SundaySky State Of Video In E-Commerce Q1 2011
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  • 1. STATE OF VIDEO IN E-COMMERCEQuarterly Research Report – Q1 2011 1
  • 2. WELCOME NOTEThis quarterly report focuses on the state of video in e-commerce websites in Q1 2011.The report highlights statistics and emerging trends in the implementation and usage of online videos bythe top U.S. online retailers.In this report we will review the following topics: Online video presence in top e-retailers’ websites Video indexing by search engines SEO impact of using online retail videos Revenue potential of an effective online video strategy. 2
  • 3. KEY FINDINGS Mass-scaled videos on the rise. The number of retailers who mass-scaled their videos increased by nearly 50%. Still, a staggering 68% of retailers are not yet exploiting the obvious and accessible rewards of using videos on their sites. [slide 4] Bing search engine surpassed Google in retailers’ video indexing [slide 6] Consumers continue to embrace e-commerce videos. The number of subscribers to online retailer’s YouTube channels increased by more than 20% [slide 7] Online retailers respond to audience demand. The number of retailers posting >100 videos on YouTube channels increased by 15% [slide 8] Huge potential for video SEO profit [slide 9] • Nearly 18% of the major search engine result pages contain video results • Most video results for retail-related keywords are still posted only on YouTube • Certain keyword categories (e.g. computer gaming) have a higher presence of video results than others (e.g. furniture, office supplies) Featured case study: Zappos generates more than $500K in incremental revenue simply by following video SEO guidelines [slide 11] 3
  • 4. VIDEO PRESENCE ON E-COMMERCE SITESTOP 10 RETAILERS BY VIDEO PRESENCE VIDEO PRESENCE PER SITE Video Est. No. of IR 2010 Retailer Rank Videos Rank 1 Overstock 95,000 28 2 * Amazon* 72,635 1 3 HSN 29,620 25 4 QVC 17,687 11 5 11,198 32 6 Barnes and Noble 9,000 42 7 Target 7,870 21 8 Nike 4,070 48 9 Systemax 3,625 22 10 Cabela’s 3,617 35 * Video count for does not include Amazon’s on-demand video services or Scale to fit. More retailers turn to mass video – 32% of retailers scaled to >1,000 videos on their sites, compared to only 22% in the previous quarter. Race to the top. Over the last three months, the cut-off to enter the top 10 video-using retailers list increased from 2,500 to 3,600 videos per site. 4
  • 5. THE SEO EFFECTTOP 10 RETAILERS BY NUMBER OF INDEXED VIDEOS Video SEO Indexed IR 2010 Retailer Rank Videos Rank 1 HSN 12,500 25 2 Overstock 6,310 28 3 Nike 4,070 48 4 HP 1,894 17 5 1,638 32 6 Systemax 695 22 7 Apple 658 4 8 Symantec 570 33 9 Redcats USA 455 31 10 Victorias Secret 136 18 Strive to thrive. Over the last three months, the cut-off to enter the top 10 retailers by number of indexed videos increased from 51 to 136 indexed videos. 5
  • 6. THE SEO EFFECT: BEYOND GOOGLE VIDEOS INDEXED BY BING VIDEOS INDEXED BY GOOGLE Bing passes Google in retailers’ video indexing. Google experienced a decrease in the number of websites indexing 10 videos or more. Meanwhile, Bing has seen a significant leap this quarter - from 18% to 36% - literally doubling the number of websites with >10 indexed videos. 6
  • 7. THE YOUTUBE STARS TOP 10 RETAILERS ON YOUTUBE TOP 10 RETAILERS VIEWED ON YOUTUBEVideo Number of Videos IR Video Number of IR Retailer RetailerRank Posted on YouTube Rank Rank YouTube Views Rank1 HSN 79,034 25 1 Nike 146,737,586 482 Systemax 3,625 22 2 Systemax 83,829,667 223 3,080 32 3 HSN 43,010,377 254 QVC 1,243 11 4 Apple 26,029,660 45 Dell 1,105 3 5 Victorias Secret 23,439,804 186 Nike 1,096 48 6 ToysRUS 15,636,281 377 ToysRUS 974 37 7 Musicians Friend 15,530,062 388 Redcats USA 715 31 8 Redcats USA 9,171,843 319 Musicians Friend 479 38 9 Dell 8,038,749 310 BestBuy 473 10 10 HomeDepot 7,308,990 39Impressive growth in retail YouTube presence. Nearly 96K retail videos posted on YouTube in Q1 2011 – a 9% QOQ increase. 420M views of retail videos on YouTube – a 13% QOQ increase. 571K subscribers to retailer channels on YouTube – a 21% increase from previous quarter. 7
  • 8. BROADCAST YOURSELF: YOUTUBE PRESENCENUMBER OF RETAIL VIDEOS POSTED ON YOUTUBE The more, the better. 48% of retailers posted more than 100 videos on YouTube channels in Q1 2011, as opposed to 42% in the previous quarter. 8
  • 9. LEVERAGING SEO WITH ONLINE VIDEO To test the SEO effectiveness of online video use, 34,000 top keywords within 17 categories* were compiled and analyzed. 18% of these keywords generated video results in search engine result pages.PERCENTAGE OF KEYWORDS GENERATING VIDEO RESULTS The vast majority of video results in all categories are videos posted on YouTube. Merely a handful of online retailers leverage videos to drive traffic directly to their site (Zappos, HSN, The online retailers whose videos ranked high in search result pages have all mass-scaled their website inventory to thousands of product * Keywords were selected from’s top searches. videos. 9
  • 10. LEVERAGING SEO WITH ONLINE VIDEO Some categories (e.g. computer gaming) have more video results for related keywords than other categories (e.g. furniture). Similar to standard SEO best practices, producing mass-scale videos to cater to long tail keywords will generate better search engine results, particularly in the more saturated categories. Online video + SEO = Big dollars. Even within the more saturated categories, there is significant SEO value that can be exploited by retailers who will deploy an effective video strategy, by: • Scaling their video deployment to target long- tail keywords. • Adhere to video SEO best practices. 10
  • 11. MORE THAN JUST SHOES – THE ZAPPOS VIDEO SEO STORY Zappos, the subject of this case study, is an e-retailer who chose to bet heavily on a strong video strategy. Zappos is an example of a retailer who has chosen to mass-scale their online videos and has significant presence in search engine result pages. The purpose of this case study is SNIPPET OF VIDEO SEO ANALYSIS REPORT FOR ZAPPOS.COM to analyze the value Zappos (As of March 22, 2011) derives from their video SEO efforts. For research purposes, a pool of >21,000 shoe-related keywords were tested*. * Keywords were selected from’s top searches for shoes, Zappos’ brand list and Google ‘s keywords tool. 11
  • 12. MORE THAN JUST SHOES – THE ZAPPOS VIDEO SEO STORYAnalysis of the Zappos video SEO results highlighted the following: 8.1% of the tested keywords generated Zappos video results. The increase in monthly Zappos traffic accredited to video results amounted to 77,316 visits per month. * The increase measured is compared to equivalent textual-page results. * The results are based on ComScore and RankAbove reports comparing click-through results of videos versus text pages. Analysis did not reflect the higher Google rankings gained by videos, therefore actual number of visits is expected to be higher than noted above. In terms of SEM, the total value of traffic derived from the limited keyword pool tested amounts to $551,731 per year. * The results are based on Google’s estimated CPC for each term. 12
  • 13. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Retailers are responding to audiences’ growing demand for retail video. Clearly, the number of retail video views, the number of subscribers to retailer YouTube channels, and the number of videos deployed by online retailers has grown significantly in Q1 2011. Millions in proven SEO value are still up for grabs. • Retailers who will leverage online video and video SEO as part of their marketing strategy will generate significant revenues in 2011. • Deployment of online videos has numerous other benefits aside from the proven SEO benefits, such as user experience and engagement. • Video SEO efforts complement and enhance other marketing SEO practices. SEO impact of online video is now measurable. • This report offers a new tool for measuring the net impact of online video SEO. • The days of relying on marketers’ gut feelings are over – the ROI of video SEO practices can now be evaluated before implementation, and success measured over time. 13
  • 14. ABOUT SUNDAYSKYSundaySky delivers automated product video production at mass scale and studioquality to increase online sales and drive website traffic. Leading online retailerssuch as, Discovery Store and Adorama use the SundaySky videosolution to cover their entire catalog with product videos resulting in dramaticallyincreased conversion rates, order size and search-engine ranking. Hundreds ofthousands of videos are generated daily by SundaySky’s Saas-based AutomatedVideo Platform. Videos are generated from existing website content, updated andpersonalized automatically, engaging millions of viewers and calling them to action. Yaniv Axen, co-founder and CTO SundaySky 242 West 27th St., New York, NY 10001 P: 212-929-8111 14