The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Twelve


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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Twelve

  1. 1. The Superfrog ISBIChapter Twelve: In Comes Katy
  2. 2. Welcome to chapter twelve of my ISBI! Sketch clearly thinksyoure insane for joining us again.Last time, there was violin playing, scary tantrum faces (thanks,Duck!), lots of Knight spam, aspiration failure, brothers and sistersgenerally behaving like brothers and sisters, birthdays andquestionable fashion choices. Thats when the Reaper came and tookLeo, and his flour-sack baby of fun.Lets get back to this chapter, now →
  3. 3. We rejoin the family to find the generation outside, playing catch. Itsthe middle of the night, they have school in the morning, but catch isway more important.Goblins still upset Leo is gone.Also, the plot behind Duck isnt missing a tombstone, thats just set upfor Vyn. Prepared in advance, just because it was convenient.
  4. 4. The game ended when Duck got stinky.But it still wasnt time for bed.
  5. 5. Vyn was also up and about, joining in with yet another trend of stink.She got into a stomping match with Goblin over who got to use thebathroom first.She lost.
  6. 6. Duck took a bath while Knight and Goblin decided it was bedtime.Even then, Duck didnt call it a night.It was time for kareoke!Did I mention I adore Duck?
  7. 7. Still, everyone somehow makes it to breakfast in time – though all ofthe kids were late to school as a result.Family breakfasts with the Supers – sloppy eating, light conversation,and no dress code.
  8. 8. That evening, fun is back in session after homework is done.Seriously, it takes forever for Sketch to help each kid with theirhomework.Anyway, Knight decided he was going to start a fight with Goblin. Notthe wisest idea, but the only weapons allowed were water balloons. Itsfor the best!
  9. 9. The water fight eventually turns into hanging out on the front lawn.“Im so glad were best friends, Goblin!”“Me, too!”
  10. 10. Duck misses out on the fun, because hes playing the violin. Thenagain, maybe that is fun.Its also the first time Ive ever seen Duck use the violin. But hes quiteadorable when he does.
  11. 11. The adults dance with the kids all the time. At first I thought it wassweet, but now Im a tad confused.Why do they all dance so much? Maybe Goopy is providing a funkybeat.
  12. 12. Time flies, and pretty soon, its the following afternoon. Of course, thatmeans its time for the musical number.Vyn and Goblin do look like theyre performing a duet, though Vynsnumber looks like its a rock song, while Goblins is classical orsomething. Even with the catsuit/jumpsuit.
  13. 13. Duck brought home the daughter of one of the sim bin sims Ive beenplaying in the hood – this is Katy Gavigan.She seems to really enjoy the company of Duck and Knight, which isnice to see. Shell probably grow up with them.
  14. 14. Duck and Katy quickly launch into a game of cops and robbers.I love watching the sims play cops and robbers, their facialexpressions are great and the game is always fun to watch.“Katy! Youve turned to the side of evil!”“Haha! I have indeed!”
  15. 15. “Quickly, Duck! Call an ambulance, Im dying!”“But youre evil! How can I save you when youve tried to kill me somany times in the past?”“Just do it! Or itll be too late!”“What about this healing potion!”(I dont know about you, but when I was a kid, healing potion made anappearance in all of the imaginary games I played with my brother.Near death experience? Totally curable with healing potion!)
  16. 16. “I hear police sirens, I must go!”“Wait! Katy! You never thanked me!”I could go on and on and on. But I wont fill this update with theadventures of Duck and Katy (though I do think that would make anawesome interlude or something).
  17. 17. Goblin pulls great for-my-namesake faces when playing the violin. Itsamusing.I dont regret buying the violin at all.
  18. 18. “Katy and I are leaving as its so late and way past bedtime.”I think its sweet when a parent comes to pick up their children. Itdoesnt seem to happen a lot in my game, but Katys Dad, Nathan,showed up this time.Duck just watched her go.“Ill never understand why playtime has to end.”Me either, Duck.
  19. 19. After homework, Sketch started dancing with Duck again. Like shedoes all the time.“Did I see my little boy playing with a pretty girl today?”“Muuum. Not cool.”
  20. 20. Goopy then got home from work. I have no idea what he doesanymore, or how he managed to get promoted, but he gets to wearthis fancy suit!I miss his mime outfit.
  21. 21. Instead of having breakfast the next morning, Vyn gets in the zonewith the family guitar, while Knight dances to it.An interesting alternative to breakfast.
  22. 22. Sketch and Goopy, meanwhile, talk and dance with Goblin and Duckoutside, trying to make sure the kids are on time for school today.They rarely make it without having to run or grab a lift off Goopy, butthis morning seemed to be going better.
  23. 23. Sketch and Goopy even had time to embarrass their kids before thebus had to go.
  24. 24. A short while later, Goblin brings home Katy Gavigan, the newteenager. She grew up when I last played their house – in between thebus leaving in the morning and the bus arriving in the afternoon,apparently.Goblin didnt seem to like Katy much, “Her fashion sense isquestionable!”Says the girl in a leopard print jumpsuit.
  25. 25. Knight then burst into the house with the highest grade he can get.“Look! Look! Be impressed!”Goopy is still in his suit, meaning he hasnt bathed or slept since hegot in from work last night. Yet he still finds enthusiasm for Knightsgrade.Like I said, Goopy is awesome.
  26. 26. Just outside the room where Knight is cheering, I find Duck wearing afrown. Im not sure why.Hes adorable when hes sad, though. Heck, hes adorable all of thetime.
  27. 27. Maybe he was upset because his head was about to explode......while Knight stands behind him, trying to talk to him.“Look, Duck, I know youre in a difficult position right now, but howabout some rock, paper, scissors?”
  28. 28. Duck grew into a knowledge sim, with a fairly decent pick of clothes –a denim jacket and dark maxis jeans. I consider this to be a betterchoice than a leopard jumpsuit, but thats just me.He looks kind of rebellious. And kind of like Goopy.
  29. 29. After that, the front lawn becomes alive with activity.Knight decides to prove he can stand on his head.“Woo! Thats brilliant!”
  30. 30. “And it didnt even mess up my faux hawk!”
  31. 31. And the teenagers are hanging out in a very teenager way. Vynstrying to prove shes still young and hip by hanging with them.For the most part, the kids let her join them, which is awesome.
  32. 32. Ducks sexuality was randomised with ACR, and he proved that hesrolled as straight by heartfarting Katy. Hmm.Goblin seems to approve, “He thinks she hot? I want to be his friendsome more!”Vyn just agreed, “If Goblins doing it, it must be cool.”
  33. 33. Im wondering if this is the start of something. I mean, Im hoping itsjust a long and happy friendship. But with ACR, and Duck beingcompletely uncontrollable...In other news, I dont think my neighbourhood is doomed. Everyoneelses lots seem to be functioning okay, so Im assuming that its justthe Super lot. Ill be moving them into a new lot when the next TorchHolder is old enough to take charge.
  34. 34. As night fell, this cat wandered by – his name is Moonshine.Thats a rather strange name for a cat.
  35. 35. Knight decided to spend the evening learning how to catch a ball.Seriously, I dont think Ive ever seen him catch it.He also looks rather mean with a baseball. Maybe its just thisgeneration that can pull fake-mean faces.
  36. 36. Its a good thing its a Friday, because the teens hang out on the lawnuntil its Saturday.Vyn was also there, too. But she didnt sit with the group for somereason.
  37. 37. Goopys glowing, and wearing pink shorts that match his guitar. Ihonestly dont know how he does it, but Goopy just keeps gettingmore awesome!
  38. 38. Six pm rolls around, and Vyns thumbnail suddenly disappears.That can mean only one thing...
  39. 39. “VYN SCOTT-”“You have a bit of an exhaust problem there, Death.”“I DO NOT HAVE AN EXHAUST PROBLEM.”“Then are your robes on fire?”“NO, MY ROBES ARE NOT ON FIRE! GAH, STOP DISTRACTING ME.”“Sorry.”
  40. 40. “VYN SCOTT, AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THIS HOURGLASS-”“Thats so cool! I want to touch it!”
  43. 43. “Hey guys, come see! Theres a new grave in the back garden!”Yeah, no one really noticed Vyn passing away, which is sad.
  44. 44. Apparently, Duck is much too busy to notice his Adopted Grandmotherjust died.“Hey Katy, youre pretty cute...”Duck, NO. No star-crossed lovers or anything. No! I wont allow it!
  45. 45. “Congratulations on being cute, Katy!”“Thanks, Duck!”It doesnt look like Ill have much of a say in how this turns out.
  46. 46. Later on, Sketch and Goopy have abandoned the hot tub, and theteens decide to relax in it. Of course, Katy still hadnt left, and got tojoin in with the fun.“Um, Duck, dont you think you should hot tub in the water?”
  47. 47. “Everyone knows hot tubbing is much more fun when youre neithersitting in the right place or under the water.”Of course. Its a fact.
  48. 48. “How do I sound, Mum?”“Hold that thought, sweetheart.”
  49. 49. “AAAH! VAMSI GHOST!”“Hello, Sketch!”Vamsi is the only ghost who bothers to scare people nowadays. Everyother ghost is pretty peaceful.
  50. 50. And Vamsi will scare anyone. Im not sure why, really.Knight seems confused in this picture, “Goblin, what are youscreaming at? Theres no one there!”
  51. 51. With the teenagers way too busy rebelling and hanging out with Katy,Knight has to amuse himself.Hes the only person Ive ever seen use the swimming pool in the backgarden.He doesnt even seem to care about the fact its winter. Of course, hisbehaviour started a trend.
  52. 52. “So let me get this straight,” Goopy said, “we all went swimming lastnight, except from Goblin?”“Yep.”“And Katys here for breakfast because...?”
  53. 53. “Because she loves Duck!” Goblin announced.Well, not quite love. But Duck and Katy spend a lot of time together,flirting, hanging out or glitching up the hot tub.
  54. 54. Both Goopy and Sketch have maxed music and dance, which isimpressive – Ive put no work into getting them that way.I still insist a duet between a guitar and a violin sounds strange.
  55. 55. Anyway, we interrupt everything to bring you Knights birthday.Complete with couch-jumping. I believe thats a result of redaspiration.“Its my birthday! Yay!”
  56. 56. Behold! The final sparkles of the update.
  57. 57. If it wasnt clear before, its clear now – Knight is a lot different to hissiblings genetically.Though any fashion taste he possessed has flown south for the winter,obviously. Along with his downtown party gear, hes wearing sandalswith socks, courtesy of Maxis.Hes also a popularity sim. Hes also awesome.Before we go, have some info for the heir poll -->
  58. 58. Goblin Super Knowledge 2/8/4/6/7 Goblin is known for her mean expressions, which must be for hernamesake, because shes actually super-nice. Shes a talented singer, violin player and guitarist, and doesnt care what the latest trend is, shes not following it.
  59. 59. Duck Super Knowledge 2/8/4/6/7Duck is almost a complete clone of his older sister, but that doesnt mean theyre alike. While hes also got the creative genes, Duck prefers rebelling to playing the violin – and making my life much harder by falling for a playable, Katy Gavigan.
  60. 60. Knight Super Popularity 2/7/10/5/7Knight got all of his parents awesomeness and then some. Hes a lotdifferent to his older siblings, but he also has the creative genes. Any fashion sense he had as a child quickly disappeared when he grew up, but he still has a faux hawk.
  61. 61. “All of my kids are insane.”Vote for whoever you want, for whatever reason you want, I wontjudge you. Plus, I dont mind who wins, as I truly love all three of thekids.Thanks for reading, join us next time!