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Marathi cuisine
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Marathi cuisine


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  • 1. MARATHI CUISINE DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: , linkedin:- facebook: webpage: F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 2. SPECIALITIES • Marathi foods uses lot of fish and coconut. • There is enormous variety of vegetables in their regular diet. • Grated coconut is used in many kind, but coconut oil is not very widely used as a cooking medium. • Peanut and cashew nuts are widely used in vegetables. • Peanut oil is the main cooking medium. • They eat both rice and wheat. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 3. • Ratangiri a district in Maharashtra has the distinction of producing the best mango in the entire world, called ALPHONSO or APUS. • The meal is eaten in large metal plates called TAATS , most of the food is already on the plate in a very special changing order. • TAATS contain one or more small katories called VATI for gravies and dessert. • Each item has a designated place on the plate like number on the clock. • The left side is for seasoning, relish and savories, the right side is for vegetables, split peas and sweets. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 4. • Cash crops such as sugar cane, cotton and tobacco and oil seeds such as ground nuts, sesame seeds, sun flower, safflower and jowar are grown on a large scale. • Dairy and animal husbandry are the other important occupation of the people. • The meal is a well balanced diet of grains, pulses, vegetables and milk products. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 6. VIDHARBHA • Vidharbha is situated in the eastern part of Maharashtra. • Includes the winter capital Nagpur and other major cities. • Best quality oranges comes from Nagpur. • Most of the population in the region are vegetarians, food with mild flavor. • Jalgaon is famous for bananas. • Rich in peanuts, rice and most of all citrus fruits like oranges and sweet limes. • The cuisine is spicy and the ingredients commonly used are besan or chickpea flour and ground F & peanuts. B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 7. KHOLAPUR • Situated in the south eastern part of Maharastra. • People of Kholapur like spicy foods with lot of chilies. • Due to the preference of non vegetarian, the meat cookery is highly developed in this region. • Most people are in the farming business- with sugar cane, rice, pulses, fruits and vegetables. • It is famous for meat curries called RASSA, a red hot meat curry served with chapattis. • PANDHARA RASSA white gravy are also famous in these region. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 8. MARATHWADA • Situated at the eastern part just below Vidharbha. • People of Marathwada like spicy foods, like kholapur. • They use lot of chilies and garlic in their dish. • It is also famous for the home made pickles and chutneys. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 9. WESTERN GHATS • Situated at the north west coast line along the Arabian sea. • The major cities are Mumbai, Nasik, Pune etc. • The people of this region show their preference towards moderately spiced food. • Fish and other sea foods are popular. Bombil is a variety of dried fish which is very popular. • The western ghats are the birth place of Indian fast foods like vada pav, pav bhaji etc.. • Nashik is famous for the grapes. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 10. KONKAN • Konkan is situated at the southern tip of the western coast. • Kholapur and Ratangiri are some of the important cities which comes under Konkan. • Cookery of this region shows an influence of Karnataka as they use lot of coconut in their dishes, so coconut act as an important ingredient. • They use kokum instead of tamarind to impart a tangy flavor. • They like both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 11. • The climate of konkan is favorable for the growth of fruits also, the most important and famous being the alphonso mango. • The other fruits are jack fruit, coconut, betel nuts, cashew nuts and kokum. • The main occupation of the people is agriculture. • Rice is grown in large scale, it is the staple food of this region. • They eat rice, bhakri made out of rice, dhal, sprouted pulses and vegetables. • Coconut is also usedKUMAR of dishes. in lot F & B (P) III SUNIL
  • 12. • The konkani curries are based on the two basic masalas pastes they are… • RASGOLI- made from fresh coconut and variety of spices. • Bhajana – made from the paste of stronger spices with roasted coconut and onions. • The former is used for fish curries and later is used for meat and chicken curries. • Both can also be used for the vegetable curries. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 13. • • • • • • • • • • A typical maharashtrian meals consists of….. Special bhath – masale bhath. Poli / pori Amti Batata bhaji Gravied whole lentil – usal Chutney and pickle Koshimbir Papad / bhaji Plain / spiced butter milk Sweet dish – kheers F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 14. SIGNATURE DISHES • Komdi cha rassa Chicken pieces cooked in onion,coconut, poppy seed paste,flavored with pepper, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, somph, ginger and garlic. • Pandhra rassa • Besan ladoo • Coconut poli / puran poli • Amti • Masalyachi wangi • Panchamrut F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  • 15. • Saars : they are not exactly soup, however soupy and are eaten in Maharashtra with Indian bread. They are served in small individual bowls. • Koshimbirs : they are simple every day relishes that are served with most meals. • Mutton kholapur : • Batata bhaji : potatoes cooked with cumin seeds, curry leaves, lime juice and a touch of sugar and coconut flavored with Maharashtra famous masala called F & B (P) III KALA MASALA. SUNIL KUMAR
  • 16. KALA MASALA • • • • • • Cinnamon Cardamom Cumin Sesame seeds Copra (blackened coconut) Roast and ground all the above spices and store it in a air tight container. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR