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Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal
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Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal


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  • 1. Imagination Illustrated ● The Jim Henson Journal [Hardcover]
  • 2. Book Description● Jim Hensons iconic puppet characters, fantastic worlds, and warm humor have delighted millions of people of all ages. His incredibly diverse body of work, from the Muppets to the world of The Dark Crystal, reveals his charm and genius to fans old and new. Compiled directly from The Jim Henson Company archives, Imagination Illustrated adapts the diary that Jim faithfully kept throughout his career, supplementing it with a trove of little- seen visual material, including rare sketches, personal and production photographs, storyboards, doodles, and much more. Throughout, archivist Karen Falk delves into the behind-the-scenes details of Hensons life and artistic process. Sure to delight anyone who has enjoyed Hensons creations—seeing early drawings of Kermit and Rowlf is like smiling over childhood photos of dear friends—this lovely book celebrates Jims life and his magic.
  • 3. About the Author● Karen Falk is archives director at The Jim Henson Company and curator of The Jim Henson Legacy / Smithsonian traveling exhibition "Jim Hensons Fantastic World." She lives in Bronxville, New York.● Lisa Henson is the eldest daughter of Jim Henson, chief executive officer of The Jim Henson Company, and executive producer of several hit series for children. She lives in Beverly Hills, California.
  • 4. Editorial Reviews● "You know what would be awesome? A print version of Jims Red Book. Thats what we all said, and thats just about what Karen Falk and the Jim Henson Company gave us. Its a huge book, chock-full of new stories, artwork, photos, and more surrounding Jims life. Its a gorgeous book, and we hear its only the tip of the Henson Archives iceberg. So now were all saying, You know what would be awesome? Volume 2. "● "Meticulously annotated and lovingly compiled, Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal is at once an invaluable record of modern creative history and an affectionate celebration of Hensons legacy and magic." --Brain Pickings
  • 5. Editorial Reviews● "Thats exactly what Imagination Illustrated is: a gift to the Muppet fans. The book is meticulously planned, brilliantly organized, and incredible to pore through again and again...Karen Falks Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal is a must-own treasure if youre a Muppet fan." --The Muppet Mindset● "Usually I recommend these "Art of" books because - lets face it - even if the movie is no-good, the pre-vis and character designs are usually fantastic. Wreck-It Ralph is not only a great little film, but the artwork is especially fun. Director Rich Moore assembled a hand-picked crew of cartoonists to inspire the look of the film and they did not fail. This is a good one. "
  • 6. Imagination Illustrated● We have found most affordable price of Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal from It offers Fast and Free Shipping. Once again! Dont forget to compare price on before you buy. Check out now when Stock Last to Avoid Disappointment!”