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Location-Based Marketing Application Development Made Easier with GeoSimulator
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Location-Based Marketing Application Development Made Easier with GeoSimulator


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GeoSimulator is a patent pending platform for development of location based solutions. …

GeoSimulator is a patent pending platform for development of location based solutions.

Current development/testing methods requires deep knowledge of GIS computations. It involves handling complex GPX, KML files or dealing with limited locations in IDEs. Inevitably application developers spend more time in location functionality rather than business logic or user interfaces.

GeoSimulator takes the location specific complexity out of the application development process with its simple few-lines-of-code integration.

Apart from development, testing becomes simpler and cost efficient due to the fact that it can be done straight from the desk as opposed to field testing.

The presentation explains all the salient features of this testing and development platform.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. NisosTech GeoSimulator A platform for location based solutions development & testing (patent pending) Nisos Technologies
  • 2. Current Development/Testing Methods Geolocation Based Applications Development: 1. Highly technical and convoluted – requires knowledge of GIS computations. 2. Involves handling complex GPX, KML files or limited locations in IDEs 3. Application developers spend more time in location functionality than application business logic or User interfaces. Current Location Based Solutions’ Testing Methods Limited To: 1. Field Testing (validated by likes of NaviTek etc.) 2. Limited Geolocation Simulation Offered By xCode and Android Emulator (validated by mobile app developers) 3. Manually creating GPX/KML files to satisfy client requirements for application performance guarantee
  • 4. Convoluted GPX/KML files.. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <kml xmlns=""> <Document> <name>Paths</name> <description>Examples of paths. Note that the tessellate tag is by default set to 0. If you want to create tessellated lines, they must be authored (or edited) directly in KML.</description> <Style id="yellowLineGreenPoly"> <LineStyle> <color>7f00ffff</color> <width>4</width> </LineStyle> <PolyStyle> <color>7f00ff00</color> </PolyStyle> </Style> <Placemark> <name>Absolute Extruded</name> <description>Transparent green wall with yellow outlines</description> <styleUrl>#yellowLineGreenPoly</styleUrl> <LineString> <extrude>1</extrude> <tessellate>1</tessellate> <altitudeMode>absolute</altitudeMode> <coordinates> - 112.2550785337791,36.07954952145647,2357 -112.2549277039738,36.08117083492122,2357 -112.2552505069063,36.08260761307279,2357 -112.2564540158376,36.08395660588506,2357 -112.2580238976449,36.08511401044813,2357 -112.2595218489022,36.08584355239394,2357 -112.2608216347552,36.08612634548589,2357 -112.262073428656,36.08626019085147,2357 -112.2633204928495,36.08621519860091,2357 -112.2644963846444,36.08627897945274,2357 -112.2656969554589,36.08649599090644,2357 </coordinates> </LineString> </Placemark> </Document> </kml>
  • 5. Field Testing!
  • 6. NisosTech GeoSimulator Web Admin Portal Mobile SDKs REST APIs Point-n-Click Test Case Setup User Motion Simulation Geo-fences & User Location Simulation
  • 7. NisosTech GeoSimulator Web Admin Portal • Web based configuration • Map based point and click geofencing and user motion set up • Custom data import via GPX/KML Mobile SDKs • SDKs for multiple mobile platforms/devices • iOS, Android, Titanium as of now. Phonegap/ Windows/ Blackberry future release. REST APIs • Simple REST APIs. • JSON/XML support • REST API based application integration User Motion Simulation • Point-n-click, map based set up • Simulate users walking/driving • Simulated geo- locations based on time/speed desired. User Geolocation Simulation • Simulate users in any neighborhood or arbitrarily defined shapes/areas globally • Simulate users on any street/path/trail etc. globally
  • 8. NisosTech GeoSimulator Any geofence, Any Location – field test your applications while sitting at your desk!
  • 9. NisosTech GeoSimulator Benefits Location based solutions development  No major integration required – few lines of code.  Faster time to market.  No special GIS skills required.  Focus on application functionality vs plumbing.  Create virtual tour applications with ease. Location based solutions testing  No major changes required – few lines of code.  Achieve field testing without leaving your desk.  Guarantee application functionality at any global location.  No limitations of IDE provided simulated locations.  No limitations of manually created GPX/KML files.
  • 10. Transactional Data Analytical Data Secure Scalable Cloud Infrastructure Web Portal SDKs (iOS, Android, Titanium) REST APis User Location Simulation User Motion Simulation Geotargeting/ Geofencing Predefined Layers NisosTechGeoSimulator
  • 11. White Labeling Options REVENUE SHARE NisosTech - under your NDA and your subcontractor (not direct to client). Ask your client to incorporate whitelabeled GeoSimulator SDKs/REST APIs ---OR---- Incorporate whitelabeled GeoSimulator SDKs/REST APIs yourself. Provide NisosTech with test cases NisosTech provides test results LICENSED SOFTWARE NisosTech GeoSimulator installation on your server Incorporate GeoSimulator SDKs/REST APIs within your own SDKs/APIs. Create/manage your own dev/test environment. NisosTech yearly support @20% of software costs.
  • 12. Thank You