From the Ground Up: Chapter 6


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From the Ground Up: Chapter 6

  1. 1. From the Ground Up: A Towering Legacy Chapter Six: Nothing is Simple
  2. 2. Welcome back! This marks the point where my game died and had to reinstalled – the family is safe other than Beat’s clothing disaster in the back there. Anyway! We have our current heiress, Jazz, and her husband, Jim. Beat, Jazz’s brother, is holding the first member of generation three in the back, Poppy. And Dorian, Jazz’s father, is in the front. If you’re confused, head back and give the other chapters a read. Or not, it’s up to you. Let’s get started!
  3. 3. “So my friend Zeeshan is coming to stay with us soon!” “The native I had to compete with for your affections? Really?” Jim groaned, “Where’s he going to sleep?” “There’s space,” Jazz insisted, “So you’re okay with it?” “Not really. He’s in love with you Jazz.” “That was a lot time ago, Jim. Like a whole sim week ago.” “Well…when you put it like that…”
  4. 4. “I’m okay with it, let’s woohoo!” And after that, the second child of generation three was on the way. Now, Jazz rolled a 2, so we can stop with the kids here.
  5. 5. “Hang loose, everybody!” Beat got his appearance fixed, and will now go back to taking care of Poppy. He’s a family sim, he loves it.
  6. 6. The only issue with Beat being around is this. The men like to team up together to block stair cases. I’d had enough, it was time to change the layout of the first floor…
  7. 7. I made the bedroom smaller in order to free up some space round the stairs. I’m toying with the idea of putting an elevator in instead of stairs, because I’ve never used them before, but an elevator might actually take sims longer to get down to the bottom floor than stairs. I’ll have to play around with it.
  8. 8. “You’re from a tropical island, how are you this good with video games?!” “Jazz taught me.” Jim looks so smug here, if you ask me.
  9. 9. Here is proof that Jim doesn’t just goof around with video games, Jazz, or small spaces in the tower. “No, Poppy, you hula like this!”
  10. 10. “Blergh. I hate this.” Too much woohoo = babies. You know that.
  11. 11. Elsewhere in the tower, the hula invasion continues. “It’s not an invasion if we welcome its arrival!”
  12. 12. Your reinstallation lost my CC clothes! I’m so ugly right now! Perhaps I should consider having my elders die in maxis made clothes. Then accidents like this wouldn’t happen.
  13. 13. Hooray! My husband and my bed! WooOOooo! I have no idea why she felt the need to float into the middle of the bed to celebrate the fact it still exists.
  14. 14. “Oh! Where are my clothes?” …I’d forgotten about the ugly maxis maternity wear. I’ll fix it eventually.
  15. 15. “Guess who’s going to be a big sister!” “Me!” “That’s right! Aren’t you clever!”
  16. 16. How cute is this little lady? Seriously? Can any of you resist this cuteness?
  17. 17. “Let’s hang loose on the staircase!” “Sounds like a plan!” I wish the guys would stop hanging out on the stairwells.
  18. 18. “Well, hey cutie! You look a lot like your Mum.” “No! Me Poppy!” Jim laughed, “Yes, you’re Poppy.” “Poppy loves Daddy.” “Daddy loves Poppy too.”
  19. 19. “Poppy, I climbed two flights of stairs for this book. Please listen to the story!” “No story! Play!”
  20. 20. “Do you think we should move and let Michelle off the stairs?” “Nah. We should just keep blocking the stairs.”
  21. 21. “Let’s all hang loose while we stand here!” “I’m beginning to regret teaching you guys that.”
  22. 22. Once the staircase was cleared, Jazz and Jim headed to a community lot to fulfil some of their romance sim wants.
  23. 23. Most of the townies seemed to be on the lot at the time, too. They all seemed quite proud of Jazz and Jim managing to woohoo in that tiny cubicle.
  24. 24. “Thanks, guys!” Jazz seemed quite pleased with the attention. Which seemed a bit odd to me, but to each their own.
  25. 25. When Jim and Jazz arrived home from their misadventure, Jim starting picking a fight with Beat, for what seemed like no reason. “Ugh, I can’t believe Jazz trusted you to look after our daughter and my father-in-law.” “But…I’m a family sim! I’m good with people!” “Excuses!”
  26. 26. “Why are you guys fighting? What did I miss? How is Beat winning?” That is surprising.
  27. 27. Well, we interrupt the violent chaos to bring you a birthday! Hooray! Poppy’s about to get cuter, right?
  28. 28. Right! “Look how freakin’ cute I am!” I like this kid :D
  29. 29. A few hours after the celebration, and Poppy’s younger brother or sister is about to make their appearance! “Oh, I think I ate too much cake!” I don’t think that’s the problem here.
  30. 30. “Listen, sweetheart, could you stop screaming? Beauty sleep is a real thing, and I need a lot of it to stay this handsome.” “But Jim, the baby’s coming!” “So we’ll sort it out in the morning. Go back to bed.” “Funnily enough, Jim, I don’t think this is something that can wait.” “Fine, I’m getting up.”
  31. 31. “Man, my wife is HOT.” “Jim, do you want to come meet your new daughter?” “Just a second, I’m still checking you out.”
  32. 32. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Bluebell. Though after I named her, I realised the neighbourhood is called “Bluebell Lake” so we’re going to call her Belle from this point onwards, okay?
  33. 33. Also, Beat is completely in love with his new niece immediately. She didn’t even puke on him, and he’d just fed her!
  34. 34. Unfortunately, a new arrival doesn’t stop the fighting.
  35. 35. Which leaves Poppy distraught and hiding in her room. “Fighting is so not cool!”
  36. 36. So in order to keep Poppy happy, the fights continued in a subtle way. “Let’s dance here all morning, Poppy, to stop your father from going down the stairs!” “Yay! Dancing!” I ended up having to put a fridge in the nursery just so Jim would stop whining that he couldn’t get through.
  37. 37. “If I don’t see it, it’s not happening!” I think I might have to move Beat out soon. This is beginning to get on my nerves.
  38. 38. And if you’re wondering who keeps winning these fights, it’s Jim. He must have more body points or something. “Ugh, this sucks.” I feel the same way, Beat.
  39. 39. “Hey! Hey everyone! I’m about to do something COOL!”
  40. 40. “Ta da!” Poppy likes to show off. I wonder if the amount a sim shows off is related to their personality?
  41. 41. Look! A rare picture of Jazz in her work uniform! With all the pregnancies lately, she’s hardly been to work. She’s pretty excited to escape the mad house for a couple of hours a day.
  42. 42. “Look! Mmffrlll! I can fit the whole bowl in my mouth!”
  43. 43. “Jeez, kid. Sensible bites.” “Yes, Dad.” “Who are you to talk, Jim, you’re sloppy, too!”
  44. 44. “I think spoons are for chumps!” “That’s great Poppy, but table manners are important, apparently.” “But not for your father, apparently.” “Consider it a compliment to your cooking, honey!”
  45. 45. “I think the food is great, too, Mum!” I’m pretty sure that’s why sloppy sims eat like that, right? And yes, this entire little scene was because of Poppy’s great facial expressions, what of it?
  46. 46. “Do as I tell you to, little man! Or I’ll come in the TV and sort you out!” She also have great game faces, like the rest of her family.
  47. 47. The next morning, and an old friend from Twikkii Island arrived… “Zeeshan! How have you been?” “It’s so nice to see you, Jazz!”
  48. 48. “Your house stinks.” “Yeah, the maid only just arrived. Come on, let’s go upstairs, it’s less stinky.”
  49. 49. Upstairs, Zeeshan and Jazz decided to hula, because that’s what everyone does. “I wish we’d had time to hula on the island, Jazz.” “There’s a lot of things I wish we’d had time for on the island.” “Like what?”
  50. 50. “This.”
  51. 51. “And this.”
  52. 52. “And this. Mostly this.”
  53. 53. We interrupt this heart-warming reunion to bring you more of Poppy! “Wheee! I’m amazing!” …I adore her.
  54. 54. “Child, who is that man Jazz is dancing with?” “My Dad. Why are you in your pants?” “Really, that guy? She married that guy?”
  55. 55. “You invited me here, even though you’re married?” Zeeshan demanded, “How could you?” “I thought you knew I married Jim?” “You failed to mention that detail,” Zeeshan told her, scowling, “I love you, Jazz, and this is how you treat me?” After that, Jazz had time to apologise before Zeeshan made his excuses and left. I didn’t realise visiting vacation townies could leave early!
  56. 56. Dorian makes a rare appearance! He works a lot…I’m sorry. I’ll try to put more Dorian into the next chapter. Anyway, this slide isn’t really about Dorian, it’s about Belle!
  57. 57. “Hug me!” She turned into a little cutie who pretty much takes after her Dad. I think there’s a little bit of Jazz, like a jaw or something, but I’m not sure. Belle has a personality of 2/7/9/6/1
  58. 58. That’s where I’ll leave you, this time! See you next time! 