Reservation modes


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Reservation modes

  2. 2. 2 RESERVATIONS  Describe the different types of reservations and identify the information sought during a reservation inquiry and contained in a reservation record.  Identify major sources of reservations  Describe the process for taking group reservations  Identify the tools managers use to track and control reservations availability  Describe policies and procedures surrounding the confirmation, changes, and cancellations of different types of reservations  Explain the functions of typical management reports and reservations records that can be generated from reservations data
  3. 3. 3 From a guest point of view, what would you consider the most important function of the reservations department? From the hotel manager and/or owner point of view what is the most important objective of the reservation process? Processing Guest Reservations involves:  Matching room request with room availability.  Recording, confirming and maintaining reservations.  Producing management reports.  Complete room assignments.  Initiate guest accounting and guest history files.  Fulfill guest special request. All of the above can all be done with hotel’s property management system. page 127 TYPES OF RESERVATIONS GUARANTEED  Prepayment  Credit card  Advanced deposit  Travel agent  Voucher or MCO  Corporate NON GUARANTEED  No form of deposit required.  No charge for cancellation.  Will only hold room until cut-off time, usually 6pm  Can sell room after cut-off time. Would you accept a non guaranteed reservation if your hotel was sold out? Page 132
  4. 4. 4 Reservations and Sales Why is the Sales Department a primary source of reservations for the hotel? They focus their efforts on selling to groups Why did many hotels alter the system for providing sales managers with financial incentives from room nights sold to total revenue generated? Because by measuring total revenue, instead of room nights sold, sales managers are encouraged to balance room nights sold with rates. Therefore sustaining a solid rate structure for the period in question. Why do many hotels bring the reservation manager into the sales process? To better collectively plan and control any future business, instead of reacting to what ever the market provides. What does the term “Group Allocation” refer to? Pgs 128-30
  5. 5. 5 THE RESERVATION INQUIRY Vital information that must be collected by the reservation agent during the reservation process will include the following:  Guest name  Address  Telephone number  Company and or travel agent  Date of arrival and departure  Type and number of rooms requested  Room rate and number of people in party  Method of payment  Any special request How is THE RESERVATION RECORD created? By all information collected during the reservation inquiry. What Are the Seven Basic Steps in The Reservation Sales Process? See pgs 133-4
  6. 6. 6 CENTRAL RESERVATION SYSTEMS Affiliate reservation networks: o Hotel chain reservation system o Streamline the processing of reservations o Reduce overall cost o Attract and refer business o Information sharing Non Affiliated reservations networks o Used by independent hotel operators o Only accept a limited number of hotels in geographical area o Deals directly with public via toll-free numbers o Charge a flat fee for communications equipment and an additional fee for each reservation transaction they process. Pages134-135
  7. 7. 7 TYPES OF RESERVATIONS SYSTEMS  Central Reservations Systems: Hotel chains, Affiliated and Non Affiliated Reservations Network  Leading hotels of the World  Preferred Hotels  Distinguished Hotels See exhibit 1 on pg 133  GDS or Global Distribution Systems: Sabre, World Span.  Intersell Agencies: handle reservations for airlines, car rentals and hotels. (All in one approach)  Property Direct: fax, phone, property to property, e-mail and internet see exhibits 3,4 and 5 on pages 139-143 Group Reservations: can be done via:  Guest direct  Meeting planners  Tour operators  Travel agents  Convention and visitor bureaus What is a group BLOCK?  The term BOOKED refers to?  When do BLOCKED rooms turn into BOOKED rooms?  The term CUT-OFF DATE means?  The term WASH OR WASH-DOWN indicates that?  What is “Non Group Displacement”?
  8. 8. 8 RESERVATION AVAILABILITY What three things might happen when processing a reservation request for a guest or group?  Accepting the reservation request  Suggest alternative room types, dates and/or rates  Suggest an alternative hotel. What must managers do to properly control overbooking? Following what steps will greatly assist in avoiding OVERBOOKING?
  9. 9. 9 THE RESERVATION RECORD THE RESERVATION RECORD MUST INCLUDE ? The reservation record also.  Initiates the guest cycle  Creates the reservation history files  Generates several important management reports GUARANTEED RESERVATIONS require information relating to method of payment, such as:  Credit card number.  Prepayment or deposit info.  Corporate or travel agency account info. A RESERVATION CONFIRMATION  Ensures that the Hotel acknowledges and verifies you have a room secured with them.  States the intent of both parties  Confirms important points of the agreement, (name,dates,rate) Confirmed Reservations may be either guaranteed or non-guaranteed. (True or False?) Understand the purpose of the following: 1. CONFIRMATION LETTERS 2. CONFIRMATION /CANCELLATION NUMBERS (how they work/importance) 3. MODIFYING NON-GUARANTEED RESERVATIONS PROCESS 4. RESERVATION CANCELLATION STEPS
  10. 10. 10 RESERVATION REPORTS THE FOUR KEY RESERVATION MANAGEMENT REPORTS ARE: 1) RESERVATION TRANSACTIONS 2) COMMISSIONS AGENT 3) TURNAWAY 4) REVENUE FORECAST OTHER REPORTS INCLUDE o Expected Arrivals And Departure List o Advanced Deposits Report o Reservations Histories Reservations Considerations Legal Implications. Are there any? What is a Waiting list? Package Deals, what do they usually include? Some Potential Reservations Problems: Error in reservation record Misunderstandings due to industry jargon Miscommunication with external Res. System/ CRS Failures Online reservations system failures