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Superfast Business - Technology Trends for Business
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Superfast Business - Technology Trends for Business


Superfast Business Partner Preview Event - Peninsula Enterprise launched the Superfast Business service in Devon and Somerset May 2013. This presentation is for partners who attended either of the …

Superfast Business Partner Preview Event - Peninsula Enterprise launched the Superfast Business service in Devon and Somerset May 2013. This presentation is for partners who attended either of the preview events in April. The presentation was given by Cosmic’s Business and Operations Director, Kate Doodson and gives an insight into the future of IT and use of digital technology inside businesses.

Published in Technology , News & Politics
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  • Source Boston Consulting report Oct 2012 https://publicaffairs.linx.net/news/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/bcg_4trillion_opportunity.pdf
  • By 2016 the G20 internet retail will reach $4.2 trillion in the G-20 economies
  • In the UK it’s 12% for high web and 4% for low web Source Boston Consulting The $4.2 Trillion Opportunity March 2012 The Internet Economy in the G-20 Take this for technology too https://publicaffairs.linx.net/news/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/bcg_4trillion_opportunity.pdf Figures for ‘high-web’ and ‘low-web’ show very clearly the correlation between good use of digital talent and business success
  • 189m singles sold 2012 Physical CDs - 576k (0.3%) Downloads –183m (97%) We all recognise very clearly whats happening to those businesses which are not investing in good use of the web – especially retail businesses
  • Tesco – 6% of UK Sales (£2.8 bn) Pearson – 33% - £2 bn digital (Penguin books – 17% - book revenues online and Financial Times – subscriptions : 316k digital versus 286k print)
  • http://www.google.com/wallet/
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Hhgfz0zPmH4
  • The Wikitude World Browser is your “third eye” and allows you to see things you wouldn’t normally see. Wikitude’s Augmented Reality connects you with the world around you in a completely new way. By using the camera, simply hold up your smartphone and engage with your immediate surroundings. See places, discover people, play games – all through your camera’s field of vision – a truly exciting and immersive experience.Wikitude is not just an app that serves one purpose, it is rather a platform that hosts thousands of content providers each offering a different service. In a way, Wikitude is almost like an app store offering Augmented Reality apps or better Augmented Reality
  • “ We were blown away by the technology and we’re certain consumers will be. With one in three UK adults owning a smart phone the potential market for initiatives like this is huge and we are proud to be bringing this incredible technology to the masses.” Sonia Carter, Head of Digital of Kraft Foods , said. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=d6irc0jwKC8
  • Aurasma is a radical piece of technology that represents the future of how we use our mobile devices by bringing the physical and virtual worlds together for the first time.
Available on smart devices, Aurasma was created out of technology that is capable of recognizing images, symbols and objects in the real world and understanding them. It can then deliver digital content in real time, including videos, animations, audio or webpages
  • https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/snapshop-showroom/id373144101?mt=8
  • your data or your programs over the Internet (SaaS) Custom applications (PaaS) Infrastructure service (IaaS) Backbone and hardware servers systems
  • Gmail for Business  Google Calendar  Google Docs  Google Cloud Connect  Google Groups  Google Sites  Google Video 
  • Plan P (professional) < 25 users £4.00 pm per user (Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync and web apps) Plan E (Enterprise)> 25 users £6.50 and £15.75 (Enhanced collaboration, messaging tools, voicemail and archiving and Office Pro 2010) Plan K (Kiosk) – > 25 users - (web interface only) £2.60 *note plan E includes Active Directory Sync to sync/manage user groups, Plan P does not. http://office.microsoft.com/en-GB/products/?WT.mc_id=PS_Google_O365Shared-brand_office%20365_text&WT.srch=1
  • http://www.odopod.com/blog/four-internet-things-trends/


  • 1. Serco InternalThe future is nowTechnology trends for businessKate DoodsonCosmic@cosmickated
  • 2. Serco Internal
  • 3. Serco Internal
  • 4. Serco InternalBusiness is ChangingUK ?
  • 5. Serco InternalSuccessful Start-up UK
  • 6. Serco InternalBusiness with no change?2012Physical CDs - ½ millionDownloads –183m
  • 7. Serco Internal% of sales online6% of UK Sales£2.6 billion33% of UK Sales£2 billion – digital17% - bookrevenues onlineFinancial Timessubscriptions :316k digital vs 286k print
  • 8. Serco InternalSo what’s happening to business?
  • 9. Serco Internal4thage of technology1. Productivity - Office2. Network - connection3. Digital – 2.0 connection through web4. Post PC – tablet and mobile
  • 10. Serco InternalTrend #1: Mobile
  • 11. Serco InternalMobile Statisticshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRiwUCXPo8U
  • 12. Serco InternalMobile buying power• Loyalty cards• Discount codes• Credit and debit• Google wallet• Near field CommunicationPhones will be our wallets
  • 13. Serco InternalMobile Card readerAnd we can receive payments from cards….2.75% per swipe for Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover.No contracts, monthly fees or merchant accounts.Funds are deposited into bank account the next day.
  • 14. Serco InternalCheck-in• We can check in…• Facebook– Check-in to your business– Appears in friend’s feeds• And advertise alongside check-in– Discounts and deals• Foursquare– Check-in– Vouchers and deals
  • 15. Serco InternalGoogle GogglesUse pictures tosearch the webNot typing orspeechSearch by taking a photo through your mobile phone…..
  • 16. Serco Internalhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhgfz0zPmH4
  • 17. Serco InternalAugmented Reality• http://www.wikitude.com/tour/wikitude-world-browserUse your camera as a browser….
  • 18. Serco InternalAugmented realityUse to camera to activate ortrigger images
  • 19. Serco InternalQuack snack has built “Deep Consumer Engagement”
  • 20. Serco InternalAurasma• http://www.aurasma.com http://blippar.comCreate your own…and … tap-to-buy
  • 21. Serco InternalVirtual shoe storehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSn7c1uw1_A
  • 22. Serco Internal
  • 23. Serco InternalGoogle GlassGoogle Glasshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6Tsrg_EQMw
  • 24. Serco Internal•Your presence in databases in even more important –Wikipedia, TripAdvisor•Make sure your website works well on a range of mobiledevices•Check you can accept payments - sales•Review your check-in options•Create augmented reality applications, mobilepromotions, vouchers, deals•Think mobile..Is your business mobile friendly?your
  • 25. Serco InternalTrend #2: Clouds for EveryoneCloud computing: storingand accessing data andprograms over the Internetinstead of your computershard drive
  • 26. Serco InternalThe Cloud provides ‘on demand’Stores your content in the cloud and wirelesslypushes all of it to your other devices that you arelogged into……Current estimate.. by the end of 2013, more than75% of UK businesses will be using cloud services.
  • 27. Serco Internal
  • 28. Serco Internal• Replace capital costs with revenue costs• Flexible – scale up and down easily• Can reduce computer power• Need computer and connection• Good broadband/3G/4G• Highly secureKey features
  • 29. Serco Internal• Cloud computing is not about• your hard drive. That’s local storage and computing. Workingoff your hard drive is how the computer industry functioned fordecades.• having a dedicated hardware server in residence. Storing dataon a home or office network does not count as utilizing thecloud.
  • 30. Serco InternalCloud computing
  • 31. Serco Internal
  • 32. Serco Internal
  • 33. Serco Internal Starts at £3.30 a month
  • 34. Serco Internal
  • 35. Serco InternalStarts at £6.50
  • 36. Serco Internal• Independently verified• Microsoft Office 365 is compliant with ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAABAA, and FISMA, and it is verified by third-party auditors. Learn more.• Built-in security• Office 365 offers robust built-in security features for all customers andoptional controls that enable customers to customize their securitypreferences. Learn more.• Service continuity• Office 365 provides a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed SLA.Learn more.Security
  • 37. Serco Internal
  • 38. Serco InternalTrend #3: We’ll be even more social
  • 39. Serco InternalIn the UK?• 31,415,640 Facebook users• Average age?• 10,000,000 Twitter users• Average age?• % mobile active?
  • 40. Serco Internal• Video – becoming so important• Product descriptions, visualisations• Expert analysis, talks• Case studies, testimonialsBecoming significant in Search ResultsYou Tube Education• iTunes U•Major universities•Khan Academy•You Tube DemocracyWhat’s new in Social Media?
  • 41. Serco InternalPersonal Content CurationFeeds are the newwebsites?•News feeds•Blog feeds•Video•PhotosCollation of feeds - Flipboard,Reader, Pinterest
  • 42. Serco InternalStumbeUpon
  • 43. Serco InternalTags and Hashtags• Content curation and SEO will depend more ongood ‘tagging’– Website content tags– Blog tags and category tags– Tweets hash-tagged– Integrated into Windows 8
  • 44. Serco InternalDual screen working
  • 45. Serco InternalTrend #4: Information is getting bigger
  • 46. Serco Internal• Information is big - Big Data.• More things on the internet than people• How can we make the most of this? Collate info& use this to predict future client behaviour?Big Data
  • 47. Serco Internal• We are creating 2.5 billlion GB of dataevery day• In the last 2 years we have created90% of the data on the planet
  • 48. Serco Internal
  • 49. Serco Internal• Recent research• 12 % of organisations have a big data strategy• 21 % say they dont know enough about big data.• A separate study• 29 % of organisations are analytically challenged’• 67 % of business leaders saying that analytics made theircompanies more competitive.• These studies demonstrate that its not only a lack of skills but awidespread lack of understanding about the value it can bring.
  • 50. Serco Internal• LA Police• Review 13 million past crimes to predict current behaviour
  • 51. Serco InternalSmall businesses?Social analysis + web analytics + CRM data + emaildata+ support queries = Big dataCustomer’s behaviours, recruitment, product testing,market testing, product lifecycles, product usageOpen Data from Governments and public services may open new customer insights, new services, newproducts
  • 52. Serco Internal• Things will become connected• Everything will be able to be both analogue anddigitally approachedInternet of Things
  • 53. Serco InternalThe progression of the internet
  • 54. Serco Internal• Embedded sensors relate to you and your surroundings• Image recognition, embedded sensors – matrix of connectivity– Water mains talk to traffic lights– Traffic lights talk to our cars to tell us what speed to approach– Heart monitoring from mobile phone to consultant.• By 2020 > 30 billion connected things
  • 55. Serco Internal
  • 56. Serco Internalhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfEbMV295Kk
  • 57. Serco Internal•Mobile•Cloud•Social•Big dataDiscussion
  • 58. Serco Internalwww.superfastbusiness.co.ukkate@cosmic.org.uk0845 094 6108@cosmickatedFurther information