Love is Blind: The Therapist Said So


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Love is Blind: The Therapist Said So

  1. 1. Welcome back to my Knight in Shining Armour Challenge!Last time, a wedding took place. But it wasnt the wedding of ourdamsel in distress, Annabelle, it was her step-brother Arnoldswedding to his sweetheart, Charlie. But Annabelle did meet a potentialknight, in the form of Kennedy Grove, a fitness hobby instructor, whohad shown up to welcome Charlie to his secret gym and stayed for thewedding party.Anyway. On with the show.
  2. 2. Charlotte charming, was in a bad mood. Her son was married, andthus she no longer had him to herself.So Charlotte took her rage out on the nearest person. Arnolds newspouse, Charlie Tang-Charming.
  3. 3. “Oh, Im sorry? Did I insult your death-nose?”“I happen to like my death nose, Charlotte!!”
  4. 4. “Of course you pretend to. It makes you feel better.”Charlie glared at Charlotte, grumpily. “Youre lucky youre Arnoldsmother, or I would get the run with scissors playset in an instant.”
  5. 5. Of course, as dawn arrived, another big day was about to begin.“Charlie! Our baby will be dropped off in a few hours! Arent youexcited?” Arnold grinned.“I know Im not,” Charlotte interrupted, “Im way too evil to be agrandmother.”
  6. 6. But regardless of whether Charlotte was happy about it or not, thebaby was going to arrive.Hmm. I should really move those flowers out of the road.
  7. 7. “Hooray! I have two daddies, an evil grandmother and a prisoner in mytower!”Meet Esther Charming. She actually looks a little bit like Arnold.
  8. 8. “Woohoo! Smustle time!”I like this kid. Shes going to fit right in.
  9. 9. “Ahoy there! Welcome aboard!”But this challenge isnt all about the adorable couple living downstairs.Time to check in on Annabelle.
  10. 10. “Can I hear children laughing?” Annabelle asked, “Great llama gods,theyve adopted! But Im the family sim!”Yeah. She still spends her days in her pyjamas, studying cooking.
  11. 11. Eventually though, something interesting did happen. Kennedy Grove,who is somehow mysteriously friends with Arnold, got invited over forthe “New Child Party!”.Of course, Annabelle wasnt invited to the party.“You always wear pyjamas.” Kennedy noted.“Dude, I live alone in a tower, why would I bother wearing fancyclothes?” Annabelle grinned, “How did you get in here, anyway?”
  12. 12. “Um, for some reason, your door has been unlocked since last night.Quite possibly a mistake. I wandered in to talk to you, and it suddenlylocked. Weird right?”I really did manage to unlock Annabelles door without realising it. Butits locked now, with her maybe-knight inside.
  13. 13. “You mean I could have got out of the tower this whole time?”“Um...yeah. Not anymore. Were locked in.”
  14. 14. And then...well. Banned4lyfe.“Convinced Im a girl yet?”
  15. 15. Well, regardless of whether or not they were locked in, Annabelle andKennedy began showing signs that they were getting along really,really well.
  16. 16. “One day, youll rescue me from this tower, right? I mean, I couldrescue myself, but eh. Im feeling lazy.”
  17. 17. “After the wedding,” Kennedy said, before considering, “and our firstchild.”“Okay, but one of us has to give up our baseball cap. There is no roomfor two hats in this relationship.”
  18. 18. And so the flirting continued.
  19. 19. Meanwhile, downstairs, Charlottes rage continued.“I cant believe you made me become an evil grandma!”“You chose to be evil!”“But you chose the grandmother part!”
  20. 20. “Arnold! Youre a bloody pleasure sim! Youre supposed to be havingfun, not making me feel old!”“It doesnt matter to you, its what I want!”
  21. 21. While Arnold and Charlotte continued to argue, Charlie watched hisdaughter smustle.Until she heard the argument, of course.
  22. 22. After that, Esther ran outside and started sobbing.Things are beginning to fall apart downstairs.
  23. 23. Arnold then decided to have the first breakdown of the challenge.“Hahaha, mother doesnt love me!”
  24. 24. Hmm. Who knew arguing with your evil mother meant you would havea breakdown?
  25. 25. But its okay. Arnold is in safe hands.Safe hands owned by a therapist with a large nose and peculiarmoustache.
  26. 26. Upstairs, Annabelle and Kennedy decide to ignore the angry yells andtherapeutic sounds by serenading instead.“Isnt the man suppose to sing to the woman?” Kennedy asked,confused.“I am the man in this relationship, right?” Annabelle laughed.
  27. 27. “Will you move in with me?” Annabelle asked, standing up. “The toweris big enough for us both.”“Of course!”
  28. 28. After that, Kennedy removed his hat, to reveal long golden locks. Hesthe damsel, and she is the knight, clearly.“We will get out of here, I promise.”
  29. 29. Downstairs, it turns out Charlie works in a restaurant.The hot dog look suits him
  30. 30. “If you can cook, why are we eating TV dinners?”“Im tired and youre insane, the therapist said so.”“Not insane enough to notice we only ever seem to eat TV dinners.”It is true, actually. TV dinners for all.
  31. 31. And here is where I leave you! With the therapist!Join me next time for secret weddings, secret babies, and secretskilling for cooking points!Thanks for reading!