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  • My callsign is Gizmo and yes there is an embarrassing story behind that, like all good callsigns.
  • Include disclaimer that all opinions are my own, all pics are public, except where noted.Tell Deloitte Consulting Story – VB != Engineering
  • The X-47 is the stereotypical flying killer robotThe X-31 is the oldest but the technology was implemented in the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightening. Shows how flight research has direct application.
  • And so you’re all thinking…
  • Shows the aircraft, ground instrument, and control room display with video.
  • F-22 Cockpit, Endeavour avionics bay, ARTS IV research computer
  • Keep on top of new technology. Don’t expect your job to pay you to know it. Invest in your career
  • Delaney flight test presentation v2 public

    1. 1. Careers in Flight Testand Lessons Learned from theReal WorldMike DelaneyComputer Engineering ’04Electronics EngineerNASA Dryden Flight Research Center
    2. 2. Why I’m here today• Describe electrical and computer engineering careers in flight test• Pass on some things I’ve learned in the real world
    3. 3. Background• Graduated in 2004• Worked at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center for 5 years • Over 200 hours in mission control • Multiple Flights • 2 Mars Missions
    4. 4. So What Is Flight Testand Flight Research?
    5. 5. Developmental Flight Test• Demonstrate that an aircraft meets customer requirements• Determine operating limits• Show that it’s safe to fly F-35 Vertical Landing Boeing 787 Dreamliner Orion Spacecraft Launch Escape System F-22 Missile Test
    6. 6. Flight Research• Advances fundamental understanding of flight• Flies new technologies and vehicle concepts X-47 UAV Carrier Demonstration X-48 Blended Wing for Fuel Efficient Airliners X-51 Record Longest Scramjet Flight (1:50 at 5x Speed of Sound) X-31 Thrust Vectoring
    7. 7. Space Tourism Flight Test• $100 Million in tickets sold so far• Science Fiction DOES come true
    8. 8. Global Hawk droppingAirborne Science hurricane probeNot flight test howeverHeavily modified aircraft used to advance Earthand Space science Flying Observatory with 8 foot diameter telescope DC-8 Flying Laboratory
    9. 9. But We’re Not Aerospace Engineers… Passenger Airplane Cost Software and Electronics Everything Else
    10. 10. So What Can Electricaland Computer Engineersdo in Flight Test?
    11. 11. Instrumentation Engineering• Sensors and data systems• Collected data is displayed onboard or transmitted to the ground• Ensure data quality through flight
    12. 12. Bench Demo - Thanks toJohn Bretz at IADS Software
    13. 13. Avionics & Flight Systems Engineering• Avionics and Mission Systems• Understand the avionics systems under test• Developing test plans• Monitor data during the test for safety• Analyze data after a flight
    14. 14. Range Systems Engineering• Receive and Record telemetry data• Displaying data in mission control in real time• Radar tracking of test aircraft• Radio Communication
    15. 15. Simulation Engineering• Aircraft Cockpit Models• Avionics in the Loop• Flight Dynamics software and displays• “Ironbird” Aircraft in the Loop
    16. 16. How Do I Start?• All aircraft companies do flight test – big and small• Also: NASA, Air Force, Army, and Navy• Need to show a passion for aviation!• Show initiative, find the opportunities• Know who you want to work for and why
    17. 17. Join the Society of FlightTest Engineers• The professional group for engineers in flight test• Provides networking and educational opportunities• Demonstrates that you know and care about being involved in flight test• Student membership is only $15
    18. 18. What I’ve Learned from the Real World or You Can Wake Up Now
    19. 19. Learn How To GiveGood Presentations• Don’t just read your slide word for word• You’re probably wishing I’d listened to my own advice right about here
    20. 20. Learn aMicrocontroller• You’ll need to use one someday• TI MSP 430 Board for $4.30• Talk to Robotics Club
    21. 21. Trust YourTechniciansIf it cant’ be built it’s not a good design
    22. 22. You NeverStop Learning Always invest in your career Don’t count on your employer to pay for it
    23. 23. Have a PassionFor EngineeringGo into an interview exitedSay why you want to work there
    24. 24. Your Job Isn’t Your LifeEnjoy what you do
    25. 25. Questions?
    26. 26. More QuestionsMike.m.delaney@gmail.comPlease put Pitt in the subject