The Wrongway Legacy - 3.3


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The Wrongway Legacy - 3.3

  1. 1. Welcome to Generation Three, part three of the Wrongway Legacy! Last time, we saw a variety of proposals, the family slowly dealing with Elizabeth's death, university winding down, a toga party among other parties, dates, more proposals, a zombie and a wedding. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you might want to go back and catch up :) Onto the current chapter ->
  2. 2. Night had fallen in Rubix, and four vampires were already sat in a meeting. “This had better be worth our while.” Marcel muttered, before clearing his throat, “Hex, what request are you making to the vampire council?”
  3. 3. “Thank you for letting me call this meeting at such short notice. I owe you all-” “Hex,” Marcel interrupted, “what is it that you want?” “Numbers of the Supernatural Court have fallen considerably. Only myself, Phillip and our resident Plantsim, Blossom, remain. I have decided to ask for your help over matters of the Wrongways.” “Ridiculous, we're already part of the court.” Kendall, the blonde vampire, stated.
  4. 4. “What happened to the other members of the court?” Marcel questioned, confused, “Ariel, and that simself?” Hex raised his eyebrows, “Ariel was aligned with Ralph, and I did not know that the person to recently leave our court was a simself.” “Why did they leave? What was their reasoning?” Kendra, a vampire from Marcel's coven asked. “No reason was given.”
  5. 5. “It is highly unusual for these circumstances to take place.” Kendall added,with a slight frown. “I must agree with Kendall here, Hex. What you are asking of the vampires is for them to risk their own immortality to protect some family.” Marcel was horribly confused – why was it that Hex felt the need to protect the Wrongways from matters they caused?
  6. 6. “This means you will not help me, then?” Hex questioned, remembering that politeness was always a good strategy to maintain around vampires. It was difficult, especially as they weren't looking to accept his proposal.
  7. 7. Kendra smiled, “Whether it is in the best interests of my current coven or not, I would be interested in assisting you, Hex. Immortality is a lonely lifestyle, and I would welcome the chance to make a difference.” “Kendra,” Marcel said, sharply, “the rules of our coven clearly state you must wait for my decision before you are able to act on a proposal.” “Marcel, with all due respect, should this proposal not be accepted, I am willing to found my own coven without so many rules.”
  8. 8. “Kendall,” Marcel asked, gently, ignoring the threat from Kendra, “what is your opinion? In order to fulfill Hex's wishes, we would have to work together in one coven.” “I don't see much choice, Marcel. If we do not help Hex with his issues, Kendra will break away from your coven to found her own. We are in no position to allow a mutiny.” “Indeed. So it is agreed that we will accept Hex's proposal.”
  9. 9. “Am I correct in assuming you're willing to work with me?” Hex dared to ask. “You are correct to assume so. Our covens will put our differences aside and function as one to assist your protection of the Wrongway family.” Kendall answered, a business-like tone controlling her voice. “I am very happy to hear that.”
  10. 10. Elsewhere in Rubix, a pair of newly-weds were about to celebrate their union, in the new bedroom of the Wrongway home. “It was a beautiful wedding,” Grace smiled, “I'm glad you didn't leave me.” “I promised you I wouldn't.” Orlando leaned in for a kiss.
  11. 11. The early hours of the next morning brought vomiting. With a shudder, Grace looked up from the toilet, “I knew we should have hired a caterer, rather than let Eli cook our wedding dinner.”
  12. 12. “So are you feeling better now, Grace?” Orlando asked, as the pair cooked dinner for the household. “A little bit, yes. It's a really strange feeling.” Grace's stomach turned again, “Ooh, I'll be back in a minute!” As Grace dashed for the bathroom again, Orlando concentrated on his spaghetti, “I hope she's okay.”
  13. 13. So while Grace turned in for an early night, Cassidy took it upon herself to teach Orlando the hula. At this rate, everyone in the neighbourhood will be infected by the hula.
  14. 14. The next morning brought the news that Grace was carrying the first child of Generation Four, which inflicted excitement on the household. “Just think, Gracie, in a few days, we'll be parents!” Orlando grinned, as he carefully placed his hands on the baby bump, “Hi there, little one, I'm your daddy.” “I can't wait to meet the little one,” Grace told him, despite how obvious this fact was.
  15. 15. “So, I sense that I'm going to be a grandmother soon.” Cassidy smiled, encouragingly at Grace. “I'm not sure if we're ready, Mum. What if I'm an awful mother?” “Grace, every pregnant woman has that worry at some point. How do you think I felt when my baby was kidnapped, and then I found out I was carrying twins?” Cassidy paused, thoughtfully, “Sweetie, you'll do great. You've already proved to us that you can cope.” Grace grinned, “I love you, Mum.”
  16. 16. The Wrongways found themselves with time to spare as they waited for the baby to make its appearance. Time spent skilling, or playing the guitar, writing bad songs and singing the night away.
  17. 17. Eventually, the pregnancy came to an end, in the middle of the night. Grace woke up slowly, feeling slightly odd. “Orlando...” She whispered, “Orlando? I feel really strange...” “Murrr....” Orlando replied, rolling over, and mumbled something about it being 'normal'.
  18. 18. Unfortunately for Orlando, the baby wasn't about to wait for a more reasonable hour. “ORLANDO!” Grace yelled, as the pain worsened, “YOU MIGHT WANT TO GET UP NOW!!”
  19. 19. Of course, once Grace started screaming, the entire house knew that the next generation was about to make its debut. “Honey, breathe, we talked about this...” Cassidy tried her best to be reassuring, while Liam tried his best to hide the smile on his face – he couldn't wait to be a grandfather.
  20. 20. “Orlando, come meet our baby girl,” Grace was smiling in awe as she held the baby up. “A baby girl,” Orlando repeated proudly, “I'm a daddy.” “Can we call her Lavender?” “It's the perfect name for our perfect girl.”
  21. 21. The evening after Lavender's birth was Eli's bachelor party, and the men of the generation headed out to the nightclubs to dance away Eli's last night of 'freedom'. No one mentioned the fact he couldn't wait to get married in the morning.
  22. 22. Eli headed up to the bar to get a drink and cool down from the dancing that was taking place, when he stumbled across a familiar face. “Nancy?” He wondered, “Nancy, the girl I dated in High School?” She looked up, and smiled, “Eli! How have you been?”
  23. 23. Hours passed while the pair of them sat talking, their words gradually slurring from the amount of juice each of them had drank. “So you see...I didn't want to go to uni,” Nancy finished explaining whatever point she was trying to make. Somewhere along the way she had forgotten what it was she had been talking about.
  24. 24. The pair of them got off their barstools and faced the dancefloor, senses spinning. Nancy looked at Eli, and realised she wanted to be his girlfriend still. “Should we dance?” Eli asked, ending his question with a hiccup and a drunken giggle. “Of course.”
  25. 25. However, dancing wasn't the only thing on the agenda for the party, at least not for Nancy and Eli.
  26. 26. “Eli will really regret this if he remembers it in the morning.” Orlando said to himself, as he watched Nancy and Eli dance closer and closer to each other.
  27. 27. Eli's friends, those who had turned out to celebrate the night, Orlando, Jerry and Knut, could barely bring themselves to look in Eli's direction as dancing progressed into kissing. “If I don't see it, it's not happening.” Jerry told himself, again and again, directing his attention away from the couple.
  28. 28. For Eli, it was certainly turning into a night to remember. If he could remember it, given the amount of juice he had drunk. But of course, it was about to get worse.
  29. 29. Much, much worse.
  30. 30. The morning light streamed through the windows of the Shahan's house, as De checked her appearance in the mirror for the fifth time. “Are you sure the dress isn't too...odd for my wedding, Mrs Wrongway?” De asked. “De, you are beautiful. Now if only my son would show up.”
  31. 31. “I'm really worried about him,” De admitted, “I haven't seen him since last night. “Don't worry, De, Jerry, Knut, Orlando, Liam and Frankie are all out looking for him. He's bound to be somewhere.” “I hope so. I don't want to be the only one at the end of the aisle today.”
  32. 32. “He'll be here, De. You know how important today is to him.” “So why is he late? If it's that important, where is he?”
  33. 33. “De, he probably just lost track of the time, it'll all work out, I promise.” “Alright. I trust you, Mrs Wrongway.” “Please, call me Cassidy.”
  34. 34. “You look beautiful, De. Grace just popped in and told me Liam's back, which probably means Eli is around somewhere.” De felt a flood of relief as this news arrived, “That's really good.” “I'll come back and let you know when it's time. Okay?”
  35. 35. Eli's mind cleared as he rose from the unfamiliar bed, knowing it was his wedding day. “What have I done?” He asked himself, guilt rising.
  36. 36. “Is the wedding still going ahead?” Elizabeth asked. It had been an hour since the wedding was due to start, and there was still no sign of Eli. “Of course it is!” Cassidy answered, fiercely. Orlando was too busy kissing his own bride, but Knut pulled a face, recalling events from the night before.
  37. 37. When Eli did eventually show up, Liam was less than happy to see him. “I don't know what you're playing at, boy, but you've got some nerve, showing up late to your own wedding.” Liam scolded, as if Eli was still a child. “I know, I know, but I'm here now, surely that counts for something.” “Get your tux on, De is waiting.”
  38. 38. Eli arrived at the wedding arch, and pulled a face. The guilt was still there, biting and itching, but he had to put it to one side. This was the happiest day of his life, and De deserved better. “Eli?” De asked, concerned. “Hmm? What's the matter?” “You still want to do this?” “Of course. Why wouldn't I?”
  39. 39. The vows were short, and reflected the couple's courtship in some respects, meeting and falling for each other accidently. Eli's guilt was washed out with happiness. No one had to know what had happened on the night of his bachelor party.
  40. 40. Besides, if no one knew, there were no consequences.
  41. 41. “You asked to see me, Miss Ariel?” Grayson, of Kendall's coven asked, arriving at the mansion where Ariel and Ralph lived, “You appear to be expecting, miss.” It was late at night, the perfect time for striking deals with vampires, and Ariel was in a foul mood, “Ten out of ten for observation skills.” “Forgive me, I was just...” “Yeah, whatever. Look, I need you to do something for me. I'll pay you to help me take down the Wrongway family.” “But I have sworn to protect their family.” “If you don't help me, I will have you killed.”
  42. 42. “While I am immortal, I am certain you would find a way to kill me. Consider our deal arranged.” “I shall. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm due to go into labour tonight and I want to make sure Ralph is around to be introduced to the demons he helped create.” “Then I shall not keep you. Goodbye, Miss Ariel.”
  43. 43. In no time at all, it was time for Ariel to deliver her babies. “If you say ANYTHING, Ralph, I will hurt you.”
  44. 44. “Here, hold your baby boy.” “He's so small and looks so much like me! Wait...why do you want me to hold it?”
  45. 45. As Ariel began shrieking all over again, Ralph held onto his new son, and watched. “Twins.” He said, gravely, and let out a sigh.
  46. 46. Over at the Wrongway's house, it was time for a birthday. Lavender was about to become a toddler. “She's so sweet, Grace.” Liam announced, as Grace leaned forward to blow out the candles. “I know. They grow up so fast!” Grace chuckled, knowing she was pregnant with her second child, but it wasn't showing yet.
  47. 47. Lavender Wrongway is an adorable girl, who looks like she's going to be very mischievous Lavender is also Cancer with a personality of 6/4/5/4/6 – a fairly neat, almost shy, active, serious and nice child.
  48. 48. Elizabeth and Knut had decided against a large wedding ceremony when they saw how much attention was paid to Eli and he was only a tiny bit late. Elizabeth had wanted to avoid attention since she had been resurrected. “How about we get married right here? I want to be Mrs Wheeler right now!” Amused, Knut didn't argue, but offered a shrug, “Why not?”
  49. 49. And shortly afterwards, Elizabeth Wrongway became Elizabeth Wheeler.
  50. 50. Nancy was carrying her son down the street. As much as she loved him, being a mother didn't fit into her plans at all. “I know Eli used to live down this way...” Nancy mumbled to herself, wandering in what she hoped was the right direction.
  51. 51. “And did you hear Grace talking about Lavender on the phone last night? Grace wouldn't stop wittering on about how Lavender had tried to put the dog in the dishwasher to give it a bath, when she knows I can't have kids!” “Darling, calm down, or you'll do what you did last time someone had something you wanted.” Despite the fact Knut was using a variety of euphemisms, Elizabeth had a feeling he was talking about the reason why she had died. “It's not fair, I'm the family sim...” Elizabeth frowned with sorrow as the doorbell rang.
  52. 52. With surprise, Elizabeth opened the door to find a toddler perched on her doorstep,with no parent or guardian in sight. Confusion struck Elizabeth, and for a moment, she considered calling the orphanage to see if they had lost a child.
  53. 53. “Me Austin!” The little boy announced, and promptly started laughing, in a manner that Elizabeth found adorable.
  54. 54. “Hello, Austin, I'm your new Mummy.” Elizabeth smiled. “Mummy!” Austin answered back.
  55. 55. That night, there were another two toddlers in Rubix; a set of Wrongway twins. From a Wrongway who should have been long dead. Ariel had eventually settled on naming the twins Aphrodite and Hercules, 'just because' when Ralph had asked why. The pair didn't need much attention because they had each other. Already, Aphrodite was Ariel's favourite, and Ralph couldn't be bothered with either child.
  56. 56. Hercules is a Scorpio, with a personality of 5/5/9/5/1. A fairly neat, fairly outgoing, super active, fairly playful and grouchy child. Hercules's sister, Aphrodite, is also a Scorpio, with a personality of 8/8/10/4/5. And both of them are cute. :)
  57. 57. And here is where I leave you! Will Eli realise he is the father of his twin's adopted baby? Will Lavender really be as mischievous as she already looks? What lays ahead for the twins? And what about the vampires? Will they protect the Wrongways as they promised? Join me next time for this and more babies! Thanks for Reading!!