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Oh How I Wish I Had A Fish
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Oh How I Wish I Had A Fish

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A children's poem about their dreams of owning fish.

A children's poem about their dreams of owning fish.

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  • 1. Oh How I Wish I Had a Fish
    By: Matt Rafferty
    Sunset Aquatics
    Aquarium Experts
    Tempe, Arizona
  • 2. I wish I had a fish
    Oh how I wish I had a fish
    I would put him in a dish
    And name him Henry McWish
    We would laugh and play
    Dance and sing all day
    Me and my friend McWish
    He would jump through a hoop
    He would swim in a loop
    He eats out of my hand
    He eats food on the sand
    But McWish won’t be alone you see
    He will have two fish friends
    Named McGull and McGee
  • 3. I want my three fish in a dish
    Oh how I wish, oh how I wish
    But if I had three fish including McGee
    Who is the size of five McWishes you see
    I would need something bigger than a dish
    For my three favorite fish
    I would need a tank you see
    Because McGull is as big as McWish and McGee
    You might think I’m crazy to think
    My three fish can fly
    But they can the can
    Youll miss it if you blink
    Most fish don’t fly, they sink
  • 4. But most fish aren’t my fish
    And I think they stink
    My fish are my friends
    They don’t make a sound
    They wont ever get lost
    Or be found in the pound
    I don’t want a cat
    They sit around all day and get fat
    I don’t need something to pay
    Or something that would eat a rat
    Oh how I wish
    How I wish I had a fish
    Or maybe three
    Named McGull, McWish, and McGee