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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Five

The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Five






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    The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Five The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Five Presentation Transcript

    • The Superfrog ISBIChapter Five: Oh, Firetruck
    • Welcome to Chapter Five of the Superfrog ISBI!Last time, we saw Star become the Torch Holder, and hold herwedding in the garden. Feeling bad that Joe and Sam werent runningaround the place as elders, the family adopted two elderly people –Vamsi and Makoto – who hate each other. Seriously, the house is likea war zone with them two around. As well as the crazy fighting thathappens round the place, Sketch, a girl, was born to the family.Generation Three has started to arrive!So! On with this chapter -->
    • “Joe...Im bored...”“Arent you supposed to be updating people on the lives of our eldestand her family?”“Yeah...how about some rule changes?”“What kind of rule changes?” Joe smiled, looking away.
    • “More creatures? I havent a clue.”“Well, why not start with the creatures?”“A different one every generation?”“Yes! But, Sam...you count as a generation...what are you going tobe?”
    • “Ill choose a creature later for myself. I want to start the changes rightaway!” Sam declared.Joe smiled, discreetly, “Playing SSX3 is not going to get the rulechanges on the road, Sam.”“Shh. Dont rush me.” ...
    • We rejoin the family to find Makoto and Vamsi in yet another fight. Thisis why you shouldnt adopt random old people you find in the street.“Where is Vamsi? I cant find her in this cloud!”Dont worry, Makoto, shes there.
    • As quick as it had started, the fight was over. I dont recall who won.“Waaah! Hes so mean!” Vamsi wailed.“Not even sorry.”
    • Outside, Star was meeting a rather strange dog. More of a wolf, really.A wolf with glowing eyes......totally appropriate since I just decided on the new creature-a-generation rule. What are the odds? I also havent had a werewolf foryears.
    • Alan found something to distract him outside, too. This is the first timeIve ever had sims sniff flowers autonomously. Strange.“Mmm, orange scented.”
    • After sniffing the flowers, Alan decides to sniff his daughter instead.I spent the entire time giggling at how large his nose was incomparison to her face.I have no idea why.
    • Later on, Alan and Star had some troubles removing their adoptedcouple from the master bedroom.“Do you want to leave? My wife and I would like some alone time.”“Stay out of this, Artie! I need to slap Makoto some more!”“My name is Alan!”
    • “If I turn my back on it, nothing is happening.”“WAAAAH!”
    • “Come back here, Im not done slapping you!”Star sighed, “Its lucky theres a hot tub out back for me and Alan tospend some time in.”
    • “Only you would decide to wear a wetsuit to couple time, Alan.”“Stop questioning my fashion sense.”
    • I still think theyre pretty cool as a couple. Bit on the odd side, butthats my entire ISBI for you, really.
    • I probably had some caption planned that was related to the leftoverfireworks, but then I noticed Sketch crawling through the leaves in theback.I dont even want to know what that child just saw.
    • “Its okay, Sketch!” Star sets about improving the situation, by pattingSketch on the head.Maybe shell pat the things Sketch saw right out of her head?
    • Star then runs around the house doing everything she normally does,but in her swimsuit.I know I can control Star and fix the situation, but if everyone else runsaround in whatever they want all the time, why should Star be anydifferent?
    • Meanwhile, Makoto was glowing. Somehow, he worked his way up tomaximum enthusiasm for music and dance.Being in the zone very rarely happens in my game, I didnt expectthis.
    • The next day, the time comes for some Sketch spam.
    • Star makes an okay mother. When shes not singing time away, sheshugging her daughter or stalking Alan.
    • Vamsi took a shine to her, as well.“So your my adopted-granddaughter?”She then put Sketch down on the floor and left for work.
    • Sketch promptly passed out in a cloud of her own stink. Probably not agood sign, but it was a nice day, so Sketch was left there for awhile.
    • Later that day, Vamsi comes home from work with the flu. Andbecause I hate that disease spreading through my sims, Vamsi isimmediately locked into quarantine.Shes got all of the necessary things to keep her alive, I promise you Iam not trying to kill Vamsi.
    • By the time the evening rolls around, Star still isnt showing signs ofher second pregnancy, despite spending all day with her head in thetoilet bowl.Surely she hasnt caught the flu?Instead, she sets fire to the kitchen.
    • Thats when I realised theres no fire alarm or sprinkler in the kitchen.Which is bad.So I instruct Star to call the fire brigade, as shes my Torch Holder.Drops out of queue and she continues to panic. Which is very, verybad.I try the same thing with the extinguisher. Still dropping out of herqueue. Super, super bad.
    • Especially as there is no one around to come to her rescue. Vamsi isin quarantine, Makoto is asleep in the master bedroom, Sketch is toolittle...Alan? Well...
    • “Fire? What fire?”Alan is way too busy with the hot tub, where he has been ALL DAY.
    • Eventually, Alan did work out that there was a fire in the kitchen.“AH! The bar is almost on fire!”Completely unable to do anything – Star really wanted to do nothingbut fire dance – I sat there, hoping they would be smart enough tostay away from the flames.
    • But hoping proved pointless. Star caught fire shortly after Id startingcrossing my fingers.“Is that...fire? On my butt?”
    • “Why arent you doing anything?”Thing is, I couldnt save Star without breaking the rules of the ISBI. Icant control anyone but her, and she wouldnt move. She was on fire.I couldnt put out those flames.
    • “This, simmers, is why we always put in a fire alarm when webuild a house.”
    • “Hmm. Im really hungry, maybe I should order a pizza?”“Youre wife is dead, and youre thinking about take out?”“Its the smell of burning kitchen. Also, I havent done anything but hottub, all day. I think I need some food.”“Your fridge burned down.”“Oh. Well, I will just stand here, thinking about food, then.”
    • Sketch was the only one who seemed upset by the fact that Star wasgone.Well, not the only one completely, but the only one who actually livedwith Star.
    • “Whew, its hot in here.”It didnt surprise me when Alan caught fire. Im not sure why. Ofcourse, its tragic, but not really surprising.
    • This was more surprising.“Wave your arms in the air like you just dont care!”+1000 for burning to death? Alan, really?
    • Makoto would wake up in time to express his sorrow for the loss ofAlan, rather than Star.“I have a feeling there is an elderly man in his underwear sobbingbehind me. Ugh. I need a new job so badly.”
    • So. Sketch Super, the orphan. Had her whole family wiped out in onenight, pretty much.
    • According to the rules, the Torch Holder dying means game over.Im not sure how to react to that. I mean, Ive tried my hardest to stickto all the other rules, it seems a bit unfair to ignore this one. Also, theTorch Holder now would be Sketch, who is just way too young.I honestly dont know what to do now. Maybe continue with Vogue orStar? Age Sketch up to a teen and carry on? Or play by the rules andannounce this as game over?
    • “Joe, Im thinking of a word that starts with an F and ends with UCK.”“Firetruck?”-------------I think thats where Ill end things this time. Sorry its such a depressingending, but I literally have no clue as to what to do now.Thanks for reading!