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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter One

The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter One






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    The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter One The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter One Presentation Transcript

    • Chapter One: Average Joe and Me
    • Welcome to my new ISBI with an unoriginal name! Yay! I wantedsomething light-hearted/insane to play now that my OWBC is almostover, and this challenge was recommended to me. :)The ISBI challenge...I can only control one sim – the heir, or torch-holder. Think of it as an asylum challenge over a few generations. Formore specific rules, see the link in the boolprop thread. Anyway, thisISBI will be running for five generations. :)I decided all of my torch-holders/heirs would meet their spouses viathe gypsy matchmaker. Itll spice up genetics, which is pretty fun. Also,I cant think of an interesting name scheme, so the babies will benamed after stuff that just happens to be on my desk at the time.
    • So lets get started! I couldnt be bothered to make a founder, so Imstarting with my simself, fresh out of CAS.“Wait a second...Im on an empty lot...that can only mean one thing...”
    • “Im in a challenge! Has real-me gone crazy? Were supposed to makefounders for this kind of stuff!”Stop breaking the fourth wall. Anyway. Sim-me, aka, Sam Super –because Superfrog sounded like a silly surname – is a standardAquarius, 4/4/4/7/6. Shes also a family sim.“I want to raise twenty puppies or kittens!”No. This challenge may be all about the insanity, but were not thatinsane.
    • Because lawn-living is dull and terrifying, I built a rather normal-lookinghouse for Sam.Its filled with cheap furniture, too! Dont you just love the early days ofchallenges?
    • And because the Gypsy Matchmaker was walking past, I figured thereis no better time to find that spouse.The papergirl seemed to know what they were up to. “Oh no, achallenge! Quickly, evaporate off the lot!”“Shiiiiiny!”
    • “Eep. Him?” Sam dared to ask, as the old dude – Joe Graham – roseto his feet.“Him, or forever alone.”“But-”“Forever alone.”“I just-”“Forever alone.”
    • “I guess hell do, then...thanks...Matchmaker...”Joe began displaying his smustle skills, proving he is more thanqualified to go insane with us, “Weehee! Look, I still got it!”“Youre welcome, young simself...” the Matchmaker pulled out asponge, “Spongebath?”“Actually, I think Ill go introduce myself to my future life-partner...”“Suit yourself.”
    • “So Mr Graham-”“Joe. Average Joe.”“Right. I was wondering what your interests are?”“I like...”
    • “...not talking to simselves. Im going over there now, bye.”
    • “Hes so hot when he doesnt want to talk to me.”She obviously hates to see him go, but loves to watch him leave. Howcliché.Well, I suppose there are worse people to end up with for the rest ofyour life. He could have had the gorilla-face template.
    • “I like you.” Sam decided to charm him. Maybe that would stop himwandering away.“I like me, too.”
    • Thats when the Welcome Wagon showed up. Some of them werentkeen to hang around.“Just keep walking, just keep walking, dont look them in the eye...”
    • Others were keen to stick around.“I spy! Psst, Vamsi, look at that! A young lady and an old man! Isuggest we watch! Closely!”
    • One member of the Welcome Wagon watched at all times.“Does this count as photo-bombing?”
    • Eventually, the crowd of sims outside wandered in.“Michelle Tse is hot!”Dont you dare use ACR to initiate that!
    • “Oh Lyndsay! That dress looks wonderful on you! Look at the frills! Andthe pink!”“Well, Sam, did you know most of us Bohemians have them?Seriously, its no lie, in fact the other day I was saying to Marie...”And Joes response to the fashion talk? “* slouch *”
    • Night soon fell, and the sanity did not increase. Michelle decided itwas time to break out the super attention-grabbing dancemoves.“I do think the price of oil is kind of high...” Vamsi was oblivious.So was everyone else, actually. Michelle was dancing on her own, andno one cared at all.
    • After that, Joe moved in.“Hell never escape now, for I am...an evil simself!”Unglitch your eyes this instant. Its creepy.
    • Well, hes not who I would have chosen for a spouse, but maybe thatsa good thing. We shall see.He brought only one simolean to the household funs. No fair.“But true love!”Okay. Its about love and not money.
    • When Sam got up in the early hours of the morning, Vamsi andLyndsay hadnt left, but Michelle had.So Sam proceeded to dance in her underwear. Probably about tobecome a completely normal habit.“I think these events would make a rather...interesting book, shall wesay?”And what did Joe do?
    • “* slouch *”Not all that surprising really. The most interesting thing about it is thefact daylight arrived while he slouched.
    • Lyndsay is still here. I dont know why the others went home and shestayed, but thats how things worked out. She kept dancing despite theunusual things Joe thought about the weather.“Something about the rain reminds me of woohoo...”
    • “You know what, hes right! The rain does remind me of woohoo!”“Told you so.”
    • Sam came home from work early, which isnt a very promising sign...“Got promoted.”I love chance cards someetimes. :) Sam is now working her way upthe Criminal career track. I wanted her to be Captain Hero, but itwasnt in the paper. * shrug * Life of Crime was my only other option.
    • Later that day – well, night, because night had fallen by that point, butyou know what I mean – Sam started showing the first signs ofpregnancy.“Oh! Insanely bright pyjamas!”Yep. No morning sickness or anything, just a baby bump. Awesome.
    • Joe then has an interesting time in the bathroom. Specifically by theshower.“* sniff * Im so depressed!”
    • “Mmm...I am still enjoying that green sandwich I had yesterday.”He then wandered out of the bathroom, quite randomly.
    • Due to the fact I cant control him, Joe sleeps when he wants, wherehe wants. So Sam often gets the bed to herself. Why does she look sohappy about that?“zzz...double bed to self....zzz”
    • Joe would rather spend his evenings wandering from room to room,slouching and then complaining hes hungry.
    • Hes not completely useless, though. He does occasionally fend for himself.It makes me worry about leaving the baby with him while Sams at work,though...
    • Speaking of the baby, I think the pregnancy must be having an effecton Sams emotions.“The showers broken...Im going to have a breakdown!”
    • After that, Joe decides to be slightly more helpful. He stops slouchingin doorways, and even answers the phone for Sam.“What?! Why do you want to speak to my partner? I demand ananswer!”Unfortunately for Joe, he wasnt too great at talking to people over thephone.
    • Sam ended up having to call her friends back.“Sorry about that, Michelle, but you know what Joes like.” Sam paused,“Yes, Im sure me and the baby will be fine.”
    • “Whoa! Look! I gained rings, like saturn has!”Ive never managed to catch the ripples until now...also, hooray, thebabys nearly here!
    • Now that the babys nearly, Sam starts looking huge in her custompyjamas.“Maybe I should wear pyjamas with less flesh on display.”Maybe.
    • Pretty soon, the baby is ready to make their debut.“Oooooooouch!”
    • “Oh, this is all my fault! Instead of smacking my hand to my forehead, Ithink Ill reach in and take out my brain as punishment!”“It is your fault, yes, but dont take your brain out. Thats not helpful atall!”
    • “Aw, look! Our baby girl!”“Damn, I wanted a son.”“Joe!”“I mean...yay?”
    • Meet Star Super, named after a bracelet I found on my desk with astar on it!Star has brown hair, and her fathers skin and eyes.
    • Joes not completely useless. He does take care of Star to a certainextent. Though in this picture, he could be about to put Star in thefridge. Who knows.
    • I suppose there are limits to how useful Joe is, though. Whilst Sam isat work, Star spends quite some time chilling on the floor.
    • Star ends up on the floor while Joe sobs.“Wah! I wanted a son, I want something to eat, my wifes at work and Icant change nappies, I assume I want something else because noone pays any attention to my needs!”Its just not an option. Sort yourself out? Please?
    • The next day, Sam comes home to find out shes pregnant again.
    • Sam then goes and plays with a paper aeroplane made from thenewspaper.
    • Later that day, the time comes to throw Star into toddlerhood.
    • Joe decides to wish Star a happy birthday from behind the fridge.
    • Isnt my simselfs daughter adorable?!Im not sure if shes picked up any features from her father, though.
    • Here is where I leave you this time!Join me and the Supers next time for more cute, more babies andmore madness!Thanks for reading!