The Wrongway Legacy: 3.8


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The Wrongway Legacy: 3.8

  1. 1. Welcome to part eight of generation three of the Wrongway Legacy!Its the final part of generation three!Last time, Will and Rose sorted out their differences concerning the Wronglands,Austin met Robin while she was visiting Rubix, we had a peek in at Hex to find himemotionally broken after Kendras disappearance, and then Hercules had a go athim over the identity of his true father, we also had a look in at Austins home-lifeand relationship with his sister. Aphrodite got upset because Austin had met theperfect girl, and he kissed her, perhaps just to keep her happy. Lavender andRose went for a walk with their adorable but mischievous brother, Forrest. Cassidyfell ill, Austin had dinner with his Dad, Kendra had Hexs baby, Cassidy passedaway. Lavender offered to take Robin to mansion her ancestors used to live in...Which is where we are now! I recommend reading previous chapters,but thats up to you.
  2. 2. “This is it,” Lavender breathed, glancing at the front door to the house.She didnt want to admit it, but that door sent chills down her spine.“Doesnt look like anyone lives there now,” Robin commented,watching the house, “I think we should go inside.”“But...”“Its abandoned, Lavender. Itll be interesting, come on.”
  3. 3. “Oh well, its locked. Guess well have to leave it, then.” Lavendersmiled, weakly. Robin stepped up to the door.“Nah, I can get it open. I always used to get the door open at homewhen my Mum forgot her keys,” Robin knocked and punched at thedoor, until it sluggishly eased open, “bingo!”Robin wandered inside straight away, leaving Lavender to ditheroutside momentarily, before following her in.
  4. 4. “You know, for an abandoned house, its in remarkably good shape.”Robin said, breaking the eerie silence that had fallen over the room.“Thats rather odd...” Lavender replied, in a small voice. She wasuncertain about many things in life, and wandering round anabandoned house was no exception.
  5. 5. The pair of them climbed the stairs and gazed around the landing,incredulouslyLavender smiled a little, “Its quite pretty, really. Your ancestors werelucky to own such a big house.”“Didnt yours?” Robin asked, voice echoing round the empty room, “Iheard there was a legacy family living in this town.”“Yeah,” Lavender grinned, “my Mums the current heiress.”“Oh, thats cool!” Robin commented, and pushed through a door,exploring.
  6. 6. “Oh!” Robin said, in surprise, looking into the room, “This one lookslived in...the computers still on and everything.”“It looks familiar, too, for some reason.”“Maybe we shouldnt go in there.” Robin turned to leave the room,glancing over her shoulder one more.“Maybe we should go.” Lavender replied. Robin shook her head indisagreement.“Its an adventure,” Robin decided, she chose a door, “that room,next.”
  7. 7. Lavender went into the room first, and immediately wished she hadnt.Gasping, she instinctively took a step back, though she knew runningwould be useless.“Whats in there, Lavender?” Robin questioned, curiously.
  8. 8. “Look over there, Ariel, it seems a couple of legacy brats havewandered into our house...” Ralph said, unsmiling.Ariel smirked a little, “Its unplanned, but I dont think we should let ourguests leave for a while.”“Yes, how impolite that would be. Come in, you two, have a seat!”
  9. 9. Lavender and Robin complied, thinking if they did as they were told,they would be safer. Of course, no one was safe near Ralph. Theywerent bound to the chairs, but they knew if they moved, they wouldrisk their well-being.“Well I recognise this one as legacy scum,” Ralph hissed in thedirection of Lavender, “but who is the other brat?”“The blonde one? Never seen her before. Doesnt look like anyonefrom round here.”“Ah, so weve trapped ourselves a tourist.”
  10. 10. “Pretty little thing, isnt she?” Ariel cackled, moving round to get abetter look. Robin turned her head.“Lavender,” she whispered, “who are these people?”“They hate my family and the legacy, theyre Ariel and RalphWrongway-”“I have a great grandfather called Ralph Wrongway...from Rubix...”Robin trailed off, worried. Was she related to these people?
  11. 11. “So, blondie,” Ralph said, roughly, interrupting Robins thoughts, “tellme who you are.”“Im Robin Wrongway, visiting Rubix”“So you are part of the Wrongway brats thriving in this town? I hadntrealised any of the spares had moved away...”“No, Im not related to anyone in this town.” Robin replied, well,according to my knowledge, anyway.“I suppose it doesnt matter. Im going to kill you, anyway.” Ralphresponded, dismissively.
  12. 12. When Ralph moved back into the corner, and started planning his nextmove, Robin turned slightly, and whispered to Lavender.“Im sorry,” Robin sighed, “I got us into this mess...”“Dont worry about it.” Lavender murmured back, though she herselfwas deeply worried, not just about herself, but about them both. ...
  13. 13. At the Supernatural Court, Hex and Phillip were in the garden,focusing on power, after working on magic for three hours or so.“So focus, if youre in a position of weakness, what do you do?” Phillipquestioned.“Stay calm.”“Good.”“Keep a level head, think clearly, and remember what options youhave.” Suddenly, Hex dropped his stance.
  14. 14. “Did you feel that power surge?” Hex questioned. Phillip blinked, andnodded.“I did, it was unusual. Perhaps a High Witch just drove into town?”Phillip suggested.“Actually, Phil...I think that the bloodlines are mixing togetherdangerously...I have to go.”
  15. 15. “Where will you look for them?” Phillip raised an eyebrow.“Ill start at Ralphs, and if theyre not there, Ill try the house of everyWrongway in town,” Hex nodded, “I need to phone Grace about it,too.” ...
  16. 16. At Ralphs, things had not improved. But luckily, they hadnt worsenedeither.“What are you waiting for, Ralph?” Ariel demanded, “Christmas?”“Not likely. Im just not satisfied with the non-legacy brats back story.How can she be a Wrongway, but not legacy or relation to me?”“Who cares, Ralph? The brats broke into our house and werewandering around! Maybe they stole something!”
  17. 17. “Breaking and entering, and potentially thieves, huh? Then it is ourduty to society to make sure they are punished for their actions, no?”Ralph grinned at Ariel, while Robins frown deepened.Nodding once, Ralph laughed a little, “Ill get the gun.”
  18. 18. Downstairs, Aphrodite wandered in, back from hanging out with Austinall afternoon – Hercules hadnt shown up, and Aphrodite was notabout to turn down an excuse to spend an afternoon with Austin.Pausing slightly, Aphrodite noticed the house was oddly quiet.
  19. 19. As Aphrodite climbed the stairs, she heard strange noises comingfrom the back room. She had vowed never to go in there – she knew itwas where her father developed his thoughts.Aphrodite automatically went to her own room.
  20. 20. Things were different this time, though. Ariel was cackling louder,Ralphs voice, though muffled by the walls, was definitely louder. Shecould escape the sounds of them.Thats when she heard another sound. A voice she didnt recognise,sounding upset.Oh Wright. They have people in there this time. Theyre not justthinking up evil plans, theyre putting them into action. Oh no...what doI do? Aphrodite decided that she wasnt going to sit around and donothing. She got to her feet, dizzy with nerves.
  21. 21. Aphrodite burst into the room, and she was furious, “I dont care whatyou do in here, but you do not hurt other people!”Silence fell over the room as she realised who were sitting in thechairs near Ralph and Ariel. ...
  22. 22. At the Wrongway house, Grace and Orlando were sat on either side ofCassidys grave.“I think Ive chosen an heir, Orlando.” Grace admitted.“You didnt speed up your decision because Cassidy passed away, didyou? Take as much time as you need.” Orlando smiled, comfortingly.Grace shook her head, “I chose because its about time I did.Orlando...what do you say to Lavender being our heiress?”
  23. 23. Liam sat down with the others, “You chose the heir?”“Yeah, I think so,” Grace smiled, “Im thinking Lavender for ourheiress.”“Well, I came down into the garden to tell you Hex just called,” Liamsexpression turned into a frown, “he said theres a problem over atRalphs...and one of the kids is there.”Graces eyes widened, “What?! Which one of our children?”“Lavenders the only one who isnt home...”
  24. 24. Once Grace had rushed off, Liam tried to smile reassuringly. Orlandofrowned.“Dont worry, Im sure theyll both be fine.” Liam said, optimistically.“Yeah,” Orlando agreed, unsure, “they will be fine.” ...
  25. 25. Back at Ralphs, Ariel ignored Aphrodite, excercising her magic, butRalph looked up.“Hey, sweetie. Dont mind us.”Aphrodite backed out of the room, tears in her eyes. Ariel lowered herhand, and looked over her shoulder as the door went. She glared atRalph, and moved to go after her.“What did you say, Ralph?!” Ariel demanded, angry, “Wait for me. Orelse!”
  26. 26. “Aphrodite, slow down.” Ariel called, tiredly.“No, I cant believe youre doing this to my friends! And someone wedont even know!” Aphrodite yelled back.“Where are you going?”“Doesnt matter! I cant stay here!”
  27. 27. In the garden outside, Hex moved stealthily from the hedge, checkingthe balcony twice for signs of life.Sighing, he shifted his weight, “I need to get a new job.”
  28. 28. Hex didnt see Grace sitting on the wall waiting for him until he washalfway up the wall. He nearly let go from surprise.“How did you get here so fast?” He questioned, climbing over the wallas Grace moved out of the way.
  29. 29. “I drove here. Broke the law too, but I just couldnt stick to the speedlimit.” Grace replied, hurriedly.Hex checked he was unscathed, “I dont blame you, one of yourbabies is in trouble.”Grace bit her lip and nodded.
  30. 30. “Dont worry,” Hex murmured, “well rescue them. No one is going toget hurt.”“Thank you, Hex.”“Youre welcome. Its nice to finally have a Wrongway who trusts me.”
  31. 31. It took a moment for Hex and Grace to find the right room, but oncethey did, things began to fall into place. Grace was pleased to find herdaughter and the other girl unharmed.“Ah, youre just in time.” Ralph smiled, and aimed his gun at Robin.“A villain like you, using a gun?” Hex questioned.
  32. 32. “It is no ordinary gun, Hex,” Ralph said, pushing some of its buttons,“why do you think Ive been silent for almost a generation?”Hex and Grace moved deeper into the room, both of them worriedabout the absence of Ariel. ...
  33. 33. Elsewhere in Rubix, a husband was getting restless, but was stillsmiling for the benefit of his son.“We havent heard anything. I cant take this waiting any longer.”Orlando grumbled.Liam shrugged, “We have to wait, Orlando. Theres nothing else wecan do.”
  34. 34. Orlando shook his head, “I vowed to be by Graces side in everythingshe does. Im going to stick to my vows. Look after Forrest for me?”“What? Youre going over there?” Liam looked shocked, “You going toleave me sitting at home with Rose and Forrest?”“Thats the plan. Keep them safe for me? Im going to make sure mywife and my eldest daughter are okay.”“I understand.” Liam nodded.
  35. 35. Forrest had been standing behind Orlando and Liam the whole time,playing with bubbles.Its not fair, he decided, everyone else gets to have adventures. Imgonna follow Dad. I dont care what anyone says. ...
  36. 36. At the Wheeler household, Austin and Meadow were sat on the frontporch, deep in discussion, unaware of the events unfolding betweenRalph and the Wrongway family.“So youre growing up soon, right after Forrests birthday party, right?”Austin smiled.“Yep! Im so excited, Austin – Im going to spend everyday just hangingout like you do.”“You know, I go to school too, Meadow.” Austin laughed.
  37. 37. Austin and Meadow continued their conversation on the porch, andneither noticed Aphrodite running up the path.“AUSTIN!” Aphrodite yelled, causing heads to turn.“Aphrodite? Whats wrong?” Austin asked, getting to his feet.
  38. 38. Aphrodite panted, out of breath from her run, “Ralph and Ariel haveLavender and Robin!”Austin raised an eyebrow, “Calm down, well get them out of there.”“I didnt know what to do,” Aphrodite admitted, sadly, “I didnt knowwho to turn to, what to do-”
  39. 39. “Aphrodite, calm down.” Austin said, calmly.“You need to get moving.” Meadow told them, recalling the storiesAustin told her about Ralph. Austin glanced over his shoulder andnodded.“Youll be okay on your own?” Austin asked.“Dads home,” Meadow shrugged, “Ill be fine.”
  40. 40. “Right then, lets go.” ...
  41. 41. Back at Ralphs house, Orlando walked cautiously into the house, notseeing Ariel slumped against the wall in the corner, where she hadbeen sat since her daughter ran off.Orlando glanced around, and headed for the stairs.I know what to do, Ariel grinned.
  42. 42. Orlando climbed the stairs, carefully listening for any sounds he couldassociate with his wife. Finding all still, he kept walking, and pickedthe first door at the top of the stairs.Ariel shadowed his steps.
  43. 43. Grace worriedly looked at the door as the handle moved, suspecting itto be Ariel. Hex looked away from the door, focusing on the children.Ralph had yet to make a move but that meant nothing.There was still time for the entire situation to turn out badly.
  44. 44. “Knight in shining armour, anyone?” Orlando asked, wandering intothe room.Grace immediately felt relieved when she saw him.
  45. 45. “Id advise you not to be so cocky.” Ralph smirked, aiming his gun.Orlando just shrugged, the door behind them opening again.
  46. 46. Ariel waved her hand menacingly, sparkles forming round her hand,aiming at Grace.She cursed under her breath, grinning spitefully.
  47. 47. Orlando moved in front of Grace to defend her as the threateningsparkles increased.
  48. 48. A sickly-coloured light erupted out of Ariel and attacked Orlando, whohad stood as a human shield. Ralph looked on amused, Gracewatched in horror, and Orlando...
  49. 49. ...Orlando fell to the floor with a thud, as the sparkles faded away.
  50. 50. “No. No...” Grace gasped, looking from Orlando to Ariel, and backagain.Suddenly, Grace felt very, very alone.
  51. 51. Downstairs, the front door was wide open, and Forrest walked in,gazing in wonder at the room.He had managed to sneak past his grandfather, but he had no ideawhat was happening upstairs...
  52. 52. Forrest wandered into the room where the events were taking place,and stared wide-eyed at the people in the room.“Mum?” He questioned, “Dad? Oh no, Dad!”Forrest promptly burst into tears.
  53. 53. “Ralph, you have done it now,” Hex said, in a low voice, “by killing amember of the Wrongway line – through blood or by marriage – I canbanish you to the other realm.”“You cant do that,” Ralph scoffed, “you need the power of an heir tobe able to do that.”“There are two heiresses in the room, and I think youll find I have thepower to banish you for a generation.”
  54. 54. Grace fell to Orlandos side as Hex began to glow and sparkle, whileForrest looked on worriedly. Ariel and Ralph just laughed at Hexsthreat, and the room suddenly seemed very small and crowded.
  55. 55. Ralph and Ariel were still laughing as they were absorbed by the lightthat was going to banish them.
  56. 56. Lavender put a hand to her head, and sighed.You heard him, Lavender. You heard Hex, Lavender thought toherself, tiredly, Youre the heiress.Gradually, Lavender got to her feet and wandered across the room towhere Grace was crouched over Orlando.
  57. 57. Robin stood by her side, as Lavender watched Grace continue tryingto wake Orlando.“Hes not going to wake up, is he?” Lavender sniffed.Robin didnt answer the question, “Im so sorry, Lavender.”Lavender knew she meant it.
  58. 58. At that moment, Austin wandered on.“Hey guys...” The image of Orlando laying on the floor fixed itself intoAustins mind, “Oh dear Wright...guys, Im sorry, I just...what happenedto Uncle Orlando?”
  59. 59. Grace looked up, sadly, “Hes gone.”Austin didnt know how to respond to Graces statement. It was thetruth, but what can you say to a heartbroken widow that could possiblysoothe them?
  60. 60. Lavender crossed the room and pulled him into a hug before he couldthink of something to break the silence.“Hey, youre okay!” Austin grinned, “Aphrodites waiting outside...shestoo afraid of what she might see to come in...”“I can completely understand that.”
  61. 61. Robin, meanwhile, walked over to Hex, “What did you mean byheiress?”“Ah. There are two lines of Wrongway, Ralphs and Jims. Yourgrandmother is Ralphs oldest daughter. You are the next one in linefor the family.”“So...Im like Lavender, but for a different line of the family?”“I guess so, yes. But theres just side of the family has to fail.Only one brother can succeed.”
  62. 62. “But both of the brothers are out of the picture at the minute – Jim, Ipresume passed away, and Ralph got banished...surely that meanswe can all live happily until Ralph returns?”“I hope thats true, Robin. But I just dont know at the minute.”“Okay, okay. Just a thought.”“Well see what happens.” ...
  63. 63. Later that week, Orlandos life had been marked by a headstone in thebackgarden of the Wrongways home.The funeral had been a small affair, but the memorial was an evensmaller family-orientated event – the only exceptions being Hex,Aphrodite, Austin and Robin, who were all present during the incidentthat took place at Ralphs.
  64. 64. Although Hex had managed to stop Ralph for a generation – he wouldbe back from banishment when the next generation were teenagers –he couldnt cure how everyone felt.Hexs job was a curse. He could never win, he decided. Not properly.He could just do his best under the circumstances.
  65. 65. In the end, thats all anyone could do at any time. Just their best, andfocus on the people that needed them.Hex smiled a little, but couldnt shake the sadness Orlandos deathhad caused.
  66. 66. Consequently, the events left some of the generation without a father,and it was pretty much all that was spoken about for the week.“I wish someone would just change the subject,” Lavender complainedto her friends and her family, “I mean, yes, hes gone and Ill never getto hug him again, or hear him playing the guitar again, but I dont wantto be reminded hes gone all the time.”“Well, then, lets talk about something else.” Austin grinned.
  67. 67. “Lets go to university tonight.” Austin suggested. Everyone stared athim.“Seriously? But you, me, Robin and Aphrodite arent supposed to gountil next week.”“Its a week difference, no one will mind.” Austin shrugged, “Itll get usaway from the town where everyone is offering their condolences.”
  68. 68. “I dont know,” Robin sighed, “I should really go home soon. I sentMum back without going myself.”“Plus, its my birthday,” Forrest announced, “dont you want to see megrow up?”
  69. 69. “Lets do it anyway,” Aphrodite grinned, “stay for the birthdays and thenget going.”“I like that plan!” Austin agreed enthusiastically, “Any objections?”No one argued, and no one commented on it – the first wave of thegeneration were off to the university that night.
  70. 70. Of course, there were important things to get out of the way first. Suchas Forrest growing into a teenager.“This is so cool.” Forrest grinned. Technically, hes shy, but he certainlydoesnt act like it.
  71. 71. Despite the sadness of recent events, Grace threw a party for heryoungest. The entire first circle gathered to wish Forrest into his teenyears.Thats when Forrest made his wish, I wish I could find a way to bringDad back.
  72. 72. Forrest grew into a handsome young man of the Pleasure aspiration(which suits him completely!) who looked a lot like his father.
  73. 73. “I dont know what you all mean by the outfit being awful. The flowermonster dude is cool.”Then, an uninvited guest showed up.
  74. 74. “Liam Wrongway, it is time for you to join us on the other side.”“Now? Less than a week after the death of my son-in-law? You havereally bad timing, Death.”“Yeah, it comes with being immortal. I cant change it though. Yourtime is up.”
  75. 75. “Fine, but I want to see Cassidy.”“Absolutely! But we must hurry, my drink needs refilling.”“Okay, okay. Lead good lives, everyone.”And with that, Liam Wrongway faded from the party.
  76. 76. “Long live the walls we crashed through I had the time of my life with you Long, long live all the walls we crashed through All the Kingdom lights shined just for me and you And I was screaming, long live all the magic we made And bring on all the pretenders, Im not afraid.”I am really, really sad to let them both go, but its a sign that the legacy is moving forwards, really. Both Liam and Cassidy will be missed.
  77. 77. After Liam was gone, and the party broke up, it was time for change.“I guess this means Im the man of the house now, right?”“In your dreams, Forrest.”It was time for Lavender to leave.
  78. 78. “My babys all grown up.” Grace sniffed, hugging Lavender before itwas time to let go.“Mum, its okay. Ill be back.”“I know you will, sweetie,” Grace straightened up, “so, some advice foruni...Rose, Forrest, help me out here.”
  79. 79. “Have fun, but not too much fun.” Rose smiled, “Save some for me.“Dont do anything I wouldnt.” Forrest winked, “I dont know what thatmeans, but it sounds cool.”Lavender laughed, and looked to her Mum, “And youre advice?”“Just do your best, at whatever it is youre doing, okay?” Grace sniffed.
  80. 80. Over Rubix, similar scenes were taking place. Eli had gone to theWheeler household to wave his eldest son off.
  81. 81. Aphrodite had no one left to wave her off. As she exited her home forthe final time – she had no intentions of going back – she wasdelighted to find her friends outside.Quickly, bolting the door and throwing the key into her pocket, shewalked across the grass.
  82. 82. “Hey, Aphrodite. If we want to miss the traffic, weve got to getmoving,” Austin grinned, “also, Im driving. No arguments.”“Well, it is your car!” Lavender remarked, excitedly.Aphrodite raised an eyebrow at him.
  83. 83. “Where did you get a car from?” Aphrodite asked, wide-eyed.“Dad wrote to my Mum, and she phoned him, and found out how old Iam. She figured a car would make up for all the birthdays shesmissed, I guess.”“Thats pretty awesome,” Aphrodite commented, earning a shrug fromAustin, “come on, lets go start university!”
  84. 84. Hercules was wandering by, hoping to ask Aphrodite about their parents.Instead, he found them leaving.“Theyre going to uni without me?” He asked no one, surprised, “Idbetter get back to Hexs. Maybe I can make it over to the uni tomorrow...”
  85. 85. And here they are as young adults! Im really excited to have generationfour at university, it is the furthest Ive ever gotten in a legacy!The chapters from now on will be generation four, but will still coversome of the happenings back in Rubix with the teens – Forrest andMeadow only just grew up, after all.The verse on slide 76 is from Long Live by Taylor Swift.-->
  86. 86. And here is where I leave you, with a picture of the two heiresses,Robin and Lavender Wrongway.Thanks for reading!
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