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Other spirit
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Other spirit


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Published in: Food, Self Improvement, Business

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  • 1. AQUAVIT (42%ABV) • It is clear, colorless and is produced in Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark, and Sweden) since 15th century. • It is made by boiling the potato in pressure cooker than mixed with malted grain, then fermented & double distilled then rectified with charcoal and flavored with caraway seed, aniseed, fennel seeds dill cumin seeds etc. • The Scandinavian & Germany are true production centre of aquavit. • Its alternative name is SCHNAPPS which derived from old Nordic word “snappen’ meaning to snatch or seize. It denotes the way it was drunk, snatch down in one gulp.
  • 2. • When served on the rocks, it is termed as “BLACK DEATH” • Best enjoyed straight up cold, on the rocks, cocktails, blends well with fruit juices, soda, ginger ale & herb liqueurs. • BRAND NAMES- Aalborg, Peach country schnapps
  • 3. ARRACK, ARACK (40 to 50% alc. /vol.) • There are claims that this drink first made in India around 800B.C. • Arrack is not really a drink but a generic name for clear spirit, it is a licorice- flavored spirit. • It is made with molasses/rice alcohol (in Arab from sap of palm tree) and flavored with aniseed.
  • 4. • It is clear, colorless and is produced in the Middle East (India, Israel, Lebanon, etc.). • A strong spirit distilled from rice especially in India and Indonesia. The name is sometimes used for 'native' drinks like Pariah and Batavia.
  • 5. SCHNAPPS (40%ABV) • It is a neutral grain spirit that is sometimes flavored with herbs or plants. • It is clear, colorless and is produced in Germany. • It is available in peach, apple, strawberry, figs , etc • Best enjoyed straight up (from the freezer), in mixed drinks and cocktails. It blends well with fruit juices, carbonated drinks and some liqueurs.
  • 6. GENEVAGIN (40-45%ABV) • It is a grain spirit that is flavored with juniper berries and angelica root. • Geneva gin is different from dry gin in that it is distilled twice rather than once, in a traditional still. • Geneva gin is less aromatic than dry gin and seems more powerful.
  • 7. • Best enjoyed straight up, on the rocks, cocktails and tall drinks, blends well with fruit juices, dairy products, carbonated drinks, fortified wines, fruit liqueurs and vermouth. • It is produced in Holland, Canada and other countries. It is clear and colourless.