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Gifts4life om3 mkt_&_sale

  1. 1. Marketing &Marketing & SalesSales VISK2010-DVISK2010-D Nguyen Quoc Bao -435382Nguyen Quoc Bao -435382(Vice Presiden)(Vice Presiden) Nguyen Bang Nhat-435390Nguyen Bang Nhat-435390 Nguyen Ha My-440539Nguyen Ha My-440539 Tran Thi Huong-436011Tran Thi Huong-436011 Vo Son Hai-440541Vo Son Hai-440541 Hoang Thi Hai Yen-435370Hoang Thi Hai Yen-435370 G.F.L
  2. 2. OutlineOutline • Nameand Logo of company. • Summary communication and salesstrategies. • Customer BenefitsPackage(CBP) diagram. • Effect measureson Marketing & Saleoperations. • ProcessFlow Chart for Marketing & Sales
  3. 3. Name and Logo of company.Name and Logo of company. • Name of company: G.F.L – G.F.T meansGift For Life. – Using money to support for charity programs. – Doing something asapresent for unhappy people. – Increasing spiritual and human value.
  4. 4. Logo of company: • Imagerepresentation for our company. • Transmitting messagesto customer through uniquesymbol and subtlecolor. Name and Logo of company.Name and Logo of company.
  5. 5. Logo of company: Name and Logo of company.Name and Logo of company. • Red cyclerepresent protection • Handsshow love, help and sympathy for children • Gift symbolizefor imageof company aswell asour heart and sharing for children • Rainbow representsbelief and hopeabout good future • Combination of warm colors
  6. 6. Communication strategies: •Advertising through public social networks - Mail - Facebook
  7. 7. Salesstrategies: •Aiming to customersaround school and family •VISK2010C •Classesand studentsin theHacinco Village(ISVNU) •Family and friends
  8. 8. Salesstrategies: •Using salesmethods“fast and compact” •Quick buy •Quick pay
  9. 9. Support and General Management Processes Support and General Management Processes Measurement and Feedback Measurement and Feedback
  10. 10.  Marketing operation: o Creating apagein Facebook. o Sending advertising emails. o Introducing productsdirectly with customers. o Creating thestrategy to gain thecompetitiveadvantages.  Friendly with environment products.  Designed by own Manufacturing department.
  11. 11. • Salesoperations. o Wholesaleoperation:  Contacting with our main partner VISK2010-C  Providing productswhich exactly order from VISK2010-C both quantity and design. o Retail operation:  Coming to classesin ISVNU to advertiseand sell our productsdirectly  Finding thedemand of our productsfrom outsideISVNU.
  12. 12. Start Meet FB401 class to negotiate product, price, order process & delivery methods Create company name & logo Create Facebook Page Receive products from Manufacturing Department Meet customers, introduce & sell products directly Take & upload photos of product on FB ; spam email with price, usage, material information Wait order Generate order & Set priorities Customers wait Ship product Direct payment Report quantity of sold product & Transfer money to Finance Department Receive Feedback & Report to Operation Department End Marketing & Sale Process Flow Chart
  13. 13. Keuka ID# Family & Middle Name Given Name Enter Hours Worked Notes: 435382 Nguyen Quoc Bao 13:30:00 - Meet, negotiate with Class VISK2010C - Design logo -Monitor general team tasks - Report process to CEO continously 435370 Hoang Thi Hai Yen 13:30:00 -Manage Facebook page - Take photos of products - Assist R& D department to create prototypes 440539 Nguyen Ha My 12:30:00 -Sell products - Design logo 435390 Nguyen Bang Nhat 11:30:00 - Sell products - Spam email to introduce project & products 440541 Vo Son Hai 11:30:00 - Sell products -Improve communication channel - Generate all of order 436011 Tran Thi Huong 11:30:00 - Sell products - Manage Customers’ feedback 74:00:00
  14. 14. Thanks for yourThanks for your listening!listening!