Ottomas Family Values: One


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Ottomas Family Values: One

  1. 1. Ottomas Family Values One: “No strings?”
  2. 2. “I cant believe you cheated on me while I was pregnant with yourtwins!” Samantha Ottomas yelled in disgust.“What did you expect, sweetie? Its happened every time you fellpregnant.” Peter shrugged. This wasnt the first time he had beencaught.“Who needs soap operas when you can interfere with family life forfree?” Joe Graham decided, watching the family as he slouched.
  3. 3. The arguments continued for days, and Peter truly could not see whathe had done wrong. He tried to beg, he tried to plead. But it was all invain.Samantha had her mind made up.
  4. 4. “Peter, I want you out of my house!”“Say please.”She lost her temper. He lost his home.Samantha sent their children after him, though it pained her to givethem up. She was going to have her own family, one she could trust.Twenty-six children would be enough company.
  5. 5. Samantha started her new life as a bachelor with some elixir and avisit to the Matchmaker. She was young, she was single, and she waslooking for baby-daddies.Not necessarily commitment.
  6. 6. Thats how she met Juan. He didnt like her at first – cost her almostall of her money and he was unimpressed by her.“What is wrong with you? We have three bolts!” She cried.“I know what you want. Marriage, three kids, a dog and a family car.”“Actually, I want an afternoon of no-strings-attached woohoo.”
  7. 7. “No strings? Im so the man for you! Well...for this afternoon, anyway.”He wasnt a keeper, but that wasnt what Samantha was looking for.
  8. 8. By the time the clock ticked past midnight, Samantha and Juan hadfallen into bed together, and the first of Samanthas twenty-six childrenwas on their way.
  9. 9. Having already been through four pregnancies, Samantha was notnew to morning sickness.She coped with being pregnant much better than a lot of other peopleshe knew from the neighbourhood.
  10. 10. In addition to her desire for twenty-six kids, Samantha was keen to beCaptain Hero, and was slowly climbing the career ladder.She got home from work one night to find out her pregnancy wasbeginning to show.
  11. 11. With a larger amount of free time on her hands now, Samanthaspruced up her garden, and invited the Garden Club to come andhave a look.A wishing well, afterall, would make looking for potential fathers mucheasier.
  12. 12. The fellows from the Garden Club were an odd bunch. Some of thestatues she had decorating the yard impressed them – like her stonefairy – while they talked rudely about other statues.Since when were flamingos frowned upon?
  13. 13. Either way, her plants were in excellent shape, so they left her thewishing well.Samantha was grateful to have it, because not only did it look nice, itwas useful.
  14. 14. Samantha tried the wishing well out immediately, which is how shemet Jason Menon.They spent a short amount of time together before she put his numberaside, mentally noting that he would be the father of her second child.
  15. 15. In the evenings, Samantha took to stargazing.It gave her something to do when she couldnt sleep, and earned her alittle money on top of her wages when she discovered constellations.
  16. 16. The neighbourhood was still awake at night anyway.It was the time when Peter was mostly likely to wander past, usually toknock the bin down.Because if youre angry at someone, you attack their bin, of course.
  17. 17. Juan occasionally stopped by at night, too. But only ever to deliverbouquets. Clearly, he hadnt forgotten his time spent with Samantha.He didnt know she wasnt planning on calling him back. Ever.“I know she said no strings, but I wouldnt protest if that changed.”
  18. 18. The night activity was sometimes helpful. Peter was there whenSamantha went into labour with the first baby of her new life.“A baby that isnt mine! This is such a large crisis I walked in off thestreet to help out!”Despite all of the arguments and problems between them, Peter stillcared about her.
  19. 19. He left shortly after Annabelle Ottomas was born, and didnt returnafterwards, not even to knock the bin down again, or steal thenewspaper.He left Samantha with her fresh start.
  20. 20. Annabelle was a cheerful baby, blissfully unaware of her unusualfamily situation.Samantha hadnt gone back to work, opting to take care of the infantherself, but she did have some money saved up so Annabelle couldhave the latest toys – toys that no other baby in the neighbourhoodhad.
  21. 21. It wasnt long before Samantha was expecting her next child.And unlike Juan, Samantha saw Jason on a frequent basis.
  22. 22. By the time Annabelles birthday rolled around, Samantha was alreadysporting a baby bump.Annabelle grew into an adorable little girl, of the Cancer starsign, witha personality of 6/5/6/4/6
  23. 23. As far as toys were concerned, Annabelle was once again spoilt forchoice.However, she didnt play with all of the toys, nor did she appear tobecome a bossy and spoilt little girl.
  24. 24. Annabelle also showed an interest in building with her blocks, despitethe fact it wasnt her favourite thing to do.She spent her toddler years learning skills from her mother and hertoys, more so her toys because her mother was pregnant.
  25. 25. Samantha continued to keep in touch with the father of her secondbaby, and continued to ignore any phone calls she received fromJuan.For some reason, the gypsy Matchmaker was also keen to keep intouch. If only she knew she had been replaced by a wishing well.
  26. 26. When Samantha went into labour this time, there was no one aroundbut her toddler daughter, who wasnt much use, dancing to the musicplaying from the stereo.Samantha had to bring in the next baby on her own.
  27. 27. Samantha welcomed another little girl into her life, and named herButtercup.
  28. 28. Samantha wasted no time, and called up the Garden Club fellow again.By the end of the day, she was expecting again.
  29. 29. Also at the end of the afternoon was Annabelles birthday, which Joedecided to hang around for.
  30. 30. “I absolutely love dancing!”Annabelle appeared to having taken most of her mothers features,though she did have her fathers jaw. If there were more of his geneticsin her, there wasnt enough evidence to tell yet.
  31. 31. Soon, Samantha decided she had to talk to Annabelle, “Youre alreadya big sister, but how would you feel about being a big sister to anotherbaby as well?”“How many babies?”“Well, one at the minute, but twenty-five eventually.”Annabelles eyes widened, “Twenty-five is a big number, mum.”
  32. 32. “It is, but I dont want to change my mind about the number,”Samantha pulled her daughter close, “can you handle being the bigsister?”“I can! Twenty-five means lots of people to play with!”“It does indeed! There are good points to this as well, arent there?”“A daddy would help, mum.”Samantha didnt reply to that, and instead, continued to watch a filmwith Annabelle.
  33. 33. The next day, Buttercup grew into a toddler. She was reasonably cute,but she definitely had her mothers nose. Her red hair, however, musthave come from her father somehow.Buttercup is an Aquarius, with a personality of 4/5/6/6/5
  34. 34. Samantha had an important meeting happening in the kitchen thatevening, and so Annabelle was in charge of keeping Buttercup busy.Luckily, they had a drawing table in the nursery, so Annabelle couldteach Buttercup how to draw crocodiles.
  35. 35. “I dont understand, Samantha,” Jason laughed a little, uneasy, “wehardly see each other since you told me that you were pregnant, andout of the blue, you ask me to come over.”“Well, Ive had a lot of thinking to do.”“Like what?” Jason eyed Samanthas baby bump, “Is that mine...?”“No, no. Your daughters in the nursery. But I didnt ask you here so wecould talk about her.”“Oh?”
  36. 36. “How would you feel if I said I was planning to have twenty-sixchildren, each with a different father?”“Ill admit, Im a little intrigued. Why?”“Just to prove that I can. But, Jason, I really like you. I dont want to letyou go.”“So have the remaining twenty-four and marry me anyway?” Jasongrinned, “Im telling you, Im a great father!”
  37. 37. “Well, Im going to take what you said literally, Jason. Lets getmarried, and Ill sneak around with twenty-three other guys in order tofulfil my life dream.”“Is that little velvet box what I think it is?”“Absolutely, Jason. Marry me?”
  38. 38. “Help me raise twenty-six kids, Jason, I dont think I can do it on myown.”“As warped as our marriage will be, I cant help but stand by you,”Jason replied, admiring the ring, “I will marry you, Samantha. And I willhelp you raise children that arent mine.”
  39. 39. The couple got married right away, in the privacy of their kitchen.Jason Menon became Jason Ottomas, and welcomed the familyvalues of the Ottomas family into his heart.Even if it meant letting his wife have children with other men.
  40. 40. Jason changed his hair back to red, and took care of his wife whileshe was pregnant.He was the perfect husband for her.
  41. 41. Buttercup becomes the first toddler to play in the toilet – Annabellewas completely oblivious to its existence as a toddler.“Why there no ducks in pond?”
  42. 42. Annabelle, meanwhile, started to complain because her grades were alittle less than perfect.
  43. 43. Samantha went into labour with the third child.
  44. 44. This time, Samantha gave birth to a boy, whose name is Cinna.
  45. 45. In all of the excitement surrounding Cinnas birth, the family completelymissed Buttercups birthday.She grew into a slightly-less awkward-looking child. Her fathersgenetics are visible now.
  46. 46. Annabelle and Buttercup get along really well.“Were like sisters because we sort of are!”
  47. 47. When Jason went to work the next day, Samantha headed out to thewishing well to find the father of her next baby.After much talking with Jason, they had agreed it was better for themboth if Samantha met with the other fathers when he wasnt home.
  48. 48. Neil Chalmers became the next father, after spending the afternoon inthe house with Samantha.
  49. 49. Cinna also grew up that day, into an odd toddler. He was aninteresting mix of his parents, but his connections to Samantha wereclear – he, like Annabelle and Buttercup – had her nose.Cinna has a personality of 2/3/10/10/8
  50. 50. And Ill leave you here, with a picture of the newly-weds.I love them as a couple!Join me next time for baby D and more!Thanks for reading!