From the Ground Up: Chapter Seven
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    From the Ground Up: Chapter Seven From the Ground Up: Chapter Seven Presentation Transcript

    • From the Ground Up: A Towering Legacy Chapter Seven: Belle Stone and Friends
    • Time for more cramped up madness – everyone’s favourite kind of madness! You should remember these guys, but if not – We have my current heiress, Jazz, her husband Jim Reeves, her brother (in the back) Beat, her father Dorian, and her two kids, Poppy (the child) and Belle (being held up by Beat). Also, last time Jazz had an affair with old flame, Zeeshan. Makes sense, right? If not, you should probably go read the others. Up to you, though. Let’s go!
    • Unfortunately for anyone who wanted to see Beat laying around in his boxers with no job, just so they could call him a dead Beat, he’s moving out. I promised to free him from the tower once the youngest was a toddler, and I’m releasing him into the big wide world! *sniff* I’ve enjoyed having him around.
    • “Here is a sad song to fit the mood of Uncle Beat leaving.” See, Poppy understands! Unfortunately for Beat, we need the space. So he has to go.
    • “I’m sad and cute.” That you are. At this point, Belle looks like she’s 100% Jim. So much for genetic experiments.
    • Elsewhere, Dorian is teaching his granddaughter the family tradition of video games. “Grandpa! Hit the tree! Go on! It’ll be funny!” “Poppy, the aim of the game is to avoid the trees.” “But that’s boring!”
    • Do I spy consequences from the rendezvous with Zeeshan? I think I do!
    • “I’m happy and cute!” …you guys like pictures of cute toddlers, right? It’s very hard not to fill this update with pictures of Belle.
    • “Mum, Dad, I’m a genius! Look at my A+!” “She’s so cute, Jim. How did we make such a cutie?” “Must be my incredible good looks.” “Hello? Mum? Dad? Genius is talking!”
    • Yay, consequences! This is brought to you by my curiosity for Zeeshan’s genes. …also the fans on that wallpaper could be mistaken for pineapple chunks. It’s been a few updates since Twikkii Island, why am I still seeing pineapples?!
    • “And the most important part of being cute is to make sure everyone knows it, okay?” Well, at least Jim is spending time with his girls. You’ll also note they decided to do this in the stairwell. I hope Jazz didn’t want to come down from the third floor or anything.
    • “I win again! You owe me twenty bucks and a cooked meal!” “How did you do that? Witchcraft!”
    • Hooray for the birth of consequences! I swear I’ll use the baby’s name when it arrives. “Mum, where does the baby come out?” “You’re about to find out!” “I don’t think I want to!”
    • It’s another girl! This is Fern. She’s a brunette, the first one of the challenge.
    • Cake time shortly followed Fern’s arrival, but for Belle. “Now, make sure you grow up cute and continue to steal the attention from your sister, okay?”
    • “I’m so freakin’ cute!” Is that Jazz’s chin? That might be Jazz’s chin. But I don’t know.
    • Belle then went upstairs and gave herself a very colourful makeover. “I can’t steal the limelight if I blend in.” Fair point.
    • The kids were rolling wants for a dog, and I figured why not? But instead of adopting a stray, this time we have a CAS Dalmatian. Because Dalmatians are neat. This is Dash.
    • “Hey, everyone! Get over here, I’m about to do something cool!” “Woo! She takes after me!”
    • “Ta da! I’m so awesome!” “Pfft, I can do that too.” “Shush, Poppy, we’re watching Belle.”
    • “I can stand on my head without messing up my hair!” “That is a vital life skill! Yay, Belle!” …seriously. They’re all outside, at night, in winter, taking turns to be impressed by Belle.
    • Eventually the girls decided to play rather than show-off. “Tag, you’re it!” “Poppy! Don’t smudge my adorable and unique make up!” “Man up and chase me!”
    • “Hey, Belle! You’re it, not me!” When you’re that cute, you can get away with cheating at tag, apparently.
    • Michelle Tse seems to be a permanent fixture in the tower – I think she’s friends with Dorian or something. They come home together a lot. Fern, however, hates this.
    • Luckily, Fern was growing up and able to tell people when she doesn’t like them. I also promise you she is a girl – I’m guessing she’s a tomboy! Fern has a personality of 10/10/2/10/1 – so she’s a seriously outgoing and playful neat freak! What on earth was Zeehan carrying in his genes?
    • Even Fern’s jammies make her look like a boy. It probably doesn’t help that she’d rather play in the toilet that use the xylophone like her sisters.
    • Also, at some point, Jim lost it. “Why, Kate Plate, you’re almost as handsome as me!”
    • “Hey. Hey Belle.” “Zzz…what…” “Wanna play tag?” “No, go away.”
    • “This isn’t tag, Poppy, you lied.” “I’m sorry, I wanted to play tag, but had a sudden urge to this instead.” A totally necessary urge if you want to remain a genius.
    • …Fern is still in the bathroom. I think someone should put her to bed. Also, that looks like Jazz’s nose!
    • “So instead of putting you in bed, I’m going to talk about how our pyjamas almost match!” Well. At least they’re not on the stairwell.
    • Outside, other things are happening. “You almost took my head off!” Who is trying to knock out Poppy? Make your guesses now!
    • If you guessed Belle, you can have cake. Not my cake or anything, you have to supply that. “I’m cute, so I can get away with it!” Um…
    • Judging by the look on your sister’s face, I’d guess again.
    • The baseball incident lead to more sibling difficulties. “Why don’t you want to play punch-you-punch-me?!” “Because you’ll complain I hit too hard, and then stop playing.” You know what? It’s 2am. Both of you go to bed.
    • The next day, I found Jazz hugging Dorian randomly. It doesn’t seem to happen very often. Maybe she’s knows it’s his last day  I decided to let him do what he wanted, which was apparently the hula and a lot of sleeping.
    • Meanwhile, Jim is still trying to pursue a relationship with Kate Plate. I think it’s working out well for them! …I swear I’ll do something about this eventually, but it’s far too funny for me to do anything right away!
    • Jim did take some time out of his busy dating schedule to watch Belle show-off some more. “Let’s get the attention back on me!” “That’s my girl!”
    • “So girls, I thought it would be great if we spent this beautiful Saturday morning having breakfast together.” *silence* “Um. So how’s life or whatever?”
    • “Dad, Belle and I watched Tarzan yesterday, and since you’re from a tropical island and you don’t wear a shirt, are you the same as Tarzan? Were you raised by monkeys?”
    • “No I was not raised by monkeys. I’m from Twikkii Island, not the jungle.”
    • “That sucks, we were hoping we were part-monkey!” Jim stared at his daughters.
    • “Could you imagine if our grandparents were monkeys, though?” “Oh man, it would be so cool!” “OH OH imagine bringing them in for show-and-tell, like, here’s my grandma, she’s a monkey!”
    • After accusing their father of being a primate, Poppy went outside to play with Dash. Go away human, it’s time for sleep Dash is nowhere near as much fun as Grace was.
    • Oh boy, it’s birthday time! I am very excited to have the first teen of the generation!
    • “I wish…that my candles wouldn’t go out before I blow them!” I’ve never noticed that before. They went out while she was wishing!
    • Predictably, Poppy grew up gorgeous. She’s mostly Jazz, but that’s her father’s nose. Poppy rolled Pleasure.
    • Apparently, birthdays and deaths like to coincide, which is no fun. HEY, I WORE A FESTIVE LEI FOR THE OCCASION. Still ruined a party. IT’S TRUE. NO ONE EVER INVITES ME TO PARTIES.
    • That’s my founding couple gone entirely  They were a blast to play, and Dorian pulled some amazing faces.
    • I think Beat took Dorian’s death the hardest. Thing is, Beat had just wandered in off the street – he doesn’t even live here anymore. Maybe he knew it was Dorian’s last day, and that’s why he showed up.
    • “My Uncle Beat is crazy.” Poppy, your entire family is crazy. Well, that’s all for this time! Join me next time for more birthdays and towering goodness! :D