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Project orientation

  1. 1. An Orientation session on MBA Project Study
  2. 2. Area of Study The respective areas of project study can be done in the following areas which you are going to opt in your final year 1. Finance 2. HR 3. Marketing
  3. 3. Time Period • 45 days duration • May 6th 2013 to 15th June 2013
  4. 4. Company Selection • Finance- company with at least 5 years of continuous existence • HR- Based on the majority of its division of employees • Marketing- Diversified portfolio of products with wide range of customers
  5. 5. List of Industries to opt for project study • Iron and Steel • Cotton Industries • Sugar Industries • Jute Industries • Paper Industries • Cement Industries • Aluminium Industries • Chemical Fertilizer Industries • Engineering Industries
  6. 6. • Railway Industries • Ship-Building • Aircraft Building • Automobile Industries • Cycle Industries • Glass Industries • Leather Industries • Woollen Industries • Silk Industries
  7. 7. • Medicine Industries • Rubber Industries • Heavy Chemical Industries • Match Industries • Plastic Industries • Telephone Industries • Petrol Refining Industries • Petro Chemicals • Pesticide Industries
  8. 8. • Advertising • Entertainment • Financial Services • Health Care • Hospitality • Banking and Insurance • Online Services • Real Estate • Travel and Tourism • Retailing etc.,
  9. 9. Proposed Titles of the study Finance • Budget and budgetary control system • Working capital and ratio analysis • A study on Impact of NPAs On Profitability & Liquidity In Banking Industry • The Financial Performance Evaluation • Demat: online trading & its safety • Current scenario of derivatives market in India
  10. 10. Proposed titles for HR • A study on Job Attrition and Retention • A study on effectiveness of hrd process in any organisation • A study on impact of rewards and recognition of employee in any organisation • Relation between technology and work stress in an organization • A study on job satisfaction level to the employees. • A study to verify the welfare measures provided in the company with regard to job satisfaction
  11. 11. Proposed titles in Marketing • A Study on Customer Satisfaction • A Study on Brand Awareness and Customer Expectation • A Study on Foreign Institutional Investments in Indian Market • A Study on Competitive Advantage in Retail Industry • A Study on Effectiveness of Salesmanship • A Study on Performance Analysis of Selected Mutual Funds • A Study on Consumer Behaviour • A Study on Customer Perception on Credit Cards • A Study on Consumer Behavior • A Study on Effectiveness of Advertising • A Study on Customer Relationship Management through after Sales Services. • A Study On Dealers Satisfaction Level
  12. 12. Note:  Approach companies and Submit the requesting letter issued by the college for getting project permission in concerned area.  Possessing acceptance letter from the company to carry out a project study on the mentioned topic for the specified time period.  Frame the objectives for what purpose the study is undergone.
  13. 13.  Maintain a day book for observing the findings to come out with an analysis by reaching your objectives.  Generate a Questionnaire based on your topic by considering a sample.  Know about the methodology of research during the study and possess all the necessary data.
  14. 14. All the Best