Love is Blind: I Love You, Stupid


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Love is Blind: I Love You, Stupid

  1. 1. Welcome back to my Knight in Shining Armour Challenge!Last time, Annabelle flirted with Kennedy Grove as the step-familyliving downstairs adopted a little girl named Esther. Were getting closeto the end now, its unbelievable! :DAnyway! Lets keep going!
  2. 2. Reluctantly, Charlie opened his eyes on a new day, recalling theheated arguments held with Charlotte over the previous few days.“Well,” Charlie murmured, “Its a new day.”
  3. 3. Locked in a tower elsewhere in the house, separated from the othercouple by a wall, Annabelle was also waking up.“Secret wedding today,” she sighed, “totally not how I predicted mywedding would be.”Kennedy just carried on sleeping.
  4. 4. Eventually, members of the family began to wake up and move aroundthe house.“Arnold, we could always escape.” Charlie said, calmly, “Like thedamsel is planning to, eventually.”“Who is the damsel? And what is there to escape from?!”“Did the therapist wipe your memory or something?”
  5. 5. “Whats that youre talking about, Charlie, dear?”“Nothing, Charlotte. I was just complimenting Arnolds shirt.”“Of course,” Charlotte smiled, “Also, be aware that no one escapes.Ever.”
  6. 6. “Curses! I forgot the door was locked!”Yep. There is now a large build up of rubbish on the bottom floor of thetower. Also, cockroaches. Nice.“We have so got to get out of here!”
  7. 7. Kennedy decided he could stand it no longer.“Marry me! The sooner we are married, the sooner we can be parentsand the sooner we can escape this lifestyle! We can travel the world!”“With the baby?”“Even with the baby!”
  8. 8. “Oooh! Shiny!” Annabelle grinned, “How did you get this?”“Im a knight. Right?”
  9. 9. “And it fits! I will marry you today, Kennedy!”
  10. 10. “Because you love me or because you want to get out?”“Because I love you, stupid!”
  11. 11. Downstairs, Grandmother and Granddaughter engage in rock, paper,scissors......and theyre both very competitive.“Haha, rock beats scissors. I win, Grandma.”“No! I am too evil to lose to you!”
  12. 12. After that, Charlotte was so enraged, she attacked Charlie.
  13. 13. “If I dont see it, its not happening.”
  14. 14. “Waah, you cant defeat me, Im evil!”“Good always triumphs over evil.” Charlie said, firmly.
  15. 15. With the drama continuing downstairs, Kennedy and Annabelle weremaking their vows upstairs.
  16. 16. This does also mean that the end is almost here. But still! Baby and adaring escape first! Hooray!
  17. 17. “Now we are Mr and Mrs Grove, I can kiss you, right?”“Of course.” Kennedy leaned in awkwardly, but Annabelle wasnt goingto stand for that.
  18. 18. “Kiss me properly, Mr Grove.” Annabelle grinned.Kennedy laughed, “With pleasure.”
  19. 19. Despite the fact they were locked in a tower built badly on the edge ofan evil step-mothers house, which was slowly filling up with rubbishand cockroaches from the bottom, Annabelle and Kennedy were trulyhappy.
  20. 20. Shortly after the wedding, of course, Annabelle started showing signsof a pregnancy.
  21. 21. While things continue to go bad downstairs.Esther finds out shes not too great at the school thing.“I blame evil grandma for causing problems.”Dont we all, Esther, dont we all.
  22. 22. Charlotte, I fear, might be going as insane as her son. But then again,maybe thats not such a bad thing.“Everybody dance now!”
  23. 23. Charlie worked out if he spent all of his time with Arnold, instead ofwandering around doing nothing, Charlotte was less likely to attackhim.
  24. 24. Plus they are adorable.“We will escape, Arnold.” Charlie murmured, as his nose once againattacked Arnolds cheek.
  25. 25. Later on in the week, Charlotte decides to retire into her room andstop hate-stalking her son in law.Charlotte appeared to be brooding for no particular reason.
  26. 26. Meanwhile, Arnold was left to his own devices.“Hey, whats on the other side of this door?” Frowning, Arnold triedturning the knob, finding the door was locked, “I swear I hearscreaming on the other side.”
  27. 27. Of course, screaming was a sign of Annabelle going into labour.Or screaming was a sign of Kennedy being surprised that pregnanciesend with births.
  28. 28. The labour was over in seconds.“Come meet your son, Kennedy! Little Xander!” Annabelle paused,frowning, “Hang on a second...”
  29. 29. “And meet your daughter, Zoey!”Kennedy showed more interest in the weather, to be honest.So Annabelle had twins.
  30. 30. And because I am terrible at taking pictures of babyhood, behold! Thetwins as toddlers!Xander looks like Zoey is holding him too tightly.
  31. 31. Here is where I leave you! With Annabelle complaining about thecockroaches!Join us next time for the great escape! Plus more adorable!Thanks for reading!