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Partner Masterclass - Digital Leadership
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Partner Masterclass - Digital Leadership



Published in Business , Technology
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  • Leaders in business are primarily focussed on – Continuous Learning (their own and others, but also the business)Communication – we all need to be experts People – supporting, motivating, inspiring Improvement – continually striving to improve qualityInnovation – the next big thingBUT what about digital technology – how many people would say that they are digital leaders ?
  • And of course the world changes and keeps on changing all the time – but not just in technology terms. The world and society has changed its expectations – how we are now expected to work and lead is also changing rapidly
  • And with each age-group the use of digital technology advances – we may well still have issues about digital engagement and effective use of technology in our businesses now – but think of 5 and 10 years from now and the sort of people you’ll be working with – employees, customers
  • Portfolio employment – online support for sub-contracting and casual employment models are growing – but is your business equipped to deal with employing people in these ways yet …. Have you got the skills needed for a leader of a business which can switch-up to the new models – trading strongly online, investing in digital skills development, employing people in fluid, flexible ways?
  • We all recognise very clearly whats happening to those businesses which are not investing in good use of the web – especially retail businesses
  • Tesco – 6% of UK Sales (£2.8 bn)Pearson – 33% - £2 bn digital (Penguin books – 17% - book revenues online and Financial Times – subscriptions : 316k digital versus 286k print)
  • Real resistance among CEOs to engage with social media fully – time wasting, distractions, low skills and understanding – this is still a very common situationAnother common situation is that we don’t believe that platforms like Facebook really do offer effective promotion, engagement and ‘advertising’ – and they don’t in the old-school sense But they really do in terms of now many people now use these systems as their updates, contacts systems, regular drop-in space online …. And UK is in many cases ahead of game on this -
  • LONDON is the No.1 english speaking city on Facebook by number of users - in fact it the only english-speaking city in the top 10 – and New York comes down at no. 12
  • Small businesses still make up a very large part of UK businesses – trading and employment base. And in small businesses where high levels of web is being integrated there is very strong evidence of the success stories – sales growth, more jobs = sustainable futuresFigures for ‘high-web’ and ‘low-web’ show very clearly the correlation between good use of digital talent and business success
  • How about if we applied use of digital/social media skills to the Lively Leadership model – what reflections do we have of the behaviours – on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, websites?Lazy Leaders – let others do the digital developments, usually stick with the tools they are most comfortable with – avoid social media?Lordly Leaders – like blogging because they can present their views and ego-centric thoughts – not so keen if people respond or worse-still challenge their opinions!Lovely Leaders – will be drawn to Facebook – they love having more-and-more ‘Friends’ and the social nature of interactionsLively Leaders – very active on Twitter? – but use all social media tools to their best advantage – they like engagement, thought leadership, developing online collaborationSideliner reading, but not interacting, lurking, RTingJoiner prolific interaction – everything & anythingLeader commentators, thinkers, provocateurs
  • Listening – to colleagues, employees, peers, competitorsReputation – being seen at ethical, experienced, thought leadership, influentialLearning – including from your peers about leadershipCollaboration – possibilities all around to link up with likeminded people and organisationsCrisis Management – taking lead role in press management, recovery planning, risk lmitation
  • Colleagues –can you collabarate, do you know what they are working on – Twitter using # for your business or Yammer – internal TwitterEmployees – what are they saying, are they doing well online? Are they working for your benefitPeers – What about other leaders in your industry – here and in the states side, what about the thought leaders in your industry ?Competitors – who are they?
  • 71,000 followers on Twitter
  • First news breaking on Twitter Social Media lead : Murry : in South East working


  • 1. Serco Internal Partnership Masterclass Ali Cox
  • 2. Serco Internal • Business advice and specialist support to help growth businesses maximise the opportunities of Superfast Broadband and associated technologies. • Benefits for businesses can include:  Competitive advantage through take-up and exploitation of SFBB  Increased productivity  Improve access to new markets and business opportunities  Increase competitive advantage for businesses in rural locations  More flexible and environmentally friendly working practices  Increased opportunity for innovation  Efficiency and timesaving • Eligibility criteria apply to businesses accessing the service Superfast Business Support
  • 3. Serco Internal The Connectivity “Revolution”
  • 4. Support Available – 12 hours of support
  • 5. Serco Internal 1. Register on our website (which incorporates the Knowledge Hub). to unlock access to a range of resources and materials 2. Check your eligibility 3. Let us know what areas of ICT and technology you might be interested in 4. Talk to our Client Relationship Co-ordinator to check your eligibility and arrange an appointment with one of our dedicated Business Advisers Next Steps for businesses Developing an ICT strategy Developing your ICT network/ infrastructure Engaging new and existing customers Collaboration Client Relationship Management Systems Flexible working Moving your business to the Cloud Business Continuity
  • 6. NwKQQ
  • 7. Serco Internal • • twitter @superfastbiz • Facebook • join our LinkedIn group 'Superfast Business SW' • • 0845 603 8593 Stay up to date
  • 8. Serco Internal Digital Leadership Kate Doodson Cosmic @cosmickated
  • 9. Serco Internal Leadership Leaders in business are primarily focused on – • Continuous Learning (their own and others, but also the business) • Communication – we all need to be experts • People – supporting, motivating, inspiring • Improvement – continually striving to improve quality • Innovation – the next big thing BUT what about digital technology – how many people would say that they are digital leaders ?
  • 10. Serco Internal The World has Changed • Instantaneous response • Accessibility • Transparency • Accountability The World is Changing ….
  • 11. Serco Internal People Change • Gen X • Gen Y • Gen Z • Baby Boomers • Millennials • Digital Natives
  • 12. Serco Internal Employment is Changing
  • 13. Serco Internal Business with no change?
  • 14. Serco Internal % of sales online 6% of UK Sales £2.6 billion 33% of UK Sales £2 billion – digital
  • 15. Serco Internal Is this your business? Time wasting, a distraction? Does it offer effective promotion, engagement and „advertising‟? UK is in many cases ahead of game on this - Real resistance among CEOs
  • 16. Serco Internal
  • 17. Serco Internal
  • 18. Serco Internal Questions for leaders • How can you lead your business in the digital world? • How can you be strategic around digital? • How can you stand out as leader ? • How can your organisation gain advantage?
  • 19. Serco Internal Gaining the digital advantage • Digital transformation is causing a tectonic shift in how companies are structured and led, and how they perform and compete. • The data is clear: digitisation is increasing the pace of change throughout the economy, even in sleepy mainstream industries. • The coming years will witness digitally-driven changes in the business world that make everything that’s happened so far look like a prelude.
  • 20. Serco Internal
  • 21. Serco Internal • Digital Leaders make strategic choices about where to invest – Customer engagement – Internal operations – Collaboration – New business models
  • 23. Serco Internal Who do you know? : LOVELY : LIVELY : LAZY : LORDLY
  • 24. Serco Internal It IS for you Mr “Not in a Million Years!”
  • 25. Serco Internal It IS for YOU!
  • 26. Serco Internal Caveat - There is a difference between “Being Social”
  • 27. Serco Internal Versus “Doing Social”
  • 28. Serco Internal Social Media for Leaders • Listen • Enhance your reputation • Learn • Collaborate • Crisis management
  • 29. Serco Internal Listening
  • 30. Serco Internal Listening Use Social media as a listening device • colleagues • employees • peers • competitors
  • 31. Serco Internal Example – Listen - Tweetdeck
  • 32. Serco Internal • Listen out for particular hashtags #journorequest #Exeter Any you know? #leadership #digitalleaders #leadfromwithin #womenofpower Sector specific?
  • 33. Serco Internal Google Alerts + Brandwatch
  • 34. Serco Internal Enhance your reputation
  • 35. Serco Internal What is digital reputation? • What appears when you type in a keyword search…. – First Name Surname (if unique) – First name Surname, Location – First name, surname, Business – Business name • Reputation = – First page of Google results + Reviews + real time social media
  • 36. Serco Internal
  • 37. Serco Internal reviews out clicking A
  • 38. Serco Internal Your SERP ‘real estate’ • What’s there? • Any confusion with people of the same name? • Any personal/professional crossover (winning a fishing competition, planning notice?) • Any bad news stories? • Any bad reviews?
  • 39. Serco Internal Images?
  • 40. Serco Internal What should you be monitoring? – First name Surname (if unique) – First name Surname, Location – First name, Surname, Business – Business name – Business name, location – Directors names – Revenue generating staff – Anything else? Your competitors? Create a spreadsheet
  • 41. Serco Internal Manage your real estate • Develop more content – Include more web pages about you – Upload more photos, title your name – Blog about you and your business – Include history of the business – More information about you – Press releases (in text format) • Get listed in directories
  • 42. Serco Internal Audit your Social Media • Remember Social Media ranks highly Set up and fully populate (in your name and business name) • LinkedIn profile (and business) • Twitter profile – Bio is really important • Facebook Page – any old pages? Delete or claim • Tag yourself in Flickr
  • 43. Serco Internal LinkedIn Twitter ACCOUNT Flickr photo tag
  • 44. Serco Internal Start to dominate your real estate
  • 45. Serco Internal Enhance Reputation the Digital Thought Leader
  • 46. Serco Internal Learning
  • 47. Serco Internal Learn using Blogs • “Blogs are great for learning from others, reflection, story sharing, facilitating connections among people, philosophising, and much more” • “Writing a blog is a learning activity, of course, but reading the best blogs that are available is one of my most productive learning experiences.”
  • 48. Serco Internal
  • 49. Serco Internal • Follow people you want to learn from on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn • Subscribe to blogs (using Feedly)
  • 50. Serco Internal Feedly
  • 51. Serco Internal YouTube • Harvard Business School • Most Universities YouTube channels • Khan Academy • Any learning… • YouTube Edu
  • 52. Podcasts iTunes – Leadership…
  • 53. Serco Internal Collaborate
  • 54. Serco Internal Ways to Collaborate • Arrange meetings • Set up workspace • Collaborate • Share calendars • CrowdSource money, ideas, feedback
  • 55. Serco Internal Arrange meetings - Doodle
  • 56. Serco Internal Example - Collaborate
  • 57. Serco Internal Podio – internal collaboration
  • 58. Serco Internal
  • 59. Serco Internal Yammer
  • 60. Serco Internal Google Apps
  • 61. Serco Internal
  • 62. Serco Internal
  • 63. Serco Internal Crowdsourcing
  • 64. Serco Internal Crowdsourcing websites • 1. Odesk – Employers post their job requirement and members apply for the job. It’s just like your typical matchmaking service without the mixed signals and the requirement for dinner and flowers. • 2. Pickydomains – It’s not easy to think of a domain name that embodies your business to a T in 8 characters or less. Business owners post their requirements and contributors get to create a name for that business. It’s a name game, except you don’t sing “bananapana”. You can if you wanted to, though. • 3. CloudCrowd – Members also apply for projects but with a referral program that makes it twice more fun. Here you can make more money when your referral completes a task. Sounds like something people do out on the streets, right? Only, this is done in the comfort of your home. • 4. Poptent – Use this for advertising requirements. This is where you will find the next James Cameron. Ok, maybe not. But, you will find a lot of talent here. • 5. Amazon Mechanical Turk – It is here because the list is not complete without it. Emblazoned on the banner are the words “Mechanical Turk is a marketplace for work”. There you go! Many have been said about this site, both positive and negative. You be the judge.
  • 65. Serco Internal Crisis Management
  • 66. Serco Internal
  • 67. Serco Internal River Cottage Crisis Serious Fire – 7th February 2012 Badly affected HQ buildings
  • 68. Serco Internal River Cottage Crisis – Phone lines on-site were down – no communication • Immediate Tweets to share info (and reassure) • Twitter became the communication channel on which to develop key messages, share updates and inform audiences • Commitment to regular updates – follow-up
  • 69. Serco Internal Example – Crisis Management • River Cottage – Communications and PR – Business Continuity – Community support
  • 70. Serco Internal
  • 71. Serco Internal
  • 72. Serco Internal Responding to negative feedback • What to do with online criticism • Acknowledge – thank them, apologise • Investigate – have all the facts and policies to hand • Respond – address specific points include the investigation, include any action points
  • 73. Serco Internal • Write it all up in Word first • Keep your tone even and professional • Respect their right to complain • Don’t attack the person • Only respond to the issues – not the sub-plots • Have your crisis plan ready
  • 74. Serco Internal Top Ten Tips for Leaders 1. Listen to peers, staff, competitors 2. Learn – use blogs, YouTube and LinkedIn to learn 3. Blog to engage colleagues – share the vision 4. Audit your reputation regularly 5. Choose your expert areas and dominate using Blogging 6. Tweetdeck or Hootsuite – manage content, filter 7. Authenticity is key – ensure it comes from you 8. Keep up-to-date – don’t fizzle out 9. Create a crisis plan ready for the crisis, respond quickly 10. Benchmark yourself against your peers
  • 75. Serco Internal COSMIC @cosmickated