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What is the nature of the universe? Does God need a universe? Does God play dice with the universe? Where do we belong as individuals, or as members of a community? These are some of the fundamental questions which have puzzled young people for centuries. What inspires young people? They are looking for a place in the world and to make the Earth the best place to grow up.

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Young Society

  1. 1. YSNr 1 January Young Society Small hoarding- payPrice: 1 ₤ (with 8% VAT) attention ! Help people: volunteering Amazing world: Seven Wonders of the Ancient WorldHOT TOPIC: Flashmob – a new fashion
  2. 2. E D Y T O R I A LOnce, somebody asked me about the definition of the world. I may sayto you, that I had no idea how to response straightaway that time. Why?Shall I shine through giving a pretty trite definition? I’d rather told himabout the sky and its colours, about the forests and the wind, about thegrass and the morning dew, about the Paradise (which exists- really!),about the girls and the boys and their silly loves, about people who arestill in the run, about stars and the Universe, about the books and theword , about everything which is surrounding us. Then, he asked meabout the definition of time. So I told him, that this was our individualproperty, which can be observed while ageing. The first step taken by achild, the granny recalling the step while drinking tea … It seems thatwas two days ago. Out memories are so vivid. This is exactly what timestands for.So, my dear readers, do not get lost in this big, crazy world. Have alwaysa sense of time and have some time to smell the roses, run barefootafter the rain and be yourself, because the World is your home- feel likeat home. The editors Gaba Kocjan
  3. 3. Table of ContentsON TOP: Flash Mob 4-7Subcultures at schools - are we this different? 8-10A small hoarding problem among young people 11- 13Volunteering - it is good to help others 14-15My Nation vs. other Nations: minority and ethnic groupsin Poland 17-18Do you see the treats ? 19Religious diversity 20Seven wonders of The Ancient World 21-22The band of the month: The Beatles 23
  4. 4. A meditation in Cracow Gallery. It had gang together about 1750 persons.FLASH MOBY ou are going across the park, when all of a sudden several people appear and start to dance. You think this is a good TV material and you may even notice a film crew. You are watching them. You hear the music. Suddenlythey stop at the same time and everyone disperses in multiple directions. The artor an attempt to challenge? This is a flash mob exactly !
  5. 5. THIS IS A FLASH MOB !A flash mob is an organized eventwhere a group of people gathered toperform a short show tounexpectedly entertain or confusean existing crowd of people.Participants usually do not knoweach other. They organise themeeting via various masscommunications to get together at aspecified place and time to show up A meditation in the mainat a certain place for a fewmoments, then disappear. shopping centre in Cracow. About 1750 people assembled together in one place. A BIT OF HISTORY? The first Flash Mob wasorganized in the United States. Thefirst attempt to perform the actionwas unsuccessful, but the second,which occurred on June 3, 2003 atMacys department store inManhattan, proved to be a success.Participants were to meet at Macy’sdepartment store and pretend theylived together in a warehouse on theoutskirts of New York, that they wereshopping for a "love rug". Then thegroup moved to the Hyatt hotel and ashoe boutique in SoHo. In each placethey were following the preparedinstructions. The popularity of flash The ‘No Pants Subway Ride’mobs is growing because people havegot tired of different protests against. organized by ImprovThey just want to be a part of Everywhere. What about thesomething and have some fun instead. shame? Who cares! It is just for fun!
  6. 6. FLASH MOB HITS POLAND The idea of a flash mob is making its way round the globe… Poland is not anexception. The first Polish flash mob was organized on 17th October at 17.00 at theWarsaw Rotunda. The plan was “Everyone involved is weaings shower caps and goggles.They are pointing at the Palace of Culture and Science for about two minutes, then wewill disperse. “ In Lublin the idea was “Have your CDs and break them shouting: no more CDs,long live the DVD!". Unfortunately, after a reminder from the administrator of the WebSide, who said that The Flash Mob must have “no theory”, they changed the script for“Were having binoculars and looking for 2 minutes at the clock tower. In Radom in M1 Shopping Center, 60 people started eat sandwiches with cheese.They praised loudly the meal saying “How great are these sandwiches!”. A tasty idea,ain’t it? There was a funny flash mob on the Kabaty platform. A girl with red hair startedthe performance. She dropped a teaspoon on the ground. Then 70 people did the sameafter 10 minutes.
  7. 7. WHAT FOR? It is for fun, to perform a show, to feel free, to forget about the rules just for a shorttime. I introduces elements of absurd to a dull, urban reality. Imagine such a situation, youare going across the street and suddenly a group of people start to sing the same song. Isn’t itnice ? Usually surprising. We like to manifest, so Flash Mob is spontaneous, without anypurpose. Participating in a Flash Mob is a rare opportunity that you see happen. It is achallenging, sometimes silly, risky and rewarding experience. These are the ideas that attractthe young modern generation. The main feature of each flash mob is its short duration. At the appointed time, theMobsters disperse. The second rule is not to talk about the Flash Mob, there is no "source" or"organizer" of the Flash Mob. You’d better not hang out at the flash mob location before orafter the action. Flash Mobs come in many different shapes and sizes and there really is nolimit to what can be done in a flash mob. Flash celebrations, Random acts of culture,Marketing mobs, Flash politics and Urban prankster are just a few of the different types offlash mobs and flash-mob inspired events taking place today. Flash Mobs are a new crazy fashion the future of which is still unknown. It seems thatthe popularity of the phenomenon is growing. It may break the daily routine, improve ourwell-being, forget about everything else and make others happy. Who are the heroes of suchan event? They remain anonymous.
  8. 8. Subcultures at schools - are weI this different?
  9. 9. Creative people in your schools- subcultures In our school you can see many subcultures. They are hidden,because our headmaster said clearly: “no promotion of subcultures!”,but if you look for a minute and pay attention, you can see many signs.People listen to many kinds of music, have different beliefs and opinions.Subcultures make our school life more interesting and colourful. Youshould have your own opinion on this topic, express yourself and have anice style. But remember- do not propagate it it at school! Angelika Uchacz
  10. 10. Hippie „Peace” The stereotype about them is that they take drugs and travel around the world with the “Flower Power”. Some do that. But some do not. They just want the end of the wars and peace. Track-suit people They want to be free.They often listen to rap music, dub Hipstersstep and hip-hop. There is a common This is not a new subculture. Theybelief that they really like football, tend to be in their teens through todon’t have a brain and are just stupid their 30s. It seems that they “dontand aggressive. Sometimes yes, but I care” but the attitude is extremelyknow some people who belong to this carefully constructed. Hipsters like tosubculture and they are intelligent perceive themselves as being highlyand nice. creative, intelligent, thoughtful, and witty. Punks and metals. BrainsLeather boots, jackets, pentagrams They are socially awkward andand T-shirts with a favourite band. clueless. They just learn and learn, overThey listen to a loud, aggressive genre and over. They have got powerfulof rock music called punk rock. Most Sportsmen minds and often no friends. In Polandof them have brightly colored hair They are usually well-built, high and they are called “kujony”.gelled in weird shapes, or their hair slim. Girls like them very much.might be shaved, cut intentionallybad, or messed up. Barbie girls Artists They always have a ton of They always have their own make-up, short skirts and look Skates opinion on everything. They are like huge dolls, a bit silly They always have skateboards and creative and often have manual sometimes because they care a wear XXXL T-shirts, usually have a abilities. They are dreamers. lot about appearance. fringe covering a half of the face.
  11. 11. A small hoardingproblem amongyoung people
  12. 12. Nowadays appearance is very important to both boys and girls. It may sound shallow butpeople are usually judged by looks. Since the first impression is very important, youngpeople take care of their image. When they are in school, it counts doubly. Children areruder than adults; they can laugh at everything especially when they see a boy or a girl whodoes not look well. How it begins? The truth about hoarding among young people is very painful for them: if Usually it does begin when young they do not get pocket money, they will notpeople change schools. They have to face spend money on gadgets or designernew people, find new friends. We all see clothes.what gadgets are used by our mates. Someof us really want to be well-liked, and they What helps with spending money?can do almost everything to be considered We all see advertisements which show usas someone cool. When they often see that really pretty girls or handsome boys and wetheir mates use for example i-phones, i-pads want to get clothes they have on postersor very popular netbooks they also want to because we think that we will look prettier.have that. From the desire to have to buysomething the way may be very short.
  13. 13. Unfortunately it is not always the truth, werarely look as good as models on posters.What is worst? The worst thing is that whenwe want to have something, we will buy itno matter what. Young people cannot resistadvertisements and it is leads directly tohoarding. Beautiful people on posters showus that we are not pretty or we do not lookwell and as a result we want to imitatethem. How can we help ourselves? It is really easy to say that but hard todo: We need to stop imitate our mates orpeople on posters. We need to be ourselvesall the time, and what is the most importantwe need to like the person we are. We maypractice a "so what" attitude towardadverts and gadgets our mates have. These things can help us not to spendmoney but we have to know that spendingmoney on gadgets only it is not good and itdoes not help with being ourselves. Klaudia Gałuszka
  14. 14. VolunteeringSometimes each of us needs help, children need help with doing their homework, our grandparents need help with housework. Helping people is integral part of our lives.
  15. 15. Direct contact with people This was one example of indirect help but in Poland we have much more Somewhere in every town, there actions like this one. For example ais a place where people need help, for Christmas charity parcel. It is organizedexample a hospice or a children’s in nearly every school and you canhome. There are many people who are help without leaving school. Thisvolunteers and help at such places. action is about collecting food (with Work in a hospice is very hard. If long shelf life), toys, clothes or otheryou want to work there, you must be things for people in need.mentally strong and be prepared forwhat you can see there. You will haveto help old, ill people, and always Help to man’s best friendsmile. This is work for people with If you like animals and you arestrong nerves. not allergic, you can help in animal Work at a children’s home is a shelter. It is not an easy job. You havelittle bit enjoyable if you like children to feed animals, take them for a walkof course. When you work at children and do many other things. If you reallyhome your work may include playing like animals, watching them being keptwith children or helping with their in cages may be difficult to deal withhomework. Volunteers are very helpful but it cannot discourage you! It isat such homes, they make the children exactly the reason to help them!start laughing again. Klaudia Gałuszka Indirect help If you have less free time youcan also help. There are charity actionsyou can participate in, like WOŚP inPoland. Each year on the secondSunday of January WOŚP plays. Plentyof volunteers go out on the street andcollect money for children. Every yearthey collect large sum of money andthe foundation buys medicalequipment to save children.
  16. 16. My Nation vs. other Nations- minority and ethnic groups in Poland. What makes a social whole? A society Minority groups in Polandis a very broad concept that is usually broken according to nationalitydown into different levels and facets of life.Within a society, there are smaller groupswith different subcultures associated withregion, nationality, ethnic origin or socialclass. There are also other factors thatseparate smaller societies one from another.These are culture, language, race, andreligion. Of all the mention factors, ‘minority’has been used interchangeably withethnicity. What are the consequences? A Minority Group- what is that ? It is a group of people, living on the areaof another country, differ from other part ofsociety in language, culture, ethnic origin orreligion. These groups may be of differentnationality. In Poland there live: Germans–from Germany, Czechs- Bohemia, Belarusians-Belarus, Ukrainians- Ukraine, Lithuanians-Lithuania, Jews- Israel and Armenians-Armenia. Another factor which defines minority isEthnicity. Members of each ethnic groupidentify with each other, through a commoncultural, linguistic, religious, behavioural orbiological traits.
  17. 17. Ethnic minorities Rights of minoritiesIn contrast to other minority U- Ukrainians After years of political non-groups, ethnic minorities have N- Germans existence, minorities havenever had a separate country. become the issue of political S- SlovaksAn ethnic minority is a group of and legal importance to Poland T- Tatarspeople that have a different since 1989. Poland treats all its Ł- Lemkosculture, religion or language to citizens equally and respects B- Belarussiansthe main one in the place or their right to preserve their O- Armenianscountry they live in. Its own cultural and nationalmembers constitute usually K- Karaims identity, as well as their socialless than the half of the total Ż- Jews and political aspirations. It waspopulation of the country. sanctioned by The Constitution C- CzechsPoland is highly homogenous, (1997) and by National and R- Romasince those who belong to Ethnic Minorities and Regional R- Russiansethnic minorities constitute Languages Act (2005).about 3 per cent of allinhabitants (according to thepublic census from May, 2002).
  18. 18. These regulations are consistent to Europeanstandards. A particularly important aspect ofstate policy towards minorities is theprivilege guaranteed by the Electoral Law,according to which national minorities listsare exempt from thresholds requirements(which is 5% of the total votes cast for a partylist; 8% for a coalition list). Also theconditions for establishing schools forminorities in Poland are favourablenowadays. The regulations guarantee theopportunity to learn and to be instructed inthe minority language in public educational The Jewsinstitutions, sustain and develop their ownnative language as well as introduce themesof history and geography of minorities inPoland to school curricula. Ethnic minoritiesmay apply for grants for actions in the sphereof culture, education or aimed at ensuringequal opportunities in the field of publicaffairs and preservation of minoritiesidentity. What do we get from them ? One could wonder what it is all about,how people are distinct, how social groups The Romarelate to one another. Do we benefit fromthe existence of minorities? Just think for awhile about the Polish language and how ithas been enriched by borrowings from otherlanguages. Minorities have their own distinctculture and customs, elements of which havebeen assimilated into the dominant nationalculture becoming our common heritage.Polish national cuisine was enriched withvarious dishes originating in the incomingminorities. The variety of customs andtraditions makes Poland more attractive andunique to foreigners. Poland is visited by 12.5million tourists each year. It has to do with The Tatarscultural diversity of our country. Gabriela Kocjan
  19. 19. Do you seethe threats? What is worse this addiction goes hand in hand with drug addition. Any addiction is difficult to Let’s play a computer game, shall we? overcome alone. Additionally. it may lead to irreversible damage to the nervous system or I would like to write about social threats long-term health problems. Once hooked,to the youth. The first set of threats that youth addicts loose all sense of responsibility bothface is computer gaming, the internet and TV. If towards themselves and towards others assomeone is addicted to modern technology, well as the ability to manage time effectively.nothing else matters. Playing computer games They need more and more of those substancescontributes to aggression and brutality. Those to sustain the illusion of complete relaxationhorrible bloody games cause many problems and happiness. The only way out offor children on the one hand and for society on dependence is to undergo treatment for theirthe other. Teenagers lose sense of reality and a result they become isolated from theoutside world. Such games are contributing to a Beat me with your intelligence insteadteenage lack of responsibility, a risk-taking of fists!behaviour, a shortening of the attention span, The third threat is juvenile delinquency. Morethus harming the ability to learn. They make and more young people are committing crimeschildren less sociable, less confident, and more or minor offences. Juvenile delinquents beginintroverted or even narrow-minded. There is offending or showing antisocial behaviour suchevidence that aggressive games have negative as bullying, beating and humiliating weakeroutcomes, such as lower academic even in childhood. This continues intoperformance which may result in a lower adulthood as they members of various gangschance of achieving success in life. and aggressive football fans. Although, some Alcohol and drugs? No, Id rather not! Religious diversity- young offenders tend to drop all criminal activity as they grow older, some of them get The second set of threats is associated jail sentences .with alcohol and drugs. More and more youngpeople are experimenting with alcohol at a very To sum up, our role is to alarm authorities toearly age and becoming dependent on alcohol. undertake actions to stop or prevent those threats. K. Gałuszka
  20. 20. Religious diversity - the most important facts There are many religions in the world. Christianity, Buddhism, Calvinism, Religion of Flying Spaghetti... Everybody has got their own beliefs and opinions about God and answers for There are religions in which polygamy is the questions: permitted. It takes two main forms – polygyny (a man marries more than one woman) and -‘How did the World begin?’ polyandry (a woman marries more than one -‘Who cares about us ?’. man). Polygyny may be found in rural Tibet where agriculture is difficult and food Catholics believe in the seven requirements have led to a marital system. In sacraments: Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Islam, limited polygyny is permitted; whereas Marriage, Ordination, polyandry is completely prohibited. Reconciliation/Confession and Anointing of the Sick. They were instituted by Christ who is Everyone should have the freedom to believed to be the savior of humanity and he choose what religion he or she wants to died on the cross to atone for the sins of all practice. No one has the right to tell you what humanity. to think or what to believe in. You can even create your own God or religion and get people All Catholics are Christians, but all to worship your God. If they believe... Christians are not Catholics. congratulations, you have your own followers. Protestantism began with the "Protestant We are told that there are ten thousand Reformation”, led by Martin Luther who posted religions in the world! Yet, there are many his 95 Theses, calling for reform of the Christian people who reject the existence of God and not Church. Luther criticized some practices of the believe in any supernatural deity or supreme early 16th century Catholic Church, especially being. These people are called Atheists. the selling of indulgences. Protestants do respect Mary as Jesus’ mother but no not In ‘Focus’ they wrote that Islam is taking believe that one needs to pray to Mary, Saints control over the whole Europe. I do not think or Angels. so. There are many Christians and atheists. One people, one opinion, one belief. A. Uchacz
  21. 21. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World The term Seven Wonders of the World refers toworks regarded by ancient Greeks and Romans as the most remarkable structures of their times. They were described by Philon of Byzance, around the second century BC.
  22. 22. The Great Pyramid of Giza also called The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is aPyramid of Khufu is the only one of the Seven monumental grave located in the southwestWonders of the Ancient World still standing. It of Turkey in the city of Halicarnassusis located near the Cairo city, in Egypt. The (nowadays Bodrum, in south-west Turkey). Itmonument was built around the year 2560 BC! was completed around 350 BC. Built in aIs composed of 2,300,000 stone blocks, each mixture of Egyptian, Greek and Lycian styles,averaging 2 1/2 tons in weight. Until the 19th it was unique because of life-size as well ascentury it was the tallest building in the world. under and over life-size free-standing statues of people, lions, horses, and other animals. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon(Modern Iraq), one of the Seven Wonders of The Colossus of Rhodes, built betweenthe Ancient World. This is a quite mysterious 292 - 280 BC, was not only a gigantic statue.wonder. They were said to have been built to It commemorates victory of The Rhodiansplease King Nebuchadnezzars wife, Amyitis. over Demetrius. They melted down bronzeGardens were built around 600 BC and from the many war machines Demetrius leftdestroyed by an earthquake in second Century behind for the exterior of the figure. TheBC. statue stood upward of 105 feet high at the harbor entrance, until a strong earthquake The Statue of Zeus at Olympia is the next hit Rhodes. The city was badly damaged, andmiracle. It was located at the ancient town the Colossus collapsed.Olympia, on the west coast of modern Greece.It was built around 432 BC. The figures skin Finally, the Pharos at Alexandria whichwas composed of ivory and the beard, hair and was a lighthouse at the port of the Egyptianrobe of gold which was attached to a wooden city named for Alexander the Great. The onlyframe. It was completely destroyed by a fire one wonder which has a practical use. It wasthat swept the city in 475 AD. built around 270 BC and was the first lighthouse in the world and the tallest The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus is building in existence, with the exception ofanother great human made structure. It was the Great Pyramid. The white marble wholelocated in the ancient city of Ephesus which is measured approximately 135 m (440 feet)nowadays called Selcuk, and which is located height. It was the victim of earthquakes.about 50 km in the South of Izmir. The firstshrine to the temple was probably built around We think of Seven Wonders of the800 BC. It was destroyed and rebuilt several Ancient World as of one list. The truth is thattimes over the next few hundred years. The there were several of them and many oftemple had 127 columns over 60 feet high and them agreed on six of the seven mentionedwas made completely of marble except for a wonders. It is still hard to believe that thosetile-covered wooden roof. buildings were build by humans. AU
  23. 23. The Beatles were an English rock band, which started a new era of music. The groupconsisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The group wasactive from 1957 to 1969. After their break-up in 1970, they managed to develop individualmusical careers. Although their initial style was a highly original, the group later worked in many genresranging from rock-n-roll and R&B-based pop songs to psychedelic rock, often incorporatingclassical and other elements in innovative ways. Their music rapidly evolved, becomingincreasingly subtle, sophisticated, and varied — ranging from ballads such as "Yesterday" to thepsychedelic hard rock of "Tomorrow Never Knows." This band was – and still is - a great phenomenon. They have changed music and musicindustry. Many artists have acknowledged them as an influence. Many bands today play TheBeatles music and some of them do it very well, but original version of “Let it be” or “Hey Jude”is definitely the best. The Beatles line All you need is love is a great motto to live by. I believe that band will inspire us to love and feel better for a long time. Love me do ♥ Angelika Uchacz