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Havmor report

  1. 1. A project report on havmor ice cream FRONT PAGE:- An Industrial visit Report On Havmor ice-cream company Submitted to BWTIB A Ashram Road, Ahmedabad PIN NO.-380009 1
  2. 2. A project report on havmor ice cream Submitted by Sunil kumawat CLASS-BBA Sem 2 ROLL NO.- 1031 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is a matter of great pleasure and gratitude to present this project Report this project Report under gone at ‘Havmor’ Visiting ‘Havmor’ was one of the finest experiences in my BBA 2
  3. 3. A project report on havmor ice cream I am very thankful to the principal of our Collage Prof. Nirav shah For arranging such a informative industrial visit. I am also thankful to Prof. Bhaumik nayak for his encouragement and making this task attainable. My Sincere gratitude to the collage staff for providing desire help and support form and finally. I am thankful to Mr. Nitesh Mathur & Mrs. Gunjan of HAVMOR company who help with great spirit and enthusiasm. PREFACEPREFACE In today’s fast changing & technological developing world management of business is very important phase. It is useful in each and every part of business. Schools of management give great knowledge to students. Practical study is also necessary. It helps to develop the analytical skills, i.e. conception or execution of the students. These practical training is like industrial visit. Presents a unifies picture of what management is and how it is applied to various forms of human endeavor in this country. Such visits are important in order to acquit the students with the technicalities of the various process and principles undergone in various factories. In today’s world of globalization opportunities are plenty and they keep 3
  4. 4. A project report on havmor ice cream knocking at your doors all the time. The one, who is bold, ready and alert, seizes them and puts them to the best use. The world of success is always open to the dynamic. Ran confident and courageous youth. All we need is the positive attitude and forceful personality, to break myth and bad luck and though competition. With adequate knowledge, spirit and determination one can make people take notice of him and get in step with him. Practical training becomes compulsory especially for the students at management, who want to achieve success. Definitely helps the students to face the world with courage, confidence, and positive attitude. Schools of management had taken all things in mind. B.B.A. courses have introduced practical studies as one of its subjects. In this the students are gives opportunity to visit various kinds of industries and know how practically the work is performed. CERTIFICATECERTIFICATE This is a certify that the project report on an industrial visit to ‘Havmor’ Submitted by Mr. sunil kumawat Brahmchari Wadi Trust Institute of business Administration officiated to Gujarat University towards practical fulfillment of the 4
  5. 5. A project report on havmor ice cream requirement for the practical study subject at second sem. BBA programme . {Principal} Nirav shah { Prof in charge} Bhaumik nayak {Stamp of College } INDEX  INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION  THE ICE CREAM INDUSTRY  HAVMOR ICE CREAM  BRIFE HISTORYBRIFE HISTORY  FOUNDER  HISTORY OF ORGANISATION  MISSIONMISSION  LOCATION & LAYOUTLOCATION & LAYOUT 5
  8. 8. A project report on havmor ice cream INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION HAVMOR ICE CREAM:HAVMOR ICE CREAM: This industry was established before our independence. HAVMOR is established in Karachi in 1944. HAVMOR is very popular in Gujarat. It started 70 yrs. Ago. The word HAVMOR is derived from two English words - Have More means have it more. It is a partnership form of organization. It may be described as an experiment successfully running from last 70 yrs. It represents the co-operation of four groups interlined with each other.  Milk producers  Process of milk in factory for ice cream  Marketers  Consumers Its rational is that a co-operative would he processed on its bottom-line, and hence improve margins for growers and reduces costs for consumers. It fronts and objectives were to see that there was enough milk for every one in towns. It is the largest fast food chain the whole country has been maintaining it. 8
  9. 9. A project report on havmor ice cream BRIEF HISTORYBRIEF HISTORY FOUNDER: SATISHSCNDRA CHONA In 1944, Satish Chandra Chona suddenly put the breaks on his successful career as a Ground Engineer with BOAC, and turned a businessman. This came as a surprise to most of his colleagues and friends. But the bigger surprise was the product he chose to manufacture -- Ice Creams ! But young Satish Chona was not painting on ice. As a vocation, he had already mastered the art of Ice Cream- making from his uncle, Dinanath Chona, domicile in Karachi then. In fact, he already was a taste innovator, experimenting with jellies and unusual Ice Cream ingredients. Then, the Partition of India happened. And he had to relocate his venture to Ahmedabad, and start afresh. His high quality Ice Creams immediately made an impression in the market. Soon, through continual taste innovations and steady facility expansion, he blazed new trails, and emerged as a prominent market presence in Western India. 9
  10. 10. A project report on havmor ice cream HISTORY Small Beginning, Big Vision; Great Ambitions Havmor Ice Cream began its branded life in 1944 in Karachi, in undivided India. By 1947, it was a popular local brand there. But in 1947, in the wake of the Partition, its founder Satish Chona had to join the exodus into India, with virtually no moveable assets. Searching for a new turf, he tried out Dehra Dun and Indore, and finally, settled down in Ahmedabad. No, it was not a case of ‘brand relocation’, or anything else as fanciful. He had to start the venture from scratch again. In fact, he had to begin from a hand-cart at the Ahmedabad Railway Station, churning out the Ice Cream manually. He called this fledgling brand ‘Havmor’ -- a neologism for ‘Have More’ -- which meant the customer got more value for money, and more taste to relish, from his Ice Creams. Perhaps he didn’t know it then, but he had laid the foundation for one of Western India’s most enduring market legends. And good quality, like good character, wins over the situation sooner or later. Today, Havmor Ice Cream is a delicious facet of Western India’s daily life, and part of its market lore. It reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers through 7 main outlets and 3,800+plus dealers. That’s a very, very long way from a hand-cart. 10
  11. 11. A project report on havmor ice cream MISSION “Good, Truthful, Clean” Enterprising Ethos Satish Chona, the founder of Havmor, began his enterprise half a century ago with a simple guideline -- Achchai, Sachchai, Safai (Goodness, Truthfulness, Cleanliness). The succeeding generations at the helm of the company translated this axiom into a way of life and business. Only the finest ingredients go into the making of Havmor Ice Creams. The whole manufacturing process conforms to global standards of hygiene. And the company’s trade practices are kept totally transparent. Based on new generation technology and in-house R&D, the company keeps formulating new tastes at frequent intervals, and surprising its consumers. It has also diversified into other food items, through a high profile Restaurant Chain. Today, six decades later, Satish Chona’s simple philosophy still continues to be the corporate axiom of the Havmor conglomerate. And the company values its entrepreneurial self-esteem, market image and reputation for financial uprightness above its pure business interests. 11
  12. 12. A project report on havmor ice cream LOCATION & LAYOUTLOCATION & LAYOUT In this factory of manufacturing it the machines are arranged according to the process they perform in the plant. Company produces 150 different varieties of products and distributes throughout the Gujarat by its annual turnover of Rs.250crores. The location of the company is very good and safe in sufficient area like Naroda. They get easily their production-needed raw materials. 12
  13. 13. A project report on havmor ice cream GENERAL INFORMATION Name of the unit: HAVMOR FOOD PVT LTD. Form of organisatoin: PRIVATE LIMITED Year of establishment: 17’octomber1944. Managing director: pradip chona Location: MODERN INDUSTRIAL ESTATE; BHINED NARODA FIRE STATION: NARODA ROAD; AHMEDABAD. Registered Office: HAVMOR ICE CREAM; 13
  14. 14. A project report on havmor ice cream RELIFE ROAD; AHMEDABAD. Current Market Status: Blue Chip Ice Creams brand of Western India. Among the top three in sales. Product_Range: Ice Creams (Candies, Topo Cones, Ready-to-eat-cups -- 110 Flavours), Barfi, Kulfi, Take-away Packs (Snacks / + Ice Cream), Food Items (Punjabi, Mughlai, South Indian, Chinese, Continental). Diversification: Foods & Snacks Activities: Chain of Parlours & Restaurants spread out in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Main Outlets: Seven. More in the pipeline. Dealer Network : 3,800+ Expansion underway. 14
  15. 15. A project report on havmor ice cream HAVMOR ICE CREAM have been set up on co- operative principles and has a commitment to provide remunerative price to the producers on one side and sale of high quality ice cream to consumers in the city of Ahmedabad at a fairly reasonable price. This could be achieved only due to proper planning of cream. The company has it’s own working capital generation system which has so far generation around Rs.1 crores as deposit from societies for which interest is paying regularly. Today HAVMOR has earned a good name. It is the largest food chain in whole state. Today it’s uses 2000 liters milk everyday. Annual turnover is at Rs.30crores. It has its priorities set: -  Ice cream  Family pack  Cones  Candies  Seasonal flavors This could mean scarifying the more profitable high end products. Today HAVMOR means different thing to different people. For an urban consumer HAVMOR is best fast food. For an average consumer HAVMOR is something delicious. 15
  16. 16. A project report on havmor ice cream 16
  17. 17. A project report on havmor ice cream 17
  18. 18. A project report on havmor ice cream 18
  19. 19. A project report on havmor ice cream What is production? “ Production is a process of conversion of raw material into finished goods with the use of different resources.” And the production process is the combination of certain steps to obtain the final product. These steps collectively are said as process. Many processes are undertaken in creaming before the milk & milk products reach the hands of the final consumer. Because of the processing the life expectancy of these perishable items increases and they may be preserved and retained for a conger period without any deterioration in the quality. 19
  20. 20. A project report on havmor ice cream RAW MATERIALRAW MATERIAL The raw material procurement system is as follows Milk is main raw material for ice cream Milk delivered by a producer is measured and a sample is drawn for quality testing. Individual milk is measured, sampled, analyzed and accordingly paid. Payment due is worked out on the basis of the quality and company delivers the quantity of the milk directly to dairy. • Company purchased sugar in bulk at it is used in ice cream. • Special attentions are given to dry fruits because they are costly. The purchased cleaned and after cutting they are used. • Color & flavor, which are permitted by governments, are only used. 20
  21. 21. A project report on havmor ice cream PRODUCTION PROCESS: The Process for manufacturing ice-cream passed through various stages the chart given bellows shows the ways in which ice cream reaches us after manufacturing stages. Ice cream manufacturing  Ice cream filling  Marketing Channel  Marketing channel  cold storage  Transportation by A.C. isolated vehicles  Distributors  Dealers& custemer 21
  22. 22. A project report on havmor ice cream The various process under gone by the dairies are as follows: - Pasteurization: The word “ Pasteurization” has been named of the name of the eminent French Scientist, Louis Parture, who studied that heating of liquid, to a high temperature considerably improves their keeping qualities. This process is widely employed in almost all the dairy operations, in general the word “pasteurization” can not the heating of milk & milk products to a temperature which destroys almost all the micro organization present and that too without significantly affection the properties of these products. The milk is warmed nicely and from it milk cream is produced. Because milk is refined and tested nicely from the dairy only no need to be tested it. Making cream add needed dry fruits and sugar, Stabilizers and chemicals in it. Sugar is mixed in milk while warming. Cleaning of dry fruits and cutting is done by over machine very nicely. They make different varieties by ice cream by different process. They pack than nicely and store in cold storage at – 25% Celsius to –30% Celsius. SPECIAL FEATURES: Mode from continues. Ice cream-making machine marketing India since 4 decades. 22
  23. 23. A project report on havmor ice cream PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Meets Agmark Standard PRODUCT RANGE HAVMOR Company produces various types of products. Their ice cream is delicious and different varieties of flavors. The various products and their use are as below: CANDIES:  Kala Khatta pop  Lollypop .Orangebar  Kacchi keri  Double Hit  Mini Chocobar  Kaju Candy  Classic Chocobar  3-D Bar  Raspberry Dolly 23
  24. 24. A project report on havmor ice cream  Mango Dolly  Chowpaty Fulfi  Zulu Bar SMALL CUPS:50ml  Vanilla  Royal Gulab BIG CUPS :100ml  Royal Gulab  Vanilla Strawberry  Chocolate Bonanza  Chips Kaju Draksh  Butter Scotch  Kaju Anjir  Kesar Pista  Raj Bhog 24
  25. 25. A project report on havmor ice cream CONES:120ml  Ringo Bings  Choco Vanilla  Strawberry  Chocolate  Butter cotch  Kesar Pista  Raja Rani 25
  26. 26. A project report on havmor ice cream NOVELTIES: MalaiKulfi Roll cut Badam pista Kulfi Raja Rani Roll cut Sandwich Ice Cream Fifty Fifty Roll cut Cassata cut Super Sunda Bon-Bon FAMILY PACKS& PARTY PACKS: Royal Gulab Vanilla Kaju Draksh Butter Scotch Chocolate Chips Fresh Strawberry Bonanza Bonanza 26
  27. 27. A project report on havmor ice cream Swish Cake Kaju Anjir Kesar Pista Lonavali Almond Carnival Roasted-Badam-Anjir 27
  28. 28. A project report on havmor ice cream 28
  29. 29. A project report on havmor ice cream HUMAN MANEGEMENT The over all responsibility of manufacturing are interested to vice president who is supported by different functional health leaking after oral solids, quality control production planning and control and utilities. Personal department is the main part of the each and every company without the person company can do nothing and can not earn profit. 1) NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES:- As the company employees are the main part of the company of how many number of they are in the factory is very important Navneet’s total employees are 240 which permanents. The company provides them good atmosphere and salary. The company has good relationship with his employees. It provides them insurance also company tries to give them basic facility. Every employee gets uniform from the company. Aim to increase employee’s salary. 240 people working in that department most of them are classifies in three different groups, supervisors, engineers, workers. 29
  30. 30. A project report on havmor ice cream FACILITIES PROVIDED TO THE WORKERS At Naroda in one and only one manufacturing unit there are 600 workers are employed divided in three shifts: - 1. 150 workers 2. 50 workers • 50 workers are regular ones They work in two shifts day and night; manufacturing work goes on only in day and in night preservation. • Wages & Salaries HAVMOR Ltd. Provide monthly expenditure on salaries is approximately 6 lacks, out of which 4 lacks are paid to the regular employment & 2 lacks to contractual workers. • Provident Fund: - Contribution of provident fund is made on a monthly basis predetermined rate to appropriate authority on accrual basic and charged to them. • As per the accounting standard issued by the institute of chartered accountants of India, the 30
  31. 31. A project report on havmor ice cream company is required to make provision for leave encasement on accrual basis also. • Gratuity: - In manufacturing divisions the liability towards gratuity in respect of eligible employees is covered by a group gratuity scheme with life insurance Corporation of India. • Management Division: - The company is funded its liability for payment of gratuity for the employment of proper division to on approved gratuity invest fund and the annual contribution to the said fund is charged to the revenue accounts on the basic of actuarial valuation. ◊ Special Benefits: - I. The company provides 25 quarters to the workers. II. One for outside employees the company also provides the staff, but specially from A’bad. 31
  32. 32. A project report on havmor ice cream EMPLOYEES BENEFITS & SERVICES A qualified person is appointed to visit the factory daily. Every different and indirect employee is subjected to techniques. The medical report shall cover various aspects viz, eye sight, blood pressure, physical fitness etc. The personnel is where respect the medical exemption reports not found satisfactory i.e The physical fitness of the personnel is not as per the required standard are to be duet with by affecting necessary trades or other wise as deemed fit in to the context at the circumstances. The company provides them good atmosphere and salary. Every employees get uniform form the company. Aim to A increase employee’s salary. 32
  33. 33. A project report on havmor ice cream 33
  34. 34. A project report on havmor ice cream Introduction to MarketingIntroduction to Marketing Havmor food has established a new strategy, Business unit called micro Marketing division the rural markets of India. The division queries market generic marketing Began to play an increasing important role with the certain be colony personating world over with the coming of important of generic market in India and it gaining fool hold in certain market with in a very short span of this division has established its self in the market. The goal of marketing is to create customer’s satisfaction profitable by building value-laden relationships with important customers. The marketing department can not accomplish this goal by it self it must team by closely with other department with organization through out it entire value delivery system to provide superior value customers. This marketing calls up every one in the superior value and satisfaction. To make all the work smoother the group has created division has its own special identity in the market and it tops products. MARKETING DEPARTMENT ADVERTISING PACKAGING SELLING 34
  35. 35. A project report on havmor ice cream Organization of the marketingOrganization of the marketing DepartmentDepartment The marketing manager Mr. Kaunal Desai handles the marketing department of the company. He works directly under the general manager Mr. Pradip Chona Basic ideas of packaging and designing coups from Mr. Chona and the rest marketing work is governed by Mr. Kamal Desai under there are three regional affairs respectively in ahmedabad, Rajkot and Surat Which are not hot market of the company under the three regional affairs there courses distribution 800 retailers under distributors work to make available ice cream to the altimeter consumers. Also seven executive’s havmors parlors in ahmedabad work directly under the regional manger in charge the whole scene become understandable with the help of following diagrams. The following chart represents the entire organization structure of the Havmor Company. Now the organization structure of marketing department. General Manager [Mr.Pradip Chona]  Marketing Manager [Mr. Kamal Desai]  REGIONAL REGIONAL REGIONAL MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER (A’ BAD) (SURAT) (RAGKOT) 35
  36. 36. A project report on havmor ice cream Distributors Distributors Distributors Retailers Retailers Retailers Consumers Consumers Consumers PricingPricing First we know that what is price? Price is the amount or services or the same of the values that consumers exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or services. Havmor Food Pvt. Ltd. Have 2 factors affecting to price decision. {A} Internal factor affecting to the pricing decision.  Marketing mix strategy:- Havmor has made own marketing mix strategy, price is only one of the marketing mix tools that a company uses to achieve its marketing objectives.  Cost:- Havmor has estimate the cost set the floor for the price that the company can charge for its products. The both cover all lots costs for producing, distributing, and selling the products and delivers a fair rate of return for its efforts and risk.  Organization Consideration:- Havmor’s management must decide who within the organization should set prices. 36
  37. 37. A project report on havmor ice cream {B} External factor affecting to the pricing decision.  Pure Competition:- A market in which buyer and seller trade in a uniform commodity no signal buyer or seller has much effect on the going market price.  Monopoly Competition:- A market in which many buyer and sellers trade over a range of pricing rate than a simple market prices.  Competitor:- Havmor Ice-cream has selecting price of the product economic factors are affecting in such as boom or recession. In flatirons and in terse rate affect both the producing a product and consumer perception of the product and consumer perception of the products price and value. PRICING LIST: CANDIES Lolly pop 15 ml. 5.00 Kala Khatta pop 35 ml. 10.00 Orangebar 60 ml. 5.00 Kacchi Keri 60 ml. 7.00 Double Hit 80 ml. 10.00 Mini Chocobar 35 ml. 5.00 37
  38. 38. A project report on havmor ice cream Kaju Candy 60 ml. 10.00 Classic Chocobar 50 ml. 10.00 3-D Bar 50 ml. 10.00 Raspberry Dolly 60 ml. 15.00 Mango Dolly 60 ml. 15.00 Chocobar 60 ml. 25.00 Chowpaty Fulfi 70 ml. 30.00 Zulu Bar 80 ml. 35.00 SMALL CUPS: Royal Gulab 50 ml. 5.00 Vanilla 50 ml. 5.00 BIG CUPS: Royal Gulab 100 ml. 9.00 Vanilla 100 ml. 10.00 Strawberry 100 ml. 12.00 Chocolate Chips 100 ml. 13.00 Bonanza 100 ml. 13.00 Kaju Draksh 100 ml. 15.00 Butter Scotch 100 ml. 15.00 Kaju Anjir 100 ml. 15.00 Kesar Pista 100 ml. 22.00 Raj Bhog 100 ml. 25.00 38
  39. 39. A project report on havmor ice cream CONES: Ringo Bings 120 ml. 20.00 Choco Vanilla 120 ml. 15.00 Strawberry 120 ml. 18.00 Chocolate 120 ml. 25.00 Butter Scotch 120 ml. 25.00 Kesar Pista 120 ml. 25.00 Raja Rani 120 ml. 25.00 NOVELTIES: MalaiKulfi Roll cut 80 ml. 20.00 Badam pista Kulfi 80 ml. 25.00 Sandwich Ice Cream 100 ml. 25.00 Raja Rani Roll cut 100 ml. 30.00 Fifty Fifty Roll cut 100 ml. 30.00 Cassata cut 120 ml. 40.00 Super Sunda 125 ml. 40.00 Bon-Bon 15 ml. 5.00 FAMILY PACKS: Royal Gulab 1200 ml. 32.00 Vanilla 1200ml. 110.00 Kaju Draksh 1200ml. 155.00 Butter Scotch 1200ml. 130.00 Chocolate Chips 1200ml. 160.00 Fresh Strawberry 1200ml. 190.00 Bonanza 1200ml. 170.00 Swish Cake 1200ml. 160.00 Kaju Anjir 1200ml. 150.00 Kesar Pista 1200ml. 145.00 39
  40. 40. A project report on havmor ice cream 40
  41. 41. A project report on havmor ice cream What is Finance? The finance management is the dynamic and important function of the company financial management is one of the managerial activities of planning and controlling the firms’ resources. We can also called capital as a “Blood”. Therefore it must be systematically maintained. Planning is the one of the most important activities of the financial manager. It makes possible for the financial manager to obtain. Reserves and surplus: - Cash is the most important current assets for the operating of the business run on a continuous basis for the smooth running of the company. There should be sufficient cash neither more is cr. Shortage will intercept the firm manufacturing operations while exclusive cash supply remain idle. Therefore the cash and bank balance of the company are maintained at optimum level for this they can use the system of investment in reserves also. 41
  42. 42. A project report on havmor ice cream FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS HAVMOR Ice Cream Reserves: Their capital as follows: - 1. Investment allowance Reserve 2. Capital Reserve 3. General Reserve 4. Subsidiary Reserve Loans & Advances: Secured Loan: From Gujarat industrial Investment Corporation limited Secured by joint equitable mortgage of immovable properties and hypothecation of all movables (Save and except specified movable hypothecated to the company’s bankers) both present and future pertaining to HAVMOR unit at Naroda. From State Bank of India: Against equitable mortgage of land and hypothecation of movable property both present and future pertaining to new processing unit. Cash Credit: 42
  43. 43. A project report on havmor ice cream Against equitable mortgage or immovable properties of crepe unit at office premise at Relief Road and first charge by hypothecation of all specified movables including raw-materials, stores, stocks, finished goods and stocks in process and book debts etc. And further personally guaranteed by the partners Unsecured Loans: 1. Insurance: Adequate insurance coverage has been taken for properties and assets of the company including buildings, plants and machinery and stocks. 2. Accounting Concepts: The company follows the mercantile system of accounting and recognizes income and expenditure on accrual basis except subsidy. Finance functions as procurement of funds and their effective utilization in the business, finance is the task of providing funds needed by the enterprise on the terms that are most favorable to it keeping in view the objectives of the enterprises. NEED OF FINANCE In a business unit need of finance arise due to the following reasons. 1. For the purpose of expansion 2. For the purpose of establishment 3. For the purpose of renovation 4. For the purpose of diversification 43
  44. 44. A project report on havmor ice cream Corporate social responsibility 44
  45. 45. A project report on havmor ice cream MEANING: Corporate social responsibility (CSR, also called corporate conscience, corporate citizenship, social performance, or sustainable responsible business/Responsible Business) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. CSR policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby a business monitors and ensures its active compliance within the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms. CSR is a process with the aim to embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment,consumers,employees,communities, stakehold ers and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered as stakeholders. THE ROLE OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPOSIBILITY: The role of Corporate Social Responsibility in the business world has developed from a fig leaf marketing front into an important aspect of corporate behavior over the past several years. Sustainable strategies are valued, desired and deployed more and more by relevant players in many industries all over the world. Both research and corporate practice therefore see CSR as a guiding principle for business success. The Corporate Social Responsibility has been conceived to assist researchers and practitioners to align business and societal objectives. All actors in the field will find reliable and up to date definitions and explanations of the key terms of CSR in this authoritative and comprehensive reference work. Leading experts from the global CSR community have contributed to make the “Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility” the definitive resource for this field of research and practice. 45
  46. 46. A project report on havmor ice cream RAIN WATER HARVESTING Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and storage of rainwater for reuse before it reaches the aquifer. Uses include water for garden, water for livestock, water for irrigation, etc. In many places the water collected is just redirected to a deep pit with percolation. The harvested water can be used for drinking water as well if the storage is a tank that can be accessed and cleaned when needed. Rainwater harvesting provides an independent water supply during regional water restrictions and in developed countries is often used to supplement the mains supply. Rain water harvesting provide water when 46
  47. 47. A project report on havmor ice cream there is a drought or in summer season. Rainwater harvesting systems are appealing as they are easy to understand, install and operate. They are effective in 'green droughts' as water is captured from rainfall where runoff is insufficient to flow into dam storage. The quality of captured rainwater is usually sufficient for most household needs, reducing the need for detergents because rainwater is soft. Financial benefits to the users include that rain is 'renewable' at acceptable volumes despite climate change forecasts, and rainwater harvesting systems generally have low running costs, providing water at the point of consumption. Benefits of widespread rainwater harvesting to the regional reticulated supply system may include reduced treatment, pumping, operation and augmentation costs, reducing peak storm water and storm water processing costs, as well as reduced greenhouse gas emissions due to reduced dependence on pumping and potential augmentation through sources such as desalination 47
  48. 48. A project report on havmor ice cream Conclusion The industrial visit to the havmor ice cream as aThe industrial visit to the havmor ice cream as a wonderful visit from our collage. My visit about how anwonderful visit from our collage. My visit about how an organization is run successfully. The visit was highlyorganization is run successfully. The visit was highly educational and helped one to given me an deptheducational and helped one to given me an depth understanding of the marketing and finance managementunderstanding of the marketing and finance management cared out of havmor. I came to know about the processcared out of havmor. I came to know about the process used for manufacturing of Ice-cream and different typesused for manufacturing of Ice-cream and different types of problems encountered in it. I understood the difficultiesof problems encountered in it. I understood the difficulties that is faced by management of modern companies andthat is faced by management of modern companies and also studies the ways they save the difficulties andalso studies the ways they save the difficulties and problems.problems. HAVMOR Is a wonderful company It is a developedHAVMOR Is a wonderful company It is a developed company with its registered office as well as factory atcompany with its registered office as well as factory at Anand plant. Havmor ice cream has capered the marketAnand plant. Havmor ice cream has capered the market of ice-creams. It will be leader in ice-cream after someof ice-creams. It will be leader in ice-cream after some times if it continues to process in this way as it is doingtimes if it continues to process in this way as it is doing 48
  49. 49. A project report on havmor ice cream now. We can tell that the industry is an Ideal Industry andnow. We can tell that the industry is an Ideal Industry and after eating its Ice-cream any body can tell thatafter eating its Ice-cream any body can tell that ““Oncemor ………Oncemor ……… Havmor”Havmor” BibliographyBibliography Books:Books:  Ashwathapa. K, human resources and Personnel Department, New delhi, Tata McGraw-Hill publishing Ltd., 98 years, 503 Pages. News Paper:News Paper:  THE TIMES OF INDIA  GUJRAT SAMACHAR  DIVYA BHASKER  ECONOMIC TIMES Website:Website:  www.Havmor.com  www.Now-India.com  www.economictimes.com  www.timesofindia.com  www.wikipedia.com  www.scribd.com 49
  50. 50. A project report on havmor ice cream 50