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2011 ford explorer california
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2011 ford explorer california


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Published in: Automotive, Business

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  • 1. Sunnyvale Ford 650 East El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94087 Sales: 1(800) 556-1448 Service: 1(800) 669-7197 2011 Ford Explorer unveiled Sunnyvale Ford Lincoln Mercury, a leading Ford car dealer in Sunnyvale, California, is pleased to announce that 2011 Ford Explorer has been unveiled. The 2011 Ford Explorer is noticed for its appearance wherein it is a combination of ruggedness and athleticism. The windshield is raked back at a steeper angle than prior iterations, and the blacked-out B- and D-pillars that have been a hallmark of every Explorer are now complemented by matching A- pillars. Let’s look into some of the features of the car: Interior Ford has made huge strides in improving both the actual and perceived quality of its interiors. The Explorer's new cabin stands head-and-shoulders above the old model. The interior is dominated by soft-touch materials and, at first glance, the control layout appears both intuitive and ergonomically sound.
  • 2. Sunnyvale Ford 650 East El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94087 Sales: 1(800) 556-1448 Service: 1(800) 669-7197 Based strictly on the specifications, leg- and headroom in the third row are pretty similar to the old model, although hip- and shoulder room are down slightly. Even still, six-footers can inhabit the third row with knees unencumbered by the second-row seatbacks. The Explorer will also have an optional power-fold mechanism, but the manual setup is so easy to use that the power-fold system's extra weight and complexity hardly seems worth it. Safety The Explorer has the automaker's Roll Stability Control (RSC) system, in addition to the more typical stability control. Ford states that it is the only the automaker to add a body roll sensor to the usual array of inertial sensors to keep things on an even keel. The Explorer builds on these existing systems with the new Curve Control functionality that we profiled a few weeks ago. In addition to various dynamic stability control algorithms, the Explorer is available with a radar-based adaptive cruise control system. If the Explorer is closing on another vehicle too quickly, a bright red LED array on top of the instrument cluster warns the driver and pre-charges the brakes for quicker response when they hit the pedal. If the driver fails to respond in time, the system will automatically apply the brakes with full force in order to minimize the impact or avoid the accident completely. Ford first announced its rear seatbelt airbag system last Fall, and it makes its production debut on the Explorer. The outboard belts in the second row consist of a double layer of fabric around a tubular airbag. In the event of a collision, the bag is inflated and the belt material opens up. The safety advantage here is that the impact load is spread over a larger area, reducing pressure at any one point.
  • 3. Sunnyvale Ford 650 East El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94087 Sales: 1(800) 556-1448 Service: 1(800) 669-7197 The Explorer will also be available with a cross-traffic alert system that uses radar sensors in the rear corners to look sideways as the vehicle is backed out of a parking space. It can warn the driver if there are any other vehicles coming down the aisle before the driver can see them. Rear vision is also aided by a rear-view camera with a unique zoom feature, something that ought to be very helpful when hooking up a trailer. Visit Sunnyvale Ford Lincoln Mercury for all Ford needs in and around Sunnyvale, CA. Select your new or used car from the vast new vehicle inventory and used cars lot. Drive home the Ford car of your choice with a special offer!