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  • 1. BUFFET DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: skihm86@yahoo.com , balhara86@gmail.com linkedin:- in.linkedin.com/in/ihmsunilkumar facebook: www.facebook.com/ihmsunilkumar webpage: chefsunilkumar.tripod.com
  • 2. What is a buffet ? Flat top furniture or a sideboard Feeds the gathering Minimum staff Origin » » » English speaking countries Second half of the 19th century English called it court cupbord
  • 3. An overview Buffet styles and concepts Types of buffet Buffet themes Buffet setup Buffet equipments Planning the buffet menu Buffet presentation Cost analysis & management
  • 4. Buffet styles and concepts
  • 5. Buffet styles & concept Modern day buffet Cover all genre of guests Styles of service
  • 6. What makes buffet a buffet Centralized idea or theme Stylized food in volume Professional & knowledgeable service
  • 7. Creativity and the buffet Food selection and grouping Showmanship Table settings and configuration
  • 8. Types of buffet
  • 9. Types of buffet Meal period buffet Brunch buffet Fork buffet Display buffet Occasion buffet Regional and ethnic buffet Event oriented buffet Seasonal buffet International buffet
  • 10. Meal period buffet Served during particular time of day Includes in between (happy hour) Service of late night buffet snack
  • 11. Brunch buffet Made of breakfast & lunch foods Offers a full array of hot and cold food Includes (egg dish, fruits …….)
  • 12. Fork buffet Bite-sized food Easily handled with the fingers Flatware consists of fork & small plate
  • 13. Display buffet Presents a particular or group of item Most appropriate for particular holiday or theme
  • 14. Occasion buffet Everything focus on specific occasion Offers challenge to menu planner
  • 15. Regional and ethnic buffet Dominated by particular area or nationality Customs , methods of food should be studied carefully
  • 16. Event oriented buffet Celebrates an occasion wanted by the restaurant or client. Slightly different from occasion buffet
  • 17. Seasonal buffet Mark all the four seasons Food offered-plentiful,readily available
  • 18. Buffet themes
  • 19. Importance of themes Create elegance Offer the appeal of quick service Decreases the monotony of regular a’la carte service Stimulate menu planner for new ideas
  • 20. Meal period consists of Breakfast Lunch Brunch In between reception Dinner
  • 21. Theme buffet Pool party Picnic in the park Costume party Casino night Business event Night at the circus
  • 22. Holiday buffet includes New years eve Valentine day Hallooween Mothers day Christmas day
  • 23. Seasonal Harvest time Easter Summer food and drinks Winter soups
  • 24. Regional Italian Chinese Mexican Greek Hawaiian Asian Sushi bar
  • 25. Occasion buffet Wedding reception World series Awards banquet Restaurant or hotel anniversary
  • 26. Buffet setup and layout
  • 27. Buffet setup Arrangement of fixtures Serves gathering Styles of service
  • 28. Exemplary menu Fresh fruit French crudites Les fromages Whole poached salmon Tortellini with sun dried tomatoes Crunchy mustard chicken Rice salads desserts
  • 29. Types of buffet setup Two sided straight line buffet Centralized buffet setup Time saving buffet setup 2 sided breakfast bar buffet
  • 30. Points to be considered while setting a buffet Space provided and & room dimension Number of guest Allotted time for service Menu Ease of service Power& light needs
  • 31. Buffet layout Buffet laying on the paper &decision the table placement & configuration Buffet worksheets indicates the basic item required
  • 32. Types of layout Hollow square Rectangular Closed horseshoe Zig-zag T-banquet Double L
  • 33. Buffet staff Comparison of the staff skill Number of pax One waiter should handle 5-7 items Type of buffet menu Type of establishment
  • 34. Buffet service Buffet attendant should have thorough knowledge of food and ingredient utensil and service ware portion size presentation technique service method
  • 35. Planning the buffet menu
  • 36. Importance of buffet menu Well planned menu Concept and menu selection
  • 37. Menu development checklist Concept and menu selection Weed out items Insurance policy
  • 38. Menu development process The markets or clients need and wants Profitability versus cost Quality and availability of products and use Production capabilities and limitations Expertise of staff Ability to control Variety and balance Nutritional value and balance Holding capability Difficulty and ease of service
  • 39. The markets or clients needs and wants Time restraints Price range Featured concept Entertainment type and amount Degree of showmanship Amenities - guest comforts Amount of service desired Kinds of food expected Methods of preparation The event itself
  • 40. Profitability versus cost The cost of each item in menu should be determined For each item following cost is to be calculated Food cost Labor cost Showmanship cost Equipment cost Holding &/or transportation cost
  • 41. Quality and availability of products One cant compromise on quantity Proper handling of food Highest quality of product Planner makes specifications list
  • 42. Expertise of staff The required standards need to be met Step by step review of proposed menu Familiarization with skill of staff On stage skills
  • 43. Ability to control Degree of control No control over presentation Not all foods make good buffet table foods Example: soufflés high cost beef cuts highly perishable foods cheese sauced foods
  • 44. Variety and balance Not only assortment of food Preparation methods Colours Sizes Textures Diversification of menu
  • 45. Textures Vital part of the menu Texture includes: correct textures wrong textures balanced textures
  • 46. Shapes Create balance Easy to serve Easy to consume Attractive Ability to hold
  • 47. Nutritional value and balance Healthful food Smaller portions Change in cooking style Food groups Points to be considered
  • 48. Holding capability Time of preparation Gap between preparation & service Type of ingredients
  • 49. Buffet presentation
  • 50. Buffet presentation Influence besides foods Adds to the beauty of buffet Helps in enhancing sales
  • 51. Important considerations for presentation Centerpiece Focal points Buffet table signs
  • 52. Centerpiece Should reinforce theme May be edible or inedible If edible announces the theme specialty influence on guest choice sufficient quantity for all guests
  • 53. Types of centerpiece Ice carving Sculpture company logo Tallow carving Antique pieces Floral arrangement
  • 54. Focal points Compliments the food selections Frames/showcases the food Explains buffet concepts Should not be a distraction
  • 55. Types of focal points Baskets Tiered stands Hanging mobiles Theme related props Wine bottles or casks
  • 56. Buffet table signs Convey information to guest Explains:preparations, techniques & ingredients Helps in sale of food Covers for staff shortage Helps in possibility of food sensibility
  • 57. Selling the buffet Tiering Highlighting Spot lighting Packaging Entertainment
  • 58. Display buffets Presentation of item or groups of items Provides attraction for guests Effective in ethnic or regional buffet Acts as an advertising tool Promotes buffet
  • 59. Buffet cost control & management
  • 60. Buffet cost control Aims at: increasing profit margins reducing food cost reducing pilferage controlling buffet labor
  • 61. It includes Buffet production planning Pre-costing Determining actual food cost Controlling waste Setting the price
  • 62. Buffet production planning Eliminates over-production Eliminates under production
  • 63. It is done by Issuing buffet production order which contains: buffet item portion size planned portion yield factor raw quantities to be purchased portion left over portion consumed
  • 64. Pre costing Recommended for: newly crated buffet menu existing or cyclic menu It includes: determining portion size calculating cost of each item
  • 65. Determining actual food cost Actual food cost is difference between money value of food produced money value of usable leftovers Helps in: measuring true profit or loss making necessary arrangements
  • 66. Controlling waste Causes : inaccurate production order lack of skilled personnel improper timing of food production lack of proper pre portioning over or under cooking improper use or lack of equipment
  • 67. Setting the price Price of buffet must be : cost effective competitive Establishing a cost effective price covers all expenses generates profits Establishing a competitive price guests percieves as a value competes favourably with other operations
  • 68. Thank you ! DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: skihm86@yahoo.com , balhara86@gmail.com linkedin:- in.linkedin.com/in/ihmsunilkumar facebook: www.facebook.com/ihmsunilkumar webpage: chefsunilkumar.tripod.com