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This is my BF-5 Personality Report from Central Tests Institute.

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Big 5

  1. 1. Sunder RANGARAJAN's profile SUBHASHRI ASSOCIATES Thank you for taking the test. We hope it meets the purpose. Your report is presented in multiple sections as given below: Menu Your dominant trait The factor which signify your personality the most The Graph Your results on major dimensions The Comments Interpretation of your score on each factor with personalised comments The Detailed Table (Profile Chart) Tabular presentation of your results on the principal factors/opposing factors axis Taken on 24/11/2008 Central Test Asia Page 1
  2. 2. Sunder RANGARAJAN's profile SUBHASHRI ASSOCIATES Your dominant trait Openness/Imagination The openness characterizes people who are receptive to what surrounds them and who are open to new things. You have a great curiosity, equally for your internal world and for external environment that surrounds you. You have a vivid imagination and an aesthetic sensibility. You prefer to follow your instincts, because you do not subscribe to established opinions and conventions. You like to have several alternatives, and you do not like to make a decision immediately. You get impressed by the ideas, originality, and tolerance. Negative aspects: you tend to approach things from purely intellectual angle, even in cases where you could just feel it. Because of your hesitation, you often change your opinion; you leave yourself being driven by the situation. Taken on 24/11/2008 Central Test Asia Page 2
  3. 3. Sunder RANGARAJAN's profile SUBHASHRI ASSOCIATES The Graph Your principal results (score out of 10) Taken on 24/11/2008 Central Test Asia Page 3
  4. 4. Sunder RANGARAJAN's profile SUBHASHRI ASSOCIATES The Comments Note: Certain character traits may seem contradictory in the descriptions. Sociability-Dynamism ++ People notice you at first because of your dynamism and efficiency. You are a person of action, at ease in the field. You do not hesitate do dive in, take decisions, even risky ones. You have a good sense of reality and of concrete situations Your enthusiasm and your good mood are appreciated by those around you. Your eloquence and your liveliness in society, as well as your generosity which can at times be a little too excessive, usually win you the sympathy and friendship of others. You like developing new contacts, discuss and liven up groups. You feel at ease with everyone, even the shyest ones. You are curious and exuberant, and therefore sometimes have trouble concentrating and staying focused on a specific subject. Meticulousness You are spontaneous and lively, and you generally trust your intuition. However, you prefer having more information before having a permanent opinion about someone, because you know that first impressions are often misleading. Your logic might at times lack precision and your impulsiveness may do you a disservice when it urges you to make hasty decisions which can lead you to make mistakes. You are constantly torn between your heart and your reason, between the desire you have of committing yourself to something and one of scattering in all directions. It would be to your advantage to circumscribe your projects better. Emotional balance You have a nervous and restless disposition. Your frequent questioning about your life and your many worries (often unjustified) make you particularly vulnerable to the stress of everyday life. Under your critical and severe glance, litlle worries rapidly evolve into insurmountable problems. You are hypersensitive, therefore you do not accept criticism well, as you attach too much importance to what others think of you. You are quick-witted and creative, and if you learn how to channel your energy, you could achieve great things. Taken on 24/11/2008 Central Test Asia Page 4
  5. 5. Sunder RANGARAJAN's profile SUBHASHRI ASSOCIATES Conscious of others You are concerned about the future of the world but not to the point of turning your life upside down, so that despite an openness to others, you always stay focused on your projects and personal aims. You will never let anybody overrun you because you know and respect your limits. Are you rigid in your attitudes? No. You simply know what you want. Your family and your friends especially like your frankness: you know exactly what to say to others and the image you give of yourself is clear and realistic. Openness/Imagination +++You are inquisitive and insatiable, and your imagination wanders and your mind is open to new ideas and experiences. You have a considerable intellectual acuity, you crave to smell, taste, see, touch and understand the world in all its different aspects. You think that one life is hardly enough to get to know yourself. Your craving to explore your inner world is as lively as your taste for travelling. You are a nomad, sometimes a little rebellious, and you stay far away from moralisers with preconceived ideas. However, you like to joke and talk for a long time with open-minded people like you. Others admire your tolerance and your unique and eccentric way of approaching the world, but they can be disconcerted by your habit of arguing about everything. Taken on 24/11/2008 Central Test Asia Page 5
  6. 6. Sunder RANGARAJAN's profile SUBHASHRI ASSOCIATES The Detailed Table (Profile Chart) OPPOSING FACTOR A B C D E F G H I J K MAIN FACTOR Introversion X Sociability-Dynamism Likes quietness, turned to the inner world, Extrovert, turned to the outside world, likes action, level-headed, concentrated, subjective communicative, looking for sensations Intuition X Meticulousness Impulsive, likes to follow his instinct, improvises, a Rigorous, reliable, aware of all things, methodical, little messy persevering, critical sense, self-discipline, will to succeed Emotional reaction X Emotional balance Inconstant, reactive, sensitive to criticism, tends to Lethargic, even-tempered, faces situations with be anxious or even depressed, neurotic confidence, thoughtful Competitive spirit X Conscious of others Demanding, fighting spirit, uncompromising, Sensitive, empathetic, altruistic, cooperative, cynical, sometimes lacking in sensitivity agreeable, sentimental, consensual Conservatism/Realism X Openness/Imagination Likes what is established and familiar, needs Looks for what is new, imaginative, dreamer, stability, keeps his feet firmly on the ground sensitive to esthetic, likes to keep several alternatives OPPOSING FACTOR A B C D E F G H I J K MAIN FACTOR Taken on 24/11/2008 Central Test Asia Page 6