrat Ke Nazaaron Ka Panchi Ke Parvaazon Ka,Khul Ke Lele Mazaa O Saathi Panchi Ki Tarah,Kya Mausam Hai,Phoolon Kaliyon Mein Gul Hain,Neele Aasm an Ke O Panchi Ley Saath M ujhe,Meri Manzil Kahan Jaanoo Na Main Naa Jahaan,Saansein Chale Jab Tak, Chalta Rahoon Tab Tak,Naa Jaane Kab Ho Subah, Him at S Zam m e aane Mein,Manzil Apni Dhoondhoonga Aandhi Ho Ya Toofan,Rukoonga Na Main Sun Ley Jahaan,Kya Mausam Hai Phoolon Kaliyon Mein Gul Main,Neele Aasm an Ke O Panchi Le Saath Mujhe...X Menu Lucky world EZEE : gul=flower, panchi= bird, nazaaron=scenes, parvaajon=sound of wings of bird,
  66. 66. YEH M BAI NAGARIYA from SUNOH UMYeh Mum bai Nagariya, Main Dhoondo Dagariya, Dil Se Boloon, Dil Se Boloon,Jaan Se Boloon Main Hoon Mumbaiya,Yeh Mum bai Nagariya, Main Dhoondo Dagariya,Yeh Mum bai Nagariya, Main Dhoondo Dagariya,Charon Taraf Kuch Na Aaye Mujhko Nazariya, Dil Se Boloon Dil Se Boloon,Yeh Mum bai Nagariya, Main Dhoondo Dagariya, Jaan Se Boloon Main Hoon Mumbaiya,Borivali, Andheri, Lower Parel , Note, Sikkey, Rupiyon Ka Hai Yahan Khel,Jawani Ke Mele Yahaan Hote Hain Sale, Jisey Chahe, Jahaan Chahe Mil Jaaye Mel,Dil Se Boloon, Jaan Se Boloon Main Hoon Mumbaiya,Yeh Mum bai Nagariya, Main Dhoondo Dagariya,Jidhar Dekhoon Nazar Aaye Log Pareshaan,Aata, Roti, Daal, Chaawal Ka Hai Imtehaan,Platform Logon Ke Bane Hai Makaan, Bhookh, Pyaas, Daud, Dhoop Iske Nishaan,Dil Se Boloon, Dil Se Boloon, Jaan Se Boloon Main Hoon Mum baiya,Yeh Mum bai Nagariya, Main Dhoondo Dagariya,Jise Poocho Kahe Woh To Main Hoon Insaan, Tu Hai Insaan To Hoon Main Bhi Hairaan,Kaam Yahan Dugna Hai, Daam Anjaan, Mein Kahin Aur Nahin, Yeh Hai Hindustan,Dil Se Boloon, Dil Se Boloon, Jaan Se Boloon Main Hoon Mumbaiya,Yeh Mum bai Nagariya, Main Dhoondo Dagariya,Yeh Mum bai Nagariya, Main Dhoondo Dagariya,Charon Taraf Kuch Na Aaye Mujhko Nazariya,Dil Se Boloon Dil Se Boloon, Yeh Mumbai Nagariya, Main Dhoondo Dagariya... X Menu Lucky world EZEE: dagriya=path,imtehaan=examination, mele=fair, hairaan=surprised
  67. 67. TERI YAADEIN from SIFARTeri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Kuch Baatein Aati Hai,Dil Mein Talab Hai, Lab Pe Taraana, Kisi Ki Talash Mein Yeh Guzare Zam aana,Kal Hai Kahan Do Pal Ka Bahaana, Nahin Tha Yakeen Hum Huye Toh Rawaana,Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai,Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Kuch Baatein Aati Hai,Duniya Ke Raaston Mein Ek Hai Zariya, Ek Hai Zariya,Kehta Deewana Ye Sun Toh Le,Dariya Se Ja Mili Hain Kitni Hi Nadiyaan,Kitni Hi Nadiyaan,Kehta Deewana Ye Sun Toh Le, Aisa Sam Bhi Na Dekha Hai, aaMausam Yeh Behka Aur Mehka Hai,Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Kuch Baatein Aati Hai,Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Kuch Baatein Aati Hai,Kai Rang Mein Dhala Hai Koi Paim aana, Kahin Aasm Jhuka Hai, Zam an een Hai Saraana,Inhee Raah Se Guzarte Hum Rozaana, Kis Ka Pata Liye Hum Chale Kis Thikana,Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Kuch Baatein Aati Hai,Dil Hai Nadaan Apna Kehti Hai Duniya, Kehti Hai Duniya,Kaisa Deewana Ye Sun To Le,Hum Hairaan Duniya Kaisi Nagariya, Kaisi Nagariya, seKehta Deewana Ye Sun To Le, Dheere Dheere Ab Yeh Sehna Hai,Aankhen Bichaye Ab Rehna Hai,Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Kuch Baatein Aati Hai.Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai,Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai,Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai,Teri Yaadein Aati Hai, Teri Yaadein Aati Hai... EZEE: talab=desire/wants,taraana=song, X Menu Lucky world rawaana=start out, zariya=medium, dhala=molded, thikana=place, sehna=bear,
  68. 68. MIL JAAN SE KABHI from SIFAR Mil Jaan Se Kabhi Jab Ho Kisi Ka Intezaar, Kabhi Kabhi Bahaana Achaa Lagta Hai, Jab Ye Dil Maane Na, Hum Pyaar Mein Kahin Bhool Na Jaaye Raasta, Bina Koi Garaz Ke Chalna R ehta Hai, Koi Na Jaane, Jaane Na Ye Sam aa, Jaaye To Phir Aa Sake Na, Kahan Ye Jaaye, Kise Bulaaye, Kal, Kal Baat Ho Nayi Saath Rahe Pal Ka, Naya Naya Nazraana Achaa Lagta Hai, Ruka Kahin Ye Jaaye Na, Hai Kahan, Ye Sawaal Aaye Jaaye, Sabhi Yeh Raahein, Hum Bulaayein, Mil, e Paate Hai Nayi Der Se Aaye Hain Yahan, Yahaan Begaana Phir Bhi Apna Lagta Hai, Chahe Koi Bhi Maane Na... Oo..Oo..Oo..Oo.Oo.Oo Oo..Oo..Oo..Oo.Oo.OoX Menu Lucky world EZEE: garaz=desire/need, nazrana=gift/present, begana=others,