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N:a big class-1916

  1. 1. Monster Lab: A Creative Writing Workshop for New Orleans Youths with Big Class by: Brenda McNary, volunteer Monday, November 25, 2013
  2. 2. Monster Lab: The Team • Big Class’s mission is to cultivate and support the voices of New Orleans’ young writers • Brenda McNary is a young professional in New Orleans who volunteered as project leader • Additional volunteers included: Alex Jennings, Logan Napoli, Barbara Crumm, and Charlotte Houser • 9 New Orleans kids between the ages of 8-14 participated Monday, November 25, 2013
  3. 3. Monster Lab: The Project To inspire students to write creative stories around Halloween time, Monster Lab was a three-day workshop where students explored the theme of monsters through writing projects, craft projects, and art. Student projects were included in the official Journal of the International Society of Monster Experts. (a fictional group we created for the workshop) Monday, November 25, 2013
  4. 4. What We Accomplished! Unique monster characters, and fun masks! Monday, November 25, 2013
  5. 5. What We Accomplished! Project-based creative writing activities that engaged and inspired kids and volunteers “I loved hearing the endless flow of creativity that streamed from the kids when creating their own monsters’ stories. It really told a story as well of the kids inner desire or maybe fears and whimsical daydreaming.” Volunteer Logan Napoli Monday, November 25, 2013
  6. 6. What We Accomplished! THE JOURNAL OF THE VOLUME 38 NEW ORLEANS ISSUE 1 EDITION Monday, November 25, 2013 A special issue of the Journal of the International Society of Monster Experts featuring stories and artwork by Monster Lab writers! Students took home copies of the journal to show off their published work to parents and friends.
  7. 7. Ongoing Work With Big Class • Brenda McNary and other team members plan to continue volunteering at Big Class workshops and after school Open Studio Monday, November 25, 2013
  8. 8. Why Monster Lab Should Win The Challenge! • Big Class is currently seeking funding to improve its studio space, purchase necessary supplies, and fund future programming • Big Class is the only organization offering project-based creative writing programming and workshops to New Orleans schools and students free of charge • More information about Big Class, workshops and publications can be found at www.bigclass.org Monday, November 25, 2013
  9. 9. The Journal of the Volume 38 New Orleans Issue 1 Edition
  10. 10. This book belongs to: __________________________________________________ (clearly print your name and favorite monster here)
  11. 11. The Journal of the Volume 38 Issue 1 NEW ORLEANS EDITION Monster Documentation by Otto Benischek D’Andre Johnson Shraivell Brown Corey Marshall Hector Campbell Jaheim Marshall Jamal Cook Alaila Young Marina Davis
  12. 12. The Journal of the international Society of Monster Experts volume 38 Issue 1 New Orleans edition a Big Class publication All rights reserved 2013 Printed at The Big Class Studio in Press Street Headquarters October 31, 2013 New Orleans, LA EDITOR Brenda McNary DESIGNER Doug Keller PHOTOGRAPHY Logan Napoli MONSTER LAB ASSITANTS B.A. Crumm, Charlotte Hauser, Alex Jennings, Logan Napoli Special thanks to Sasha Marshall and Laura Stein
  13. 13. TABLE of CONTENTS GREENNODAYA...................................6 TEETHELER...........................................8 HOT HEAD...........................................10 ZZZZAZZZZ!........................................12 DJ MCFURRY........................................14 THE UNKNOWN CREATURE..........16 HULKFRANK.......................................18 JAK. E. FOOKOMER...........................20 EPONINE..............................................22 MONSTER PARTY...............................25
  14. 14. THE JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MONSTER EXPERTS GREENNODAYA Height: Variable (she can turn very big, Diet: Blood and veins from a person and then turn very small) Activities: Scares people and when people stand Weight: 3 pounds, maybe up she says “boo” and they fall back Physical Description: Green hair, white Does not like: She don’t like when they discover shirt with blood on it, and she’s green the lost city and when they throw foam at her. Habitat: Haunted house in a lost city Additional Information: Someone threw paint Geographic Range: Worldwide on her and she turned into fragile pieces. 6
  15. 15. VOLUME 38 ISSUE 1 NEW ORLEANS EDITION GREENNODAYA AND GIRL I’M LADY FRANKENSTEIN By Alaila Young One day I saw two monsters. One of the monster’s names was Greennodaya and the other’s name was Girl I’m Lady Frankenstein. Both of them was hunting people who sleep with their eyes open. They liked to eat veins and blood from humans. They also like to scare people. They will pop you if you’re not scared! When it’s morning time they go back to the lost city and cook veins and blood. They had bats around their house and they’re so mean they don’t want anyone to discover the lost city because they’re worried someone would figure out their weakness. One day a scientist found their weakness. It was pizza. He brought pizza with him and gave it to the girls and they said “let’s give it a try.” Then they died and never returned again. 7
  16. 16. THE JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MONSTER EXPERTS TEETHELER Height: 4100 feet Diet: Ribs. He grills them on his body with his fire. Weight: huge Activities: Swimming in volcanoes. Physical Description: Made of brick to keep the fire in Does not like: Liquid Habitat: Woods and underground Additional Information: Friends with Hot Head. Geographic Range: Asia 8
  17. 17. VOLUME 38 ISSUE 1 NEW ORLEANS EDITION SWIMMING WITH MONSTERS By Corey Marshall I was hiking and saw Hot Head and Teetheler. They were jumping in a volcano. Teetheler dove first. Teetheler kicked hot head. He flew out of the volcano and he saw a monster named Scull Screamer who takes souls from people. Teetheler was surprised. Scull Screamer screamed and saw Teetheler, and then they all went swimming. 9
  18. 18. THE JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MONSTER EXPERTS HOT HEAD Height: 200 feet tall Diet: Tropical fruits with grilled fish Weight: 3 tons Activities: Because he is on fire he likes to swim in a volcano Physical Description: Giant skull on fire, suit made of metal because his body is on Does not like: Water or anything that is liquid fire, that’s why it’s made out of metal Additional Information: He was friends with Habitat: The woods Teetheler until Teetheler pushed him into a volcano full of acid Geographic Range: Asia 10
  19. 19. VOLUME 38 ISSUE 1 NEW ORLEANS EDITION THE TIME WHEN I SAW FOUR MONSTERS By Hector Campbell When I was in the woods of Asia I had a glance in my eye. It was two monsters. I named them Hot Head and Skull Screamer. It was 1999. It was night time. I was eight and I had a couple sodas. Anyway, Hot Head was 200 feet tall and he had a metal suit. Scull Scream- er had really really sharp teeth and green scales. Hot Head had sixteen flames in his head and he had coal in his core. Then I jumped on top of a canyon and I saw them really really close up. It was the Super Bowl with the Eagles versus the Ravens. So I made the best Ravens and Eagles jersey that I could make. Then I saw another two monsters. Their names were Eye Brawl and Tree Rex. Tree Rex had wooden horns on top of his head. Eye Brawl had an eye stuck to his head and he can attach and re-attach his eyeball on top of his head and it can shoot lazer beams. So Skull Screamer, Hot Head, Eye Brawl, and Tree Rex could transform into vehicles like trucks and cars. They all protected me from bullies and I became a superstar. 11
  20. 20. THE JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MONSTER EXPERTS ZZZZAZZZZ! Height: 2,000 feet Diet: He eats poo and drinks toilet water. Weight: 1,000,000 pounds Activities: He takes a bath with toilet water. Physical Description: Black, no feet, his nose is 1,000,000,000 feet long! His teeth go down to the earth. Does not like: When people say hello he cries. Additional Information: He eats his boogers. Habitat: He’s an alien in space. Geographic Range: In space 12
  21. 21. VOLUME 38 ISSUE 1 NEW ORLEANS EDITION D’ANDRE AND ZZZZAZZZZ! By D’Andre Johnson One day I was in the dark in the streets. I saw a big creature. “He is bigger than the clouds!” I said. His nose was 1,000000000 feet long. “I’m out of here,” I said. So I tried to pass him. He checked me. I was in so much pain, I said “oww!” So he said “do you want to be my friend?” I said, “I have no monster friends but I will be your friend. I will be the only one who has a monster friend!” So him and I said “yaaaaaaaaaaaaa….” 13
  22. 22. THE JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MONSTER EXPERTS DJ MCFURRY Diet: People soup. Fried people. People with Height: 5’11 cheese. Weight: 185 pounds Activities: Loves to howl. Likes to DJ. Physical Description: It is covered in fur. Does not like: People kicking his bush during It has a long tail and sharp teeth. sleep time. Habitat: Bushes in the woods. Additional Information: He can’t say alliteration. He works at Burger King. He scratches Geographic Range: Temperate zone. scary music. 14
  23. 23. VOLUME 38 ISSUE 1 NEW ORLEANS EDITION YOU WONDER WHAT YOU MAY SEE IN THE WOODS By Jamal Cook I was just walking in the woods (which seems weird for an eleven-year- old to do) when I saw a weird thing in the shadows of the trees. “Man I should go back to the camp site,” I said. I heard a howl. I was so scared I almost peed on myself. I started to walk backward until I crashed into something. I almost screamed. I turned from my back (I really wish I hadn’t). He was short and muscular. “What up yo. I’m DJ McFurry in the house,” he said. I looked at him stupid. “Dude, aren’t you supposed to be terrorizing me or something,” I asked. *GASP* “That is a vicious stereotype,” he said. I seriously felt stupid for being scared of him. I walked to the camp site and went back to sleep. 15
  24. 24. THE JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MONSTER EXPERTS THE UNKNOWN CREATURE Height: 30 feet Geographic Range: New Jersey, England, and Italy. Weight: 1000 pounds Diet: Sheep. Physical Description: He’s half dragon and half horse. He has one horn that’s gold and Activities: Destroy villages. one horn that is silver. Does not like: Poo Habitat: Woods 16
  25. 25. VOLUME 38 ISSUE 1 NEW ORLEANS EDITION THE UNKNOWN CREATURE AND OTTO By Otto Benischek I went to England but I encountered a terrible horror in a naval shipyard. It lurks like a shadow. The Unknown Creature was standing there waiting for me. He chased me into the woods. He flew behind me. It was night- time. You can always see his sword gleaming through. He has a gold horn in his head. He has two horns- one’s silver and one’s gold. I time traveled to 1941 in England on a Navy Shipyard. My job was to untie ropes for the boats. I was in my 20s. It was a cold and snowy winter. The Unknown Creature was still around. One day I was untying ropes when The Unknown Creature popped out! I grabbed my camera and took a picture while I could. It died after I took a picture of it. It doesn’t like flash cameras. I think it was blinded by the light and when it fell, it got stabbed by its sword. I went back to the time machine and I went back to today. 17
  26. 26. THE JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MONSTER EXPERTS HULKFRANK Habitat: People’s basements Height: 10 feet Geographic Range: China Weight: 990 pounds Diet: Goats, birds, worms, roaches, chickens, Physical Description: His face is weird, and spinach big eyes, small sharp teeth, pointy nose. Black chest, very shiny. Stomach is hairy Activities: Comes out at night and scares people and bloated. Back is hairy, spine sticks out of their beds. out. Bloody and goopy. Legs are very long, hairy, and watery. Feet are really skinny Does not like: Ham, snow, sunlight, cars and and stinky and his toes have long nails. He streets, people vomit.the lost city and when they has green curly hair. throw foam at him. He also doesn’t like shadow puppets. They scare him. 18
  27. 27. VOLUME 38 ISSUE 1 NEW ORLEANS EDITION WHEN JAHEIM MET HULKFRANK By Jaheim Marshall W hen I first met Hulkfrank I said “are you my monster?” and he said “yes.” He said “I don’t know anyone else. Can you help me?” I said “do you wanna go check out my monster van?” He said “yes!” So we got to the monster van and then ate monster ice cream and monster candy. So then he got out of the van and said “I’m sleepy but I don’t have anywhere to stay.” So I asked him did he wanna stay with me. He said yes! So on the way to my house my neighbor made him mad so he shot fire at him. He set his house on fire. When I came out to see what happened I was shocked, and passed out! Then I woke up and he was gone. Never to be seen again! 19
  28. 28. THE JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MONSTER EXPERTS JAK. E. FOOKOMER Geographic Range: 1736 George Street in New Height: 6’9 Orleans Weight: 156 pounds Diet: Worms and snails Physical Description: Half human, slob, Activities: Likes to cook the worms crispy. Eats brown face, slimey, razor sharp teeth, green the snails raw skin, small feet, wears a suit Does not like: Does not like the sun because it Habitat: Old house. It is abandoned and hurts his eyes. filled with dead cats. 20
  29. 29. VOLUME 38 ISSUE 1 NEW ORLEANS EDITION WORMS! WORMS! WORMS! By Shraivell Brown It was a long way from home. I kept hearing something by my side. Then when I turned he was there. I was very shocked. He kept screaming “Worms! Worms! Worms!” His back was green slime and brown hair, and he wore a suit. He was 6’9 and 156 pounds. When I ran from him I went in the old house, which was abandoned. There were a lot of dead cats everywhere. I realized that the address was 1736 George Street. All I saw were crispy worms and raw snails. 21
  30. 30. THE JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MONSTER EXPERTS EPONINE Height: 5 feet 5 inches Diet: Drinks lemonade Weight: 126 pounds Activities: Likes to read. Prunes the lemon tree in the backyard. Physical Description: She wears a Mardi Gras mask that has bullet holes in it that Does not like: Any other juices (besides never stop bleeding. She has green eyes lemonade) and black hair. Additional Information: She’s only funny to Habitat: In my backyard children and nice ladies. She does not like guys. She will trip or slap them. Geographic Range: New Orleans 22
  31. 31. VOLUME 38 ISSUE 1 NEW ORLEANS EDITION MY FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH EPONINE By Marina Davis I had just woken up from a noise that sounded like sobbing. I walked downstairs afraid of what I might see. Once I reached the bottom I saw a transparent figure staring not at me but possibly through me. I was paralyzed with fear as she reached out her hand towards my face and whispered an odd name that sounded French. Then she suddenly drew her hand back. I just stared, jaw on the floor, until I snapped back into reality. As I stared in her direction I could see bullet holes in her pale face and on her dress. These holes seemed to ooze blood continuously. I was disgusted but curious, as much as I was scared. She started crying dark wet sticky tears of blood. Then she had started to become more solid and I felt ashamed, as though I was a murderer, though I didn’t know exactly why. She stumbled back one step and turned to go. I reached out to stop her but then drew back my hand just as she had. Not knowing why, I felt like I had to watch her. She pointed towards outside and went through (continued on next page) 23
  32. 32. THE JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MONSTER EXPERTS (continued from previous page) the door. I followed her. I had hesitated to follow her, but something convinced me to continue out to open the door. When I had gone outside and I caught up with her, she was standing over the lemon tree and was pointing down at the roots. As quickly as she had appeared, she was gone. I stood in place shocked and unsure that I was not crazy. As I returned to sleep in my room I still didn’t know if I believed I had seen a ghost. Before I went to bed, I wrote in my journal “dig up lemon tree soon.” I then went to bed to burrow under the covers to think, or not to think, more like it. The next day, my uncle visited for breakfast and told us of a young girl who was killed during a storm, while hiding beneath a citrus tree for shelter. She had been found there by thieves who had just killed her entire family while she watched. I thought clearly that she was still under the lemon tree. My mom served lemonade. 24
  33. 33. MONSTER PARTY! By The Monster Lab Researchers I t was an all out monster party. DJ McFurry was scratching records. Also Skull Screamer, Tree Rex, Hot Head and Eyebrawl were there. The unknown creature was there and his shiny horns were the disco ball. Greenadaya was there running people over with her car. Eponine the monster was also at the party but she was in the bathroom the whole time. Jak E. Fookomer and Hulk Frank were sitting at the VIP table and eating people, worms, roaches, spinach. They didn’t want anybody else to sit with them. Teetheler and Hot Head weren’t talking to each other. Girl I’m Lady Franken- stein arrived at the party and she and Greenadaya were talking to each other and smashing people. There were a lot of great snacks at the monster party. There was eyeball soup, there were fried people, there was blood punch. There were also cracker eyeball soups. The Unknown Creature’s cousin the New Jersey devil was invited to the party. When he got there, he didn’t want to stay, but the other monsters told him he had to stay for at least 2 hours because it is a monster party. If you are a monster, you have to stay. If you are a human, you better watch out. DJ McFurry announced it was time to play the Monster Freeze Tag game. There were two teams of five monsters each. The zombies couldn’t walk because their legs would fall off. The unknown creature started to play but then decided to fly! He got in a dogfight with the New Jersey devil. The other monsters started dancing. Skull Screamer, Tree Rex, Hot Head and Eyebrawl were strutting around showing everybody their muscles! Then the monsters decided to have a dance contest. A dance crew of four monsters decided to do the Harlem Shake, it was Skull Screamer, Tree Rex, Hot Head and Eyebrawl. The Death Crew dance crew ruled the dance party. There was a prize of $1,000 to the monsters who are the best dancers. The judges were Drew Brees, Jay Z (with a swollen lip because he was rapping too much), and the Miami Heat players. Each dance crew has its own unique dance moves. The dance moves were back flips, stomping, hand stands. Greenadaya danced to Beyonce and Michael Jackson, she did back flips, and splits, and she knows all of the dance moves to the songs. The unknown (continued on next page)
  34. 34. (continued from previous page) creature doesn’t like dancing, so he continued to fly with his friend. The Death Crew dance crew won the dance contest. The monsters ate all of the food at the monster party. It was getting late and they ran out of food. DJ McFurry asked the monsters to save him some food, but they didn’t. Then DJ McFurry got mad. He stormed out, turned off the music, and said: “I’m not DJing your party anymore. That’s what you get. I’ve been DJing this party for 14 hours and now I’m leaving.” He asked Frankenstein to DJ but something went horribly wrong. Frankenstein put on the headphones and he heard the two different songs in the headphones and he was upset and threw the DJ set on the ground. The other monsters saw what happened and they all said, “We miss DJ McFurry.” DJ McFurry decided he didn’t have anything better to do, so he came back to the party. All of the monsters said “Yay!” DJ McFurry saw that his DJ set was broken and confronted Frankenstein. Frankenstein gave him 50 monster dollars to get a new monster DJ set. It took him four hours to buy the DJ set and get it set up. The other monsters were playing monster checkers while they waited. Frankenstein was a monster checker master because he was cheating. Once the DJ set was ready, DJ McFurry got up and said “Ohhh yeah y’all. It’s time for the party!!!” At this point, the monsters had been at the party for 14 hours. This was the first monster party they ever had. Then the zombies arrived. They said, “we came here to dance!” When one of the zombies tried to do a Michael Jackson dance, his arm fell off. He said, “I meant to do that.” The dance judges decided the Death Crew were still the best dancers. Then the zombies tried to sing, but their lips fell off. Greenadaya and I’m Lady Frankenstein were singing a Beyonce song, and then they started to rip the zombies – “You tried to dance but your arms fell off!” The zombies said, “This is totally embarrassing, we need to get out of here.” At the end of the monster party, the monsters decided to go home. The monsters got monster cake – it had eyeball icing and fur. They also had butter-blood ice cream and tongue daiquiris. I’m Lady Frankenstein decided to sing and she sounded like an alien. The monsters all went back to the underworld to have an 18 hour after party, except for the Unknown Creature, he went back to England. Then they all did the Harlem Shake. THE END (or is it)
  35. 35. The Journal of The International Society of Monster Experts Volume 38, Issue 1, New Orleans Edition was researched, written, and illustrated by New Orleans writers ages 7-11 in the Big Class Studio at 3718 St. Claude Avenue during Monster Lab, a Big Class workshop, October 28-30, 2013. Big Class’s mission is to cultivate and support the voices of New Orleans’ young writers through creative collaborations with schools and communities. To learn more about Big Class, our publications, and how to get involved, visit www.bigclass.org.