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Wiktoria and Tonia’s magazine’ Meanwhile on Earth’ provides us with quite sophisticated articles and information … pick up the gauntlet and face the intellectual challenge …

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Meanwhile on Earth

  1. 1. met at last, the great variety of grass andRabbits of Berlin flowers. Germans were amazed as well, some by the new world, some by the rabbits. They took the cute bunnies home, or just gave them food. They played with the rabbits, took pictures of them, they were happy whenever they noticed a Dear readers, rabbit. A long time ago, in a place far, far However, everything good has itsaway… There lived rabbits. They were end, and so does amazement. A fewcompletely healthy and content. They had weeks passed, and people started to findeverything they needed – grass, sun, rabbits not only boring, but also irritating.water, love. The rabbits lived between the They began to hunt for them. Makingtwo walls of the Berlin Wall. A safe and dishes of rabbits became a new, trendycosy place for those little, white bunnies. thing to do. Rabbits were frightened, they wanted to come back to the “prison”, that turned out to be their home. Sadly, there was no way back to the way things used to be – ‘home’ didn’t exist anymore. Rabbits had to run away from Berlin. At difficult times like those we’re living, I hope you’ll consider your wishes and choices thoroughly, not like the rabbits. Don’t be blinded by false freedom, that adolescents seek so hard. Think, always, that’s the most important thing.Nothing to worry about, absolutely noproblems, a perfect, easy life – one could ~Wiktoria Sagansay. Unfortunately, rabbits couldn’t seethat. They weren’t bored, they were justcurious of the world behind those twowalls. That curiosity was slowly growingwithin their souls. And soon enough all ofthem longed to see the outside world. Adream so strong, that the rabbits couldn’tsee just how peaceful their lives are, andwhat a great thing it is. They dreamed offreedom. Sometimes it happens that a dreamcomes true. That’s when people, andrabbits, realize that they should have beenmore cautious of their dreams. That’sexactly what happened to the rabbits. The Berlin Wall was destroyed,and bunnies finally came out of their so-called “prison”. They were amazed by theoutside world, by those colorful people,all the high buildings, other animals they
  2. 2. Beginnings The Everything started with an idea of a 19-years-old philosophyMissionary student – Isak Gerson. Along with a group of his fellow-believers, he started the Kopimism. First, theyChurch of wanted to be an official church, so they sent their application to the Kammarkollegiet (Swedish Legal,Kopimism Financial and Administrative Services Agency). After three trials they were finally recognized as a– is it really religious community. “Since Kammarkollegiet has been strict with formalities, we had to applyjust a prank? three times”, Gustav Nipe – a board chairman for the organization – says. He continues, “I think it might have something to do with the governmental organizations abiding by a very copyright friendly attitude, with a twisted view on copying.” How’s that surprising? It’s no secret that government doesn’t particularly like copying, as they think it’s the same as stealing. Doctrine Have you ever Kopimists (that’s whatheard of practitioners of Kopimism arekopimism? It’s a new called) don’t believe in anythingreligion in Sweden, supernatural, like God or that became miracles, they just state thatlegitimate on information is holy and copying isJanuary the 5th a sacrament. The church2012 and is already practiced considers CTRL-C and CTRL-Vworldwide. Kopimism is talked sacred symbols.about everywhere, from Japan,through Greece, France,Russia, up to United States.But what is it really about?
  3. 3. How do Kopimists reply? They refer to the Enlightenment ideals, laws of nature and the monks of the Middle Ages. They accuse “copyright extremists” of being in conflict with human nature (which is, according to Kopimi, copying), censorship and confining the knowledge flow. Christianity, on the other hand, they praise greatly. They say that there is not a single thing in the Christian Church that was made from scratch, which is an excellent example of the remix culture, and that Christians usedOther beliefs of Kopimists: to see just how important copying • All knowledge to all is (as a proof they give the Dark • The search for knowledge is Ages monks copying books), but sacred they don’t acknowledge it • The circulation of knowledge anymore. is sacred • The act of copying is sacred. Other wacky churches Society’s opinion There has been quite aheated discussion over Kopimism.One side says it is outrageous tomock other religions. Christianchurch says Kopimi is not a realreligion to begin with. Copyrightsupporters say it’s a breach of thelaw. It’s not only Kopimism, that is considered bizarre or even wrong, there are other people with ideas just as weird as those of
  4. 4. Isak Gerson. The Church of theFlying Spaghetti Monster, for thesole example, which is meant tospoof all religions by saying that aFlying Spaghetti Monster createdthe universe, and that globalwarming and natural disasters area direct effect of the shrinkingnumber of Pirates since the 19thcentury. Even though it’s just ajoke, I strongly believe there arepeople, who actually think it’s alltruth. The Missionary Church ofKopimism - some say it is anexample of our culture fallingdown. That might be true,though, in my opinion, as long asthere are some values behind itand people who are ready to fightand die for it, then Kopimism isacceptable as a religion.~Wiktoria Sagan
  5. 5. Salvador Dali – involves you more and more. My friend watched Dali’s film -mad or genius? ‘Andalusian dog’ – and told me, that man who made it, was surely a psychical ill child. It’s true, also in his times, this great painter was regarded as a stranger. He once told about himself: “the only thing what differentiate me from a mad man is the fact, that I haven’t done anything mad.”. It is possible, that nobody with healthy mind would think out those unusual sights. Probably we’ll never get to know what is true. A better question is: ”does it really matter?”. Human mind is human mind, and it will never be completely understood. ~Tonia MoskalSalvador - Dali probably the mostgifted man in the world of art.Sitting and watching hispaintings, without any knowledgeof art aspects, takes long hours.The amount of time I spent infront of the “Mountain lake” –Dali’s first work, was enough formy friends to see the wholemuseum. Dali is a classic ofsurrealism. He shows things withuncommon properties and insome strange situations, like in adream. Pictures painted by himaren’t beautiful. Most of them arerather scary. For the sole examplea frequent sight in his paintingsare ants going out of a wound.Every picture has its own,unintelligible anxiety, which
  6. 6. quickly say goodbyes and run“Turn left, away (from their angry house owners), which causes a misery:turn right “ their little sheets of paper with each other’s phone numbers get– turns out Asians destroyed by the rain.can make movies!A beautiful love story. Not acliché, but still a cute, warm andfunny film. “Turn Left, Turn Right”is a 2003 joint Hong Kong-Singaporean romance movie,starring Takeshi Kaneshiro andGigi Leung.The plot is based on a graphic The story continues, and we seenovel and a poem by Wisława Eve and John living lives so similarly, dealing with almost the same problems and wishing to see each other once again. “Turn Left, Turn Right” is a weird film. No matter how many times I watch it, I always get the feeling, that something is missing, that something is inadequate. It mightSzymborska “Miłość od pierwszego be the music, which is sometimeswejrzenia” (“Love at First Sight”) . unnoticeable, or maybe it’s theIt’s a story about a love between a actors, who act somehowyoung translator, Eve Choi, and a strangely, though not poorly.violinist, John Liu. Although theymet only once, when they were inelementary school, they still holdfeelings toward each other. Whatthey don’t know, is that afterthey’d moved to Taipei they live inthe same building and their flatsare separated by just one wall.Unfortunately, because there aretwo staircases, they can’t see eachother.Finally, they meet by an accident.They distinguish themselves astheir loved ones from elementary That might be the bizarre way ofschool, and they exchange phone framing.numbers. Sadly, they must
  7. 7. However, whatever it is, it makes a stray cat, and his aunt Mimithe film even better. “Turn Left, allowed him to take the cat home.Turn Right” is original and He named the marmalade-unforgettable, makes you cry and coloured half-Persian cat Tim.laugh. Makes you think you didn’t This cat became Lennon’swaste an hour and a half. favourite. Then, John got married toJohn Lennon Cynthia, and they acquired about ten cats (one of them was named – a crazy cat la Mimi – after John’s auntie). Later, as The Beatles member, he had a cat called – Jesus, which was a retort to the “the Beatles are bigger than – Jesus” controversy of 1969. While having an affair with his secretary, she talked him into – adopting two stray cats, which they called Minor and Major. – John also had two cats with his later wife, Yoko Ono. One was – dy! black, the other was white. Lennon christened the white cat Pepper and the black one Salt. John Lennon – John’s Russian Blue catthe most famous of the Beatles, a named Alice, however, was hissinger and a worldwide known special favourite. One day, Aliceidol. Have you ever heard of his jumped out of an open window inlove of cats? the Lennons’ high-rise apartment In his life, John Lennon at the Dakota and plunged to herowned way over fifteen cats (and death. Sean Lennon, John’s son,two dogs). Maybe he even taught was present at the time of thethem to sing? accident. He remembers it as the His first cat was called only time he ever saw his fatherElvis, and wasn’t actually his, but cry.his beloved mother’s. Elvis wasnamed after Elvis Presley, whomboth, he and his mum, greatlyadored. After some time, they Later, John had three otherfound out that they made quite a cats named Misha, Sasha andmistake while naming their cat – Charo. He made several sketchesElvis turned out to be a girl. of his cats, some of them even gotLennon discovered that, when published in his books. ~Wiktoria SaganElvis gave birth to a litter ofkittens. However, the nameremained the same. Another two cats he ownedwere Tich and Sam, though theydidn’t live long. Then, John found
  8. 8. My food habits problem with choice: what’s for dinner?- a bagel or two.Lessons start at 7.30. alarm clock: Very important forgoes off at 5.30. I wouldn’t do me is not to eat dinneranything without a cup of coffee. after 6 pm. Not eatingSometimes I have enough time to too late is healthyeat something on the fly, and helps you keepsometimes not. “Something” is a good weight.usually a dry toast or a bowl of Imcold milk with corn flakes - everyday the same. Sandwiches for abrake are very important. Withoutthem I would be hungry for longhours at school. I am hungryregardless of that, but it doesn’tmatter. I simply like havingsandwiches. Even though I don’teat them. I have sandwiches if my usually full by 6 pm so that Imum gets up before I leave home. could go without eating to the endIt isn’t every day. Mental effort, of the day. It should be ok,stress, sadness… Everything I shouldn’t it? Maybe it should be,dream about is chocolate. No but it is not, because 6 hoursmatter how much money my later, at midnight, my brain againpocket includes, everything can be works hard, doing homework.easily changed for sweets. A few When it finally finishes, itdays a week I eat outside. What deserves some award. Somecan we buy in the center of dopamine? At 0:30 I eatCracow for less than 15 zł? Kebab, everything I can find. Now, tell me:kebab, kebab, hamburger, which teenagers don’t eat like me?hamburger, Chinese, pancakes, Maybe there are a few in my class.dumplings. Why are we still alive?- we can laugh, but it’s sure, that living like that, we will lay sick earlier than our grandparents do. ~Tonia MoskalNothing more. The last two aren’tbad. But how long? Of course,with less than 6 zł there’s no