Careers in the hospitality industry


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Careers in the hospitality industry

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  • 01/28/99 1 If you are in college, you should start to plan your career path now. In addition to your education you should strive to get as much experience as possible. You have chosen to take a course to learn more about the hospitality industry. If you think this may be a good industry to build a career you should look for employment in organizations which make up this fascinating and exciting industry. The industry is supported my many connecting companies. Today, we have conglomerations which have interests in the various areas of the travel and tourism industry. This slide shows five broad areas that one could find employment and have a career that is part of the hospitality industry. First, we have hotels. Hotels come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and locations. Managing lodging properties can range from small bed and breakfasts to luxury resorts. As we explore the section of hotels you will learn more about the complexities of these facilities. Second, food service organizations play a large employment and economic part of the industry. Food service establishments range from fast food, to casual dining, to fine dining, to food services located in office complexes, schools, hospitals, correction facilities, and theme parks. Third, travel related opportunities range from airlines, trains, busses, car rentals, to travel coordinator professional. Fourth, Tourism related careers are typically thought a governmental or quasi-governmental organizations. Local, State, and Federal governments have looked to travel and tourism as a means to increase popularity and economic growth. The fifth and final area of potential careers are found in those organizations which supplies products, services, and resources that are needed in the hospitality industry.
  • 01/28/99 2 Hotels - What kind of jobs can you think of that would relate to the rooms division in a hotel? Within hotels staff are needed to provide services to their guests. Depending on the size and complexity of the operation, the following are positions typically found in larger lodging products. Front office guest services housekeeping Food & Beverage restaurants banquets bars servers chefs Human resources directors employment employee relations benefits Accounting general cashier night auditor accounts receivable manager credit officer Engineering tradesman electricians supervisors Sales and Marketing sales managers – local, district, regional, national Catering banquet manager entrepreneurs sales personnel
  • 01/28/99 3 Independent Restaurants - mom & pop maybe more flexibility, owner operated Corporate restaurants good benefits, corporate structure - more opportunities, less creativity Franchise Restaurants - bigger fish in a smaller pond. Managed services - corporate structure - more routine schedule Catering – can be large or small operators that own banquet space or provides service facilities for clients at off-premise locations.
  • 01/28/99 4 See the world Great travel benefits Always on the go. This list of organizations that make up these segment range from small to large operations with locations regional or national, franchises or corporately owned and operated.
  • 01/28/99 5 There are a variety of tourism related jobs. Some not well known are regional and national parks. Working for the National Park Service or community planners for state park system.
  • 01/28/99 6 These positions range from sales force staff to technicians to legal, real estate, marketing research support groups. Many hospitality majors begin there career working in other segments of the industry and switch to these supporting organizations to gain flexible work schedules or to become more independent professionals, usually with higher potential for earnings.
  • Career Hunting Strategies Income requirements Professional status and opportunities Evaluating the employer – Internet, financial reports, visiting their establishments, friends, employees, etc. Determine potential for job satisfaction. Accepting skill positions vs. management positions as an entry into the organization.
  • 01/28/99 8 It is never too soon to start. You should begin to think about your career plan now. You have a lot going on in your life now, but the time will soon pass and it will be your final year of school and the bills will need to be paid. The hospitality industry offers a large variety of jobs and employers are always looking for better trained and skilled workers. The ultimate outcome of your enjoyment of the rest of your life with largely be connected to the choices and actions that you take today. Start this semester. Meet a friend who is going to college Who has written a resume? Get involved with college organizations whether it be sports, music, fraternal or business clubs and take on leadership roles. All of these will build a stronger resume that will help to stand above the pack. The number 1 priority is for you to take care of yourself. Stay healthy, reduce risky behaviors. Have lots of fun and respect other peoples feelings, rights, and choices. Good Luck
  • Careers in the hospitality industry

    1. 1. Careers in the Hospitality Industry
    2. 2. Careers in the Hospitality Industry Overview The Hospitality Industry offers a wide array of exciting job opportunities. Goal The goal of this lesson is to introduce students to the myriad of career opportunities that exist in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry and to help guide students in choosing any such career. Careers
    3. 3. Objectives At the end of this lesson students will be able to: Identify and explain different career types available in each segment of the industry (hotels, food service, travel, tourism, etc.) Understand the goals of job placement Understand how and when to start searching for a job in the industry Careers
    4. 4. Industry Segments Hotels Food Service Travel Tourism Supporting Industries Careers
    5. 5. Careers Hotels Rooms Food & Beverage Human Resources Accounting Engineering Sales & Marketing Catering
    6. 6. Careers Food Service Independent Restaurants Corporate Restaurants Franchised Restaurants Managed Services  education  healthcare  business & industry (B&I) Catering
    7. 7. Careers Travel Cruise Lines Airlines Amtrak Bus Lines Rental Car Agencies Resorts Travel Agencies
    8. 8. Careers Tourism Amusement Parks National, State, and Regional Parks Adventure / Eco -Tourism Governmental Tourism Offices Corporate Meeting Planner
    9. 9. Careers Supporting Industries Food Service Distributors Chemical Suppliers Hard Goods Hardware Support & Development Software Support & Development Beverage Distributors Real Estate Consulting
    10. 10. Goals of Job Placement Starting salary, possibilities of raises Personal satisfaction  self-expression  creativity  initiative  independence Professional goals
    11. 11. Careers When To Start This Semester Set Goals Search for Opportunities Get Involved Write a Resume If you have to work - make it count Take Care of Yourself