A Night's Tale: 2.3
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A Night's Tale: 2.3






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A Night's Tale: 2.3 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Welcome to A Nights Tale, 2.3: Where We Belong!Its been...three months? I think? Since I last updated, which Iapologise for. Im easily distracted/a busy person/just plain lazy, takeyour pick. I dont plan to take this long again.Anyway. Last time, we saw a new band, Soul Bandits, lead by Tricouspawn Sam Fuchs, who attracted all kinds of attention with theirmusic. One person was attracted to Sam himself because of his music– Bim Lawson, Spiral Nights fiancé. Bim got a tad obsessed with Samwhile Spiral tried to carry on with his task as heir – he went speeddating. Finding no one he liked there, Spiral decided to visit Bim onelast time before heading home. She snapped out of whateverobsession Sam had caused, and left with Spiral. Sam Fuchs, however,vowed they would play so that Spiral could hear them – so that his lifewould never be the same...And here we are! (Also, if youre wondering why the title page is socrappy, its because my photo-editing programme and I were arguing.It won, and crashed. This is the best I can do at the minute).
  • 2. “Okay, Dad, tell me this is a joke. Why are we at this old place? Ithought you and Mum had that house built specially.” Spiral laughed,glancing at his cramped childhood home.“Um, yeah...well, we lost a ton of money and had to scrap thatparticular project.”“Lost your money? How?”
  • 3. “Well, I fell for one of those new internet scam things, you see. Theypromised me protection and insurance for alien abductions, andum...they took my money and left.”“Dad...you didnt know theres no such thing as abduction insurance?”“Haha, I do sound kind of on the dumber side for not realising,but...long story short, the builders got mad because we couldnt paythem and demolished the new house.”
  • 4. “You mean I have to raise my family in the cramped hut I grew up in?”“Its not that bad, Spiral! I raised four kids here, and they only wentmissing once!”“Very reassuring.” Spiral replied, sarcastically.Jack grinned, “I thought so.”
  • 5. “Im sure it could be worse,” Spiral smiled, “but as of this moment, Imbanning you from the internet.”“Damn,” Jack replied, “I really wanted to insure our family against tigerattacks-”“Not necessary, Dad. Ill take care of it.”“Im proud of you, son. Now go and find a dresser. That outfit of yoursis...well. Interesting, shall we say?”
  • 6. Back inside, Jack wandered up to his wife, “I told Spiral about theinternet scam thing.”“How did he take it?” Meadow asked, biting her lip.“He banned me from the internet,” Jack shrugged, “I expected him tobreak something, but I was wrong.”“At least we have that in our favour. Seriously, Jack, no moreinsurance policies, okay?”“Okay. But the dinosaur policy was an absolute steal-”“Jack. No more!”
  • 7. Some time later, it was time for Bim to take a walk down the aisle.“Doesnt this remind you of our wedding day? Except ours was held inthe kitchen, with no guests, and a collection of kids.” Jack smiled.“It was true love,” Meadow grinned, “of course, this is nice too-”“Would have been better if it had been held in the kitchen.”“Well. I cant argue with that.”
  • 8. The wedding was a small affair, held in the blank field next to the Nightfamily home. The only guests were family and their spouses – as wellas Shelby, as Spiral was trying to maintain a friendship with her.
  • 9. Within minutes, Bim Lawson became Bim Night and the ceremonywas over. Less money would have been spent had the couple optedfor a kitchen-ceremony, but on the whole, this was a nicer option.
  • 10. “You know, I can cut a cake, Spiral. You dont have to do that for me.”Bim smiled.“I want to. Its traditional. Its our wedding day.”
  • 11. “Cake for my queen.” Spiral smiled, delicately feeding Bim cake off afork.I expected him to be a cake shover. I am disappointed.
  • 12. “This is the best way to keep the sun out of my eyes!”Jack lost his slice of cake. I cant imagine how he managed it, flippinghis plate over like that...
  • 13. “Was that how you pictured your wedding day, Bim?” Spiral asked,when the pair were done with their wedding guests.“Not exactly,” Bim replied, “but I wouldnt have traded it for all theweddings in the world.”
  • 14. And Bim meant it.Fun Fact: Spiral and Bims room is the old girls room redecorated –the room Stella and Cara shared. The family is too poor for morerooms at the minute.
  • 15. That night, the Nights settled in for some peaceful time together. Butof course, it was the Night family, and no night they share is peaceful.“What is that sound?”
  • 16. “I suddenly wish that alien abduction insurance wasnt a scam.”Ladies and gentlemen, Jack Night just got abducted for the fourthtime.
  • 17. And of course, no one noticed until Jack came back.“Spiral, whats going on?” Bim asked, smiling a little.“Aliens!” He replied, “I hope they dont recognise me!”“What? Why?”
  • 18. Jack also returns with the same amount of grace as his three previousvisits to the aliens.“You think this would get easier by the fourth time.” Jack groaned.
  • 19. “Oh no,” Jack murmured, standing up, “if Im pregnant again...my childwill be so much younger than the others...”
  • 20. “Yes! My husband is back!”“Woo! The aliens didnt recognise me!”“I feel left out! I shall cheer anyway!”
  • 21. “Jack, are you okay? I wish those aliens wouldnt keep taking you.”Meadow pulled a face.“Its fine as long as they dont take my kids again,” Jack glanced atMeadow, “but I think I might be pregnant again.”“Thats fine, Jack.”“Im too old to be a Dad again.”“No, youre not. Youll be fine.”
  • 22. Elsewhere, a conversation was happening.“Their dominant male interrupted our studies again, didnt he?”“I dont think he is the dominant male anymore – the half-breed thatcaused the trouble up here seems to be in charge again.”“Bring them back. They escaped, and our studies are not over.”
  • 23. “Besides, intelligence believe that the younger half-breed hasimpregnated an Earth woman.”“Quarter breeds? That is very interesting...”“I thought so, too. I dont know how much of our DNA will be left in thechild-”“We must study them, too.”
  • 24. “You mean kidnapping their children once again?” Drone questioned.“I do indeed. I feel it is necessary for our research,” the womansighed, “I do not plan to leave the ship, if that is what you areimplying.”“No...but the family, wont they realise that it was us? It will occurexactly the same as last time...”“Then think of a new plan. I want those quarter-breeds for study, asweve never had quarter-breeds before.”
  • 25. “Im sure I can work something out.”Drone was worried – if the half-breeds had caused a lot of problemson the ship, how would quarter-breeds fare?The thought of it all made his head spin. ...
  • 26. Back at the Nights house, things were running smoothly.“Shes doing my job, yet Im still being paid,” Kaylynn grinned indisbelief, “I love this family!”
  • 27. Eventually, Bims pregnancy started to show.“Hello, baby, Im your daddy!”
  • 28. “Hahaha, Bim look at this!”“Spiral...thats your mother dancing.”“I know! Its so funny!”
  • 29. Of course, Bims pregnancy showing meant another pregnancy wasabout to start showing.“Um? I think I might be pregnant again.”
  • 30. “Looks like well be parents again,” Meadow smiled, warmly. Jackreturned the smile.“Im glad I married you, Meadow. Any other woman would have left meand my telescope to it, by now.”“Stay away from the telescope now?”“Im too old to get pregnant after this little one makes theirappearance.”“Thats good to hear.”
  • 31. Days continued to pass as the pregnancies progressed.“Youre going to be so much younger than your siblings, baby,” Jackrubbed his stomach, thoughtfully, “but youll have your niece ornephew to play with.”
  • 32. “So whats birth like, Jack?” Bim dared to ask.“Have you ever tried to eat jellybeans through a straw, Bim?” Jackpaused, and Bim shook her head, “its difficult, it takes time and effort,but afterwards, you feel great because its done.”“Right...”
  • 33. “So having a baby is like eating jellybeans through a straw?”“I guess so,” Jack laughed, “though it hurts more than trying to eatjellybeans through a straw.”
  • 34. Moments later, Bim went into labour.“Jack! This is nothing like eating jellybeans through a straw!”
  • 35. “I guess the only thing we can do is stand here, right?” Spiral asked,smiling.“Absolutely.” Jack replied.“You two are so unhelpful.” Meadow grinned.
  • 36. Bim shortly brought the first of the main line into the family, PenelopeNight.
  • 37. I can already tell Penelope has got Spirals no-nose.
  • 38. It wasnt long before an alien pregnancy came to an end.“Aaaah! Never again!”“Oh, why didnt we decorate this room!”“Meadow! Not helping!”
  • 39. Jack gave birth to a little girl – the last of generation two – JupiterNight.It also looks like Jupiter is going to have a nose!
  • 40. “Im a brother again!”“Aww, shes so adorable!” Bim cooed, “Congratulations, Jack!”
  • 41. Shortly afterwards, a quadruple birthday came up.“Aw, no more babies for me?” Jack asked, grinning.“Not even adoption, Jack,” Meadow smiled, “you have five kids!”
  • 42. Penelope took after Spiral completely with facial structure andfeatures. So much for rolling the CAS dice – she even has elf earsunder those curls.She is an Aries, with a personality of 9/10/6/7/1 – neat, outgoing,active, playful and mean.
  • 43. Jupiter Night is an interesting mix of Jack and Pollination Technician. Icant remember if she has the elf ears or the alien ears, but I *think*she has the elf ears.She is also an Aries, but with a personality of 6/10/9/0/0 – neat,outgoing, active, serious and mean.I have a feeling Penelope and Jupiter are going to get on really well.
  • 44. Jack and Meadow look good as elders. Im kind of sad to let themgrow old – Id rather keep them young, having as many pretty babiesas they like. But their time as adults is up.Its a sign the legacy is moving on, afterall.
  • 45. And here is where I will leave you! With a sort-of family picture. I knowit was only a short chapter, but I wanted a short one as its been awhile since I updated.Next time, more babies, Sam Fuchs is back, Shelby makes anappearance and there are some difficult decisions to make...Thanks for reading!