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PLANET LIVE! The cover is linked to almost every topic we bring up here – could you find them inside? We were a bit unsure about what to write about and which cover to choose (we had two options), but finally we made our mind (and I hope this is the best one!)
I hope this is the best one!).

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Planet Live

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  2. 2. Hello everyone!We would like to present proudly to you our new magazine(fanfares!): PLANET LIVE! The cover is linked to almostevery topic we bring up here – could you find them inside? Wewere a bit unsure about what to write about and which cover tochoose (we had two options), but finally we made our mind (andI hope this is the best one!): we decided to describe mostly somesocial issues, but don’t worry, we present them rather lucidly . Solet’s go through it together. Have a good time reading! Love, The Editorial Team: Aleksandra Czekaj (Chief Editor, cover) Michalina Koczur Zosia Polkowska Filip Sierak Katarzyna Walaszczyk (cover, typesetting) 2
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTSLIFESTYLE………………………………………………………4Subcultures- where do they come from and what they really are?…5Social websites – where, how, by whom and what for were theycreated?.............................................................................................................7MEME?! What the [...] is this!?....................................................................10YOGA-a sport for everyone..........................................................................12SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY AND OTHER SCARYTHINGS………………………………………….………………13Vegetarianism – what can I think about it?.....................................14Alternative medicine – to treat or not to treat? That is thequestion!.....................................................................................................16Tolerance- why is it so important?......................................................17“Hug me, I need it!” About importance of touch in people’srelations.....................................................................................................18Culture – why is needed?.......................................................................20TIME FOR CULTURE………………………………………21Reviews…………………………………………………………………………….22“Beautiful People”, Creepy souls...........................................................22Magic in metal songs................................................................................23Sherlock Holmes – From a detective to a superhero......................24Magical places in Cracow……………………………………………25Cafe Camelot.....................................................................................25Hard Rock Cafe................................................................................26SURPRISE!………………………………………………………………27 3
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  5. 5. Subcultures-where do theycome from and what they really are? When we say subcultures we probably mean the goth, punk, hip-hop etc.groups. We think of weird people in too colourful or too dark clothes.According to ‘’ this particular wordmeans ‘ a group of people with a culture (whether distinct or hidden) whichdifferentiates them from the larger culture to which they belong .’. But haveyou ever wondered where it comes from? As some of us can consider themselves as ‘normal’, they are sometimeslucky to be ones. Because in most of the cases, people do not chose to belongto this ‘strange’ group. It is often a result of hard childhood or schoolproblems. People that don’t feel well while belonging to one particular groupcalled ‘normal’, often search for other things that will definitely alienate themfrom the others. It often happens in schools where children do not place muchattention on toleration or even discriminate kids that are somehow different.That situation happens in almost every school in the world. Children can bebrutal, so the victims of those acts can feel so alienated that they want toexpress their ‘point of view’ by wearing characteristic clothes and acting likethe subculture, they started to belong to.People that came across sexual discrimination, want to either fill in the societyor start to express their orientation stronger. They often do the second thing 5
  6. 6. by wearing clothes that are not originally made for their sex or are just morecolorful, black or wear any other subcultural attribute they can think of. The third reason of belonging to any subculture could be family issues. Itmay be the most frequent of all of the three of them. Almost 65% of peoplehave or already had it. It could be almost everything: from drinking parents todisabled brother. When we do not feel well at home, we start to search forpeople from other ‘societies’ in which we can isolate ourselves from the rest ofthe world. Up there, we think that it is just the best option currently possible.Trying to belong to certain subculture, means searching for a right expressionof who we really are. If we do not have this possibility at home, that is justwhat most of this people do. The last but not least reason, is just the simple fact, that you like oradmire certain subculture. You are just not afraid of your emotions and arewilling to express them. If, for example, you are a cheerful person, you maywant to wear colourful clothes, hairstyle or make-up. To sum it up, I think that there are many reasons of belonging to anysubculture. It can be your character, home issue, sexual or any otherdiscrimination that may happen at school, work or just the place you live in. Itcan also be the most simple, your admiration or fascination towards certain‘society’. In my opinion, subcultures are something which people join to expresstheir emotions or point of view. Sometimes, it can help them open their selvesto the world, but sometimes, it makes them feel even more lonely than everbefore. Michalina Koczur 6
  7. 7. Social websites – where they come from and what they were created for? Young people more and more often register on numerous socialwebsites, the amount of which is growing larger and larger. Facebook,Twitter, deviantART have became part of our everyday life. We excuseourselves that we use them to keep in touch with our friends, but is thisthe only reason? Many teenagers got addicted to some social websites orthe not very intelligent applications supported by them. But who inventedthem and did he suspect how far that will go? I would like to present youa short history of four popular websites. Facebook. Firstly Facebook. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg, at first forthe Harvard University students, and launched in 2004, when its authorwas 19. Then, with the help of his roommate, he expanded in on the otheruniversities and then its popularity spontaneously developed. During itsactivity up to now, it has been changed many times. In 2007 Microsoftbought 1,6% of Facebook’s share for 240 million dollars. Now its yearlyincome is estimated as about 100 to 150 million dollars. 7
  8. 8. DeviantART was an idea of Scott Jarkoff and Matt Stephens, whowanted to create a place on the Internet where artists from all over theworld could share their works and discuss them. The website startedworking twelve years ago. Now it is very popular among talented people,particularly the young. It is a great source of art: photography, digitaland traditional drawings etc. (but always remember to ask for permissionif you want to use someone else’s work or at least write who made it!). DeviantART is an imageboard website (people post images and thenmay discuss about them). It was launched in 2003; originally its maintheme were manga and anime. Users generally stay anonymous. A hugeamount of Internet memes such as lolcats or Pedobear was formed orpopularized (or both) on 4chan. The sites "Random" board, which is alsoknown as "/b/", does not have almost any rules on posted content. Englishportal once jokingly said: "reading /b/ will melt your brain". 8
  9. 9. 4chan There will always be as many points of view on social websites asmany people knowing them. We cannot judge them all at once, becauseeach of them is different. Some are better for us than the others (forexample, deviantART may help in developing creativity and imagination)and some are worse (people have recently started to blame Facebook forworse brain condition (teenagers cannot study as hard as theirclassmates who do not have an account) and creating a self-centeredpersonality). So when you wonder about joining one of them, consider alsohow it will affect your mentality. Katarzyna Walaszczyk 9
  10. 10. MEME?! What the [...] is this!?I used italics for web addresses, because Ithink they should be distinguished somehowin such an article. According to Wikipedia, an Internet meme is “an idea that is propagated through the World Wide Web. The idea may take the form of a hyperlink, video, picture, website or just a word or phrase, such as intentionally misspelling the word "more" as "moar" or "the" as "teh". The meme may spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, news sources, or other web-based services”. In the society meme is seen as an image with text and blank spaces for other users to fill in, almost always with drawings. It looks like this on the left side of the page. Other types of meme may be found e. g. on (a website “dedicated to documenting Internet phenomena”) or On Polish sites, memes are not very popular yet, but they gain popularity fast. The most known (in my opinion, of course) is “Co ja pacze?” (in English it would sound like “What Imma wotching?”) , which was first published by “Nie znam się, to się nie wypowiem” (“I don’t know anything about it, so I won’t judge”) on Facebook, then popularized by and now is used on many sites in a large amount images. It is said to may be inspired by the “I can haz cheezburger?”, which is one of the first examples of the so- called lolspeak (often with intentional 10
  11. 11. mistakes, used for captions in memes). Some phrases from it have alreadyentered colloquial English and Polish, for example “Why U no...” or “LOL U mad”.The Polish Internet society does not have its own lolspeak wersion – or does it?The first examples have already appeared, maybe Polish people will continuethe idea or it will just be laughed at and left. “Co ja pacze” and “I can has cheezburger?” Memes are very popular among manga and anime fans, or keen viewers of some series(for example Glee, Merlin or Sherlock). They are used to express people’s point ofview on the plot (or how they would like to change it) or remind moments which theyappreciate. This form of opinion and – somehow – art will not collapse soon. Maybe itwill become useful some day, or just comprehensible for everyone? Katarzyna WalaszczykI used fragments of the article about memes on Gazeta Wyborcza’s website(,104530,10861361,Memotechnika__co_ja_pacze_.html).Sources of the images:The Bleach meme:, aj-chan’s account (“Co ja pacze?”:,ja,pacze.html„I can has cheezburger?”: 11
  12. 12. YOGA-a sport for everyone At the bottom of the ocean, on the seabed, in an inaccessible and secret place, Shiva had been trying to teach his wife Uma the fundamental practices of Yoga. Unfortunately, while he was talking, she fell asleep. In the water there was a large fish and it listened to the lessons with rapt attention. When angry Shiva shouted at his wife: "Are you listening to me?!", he got a strong answer "Yes, my lord.". It came from the belly of the fish. Shiva realized that the fish had learnt Yoga and he decided to give up onteaching Uma and transformed the fish into Matsyendra, Lord of the Fishes. It isbelieved that all the yogic teachings which are now in existence have come fromMatsyendra. Why is actually yoga meant to be kind of sport for everyone? You can saythat you prefer football and that is your department. But Yoga is not just sport. It isa way which shows you how to feel your body and move it at once. No matter if youhave never done any sport or whatever you have chosen was a miss. Yoga can changeyour thinking, feeling, your body. Practicing Yoga can help you to feel more in touchwith yourself. It is incredible how everything what we eat, what we wear, the way we moveinfluence our life. It requires a lot of concentration therefore it may be verychallenging no matter what age you are. Throw all thoughts, forget about mobilesand other modern gadgets. One of the most important things is to learn how to relax.Yogis teach that the mind and the body are one, they interrelate with each other. The origins of the system remain a mystery. It used to be a discipline for thechosen ones only. But times have changed and it is accessible to other people as well.It has been captured the whole the world and it can be a lifestyle, a way of thinking,a hobby, a job, or sport for everyone. Zosia Polkowska III E 12
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Vegetarianism – what can I think about it? Is vegetarianism a good or a bad thing? Opinions on this topic areextremely divided. Almost every person thinks differently. But what areits real pros and cons? On the one hand, some people claim that it is a very unnatural dietand should be worldwide forbidden. It does not require meat, so,consequently, does not give our body a chance to grow. The specialistsfrom the Indiana Scientific Circle said, that almost 80% of vegetarianslive shorter than people on ‘normal’ diet. For example, a model, CindyRowland, died because of not enough ‘strong’ food in her organism. Secondly, parents that make their children not eat meat, can leadthem to some serious problems with bones, their height and health.People, especially young, need a good portion of animal food delivered totheir organism. It is scientifically proven, that people who were onvegetarian diet as children, are lower than people on a ‘meat’ diet. On the other hand, some people feel that eating animals’ meat isalmost equal to murdering them. They claim that animals have the sameright to live, as us, human beings. They want people to stop eating meatand try to live in ‘peace’ with animals. 14
  15. 15. Some people say, that vegetarian diet does include a substitute formeat that has almost the same values as the ‘forbidden’ one and can beeven healthier. They claim, that there is no difference for our healthbetween food from ’normal’ diet and the vegetarian one . The AmericanDietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada stated that ‘a properlyplanned vegetarian diet is healthful, nutritionally adequate, and provideshealth benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.’. Although both sides of the argument are extremely convincing, Ithink that vegetarianism is not a diet I would choose for myself, not tomention my children. I feel that even though many people thinksdifferently, I would not really be satisfied if I risked my health. Ibelieve that humans were born to eat meat and that is how the world hasbeen made, so I do not see a point in ruining all this harmony to feel goodabout oneself. Michalina Koczur 15
  16. 16. Alternative medicine – to treat or not to treat?That is the question! Nowadays alternative medicine becomes more and more popular.Acupuncture, acupressure, herbal treatment... Everyone has heard about it.But there is one important question – is it working or not? A discussion on alternative medicine reveals opposing points of view. Let us have a look at both sides of the question. Some people say that alternative medicine is the best thing in the world. For example, herbalists – they are prepared to spend more time with patients than modern doctors, so they can treat them as individuals. Moreover, alternative medicine could not damage your organism, because everything comes fromnature. Another also important argument is that much of the so-calledalternative medicine is harmless and not dangerous. Acupuncture is the bestexample – it is about inserting fine needles at selected points in the body tocure illness, like a headache. Of course, some people are afraid of needles, butacupuncture does not hurt and after that many patients feel better and feelthe need to see the doctor less often. On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages of alternative medicine.To start with, it is questionable if alternative medicine does work at all. Theeffects depend not only on drugs, but also on our organism’s predispositions.Someone can be treated with herbs, someone else is allergic to them or herbsjust do not work. What is more, serious diseases like cancer cannot be cured with the helpof alternative medicine – they can only aggravate symptoms. After all, theworld is full of scammers who are “healing” using “alternative medicine”. To sum up, it is difficult to take a side in the discussion abouteffectiveness of alternative medicine, as both types of arguments seem to bevery convincing. But if I had to formulate my opinion, it would be like that: why not to trythe treatment provided by alternative medicine? It is the possibility that it willnot help you, but certainly it will not hurt you. Aleksandra Czekaj III E 16
  17. 17. Tolerance- why is it so important? If we want to define tolerance, it is a fair, objective, and permissiveattitude toward opinions and practices that differs from one to another. Butbasically it is a key factor to build a community. Without tolerance there isno sense in our existence. To start with, I have chosen the closest example for me. Lets lookat school life. Everyone is different, there are noisy, brave, keen peopleand those plain, unassuming ones who have as many virtues as those whoshow off. And if there was no tolerance, those concerning themselves as"superiors" would destroyed those "timid". And it is not the only rule thatprevails in school life. Appearance is very important, too. Haw would it beif the privileged laugh at every student? No way. We need tolerance. Weneed to understand each other. Secondly, globalisation is getting bigger and bigger. People fromdifferent countries, believing in different religions, having different colorsof skin, different types of eyes are mixing all over the world. Onlytolerance can make the process run smoothly and be much easier for thoseinvolved. It may also bring some profits to society because we can get toknow something new about people, learn about exotic cultures, see howothers understand religion, be familiar with new kinds of music. For somepeople it is a great chance to find life lasting relationships or move toanother place on the Earth. People usually start realizing the need to follow some basic rulesthat make our life worthy after they experience something harrowing. It islike a climax point which helps them appreciate what they take for grantedand see the true values of other people. As the old proverb has it variety isthe spice of life. All in all, I cannot find any counterargument against tolerance. As Isaid, it is a key as important as love is. Zosia Polkowska III E 17
  18. 18. Hug me, I need it!” About importance of touch in people’s relations Nowadays, we marginalize, and even reject the need for touch. We give only a sexual overtone to touch and recognize it as a sign of physical desire. "Touch" has a negative meaning. ‘Our natural tendency totouch and be touched is already being stigmatized and limited in theprocess of socialization’, as Sam Cowan, a manual therapist, believes.He says also, like many other psychologists and therapists, that as aconsequence of the following, the phenomenon of "skin hunger"appears. The point is that the human body begins to suffer, not havingreceived the adequate dose of touch. "We are social beings, consciousenough to appreciate the power of touch", says Reid Mihalko, amasseur, the founder and organizer of the Cuddle-Party, which we willwrite about later in the article. The modern model of life does not include, or even exclude theneed for a close contact. According to Marnii Robinson, the author of"Cupids Poisoned Arrow", that is the cause of unhappiness nowadays.The reward system in our brain tells us constantly to look forsomething that will fill in the empty space of proximity. We inventvarious replacements but they only deceive our mind. The touch of aclose, trusted person really can release the neurochemical cocktailwithin our body - "the cure for all evil". As intelligent beings, while forming and mantaining relationships,we need to touch. Everybody looks for erotic overtone in our culture.We need to touch to build up, to comfort the other person or even toshow that we are close, to give energy and strength. Nothing like asmall gesture, but something that really stimulates our body and mind.The gesture shows that we need others, and we are needed. It mayheal relationships, heal the spirit, heal the body. All because of this 18
  19. 19. only by mere touching. The Cuddle-Party was mentioned in the previous part f thearticle. Its initiator is Reid Mihalko and his partner, Marcia Baczynski,the therapist carrying out workshops on emotions. However, what isthe "Cuddle-Party" all about? Well, this is a social game designed for adults which results inphysical, social and emotional well-being of participants. It helps withworking on communication, setting limits and gaining new experiencesas well as getting to know other people involved. Usually 6 to 20people of both sexes and from different social and professional groupstake part in it and it lasts three and a half hour. The game is watchedover by a moderator. At the beginning, the participants dress up in comfortablepijamas, then ‘Starting Circle’ takes place. They get to know eachother and are getting familiar with some principles such as voluntarilyparticipation. It means that if you do not feel comfortabel withsomething, they may signal that. People at the Cuddle-Party learn notonly proximity but also how to put healthy boundaries and expresstheir needs. They get some knowledge about a conscious refusal, andthen about a conscious touch. Cuddle-Party Participants comb each other’s hair, massage theshoulders, neck, hands, feet, hug, hug, stroke, they may jointly speak,read, doze off. At the end of the event, they gather in the ClosingCircle and thank each other. People after the Cuddle Party become more relaxed and happier.Meet the need for touch, build healthy relationships. The message is this: do not be afraid of proximity! Do not beafraid to cuddle! Aleksandra Czekaj III E Article based on "Charaktery"; used text can be found in the January issue of the journal or on website 19
  20. 20. Culture – why is needed? Nowadays many people cannot afford themselves to participate in culturalevents. Some of them cannot do it because of their financial status andwillingness to have contact with it. But there are also people who do notparticipate in culture because they do not derive pleasure from it, and they thinkthat they do not need it in their life. I think that they are wrong, and that theaccess to culture is vital, because it can bring many benefits. To begin with, participating in culture may help people developthemselves. Having contact with culture such as reading books, going tolectures, they can develop human curiosity and willingness to be educated. Inthat way many people with bad material situation can understand that if theywant to have better work, they have to educate themselves. Education andparticipation in culture are great factors in preventing social exclusion thosedisadvantaged ones. Also participating in culture promotes some patterns of behaviour. It is agood idea to prevent pathologies by spreading good practices among thosepeople who were affected by social deviations. It is a good alternative tospending spare time effectively instead of watching worthless TV programs orplaying computer games. It might inspire them to self-improvement. This alsoleads to reflection upon their life, and often to social advancement and changeof their environment. I do not see disadvantages of having contact with culture, but there arepeople who think that there are some. Those ones quickly get discouraged andgive up their attempts to understand culture. It happens because the consciouscommunion with the culture requires some solid knowledge about the theory ofculture. It also takes a lot of time to understand the works of artists, and somepeople do not have enough free time for it, or just do not want to spend themental efforts on such topics. To sum up I think that access to culture is very important. It may evenchange people’s way to participate in the worlds matters, and make their lifeeasier and better if they only want to sacrifice a bit of their free time to know theother world. Filip Sierak III E 20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. Beautiful People”, Creepy souls „Beautiful people” Mitsukazu Mihara Hanami Press, 2011 Rated: 9/10 Just six short comic stories. Just 153 pages with ascethic, black and white drawings.Just one, maybe two evenings of reading. A huge philosophical message. A message aboutwhat? About beauty. Acceptation. Love. Loneliness. Sadness. Death. Necessity of feelingsand relations between people. About today’s overwhelming reality. Mitsukazu Mihara is a mangaka* well-known for specific style of drawings withascethic background, using only black line without any shading and the characterspresented with details Also, Mitsukazu Mihara is fascinated about gothic subculture, fromhere we can derrive many themes typical for this subculture, like vampires, the end of theworld or Frankenstein. Mrs. Mihara is using all these things to describe a human soul. A very difficult, but sotouching work of art. Aleksandra Czekaj III E* - artist who draw Japanese comics called „manga” 22
  23. 23. Magic in metal songs Blind Guardian – Nightfall in Middle-Earth Virgin Records, 1998 Rated: 10/10!! (I really love it!)I would like to present you one of my favourite albums. It is not new, butit still has its magical power. Although you may not like metal (BlindGuardian plays mostly, if not only, metal and power metal), you could likethese songs. They are more delicate than usual. The band was inspired by‘Silmarillion’ – a book of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, the greatest fantasyauthor ever. If we know the story, we can find its parts everywhere inthe lirycs. Even if you dislike fantasy, I still would like to recommend youthis CD, because of the beautiful, unforgettable tunes, which almoststick to your head and do not come out very quick. Believe me, findingyourself humming such a song is quite funny, but also feels great ;) Katarzyna Walaszczyk 23
  24. 24. really surprising twists and turns of action that take place during the first few minutes. This part also required the reconstruction of towns from the late XIX century. In the first part, viewers could only see images of London, while in the second, Sherlock moves to many European cities. Secondly, the action in the second part moves much faster than in the first. Because of that movie is more dynamic, but Sherlock is no longer purely having an intellectual duel, but rather is running in a hail of bullets and trying to prevent further explosions. The detective is more like one Sherlock Holmes – of modern superheroes than a Victorian gentleman. From detective to The success of the film shows that the adaptation of such a story as that about superhero Sherlock Holmes requires some simplification to the plot. The detective is no longer the calm “Sherlock Holmes: A game of intellectual as in the Doyles book, who is Shadows” solving his puzzles sitting in the depths of Produced by Guy Ritchie, 2011 his room wrapped in smoke fumes. Conan Screenplay by Mitchele Doyle’s character is famous for his Mulroney and Kieran Mulroney logical reasoning but without Watsons Rated: 7/10 sympathetic comments he seems to be It has been three years since the quite phlegmatic and apart from all others.most famous detective in the world gained Reactivated Sherlock is incrediblya new life, appearing on the cinema physically fit, his intellect again isolatesscreen. The film was a huge commercial him from society, because he cannot adaptsuccess, due to the interesting and himself to the rules which govern socialgripping story, great acting and script, life. Now, he is full of energy and oftenamazing reconstruction of Victorian does not care whether his behavior is wellLondon, and music. All the elements received or not.combined together resulted in one To sum up, I think that this film hasconsistent whole. Two weeks ago, the more advantages than disadvantages. Itfollow-up to the story appeared on screen. would not satisfy Holmes purists, but isIs it going to follow the success of the first still an enjoyable and funny movie.part? Maybe it does not require a huge mental To begin with, the sequel is even effort, though, is certainly worthmore surprising than the first part. It is watching..very hard to tell about it without revealing Filip Sierak III E 24
  25. 25. Magical places in CracowCafe Camelot Are you looking for an interesting place in Cracow? A restaurant or a café? Unlike many others where food has REAL taste and decoration is original and pretty? My answer is Café Camelot in the Lane of Unfaithful Thomas. In this little cafe you have everything what you want – theatmosphere, good music and delicious Italian meals, like penne with cheeseand spinach or bruschetta with tomatoes, mozzarella and oregano. Also,Café Camelot has a big choice of sweets – fruit coctails, home-made cakes,many kinds of hot chocolate – my favorite is with pieces of fresh apple andcinammone – and many more. The decoration of the cafe is worth mentioning. From the outside, Café Camelot looks quite inconspicuous – just a small place, like many others in Cracow. However, when we come inside... It looks almost like a Parisian café in the twenties of the twentieh century. Small, round tables, shabby wood paneling, old postcards in sepia and handwritten letters, yellowed with ageand slightly burnt at the edges on walls. It is nice to come to Café Camelot on a rainy evening. Pleasant service,great atmosphere, the smell of fragrant tea in the air... Delightful andsplendid. Aleksandra Czekaj III E 25
  26. 26. expect, Pete Townsend, the guitarist of the band “The Who”, came to the same restaurant and left there his guitar with a note "Mines as good as his! Love, Pete." Since that event the owners of Hard Rock Cafe have increased their collection. Some instruments were given by the musicians themselves. They are placed in more than 130 cafes located around the world. Many ambitious people take the challenge of visiting all of them.Hard Rock Cafe – The In every cafe, you can also buy T-shirts and gadgets unique andmetal paradise associated with metal, rock, or famous musicians that you cannot I think that almost everyone has get anywhere else.heard the name of Hard Rock Visiting Hard Rock Cafe is aCafe - the original web of cafes good idea for spending spare timescattered around the whole world, for everyone who is interested inwhere you can eat and drink heavy metal and rock. This is onelistening to different varieties of of the most original andhardmusic, watching broadcasts distinctive cafes at Krakowsand recordings of the concerts, Marketand especially watching the Filip Sierak III Etypical instruments, accessoriesor clothing of popular musiciansfrom around the world. All this started in 1979 whenEric Clapton gave his guitar to anowner of a British restaurant,where he was a frequent visitor. Faster than anyone could 26
  27. 27. SURPRISE! 27