From the Ground Up: Chapter 4


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From the Ground Up: Chapter 4

  1. 1. From the Ground Up: A Towering Legacy Chapter Four: Sun, Sand and Romance
  2. 2. Welcome back to From The Ground Up! I figured rather than writing a recap, I would just show you who’s important. If you really want to know what happened in the last chapter, go and read it. If you want. Anyway, there’s my newly-elderfied founder, Aurora Stone, her husband Dorian, and their three kids: Jazz (the girl I the back left), Cube (the girl in pink) and Beat (the boy). Oh, and Grace – Jazz’s dog. Let’s get started!
  3. 3. “So what do you think?” “I’m not noticing a difference, other than the silver hair.” “You’re sweet…I still wish we were ageing together.” “Shouldn’t have taken so long to fall for me, then, should you?” “I love you, Dorian.” “I love you, too.”
  4. 4. Meanwhile, the younger two teenagers were hanging out in any space they could find. Luckily, they chose somewhere where they wouldn’t be in the way! “We’re too considerate. We should’ve blocked a doorway or something.”
  5. 5. Jazz was preoccupied elsewhere. She’s a romance sim, but she doesn’t really roll a lot of wants for it at the minute. It’ll be interesting to see if that changes when she gets older.
  6. 6. For now, she just goofs off on her own, fulfilling wants. I don’t think I’ve had a sim roll a want to make a snow angel for a long time.
  7. 7. “Jazz! We don’t mind you having your girlfriend over, but try not to impale your brother while seeing her!” I’m looking forward to a third floor – MORE SPACE!!
  8. 8. And then suddenly, everyone was dancing. Well, what else is new? Wright knows where Jazz disappeared to, though.
  9. 9. The girls pull some, er, interesting smustle faces.
  10. 10. Anyway, all of the dancing stopped for one reason – it’s time for Jazz to grow up! I’ve decided Jazz will be my heiress, so this pretty much begins the next generation. So yes, I am very excited.
  11. 11. “I’m gorgeous and I want two loves at once! Also, woohoo!” There are those romance sim wants! I was beginning to think she was a closet knowledge sim or something.
  12. 12. “WAH! I didn’t go to college!” Well. Some things never change.
  13. 13. “I’m ignored and my existence is pointless!” We got roaches because of this. I’m suddenly not such a big fan of Beat! I’ll sort him out with some aspiration points.
  14. 14. Aurora painted Jazz’s portrait, and it was hung on the second floor. Keika suggested hanging the portraits of each heir on their respective floors, and I quite like that idea. Now we just need a partner portrait hanging next to it!
  15. 15. “So now what? We just hang around in the background until we grow up and disappear?” “Pretty much.”
  16. 16. “Wait, I have to go to school, but you get to go on a tropical holiday?!” “Well, it’ll be good to meet some potential-” “This is so not fair.”
  17. 17. Jazz was sent to Twikkii Island to meet a life partner, because I don’t remember the last time I married in a vacation townie. So this should be fun. “Ma’am, you won’t need that coat while on the island.” “I know, but it was snowing when I left.”
  18. 18. “EW! NO THANKS!” Heart-barfing everyone she sees, just like her mother!
  19. 19. Spouse-hunting had to wait, because apparently Jazz was hungry. So it’s time to find out what the ‘surprise’ part of pineapple surprise is!
  20. 20. …well, whatever it was, Jazz probably ate it.
  21. 21. After lunch, the exploration can begin! Jazz was lucky enough to find the ghost on the first try!
  22. 22. “Blaarggh! That’ll teach ye to disturb me while I’m restin’!” He’s quite a handsome sim if you ask me.
  23. 23. “So what can I do for ya?” “I’m sorry?” “You disturbed a damned pirate from his slumber. What did ye want?” “I’m looking for a partner-” “Well, it can’t be me, I’m dead, but I have something that will help ye…”
  24. 24. “OOOOH…scurvy ain’t for the likes of me! Yo ho , yo ho, yo ho, yo ho, yo ho!” “And this will help me HOW?” ----------- This, um, sea shanty, comes from Spongebob Squarepants.
  25. 25. For the entire time Jazz was on the ship, this guy was up on helm, manically pirate- laughing. He did it for so long other people were starting to stare. “Ugh. Tourists.”
  26. 26. I love the Twikkii Island charlatan. Finely trimmed facial hair, a top hat and a grass skirt?! By far one of the most ridiculous things in the game!
  27. 27. “Hmm, yes…” I seriously love this guy. Why can’t we breed with him?!
  28. 28. That night, Jazz finally got around to meeting people. “I love your flower necklace!” “Awh, thanks! We dress like this for the tourists!” “Um…okay. Surely you shouldn’t tell tourists that?”
  29. 29. “The tourist who overshares is hot!” I then checked Jazz’s relationship panel to look for boltage. Negative bolts – what is going on?!
  30. 30. “Check me out, wouldn’t you like to do this?!” “YES.” Surely being able to spin fire will help attract a life partner.
  31. 31. She did learn to do it, by the way. It just wasn’t fun to take pictures of Jazz learning – the stick’s not on fire AND it’s night time!
  32. 32. The next day, Jazz finally met some locals with potential – and bolts. “Hello! You are a bit of alright!” “Thank you. I am Zeeshan, a native of Twikkii Island.” “You even have an amazing name!”
  33. 33. “Well, thank you!” “You’re gorgeous, by the way.” “Someone’s trying to charm the grass skirt off of me.” “Maybe a little bit. I’m Jazz.”
  34. 34. After their rather interesting introductions to one another, Jazz and Zeeshan sat down to try and get to know each other. And apparently, there’s no better place for that then on the pavement! “So I said to myself, one day I will get off this island.” “That’s a really inspiring story, Zee. I’d love to see the world with you.”
  35. 35. And then this guy walked past. “Aloha, ladies!”
  36. 36. “Ooh, that guy is HOT.” I think he’s well-aware of that fact, Jazz, without you reminding him. “TWO BOLTS.” …Really. He’s face one!
  37. 37. “I think I just got tourist-blocked.” I’m just as upset as you are, Zeeshan. I like your unusual features better than face one!
  38. 38. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re gorgeous?” “Maybe a few times, but please, go on!” Seriously, Jazz? This guy?
  39. 39. “Oh, sir, you have such muscular shoulders!” “Thanks, I know.” Really, Jazz? You’d rather have this guy over Zeeshan?
  40. 40. Jazz then wandered up onto the boardwalk and bumped into Zeeshan again. She greeted him with a kiss-kiss-darling for some reason. “Zeeshan! You disappeared!” “You were busy with my colleague, Jim.” “His name is Jim?” “He is not native to the island.”
  41. 41. “Well, seeing as you are from the island, how about you show me around some time?” “I would like that very much, miss.” “Please, call me Jazz.”
  42. 42. Jazz then decided to gossip with him. Which is a strange thing to do with a man you barely know – what gossip could you have that would interest him? “Teehee, this guy I don’t know and you barely know is very funny!” Hey look, it’s the tourist with the fake-pirate laugh!
  43. 43. “Have ever told you that you’re more handsome than that guy you haven’t met?” “Miss, you do flatter me!” Jim showed up on the board walk then, “It’s bad enough I have to share a boardwalk with that guy, but now a tourist?”
  44. 44. Well, rather than choosing which guy is best then and there, Jazz went home and slept on it. I don’t know if you can tell in this picture, but the wallpaper has pineapples on it! Maybe that’s the surprise in the local pineapple surprise – eat it, and you’ll see pineapples EVERYWHERE.
  45. 45. Rather than going straight down to the boardwalk the next day and hanging out with the boys, Jazz decided it was time to see more of the local culture, rather than just is men. There are two ruins on the island, and Jazz went to the worst one of the two because I couldn’t remember which one was my favourite.
  46. 46. “I wish I could take both Zeeshan and Jim home with me.” Not happening.
  47. 47. Then Jazz decided to freak out one of the natives. “You look like you need a hug!” “Why do all of the tourists say that!”
  48. 48. Eventually, Jazz did go back to the boardwalk to chase up her new friends. “Hey Jim. Looking good!” “Thanks. You here for Zeeshan?” “Nah, just looking for someone to talk to.” “Good.”
  49. 49. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you since I met you.” “Really, Jim?” “Of course. I want to kiss all the tourist girls!” “Oh, Jim!”
  50. 50. The next day it was time to leave. “Did you have a good stay, ma’am?” “I did! The island is beautiful. And so are its residents.” “Indeed. Have a safe journey, ma’am!”
  51. 51. Outside, there was a familiar man waiting by the taxi. “Jim? What are you doing here?” “I had to see you before you left.” “Why?” The taxi beeped its horn. “I need to keep seeing you…you’re different from the other tourists I’ve seduced.”
  52. 52. Jazz put her suitcase in the taxi, “You’ll have to come visit me, Jim.” “I will! As soon as possible! The next flight!” “Good. I’ll see you soon, Jim.” Jazz smiled and climbed into the taxi. There were worse souvenirs to go home with.
  53. 53. That’s all for this time! Join me in the next update for the arrival of generation three! See you soon! 