From the Ground Up: Chapter One


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  • From the Ground Up: Chapter One

    1. 1. From the Ground Up: A Towering Legacy Chapter One: Clowning Around
    2. 2. Welcome to Bluebell Lake, home to the playtest of challenge based upon a post I read on old boolprop. The idea is a “a towering legacy” – with each generation comes a new floor to our building! And it’s an 8x8 tower, too…so there won’t be much room to raise a family! All part of the fun! I’ll put a link to the full rule-set I’m using on the boolprop thread/LJ post. Let’s get started!
    3. 3. Meet Aurora Stone, a popularity sim, from one of my good genes attempts. She’s part Lilith Pleasant and part Kimberly Cordial, for anyone who’s interested. Aurora has a LTW to have 20 simultaneous best friends…I’ll do my best. She’s also an Aquarius with a personality of 5/6/4/5/5 – so she’s pretty levelled out.
    4. 4. And here is the gorgeous shoebox she’s starting the challenge in! We’re on a 2x2 lot, with the money familfunds down to the same amount as a 4x4 lot would cost. I know you’re DYING to look inside!
    5. 5. Absolutely thrilling. Anyway, hopefully Aurora’s box won’t be a single-storey for very long. We need babies, and babies means more space! Also, one of the rules of the challenge is rolling the minimum number of pregnancies for a generation – Aurora rolled a three.
    6. 6. “Well, that box IS really thrilling, but I think I’ll go out now.” Good choice. Let’s go meet a man!
    7. 7. The first lot she enters and we stumble across this guy. Fashionably challenged, recessive genes, and an alien face! But the best part is his name – Dorian Todd!
    8. 8. “Eh. His has no profile when he turns his head.” Aurora threw him some negative bolts, but still made friend s with him. Maybe Dorian can marry in later on.
    9. 9. Other than Dorian, spouses were slim pickings. There was garden club member Joe, and my simself. “I married Joe in a previous challenge!” Yeah. Joe was my simself’s husband in my first ISBI. /plug
    10. 10. Aurora headed off somewhere else for potential spouses, and Dorian appeared to follow. It’s love, I tell you! The chemistry lies!
    11. 11. “Eh. Dongsool is okay.” Zero bolts. I wonder how many men we’re going to have to search through to find Mr Right?
    12. 12. Later that day, when Aurora was at work – she got a job in the Entertainment career, because it was the first one in the paper - this guy walked past. Elf face, dance costume…and his name was Alejandro which was pretty neat! Too bad Aurora wasn’t round to greet him…
    13. 13. That night, Aurora threw a small get-together. I can’t call it a party, because only Dorian and Dongsool showed up. “Dorian! GET OUT OF THE WAY! I want to eat all of the food in the fridge!” “Well you can’t! I’m eating all the food in the fridge!”
    14. 14. *awkward silence* …best party ever!
    15. 15. In addition to awkward silences, there was also awkward dancing!
    16. 16. Which got even more awkward when Aurora decided to dance with Dorian all evening while Dongsool watched, and slowly consumed the contents of the fridge. “I think I might go…”
    17. 17. The next day, the husband hunt continued, with little success. Try not to throw up on his fancy coat, Aurora.
    18. 18. “Eh. He’s okay I guess.” Zero bolts here as well. Possibly even negative chemistry – I stopped remembering them all after a while.
    19. 19. Back home that evening for a party – she had the evening off work. Which sucked, really, because she could’ve used the money. But ah well. And look! Someone else showed up this time! :D Also, not Dorian’s gaze. Negative chemistry my butt.
    20. 20. “BOO! You’re ugly!” He’s not, but apparently that’s not the point.
    21. 21. “Teehee, all the men in here are gross!” I give up. Why do you heartbarf every man you meet?
    22. 22. “Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight, Won’t somebody help me chase the shadows away… … …anyone?” Gimme Gimme - ABBA
    23. 23. “Hello?” She’s turned down every man on the lot, I have no idea why she’s still trying.
    24. 24. Another lot in the husband hunt, and she bumps into Dorian. So naturally, the pair of them decide to dance suggestively, while that townie stands there awkwardly. I still can’t believe these two have negative chemistry! They get on so well!
    25. 25. Back home, in order to pass the time, Aurora throws parties. This time there were more people – most of them passing in the street when the party began – and a smustle on the sidewalk broke out. And that’s the most interesting thing to happen at that party.
    26. 26. The next day, I was seriously fed up of Aurora turning down every man she’s met, and with her paycheck, she was finally able to afford this crystal ball. Let’s see who she IS compatible with…
    27. 27. A bunch of elders and a playable. Typical. Well, I clicked on one of the elders, to see how things would go.
    28. 28. “Hi there, I’m Aurora!” “I’m Joe!” You were attracted to this guy?! Why didn’t you say something on the first day you met him?
    29. 29. “So, your goatee is pretty-” “Nope. Not interested.” It fell flat pretty quickly. So Joe left and I sat there feeling grumpy for awhile.
    30. 30. This is by far the best reason I can think of for sending a sim into the Entertainment career track! Everyone looks ridiculous dressed as a clown!
    31. 31. “What if I never find love? I’ll have to live in a bungalow forever!” Yeah, Aurora’s not the best clown in the world. She’s closer to that tragic clown from the sims 1.
    32. 32. Aurora invited some people over after work, and the minute Dorian walked in, this happened. Thanks, ACR. Their negative chemistry disappeared, but they still have no bolts.
    33. 33. Not that it bothers them. Also, that guy in the background looks incredibly happy for them. “I’m just happy to be part of the moment!”
    34. 34. “Aurora?” “Yeah?” “Your clown costume is making this difficult.” She did a good job to attract him whilst wearing a clown suit, though. It was adorable, and hilarious.
    35. 35. Dorian moved in (YAY RECESSIVES) and in case you can’t see, he brought $16,000 with him. I love you, Dorian! He also has a personality of 4/4/4/7/6
    36. 36. This would be a pretty picture if it wasn’t for the clown costume.
    37. 37. The couple then decided to abuse the couch with ACR. Lovely! No lullaby, though. I guess that’s fine, it’s not like they’re married yet.
    38. 38. “Aurora Stone, despite our complete lack of chemistry, we seem drawn to one another. Will you do the honour of becoming my wife?”
    39. 39. “Yes! But you’re taking my surname.” “I can live with that.”
    40. 40. * * *
    41. 41. I couldn’t have my founding couple throwing negative bolts, despite the wonderful relationship between them, so I changed Dorian’s aspiration and turn-ons. He’s now a popularity sim, and has two bolts for Aurora.
    42. 42. With that small technicality taken care of, there were other things to attend to. Like getting the next generation started! “How about we woohoo six times before we get a lullaby!” “Sounds like a plan!” It took a ridiculously long time to get a lullaby.
    43. 43. The next morning, I had Dorian start on a portrait of Aurora. Something I lost in my legacy during the multiple rebuilds was the portraits of my couples, so I’m quite eager to have them in this challenge.
    44. 44. Elsewhere, there is evidence of babies! Hooray! “Bleeh, I feel awful. Not worth cheering over!”
    45. 45. Apparently, it didn’t take long to get the portraits done. Or failing that, I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures. I love them. But because this is a tower challenge, it’s going to be interesting finding places to display them all!
    46. 46. Shortly enough, it was time for the wedding. And instead of throwing it outside – in the middle of winter – I crammed it indoors. Not my best move. That sim on the floor would probably agree with me.
    47. 47. “Oh, Dorian! I love you so much, I-” “SAM IS GROSS!” I resent that! Though that must mean my simself is around somewhere in this picture. Or just on the lot.
    48. 48. Regardless of whether or not anyone was paying attention, Aurora and Dorian were married, and he took her surname – changing from Dorian Todd to Dorian Stone.
    49. 49. They’re really sweet together. I’m very glad they’ve worked out, even with the original negative chemistry.
    50. 50. It’s not long before Aurora pops. I’m so excited! :D
    51. 51. “So what do you think, Dorian? Ready to be a Daddy?” “I think you’re rocking the barefoot and pregnant look, Rora.”
    52. 52. It really wasn’t long until Aurora popped again. There really wasn’t much to look at in the meantime. “We’re wearing matching pyjamas!” “Nope. Mine have lines on them, that’s much cooler.”
    53. 53. It can’t be that comfortable making out with the bump in the way.
    54. 54. Luckily that shouldn’t be an issue for much longer! We’re about to meet the first of the new generation, which means we get a new floor on the house!
    55. 55. It’s a girl! This is Jazz. And apparently, she has her Daddy’s massive eyes. I didn’t know it was possible to see the alien eyes on infants! I’m still learning things about this game, even now.
    56. 56. And here’s the second floor! I definitely need to sort out the exterior, it looks a bit funny at the minute.
    57. 57. The downstairs now looks like this. As time goes on, I am definitely going to have to move this around. Space is so tight at the minute, it’s difficult knowing where to put everything.
    58. 58. The upstairs! I’m particularly happy with the little living room set up on the bottom right. I’m going to have to move stuff around up here for a bedroom, when Jazz grows a little. It probably won’t be very big!
    59. 59. Dorian particularly appreciates the new games console in the living area. And he makes some spectacular faces while playing it!
    60. 60. He doesn’t just play video games, though! Jazz gets more than enough attention.
    61. 61. Anyway, infancy passes quickly, and it’s time to see what little Jazz looks like! Other than the bug eyes, we know she has those.
    62. 62. She’s oddly cute! I’m pretty sure she takes after her mother, other than those eyes. Jazz’s personality matches her father’s exactly (that’s a little boring) making her an Aquarius of 4/4/4/7/6
    63. 63. Like I said, rather unique features! That’ll do for this time, see you next time!