Acacia,llc the pool of siloam medical ministry, inc.-3588


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Acacia,llc the pool of siloam medical ministry, inc.-3588

  1. 1. Medical Ministry, Inc. Shreveport, Louisiana
  2. 2. The Pool of Siloam Medical Ministry  The Pool of Siloam operates a free medical, dental, and vision clinic.  It is a non-profit, 501-c3 organization and was founded in 2005. (Tax exempt number 20-0171322)  It staffed by local volunteers.  It serves low income, non-insured individuals within the community, including the homeless and those with chronic illnesses. 4140 Greenwood Road Shreveport, LA 71109
  3. 3. Pool of Siloam Services • Dental Clinic • Vision Clinic • Primary Care Clinic • Mental Health Clinic • Homeless Outreach • Women’s Health Clinic
  4. 4. The Pool of Siloam Volunteer Staff Physicians Physician Assistants Dentist Dental Assistant Psychiatrist Terry Strain, Executive Director Medical Students with LSU Pool Volunteers Nurses Therapists Administrative Personnel (1 part-time clerk only paid staff)
  5. 5. The Pool of Siloam Patients In Shreveport there is a large population of underserved, lowincome, uninsured individuals, including ones with chronic medical conditions. Traditionally this population has limited access to medical, vision, and especially dental care. The Pool of Siloam’s mission is to make available to this population a continuity of preventative medical care, including dental and vision care, with the goal of minimizing exacerbations and improving overall health. Currently, the Pool of Siloam follows ~200 patients! In the included newsletter you can read about one of our patient’s experience and new chance on life.
  6. 6. The Pool of Siloam Board of Directors Officers: Steven Nicksic, President Dr. Dana Wheeler, Vice-President Jerry Metcalf CPA, Treasurer Elizabeth Hensley, Secretary Members: Aaron Hunter Dr. Christina Ledbetter Mark Ratley Dr. Joel Schulman Mark Ratley, managing partner of ACACIA, and Drs. Christina Ledbetter and Joel Schulman, LSU Health Sciences Center, have been active board members of the Pool of Siloam since 2009. Executive Director: Terry Strain PA-C
  7. 7. Question 1 • Volunteering and serving the Pool of Siloam has been something I, my family, and my colleagues have been doing for many years now. Who did you serve, and what did you accomplish that day? • Most recently we were involved in helping to organize the 1st Annual Emily Smith Memorial Golf Tournament benefiting the Pool of Siloam. I, Mark Ratley, served as Tournament Director and our company, ACACIA, was a corporate sponsor for the tournament. • Emily Smith was a Pool volunteer and was serving as the president of the Pool’s Board of Directors when she unexpectedly died from a brain aneurysm in 2012. The tournament honored her memory and raised approximately $10,000 for the Pool of Siloam’s general operating fund. Emily Smith
  8. 8. Tournament ACACIA Team
  9. 9. Question 1, Part 2 What we have accomplished (and what we want to accomplish) UNTREATED DENTAL DISEASE CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS: INFECTION, DAMAGE TO BONE OR NERVE, AND TOOTH LOSS. INFECTION CAN SPREAD TO OTHER PARTS OF THE BODY AND EVEN LEAD TO DEATH. Few low income individuals have access to dental care, urgent or preventative. • In 2006 Mark Ratley and his father, Dr. Jack Ratley, a Shreveport dentist, established the first dental clinic at the Pool of Siloam. They provided dental supplies, medications, furnishings and equipment including an autoclave and x-ray machine. • In 2014 it is our goal to update the dental clinic and expand its services within the community.
  10. 10. Question2 What is your team’s plan for an ongoing relationship with the nonprofit? Gail Rossi, dental assistant Dr. Ellen Kinsey, dentist • With Super Service Challenge funds the ACACIA team will continue to: • Provide excellent management skills • Host board development retreats • Assist in the acquisition of needed equipment, services, and supplies • Organize and participate in fund raisers • Volunteer at the Pool of Siloam Clinics
  11. 11. Question 3 What would your nonprofit do if they won part of the prize money? Dental Clinic • Convert from dental film imaging to digital imaging through the purchase of a Schick digital imaging system and laptop computer • Digital imaging advantages over film: • No costly chemicals • Faster image development • Digital patient records • Cost for equipment and supplies • Cost $19,240.66 L to R: Martin Stuart, HSE Coordinator; Mark Ratley, Managing Partner; Tricia Ratley, Executive Administrator; ACACIA, LLC; Gail Rossi and Dr. Ellen Kinsey.
  12. 12. Quote for Dental Equipment $19,240.66
  13. 13. Question 3 Continued What would your nonprofit do if they won part of the prize money? Vision Clinic • Purchase the following: • 35 pairs of glasses ($35 each) • 40 pair of reading glasses ($3 each) • Total Cost $1350 • Replacement parts to repair slit lamp • Cost $1500 • Digital tonometer to check for glaucoma • Cost $3000 • Eye examination supplies • Cost $150
  14. 14. Question 3 Continued What would your nonprofit do if they won part of the prize money? Primary Care Clinic • Purchase the following: • 4 Littmann Stethoscopes • Cost $200 each • 4 Blood Pressure Cuffs • Cost $100 each • Spirometry Equipment • Cost $1000 • Amazing Charts • Cost $2000/year
  15. 15. Vision & Impact • As all medical staff are volunteers, funding can be maximized in improving patient care. • With $25,000 the Pool of Siloam will update vital equipment within the dental, vision and medical clinics. • This will allow us to operate more efficiently and expand services to those in need within our community.
  16. 16. “Go,” he told him, “wash in the Pool of Siloam”. To learn more about the Pool of Siloam, visit:
  17. 17. Pool of Siloam’s Summer Newsletter
  18. 18. Everyone at the Pool of Siloam thanks you very much for your time and support!