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School Magazine - Research

  1. 2. Master Head- the master head is simple , small and bright. The T.H.S might stand for the schools name .The heading is straight forward and it the point which will attract the younger audience as it is undemanding and effective Main image - the main image is of a typical school girl, who is studying. This image portray that she is revising for exams and trying to achieve the best .Also the school uniform and books create a belonging feeling to the school and helps grab the younger audience is attention as they might be in the same situation as the school girl and might read the magazine to seek help and advice. Font – the font is undemanding and simple as is in small text and doesn't take up much room. The bright colours helps attract the attention and create a young and trendy feel. Issue/Date/Barcode- although the date is printed on the bottom, it is small and hard to read. Also the issue number and barcode isn’t on there which is usually included ,as it is these little details that make the magazine more attractive and so people want to look beyond the cover and read the magazine. Photography- all the images used are original , this is good because the examiner will take note that all images are not copied and the student can show there creativity and expertise in camera angles. also the picture are not edited which adds to the realistic appeal. Background- the background is a Royal Blue which helps the bright and bold colours stand out , and easy to read, also the dark colours may grab the audience is attention, as royal blue is a uni-gender colour , so both genders can relate to it. Subheadings- the use heading help grab the audience is attention as it tell you straight away what the magazine is about School Magazine Evaluation & Analysis - No.1
  2. 3. Font – the font is formal and simple it gives a easy going approach and helps the reader relate to the magazine. Title/Subheading- the title is bold , big and strong giving the impression of that the school is serious , about there education and studies, whereas the colourful, underlined and brave subheading gives a more inspired and artistic feel. The schools name is on the contents , as normal magazines keep repeating there logo or magazine name to make it memorable , is a form of advertising. Main image - the main image is of a typical school girl, who is having fun and enjoying her life at school, this image reveals, the happier side to school life and helps the reader connect and relate to the situation that the girl is in . Shapes – the black and bold rectangles help the title “Contents” to stand out and gives it a framed appeal. Topics under the subheadings- the topics mentioned in the contents ,are related to school and there is a line describing what the topic is about and can help the reader decide what to read first. Background- the gradient background has been made by using two colours blue and white to set a mixed mood effect and gives the illusion that the student in the left side is glowing or bringing a bright light to the page
  3. 4. Fonts - the font used is bold , bright yet simple defiantly help catching the attention of the reader ,so they continue reading. Also the fonts are formal ,plain, and naive which help all reader from different target audiences connect and relate to the magazine. The different fonts help make the magazine more interesting and creative and less boring Main Image- the main image is of a school girl smiling this helps create a atmosphere that she enjoys school life and that Canon Palmer school is a very pleasurable school to be apart of , this is important as the main image is the first big impression on the reader as it focuses all their attention to the centre of the page and encourages them to read on. Box Out- this box out advertises it’s use of freebies which in this case is a parker pen , this method helps us attract the audience as everyone is interested in free things so this helps give the reader the erge to buy the magazine . Sub – Headings- the sub – headings are big and bold to help get the readers attention to the main topics in the magazine and so there is less time playing with the pages. This helps advertise the main points and the more latest news are underlined , so the reader knows the up-to-date news and info about the school. Colour Schemes- the main colours used are red, black and white this is also the colours of Canon Palmer Catholic School’s badge and uniform , so it is easy to recognise as a school related news letter/magazine. The lighter colours also contrast with the darker background allowing the reader to focus there attention on the bold points about the magazine. Also the colours are not biased and is suitable for both genders. School Magazine Evaluation & Analysis - No.2
  4. 5. Photography – the photography used are all original pictures. The use for original pictures is that is help shows there skill on camera angles and etc. Some of the pictures used in the background are , overlapping , this shows the use of layers and the contrast between the pictures. All the pictures used are relevant to the school , e.g. the school girl holding up a piece of paper , with the look of joy on her face, this image could resemble , her passing her exams with flying colours and that she is very proud of her results. Overall Layout- the overall layout is using the same colours scheme as the front cover , this is used in the typical code and conventions of a magazine , as the same colours are repeated to give the magazine a easy and rememerable effect , so the reader will recognise the magazine in the shelves of a store. Topics & Sub – Headings- the title which says “Contents” is the same style title as the one on the front cover, also helping the reader remembering the overall logo of the magazine. The sub heading and topics are bold and bright , this helps emphasis the concentration of the reader . Shapes - the shapes used in the contents page are mainly rectangles and borders , that give the content a framed and edgy appeal also the same colour scheme is used to make the contents page more memorable School Logo- the school logo is used to help say that the magazine is a school magazine and the logo is a easier way of showing the readers what school they are reading about and where is information is coming from.
  5. 6. Title- the title used is a abbreviation of the name of the school “DCS Weekly” is used instead of writing the full school name which is “Dinnington Comprehensive School “ . This is a use of slang and is informal helping to attract the younger audience as it is a trend to use slang instead of formal words as it is easier to say and understand and is less complicated. School Logo- by putting the school log on the front cover is helps give a scene of belonging and the logo is a quicker way to memorise the school, so whenever the reader see the logo they ultimately assume that the magazine is school related. Main Image- the main image is of a boy , standing straight towards the camera this is a mid –shot as it is taken from the waist upwards. The boy could have just finished or be in year 11 as he looks older and attract young teenagers who can relate to his position., as they might have also finished there studies and are proud of there result, that's why there is a picture congratulating the class of 2009 , next to him Background- the background is a light blue colour. Which gives a neutral look to the magazine, and also the colour used in the school logo. Photography- some of the photography used is original and reveals the true essence of the school , however the competition picture is copied from the internet . Issue – giving the issue number is important to a magazine it adds to the professional look and tells the reader what time period the information given is at e.g. “issue :Oct 09” this tells us that is the October edition in the year 2009. School Magazine Evaluation & Analysis - No.3
  6. 7. Images- the images are original photographs and are arranged in a snapshot form giving a trendy and up-to-the-minute style and helps appeal to the younger audience Font- the font used is young , fun and attractive and bold help drawing the attention form the reader. The title is bold, dark and outlined so, when the reader turns the page the first thing they should see the title “contents”. Background- the background colour matches the front cover and has patterns of flowers and leaves, giving a earthy feel, this could mean that the school is a physically academic school as most of there pictures are of outdoor activates . Logo- the logo is repeated in the contents pages , but several times and each has its own effect added on , the use of one main log being in the front and two at the back gives the impression that the original logo stands out form the rest which have been edited.
  7. 8. School Logo- the first impression telling us that is part of a school front and the logo is formal giving the impression that it is a private school and it gives the date for when the school was founded Background- the background used is black and it make the magazine look more traditional and a formal feel , also the colour is multi – gender so everyone is entitled to called the magazine there own. Photography- the photography used are all original pictures and are taken of a the students and faculty doing activates and extra curriculum clubs and lessons. This help grab the attention of both audiences .Firstly the younger audience as it gives the impression that the magazine is all about them, however is it also appealing to the teachers as they would have been the people behind the scene making all these extra activates work and gives them a sense of pride and self accomplishment and it gives them a chance to reflect on what they have done through the year. Font- the font used is proper and official style and gives a mature look to the magazine Water-Print- the water print font which says “2006” , adds a nice touch to the magazine as it looks like the year is imprinted in the cover of the magazine and gives a glossy and more proper effect Real School Magazine
  8. 9. More Research on School Magazines <ul><li>This preliminary task is to create a school magazine that is suitable for the students at Holy Trinity Media Arts College. This magazine has to be about school related topics and subjects , E.g. studying, lessons and sports clubs . I want to capture the essence and importance of school but more towards the younger audience as this magazine will be about them and there school life . The target audience for my magazine would be age 11-16 years of age. </li></ul><ul><li>I want a wider range magazine that not only focuses on the , education side of the school but express the creative and other activities we do in the school. </li></ul><ul><li>This magazine has to be simple yet eye catching and be something the readers want to continue reading and have that erge to know more about the magazine.. </li></ul><ul><li>I want the school magazine to give credit to the achievements made thought the year and reveal the inner fun and exciting side of school unfolding the school, hobbies and activities </li></ul><ul><li>My media product should represents social groups . I feel that my magazine should also appeal to teachers at the school because they are the solid foundation that help the school circulate and I want to seize them in the magazine. </li></ul><ul><li>I think the key to a successful magazine is… </li></ul><ul><li>An eye-catching front cover -to get them buying </li></ul><ul><li>A clean but stylish layout, consistent throughout mag (like header and footer designs) - easier to read </li></ul><ul><li>Articles people would actually want to buy to read </li></ul>