Reality Bites: An Interlude


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Reality Bites: An Interlude

  1. 1. Reality Bites: An OWBC Interlude: Who is That?!
  2. 2. I figured it was about time I did a re-cap/whos who type chapter.Anyway!First of all, everyone who is currently in the hood.Back row, left to right: Birch, Cara, Beatrice, Brandon, Meadow, Brich,Olivia, Octopus and OpalFront row, left to right: Logan, Bella, Rhapsody, Peter, Garrett
  3. 3. So lets start with our current heir. Ben is the oldest of five children,and twins with Beatrice.In his lifetime, Ben has defended his honour log-rolling at the ThreeLakes, turned into a plantsim tending to the family garden, spawnedthe quad pod, got married, and had three more kids.Ben married Meadow Thayer after the quad pod had grown up, and adthree children, Logan, Peter and Rhapsody.
  4. 4. Bens twin, Beatrice, moved into an apartment and fell in love with herroom mate, Brandon Jones.Bea is incredibly cool, and has a daughter with Brandon, Bella Mirror.
  5. 5. Olivia was the middle child of the first generation, the bad apple. Shewas also the odd one out.She misbehaved, put on weight, started fights and danced the nightaway, when she was younger.Now she lives on freewill with Octopus, her best friend.
  6. 6. Octopus is twins with Opal, but the pair fought when younger and arentas close as the older twins of generation one.Octopus is only named so because I ran out of “o” names. He now liveswith Olivia, and keeping a look out for someone to love.
  7. 7. Opal is the romance sim and the baby of the first generation. She wasthe only one out of the first generation to take a majority of her looksfrom her father.She lives with Garrett, dating anyone who happens to walk by.
  8. 8. Garrett the Bigfoot met the Mirrors when they visited Three Lakesduring the first generation. He is best friends with Opal, and lives withher.Hes awesome and fun.
  9. 9. The oldest of generation two (who were actually awake for thephotoshoot) is Birch. Hes a member of the quad pod, the only boy.The other members of the quad pod are Bluebell, Ivy and Violet.Birch met Cara through the matchmaker, and the pair of them havebeen a really close couple ever since. They taught the hula dance tothe family, as Cara originates from Twikki Island.
  10. 10. Logan is close friends with his older brother, Birch, and is the oldest ofBirchs three children with Meadow.Hes awesome, and gets along well with his younger siblings as wellas his older ones. He cant hula, though, no matter how much he tries.
  11. 11. Peter is the middle child, and the bad apple.He is the calmest, quietest, and dullest bad apple so far. He also gotconfused for a girl once or twice. I blame the pink he wore as a child.Out of Ben and Meadows three children, Peter is the one who looksmost like Meadow.
  12. 12. Rhapsody is the youngest of Bens seven children, and was voted asthe heiress in the heir poll.Shes groovy and fun, and out to break as many traditions as shepossibly can, such as name schemes and growing up in family funoutfits. Shes a great dancer, and already knows how to smustle,slapdance and hula.Shes going to be great as heiress, I know it. :)
  13. 13. Bella Mirror is cousin to all seven of Bens children, and child of Beaand Brandon Jones.Shes a romance sim, and a bit on the rebellious side – which willhopefully be included in the next chapter. Bella behaves a lot more likeOpal than her own mother...Shes the same age as Rhapsody.
  14. 14. Hiding in the neighbourhood is the reality team who created the realitybites show – Matthew and Charlie.Charlie is a bit less rational and bit more bolder with her ideas forinterfering with the show. Matthew is always the one to put a stop toher plans.
  15. 15. So thats where we are right now!With the second generation as teenagers, and Rhapsody growing upto take over the family.