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Defender direct holy family shelter-3662

  1. 1. Holy Family Shelter by TawanaTucker
  2. 2. Super Service Challenge 2013 Holy Family Shelter 907 North Holmes Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46222
  3. 3. History of the Shelter • Holy Family Shelter is a emergency shelter for homeless families. The shelter addresses the increasing demand for emergency shelter in Indianapolis and central Indiana by providing residential services designed to move homeless families to self sufficiency. • The shelter has the capacity to house up to 30 families at any given night. The shelter provides food, shelter, basic material needs and a safe place for families in crisis to begin to heal.
  4. 4. Ms. Janet • One of the ladies that we worked with named Janet Williams, informed us that the shelter was having trouble providing meals for the families. She informed us that she had been praying and asking God, how was the shelter going to make it, when the food pantry is running low. She stated that she prayed and reached out to her Church, to ask for and provide donations for the shelter. • Janet informed us that the ladies of the church took up a food donation for the pantry, but it still wasn’t enough. She then went on to say that when she heard that our team had collected food, clothes, and hygiene products for the shelter, she felt a sense of relief. • Janet stated that her prays had been answered and that God will provide what you need.
  5. 5. What we accomplished! • The day we served, we cleaned the kitchen, served lunch, prepared Thanksgiving Dinner, and provided food and clothes for the shelter. • Defender employees donated food, clothing and hygiene products.
  6. 6. On going Relationship • We plan on taking up monthly food, clothes, and hygiene donations through out the year • Have car washes, fundraisers, and bake sales • Establish a relationship with Gleaners Food Bank, to assist with food donations • Also, have Customer Care agents serve the shelter once a month
  7. 7. Benefits of Prize Money • The shelter would be able to stock the pantry • Provide ongoing classes that would help families with comprehensive services, like, budgeting, communications skills, parenting skills, setting goals, and stress management • Clothing and hygiene products • And a sense of relief to keep the shelter up and running