From The Ground Up: Chapter 2


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From The Ground Up: Chapter 2

  1. 1. From the Ground Up: A Towering Legacy Chapter Two: A Playful Bunch
  2. 2. Welcome back to From The Ground Up: A Towering Legacy! Last time, we saw Aurora Stone hunt for a husband, only to heart-barf every man in town. She eventually settled on Dorian Todd, a man she had negative bolts with. In the end, he changed his aspiration, and the couple were married. Shortly afterwards, Jazz Stone joined the family, and the second level of our tower was gained! I recommend looking back if you’re new, but that’s just me.
  3. 3. Let’s start with Jazz. I’m getting used to her little face, and actually think she’s kind of cute. That is pretty much the only reason why I wanted to show you this picture.
  4. 4. Aurora started showing signs of a second pregnancy, which is very exciting. I love playing with genetics, but you guys knew that already!
  5. 5. Not much happens over the next day or so – Dorian keeps getting promoted at work via various chance cards, and Aurora is home all the time to teach Jazz her toddler skills. “Yay, you said Mummy!” It doesn’t exactly make for a riveting update.
  6. 6. This is by far the scariest glitch I have ever had. Just a pair of legs wandering around. I have no idea why the rest of the sim is invisible, but it freaked me out.
  7. 7. To try and break up the long lengths of toddler training and nothingness, a party was thrown, complete with walk-bys ushered into the house! It was a roof raiser, and went on past midnight…
  8. 8. Officer Dreads looks incredibly smug about breaking up this party. “No invite and a noise complaint? Count me in…” I’ve decided I like him.
  9. 9. To be honest, I don’t think Aurora and Dorian even noticed a cop ushering their guests out. In fact, Aurora and Dorian don’t notice much now that they can’t take their eyes off each other. Apparently two bolts will do that to you.
  10. 10. I’m pretty sure this happened the same night. You know what they say. Everything happens at once. You wait hours and hours for something to put in an update, and it all happens within two sim hours.
  11. 11. We interrupt everything to bring you: Dorian’s Potty Face! “Ugh, potty training is so booooring.”
  12. 12. I love Dorian. He pulls some very dramatic faces. “Ugh, you want me to put my HAND in the POTTY?!”
  13. 13. Just a quick shot to remind everyone I’m really happy with the living area. It’s really cosy and I really like it. Also, having the activity table on a diagonal saves space – it goes from being four tiles to one, and Jazz can still access it! I learnt this from a WYDC – I think it might have been Fuzzy’s.
  14. 14. I have no idea why Dorian squished himself and Jazz into a corridor to teach her how to walk. There was more space in the living area. That said, sims aren’t supposed to have common sense.
  15. 15. In the early hours of the next morning, Aurora went into labour. …I’m sure you didn’t need me to write that when the picture told you.
  16. 16. It’s another girl! Blonde and bug-eyed, just like her older sister. I do hope they’re not clones, I did spin the CAS dice. Anyway this is Cube. The names this generation are characters from Jet Set Radio Future, an xbox game I played with my brother a long time ago.
  17. 17. Just twelve hours or so after her sister was born, Jazz was due to grow up. So naturally she got a party. And you’ll see Aurora is still in her pregnancy jeans – she really was barefoot and pregnant!
  18. 18. “Check me out! I’m so cute!” I really like her.
  19. 19. “Woo, I am TOTALLY winning this game even though I can’t see what the heck is going on!”
  20. 20. I had to alter the second floor in order to make room for Jazz’s bed, which meant getting rid of the activity table. When Cube grows up, I’ll have to extend the room a little bit in order to cram another bed in there. The third child will probably be shoved in the nursery. But that’s what happens when you’re short of space!
  21. 21. “This door…is FASCINATING!” Jazz is actually smustling here. She dances ALL the time.
  22. 22. “Cake for breakfast? But Mum…I want cereal!” “We have to finish the cake, so stop whining.” Neither of them look particularly thrilled with breakfast cake. I’m sure I would have loved that as a kid.
  23. 23. Aurora then gave her cake as a gift to the porcelain gods. “Ugh. No more breakfast cake EVER.”
  24. 24. By the way, Jazz grew up in this and I can’t be bothered to change it. I think it suits her, though. Also, further proof of her cuteness.
  25. 25. “Really? So soon?” Don’t blame me. You, Dorian and ACR are the best of friends at the minute. This is the last required pregnancy, but knowing Aurora and Dorian, I expect them to throw me another lullaby at some point.
  26. 26. “I’m home and I’m AWESOME!” Dorian has family secondary. I didn’t realise this meant he would do the family “HONEY I’M HOME” every single day. At least that walk-by seems happy to see him.
  27. 27. That night, it was time for Cube to grow up. Time to see if we have clones!
  28. 28. At first glance, she seems to look exactly like Jazz. I’m slightly disappointed. Cube, however, does have a different personality – 4/6/2/7/6
  29. 29. “Me cute!” Yes! With a different hairstyle, she looks slightly less like Jazz. But they’re still pretty much same.
  30. 30. The next day and we’re one step closer to meeting the third baby. Fingers crossed for different genetics this time!
  31. 31. “JAZZ WHAT ARE YOU DOING! LOOK OUT FOR THAT TREE!” “Dad, I’ve got this. Chill out.” Dorian makes the BEST faces.
  32. 32. Compulsory cute toddler spam. I love this family! They’re all very unique looking and fun to play.
  33. 33. Another day, another baby. Or that’s how it feels, typing this up.
  34. 34. We’ve got a boy! And he’s a red head! And he doesn’t have the bug-eyes! And he has no nose! This is Beat. I instantly love him just for the genetic differences.
  35. 35. “MUM! LOOOK! I’M AWESOME!! MUM! WAKE UP!” Apparently being worn out from labour is not a good enough reason to ignore Jazz’s grades.
  36. 36. “Look, Dorian! I finally took my pregnancy pants off!” “Well, instead of making you pregnant again, how about we have a gaming tournament?” “You’re on!” I was surprised Aurora didn’t get herself knocked up instantly after Beat was born. She did after the girls were born!
  37. 37. Behold, my first tower trouble! A toddler blocking the stairs! It was about time something like this happened. Cube did eventually move out of the way.
  38. 38. You know I mentioned Jazz dances all the time? She also makes some GREAT faces while she does it! Much like her father. “Dance with me!”
  39. 39. “I COMMAND you to dance!”
  40. 40. “Whee! This is so much fun!” Jazz is a blast to play, she’s on the go all the time.
  41. 41. Soon enough, it’s time for Beat to grow up! Pretty sure I didn’t throw a party this time because everyone had yellow-y green plumbobs.
  42. 42. He’s pretty cool! Not a fan of the hair, though. Beat ended up with a rather interesting personality of 5/6/10/7/5 – freakishly active and playful.
  43. 43. Apparently, Cube shared her birthday with Beat. I look forward to having two kids – Jazz finally has someone to play with!
  44. 44. “Ooh, pink! I love it!” The minute Cube grew up in pink was the minute she was assigned that colour for the rest of time. But I like that, I do tend to colour-code my sims somewhat. Jazz’s colour is yellow, which is why the girl’s room is yellow.
  45. 45. As it happens, Cube is a sloucher. That doesn’t really match the girly look I gave her, but who says girly-girls can’t be lazy as well?
  46. 46. Of course, Cube isn’t completely lazy. She also loves to dance! “What’s that over there! Oh Oh! And turn!” She can’t quite keep up with Jazz’s routines – she’s usually just a step out of time.
  47. 47. Upstairs, Beat’s proving his lungs work. “LET ME OUT!” Toddlers always have massive mouths when they do the screaming thing. It actually terrifies me a little bit.
  48. 48. Aurora eventually rescued him from his cot and tried to teach him how to talk, but Beat was having none of it. Turns out, he just wanted to play and ignore everyone. Probably as punishment for leaving him in the cot so long.
  49. 49. He’s cute when he’s not screaming, though.
  50. 50. Further evidence of Cube’s inability to keep time with her fellow dancers. Actually, I think she’s a step ahead here, rather than a step behind. Still, it was nice to have them all dancing together.
  51. 51. The next day, this walk-by, Gina I think, was invited in. She smustled next to the bathtub, trapping Cube in there for hours. At 6pm, Gina finally decided to go home, and Cube escaped the bath. She’d been in there at least two hours.
  52. 52. So why didn’t anyone call Gina over, to let Cube out? “Can’t talk to anyone, gaming.” Dorian takes his gaming very seriously. And Aurora was at work. I’m assuming Jazz was dancing.
  53. 53. “Don’t shoot at me! I’ve been in the bath ALL day because of your stupid friend!” “She’s not my friend! I just invited her in!” “I was so wrinkly, Jazz!” “I’m sorry?”
  54. 54. “I guess I can forgive you. You didn’t know she was going to be in the way all afternoon.” “It is really easy to get in the way in our house.”
  55. 55. No kidding. The maid quite frequently gets upset over it. “I CAN’T MAKE THE BED. GET OUT OF THE WAY, CHILDREN.” “I think a robot maid would have better manners.” “I DON’T GET PAID ENOUGH FOR THIS!”
  56. 56. “Dorian, our little girl is growing up!” “That’s great. Stop dancing with her, so we can make out.” Dorian literally wanders the house after Aurora with romantic actions in his queue. ALL the time. Well. When he’s not gaming.
  57. 57. Anyway, it’s time for the challenge to have its first teenager! I’m excited!
  58. 58. I think Jazz is gorgeous! She rolled Romance. And I didn’t note down her LTW, so I have no idea what it is.
  59. 59. Funnily enough, Beat’s birthday was on the same night. Birthdays happen in twos here, usually! This is pretty exciting, too.
  60. 60. He’s fairly cute, even with his lack of a nose! That’s where we’ll finish this update, see you next time! 