Ottomas Family Values: Three


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Ottomas Family Values: Three

  1. 1. Ottomas Family ValuesThree: “Can I go now?”
  2. 2. Last time...Babies A, B and C (Annabelle, Buttercup & Cinna) grew, while theOttomas family welcomed in some more children – babies D, E and F(Darcy, Edgar and Ford). Annabelle did some dating, Darcy found outwhere babies come from, Edgar was ignored, and Ford was declaredawesome. Jason also didnt seem to mind that he was father to onlyone of the six children living with him. Ill recap who the father of thesekids is as the end of the chapter, okay? :)Onto this chapter...
  3. 3. “Its a beautiful day.” Annabelle commented, nudging her brother andsister, who were sitting on either side of her on the bridge of theirfamily home.“Uh huh,” Buttercup agreed, “perfect for trying to take your laptop offDarcy, ignore Edgar and coo over Ford.”“Did you know Mum cant have more kids until were gone?” Cinnaasked.“Should we leave?” Annabelle replied, “You know, go to uni orsomething?”
  4. 4. “Well, I cant imagine myself at lectures, writing essays, and wearingtogas,” Buttercup replied, dreamily.“Me either, really.” Cinna agreed.“But lets do it anyway! Its something different, something new!”“You dont want to wait for Darcy?” Cinna questioned.“Mum could use the extra pair of hands.” Buttercup replied.
  5. 5. Before the afternoon was out, a cab was called to take the oldestthree kids to university.“You had better be right about university, Annabelle. It better be fun.”Annabelle rolled her eyes, “Shut up and get in the car.”
  6. 6. This left Darcy as the eldest.“They left without me, and my birthday is tomorrow...”Needless to say, Darcy felt more than a little left out.
  7. 7. Edgar continues being ignored by his family, and takes up fishing.While it may look like hes terrible at it, he did eventually get rewardedwith a bronze fishing badge.
  8. 8. When night fell, Jason headed out to the telescope, only to find anasty surprise waiting for him.Aliens.
  9. 9. “This cant be good.” Jason sighed.
  10. 10. “He better have a good reason for making this much noise at a stupidhour.”Jason was returned later, at an hour that irritated his wife, and wokeDarcy. Edgar slept through the whole thing.
  11. 11. “Yay! Sort-of Daddy went to space!”Darcy was thrilled that Jason had managed to meet the aliens – shewasnt interested in learning and knowledge, but the fact he had metthe aliens was too cool.
  12. 12. Eager to keep up with the fact that her husband was pregnant,Samantha decided to find her next baby daddy.
  13. 13. Jihoon Hsu was a tad confused how he had ended up by an enormouspond, attracted to a woman with six kids, but he decided to roll with it.(Also – too many Goopy-faces! I need more variety!)
  14. 14. Not long after they met, Samantha was expecting her next baby, andJihoon left.
  15. 15. Samantha was then struck by lightning, and her trousers turnedinvisible.Awkward.
  16. 16. Later that day, Darcy grew into a beautiful teenager of the Romanceaspiration.She rolled the lifetime want of topping the Culinary career.
  17. 17. While Darcy celebrated her new age, Jason and Samantha slippedoutside to spend some time together, watching the stars from themeadow near the wishing well.
  18. 18. Their peaceful couple time was interrupted byJasons pregnancyshowing up.
  19. 19. Jason headed inside and started meditating, because the pregnancyturned out to be pretty hard on him.Samantha found this amusing.
  20. 20. The Ottomas family always had visitors, such as Michelle Tse andMeadow Thayer.Meadow seems slightly worried by Samanthas enthusiasm for babies.
  21. 21. Later that day, Samantha started showing signs of her pregnancy.
  22. 22. Later on, Ford grew up, still as awesome as ever.
  23. 23. The next day, Darcy, tired of spending time with her family, decidedshe would get a boyfriend – or three, because she was a romancesim.The boy who was dropped by the family wishing well didnt stay long...
  24. 24. ...and when he left, she found herself the next boy.
  25. 25. Though she had no one to talk about her boyfriends with – Edgar andFord were not interested, not like how Annabelle and Buttercup wouldhave been.“So thats what the wishing well is best for.”“Can I go now? Edgar has a bronze fishing badge, and I want onetoo.”
  26. 26. Despite her status as a romance sim, Darcy was exceptionally goodwith the family, and loved nothing more than entertaining her youngerbrothers. She even gave Edgar attention.“Do either of you two know how to solve a rubix cube thats actually aball?” Samantha asked her children, “Also, are you two getting along?I didnt expect that!”
  27. 27. Edgar seemed to have someone to play with at last – after the rest ofhis family had pretty much ignored him, Edgar found he was still coolto his younger brother.The boys were the best of friends.
  28. 28. The week passed with the family preparing for the new arrivals – it hadbeen a few days since the family last had a toddler, let alone morethan one.Also, a terrifyingly scary penguin wandered past the house during thenight. It left before anyone could pet it.
  29. 29. Jasons pregnancy ended first, in the early hours of the morning, whenEdgar was awake to pull inappropriate expressions in the back of thepictures.Everyone else was either not interested, or only interested becausethe person in labour was male.
  30. 30. Jason brought a little alien boy into the world, named George.
  31. 31. George was quickly put in a bouncing chair, and forgotten about asthe family geared up for the next arrival.
  32. 32. Samantha went into labour only a few hours later.
  33. 33. Samantha delivered the first girl since Darcy, a little girl who wasnamed Hatter.
  34. 34. Life continued as normal once the pseudo twins were born – Darcycontinued to find lovers through her mothers wishing well.
  35. 35. Edgar found some toys that nobody had used before, which wasalways a rarity for the family.
  36. 36. He also made time for playing with Ford.“Haha, Ford, you look like you have a moustache!”
  37. 37. Samantha didnt get pregnant again right away, as Jason had taken afew days off work.Eventually, it was time for the babies to grow into toddlers.
  38. 38. The Almost-Twins grew into adorable little toddlers whosepersonalities I didnt write down.
  39. 39. Samantha experienced the difficulties that Jason had been dealingwith for the past six children. Instead of paying Jasons son, George,any attention, Samantha gave all of her attention to Hatter.How had Jason managed to pay attention to all of the children,regardless of whether they were his or not?
  40. 40. At some point over the next twenty-four hours, Edgar grew into ateenager, but his birthday pictures have mysteriously disappeared.Edgar grew up to be a romance sim like his older sister.
  41. 41. A couple of days after Edgars birthday, on the next birthday of theAlmost-Twins, Samantha decided it was time to find the next father.
  42. 42. She got the cafeteria dude from Annabelle, Buttercup and Cinnasdorm. His name was quickly forgotten.
  43. 43. It took them seven tries, but eventually, Samantha did fall pregnantwith his baby.
  44. 44. As quick as quick, the twins had their birthday.
  45. 45. The Almost-Twins grew into really close children.They werent technically related, which may cause awkward in-the-family romances when theyre older, but for now, theyre the best offriends.
  46. 46. And thats it for this time!Join me next time for baby I and possibly more!Thanks for reading!