Case study virgin mobile z kanadyjskiego albumu superbrands


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Case study Virgin Mobile z kanadyjskiego Albumu Superbrands

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Case study virgin mobile z kanadyjskiego albumu superbrands

  1. 1. THE MARKET Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we live, communicate and interact with each other. For members of the current generation, a mobile phone isn’t just seen as technology: it’s a way of life, and living without one would simply be unthinkable. At the end of September 2007, there were more than 19.3 million mobile phone owners in Canada — that’s more than 60% of the entire population — and 47% of all phone connections in Canada are now wireless.1 Along with this surge comes the economic benefits of a booming industry; more than 25,000 Canadians work in the mobile phone business and generate more than $11 billion in revenue each year.2 ACHIEVEMENTS In a few short years Virgin Mobile Canada has already attracted hundreds of thousands of cus- tomers and achieved faster than expected growth for Canada’s first and largest mobile virtual net- work operator “MVNO.” Virgin Mobile is the only Canadian mobile number with them to a new service provider. louder again with the second Toronto Virgin phone company to ever receive the J.D. Power and Together with Virgin founder Sir Richard Festival. Having drawn almost 100,000 music Associates “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Branson, and other interested groups, Virgin lovers in just its first two years, Virgin Mobile with Prepaid Wireless Service” award three years Mobile Canada successfully campaigned for announced plans in late 2007 to “go west” with in a row (2005–2007) and was ranked #1 in terms WNP to be launched in March 2007, six months the news that Calgary would become a Virgin of Customer Service, Call Quality, Service Plan earlier than the timeline being advanced by Festival host city in 2008. Options and Billing. incumbent carriers. Virgin Mobile Canada applauded the CRTC’s decision in September 2005 to require Canadian HISTORY telecommunications carriers to implement Virgin Mobile launched in Canada on March 1, Wireless Number Portability “WNP” — the abil- 2005, with the stated objective of shaking up the ity for a consumer to take his or her telephone mobile phone market and offering a simpler, bet- ter deal to Canadians. During an action- packed stunt, Sir Richard Branson zip-lined from the skies and crushed the competition in an “Emergency Ser- vices” monster truck. By the end of the year, Virgin Mobile’s great rates, no hidden fees and customer-friendly approach were available nationwide. On June 30, 2006, Sir Richard Branson announced that the massively successful Virgin Festival, one of Europe’s biggest music festivals spon- sored by Virgin Mobile, would be Virgin Mobile Canada is committed to mak- crossing the pond to Canada. ing the world a better place for everyone. It works On September 9 and 10, 2006, the to inform and engage its customers on how they first North American Virgin Festival can get involved in the world around them and was held in Toronto, instantly becom- work with the company to make a difference. ing one of Canada’s biggest rock festi- November 12, 2007, saw the launch of Virgin vals. Virgin Festival spread the love to Unite Canada. Virgin Unite, Virgin’s global char- the west coast in May 2007 with Virgin ity, is dedicated to creating and supporting Festival Vancouver and, in September programs that foster an immediate, tangible 2007, it got even bigger, better and change in the lives of people in need all around the 90
  2. 2. world. The Midnight Magic fundrais- BRAND VALUES ing gala, hosted by Sir Richard him- When you’re one of the most respected self, raised more than $2 million in brands in the world you’ve got to have supplies and donations to help impov- some big brand values to back it all up. erished areas of Sub-Saharan Africa Sir Richard once said, “Whenever I see and marks just the beginning of Virgin people getting a bad deal I want to step Unite Canada’s efforts. in and do something about it.” That sim- ple idea of always looking out for con- THE PRODUCT sumers above all else created Virgin’s For the first three years of its opera- main brand value: Be the Undisputed tions Virgin Mobile Canada focused Consumer Champion. exclusively on pre-paid services — a This idea encompasses everything mobile phone service where cus- Virgin Mobile is — it’s the essence of tomers must have a positive balance in the company in five little words. It pro- their mobile phone account to make a motes its courage to stand up and fight call or send a text. A fresh approach, for the consumer when others may not. ease of use and a consumer-targeted It promises its customers they will never portfolio of value-added services feel ripped off because (get ready for and mobile entertainment products it . . .) they’ll never actually be ripped have established Virgin Mobile as a off. Virgin Mobile thrives on keeping it leader in the Canadian mobile phone simple and explaining things clearly. youth market. Nothing is ever hidden because it has A constant innovator, Virgin nothing to hide. Mobile Canada created highly unique Virgin Mobile Canada lives up to its pre-paid “Pay by the Month” plans. ultimate goal of being the Undisputed These hybrid plans give Canadians the Consumer Champion by constantly flexibility of a pre-paid service with the bringing its six brand values to life. calling power of a typical monthly plan. These values reflect everything Virgin Virgin Mobile Canada phones Mobile does and ensures the brand are available at more than 4,000 loca- keeps its word and breaks new ground tions with top-up cards available at in everything it does: more than 10,000 locations nationally. • Brilliant Customer Service Virgin Mobile products can also be • Quality purchased online at or by PROMOTION • Fun & Young At Heart calling 1.888.999.2321. Virgin Mobile Canada definitely thinks outside • Innovation People Want of the box when it comes to getting the word • Good Value For Money RECENT DEVELOPMENTS out about new products and services. Having a • Competitively Challenging In February 2008, Sir Richard Branson stormed the founder as a world-famous daredevil doesn’t hurt streets of Toronto to unveil Virgin Mobile Canada’s either! The launch campaign hit the ground Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, 1,2 revolutionary new monthly post-paid service, running with print, TV, outdoor and transit ads Facts and Figures, February 2008: myPlan™. Speaking at the news confer- offering to help cure mobile customers ence Sir Richard said, “Virgin of “The Catch” — the dreaded THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT Mobile came to Canada in 2005 mobile malady brought on by VIRGIN MOBILE CANADA to shake up the mobile market unfair contracts and sneaky and give pre-paid customers hidden fees. a simpler, better deal. We’ve When Wireless Number H Over the summer of 2006, the pimped-out had huge success in the pre- Portability finally became Virgin Mobile All Nighter Bus randomly paid market and we’re now a reality in March 2007, picked up thousands of lucky partiers, ready to bring the Virgin Virgin Mobile wanted to offered them Red Bull, and took them club Mobile flair, much-needed make sure everyone knew hopping around Toronto. simplicity and a more trans- about their new-found H In 2005 Virgin Mobile spread holiday cheer parent and fairer option to freedom. Perched high by handing out free wrapping paper to movie- post-paid customers.” above the Toronto skyline, goers leaving theatres. The paper caused quite One of the most exci- Sir Richard was held a sensation when, upon closer inspection, the ting innovations of the new “captive” inside a jail cell angels in its pattern could be seen in a very post-paid service is myTime™. suspended from a construc- “affectionate” pose. In a North American first, tion crane. In a pyrotechnic H In March 2006, Virgin Mobile’s fave “text myTime™ allows customers explosion the cell burst open kitten” Pamela Anderson made a special to choose the hour when their and he escaped down a rope stop at its Toronto offices and helped unlimited calling clock begins, made of prison bed sheets. launch The Joy of Text. This hardcover book rather than being restricted to certain After making it safely to the ground, guided text newbies to the “ins and outs” of set periods of time. he released “mobile prisoners” from their shack- text messaging. Continuing its mission to champion environ- les to symbolize the new mobile freedom of H Virgin Mobile Canada is the proud holder mental and social consciousness, Virgin Mobile all Canadians. of a World Record. With Spice Girl Mel B also introduced automatic e-billing for all post- Subsequent campaigns have developed a rich and more than 500 ecstatic fans, they took paid customers, some of the most environmentally visual style featuring a mix of animation and live the record for most people playing a ring- friendly packaging in the industry and the ability action. Eye-grabbing TV spots have included tone at one time as mobile phones filled for post-paid customers to donate directly to “Don’t Get Sucked In,” featuring an unfortunate Toronto’s Eaton Centre with The Spice Girls’ Virgin Unite Canada by rounding up their bill to mobile phone user getting sucked into a gigantic smash hit “Wannabe.” the next dollar each month. vacuum cleaner. 91